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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Holy Buckeye or Will Allen intercepting John Navarre in the final play of '02 regular season
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: umm...Scoonie Penn?
  • NFL TEAM: my fantasy team
  • NHL TEAM: do the Blue Jackets still play in CBUS?
  • NBA TEAM: which team currently has Cedric Ceballos?
  • MLB TEAM: certainly not the Yankees
  • SOCCER TEAM: haha, good one

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Comment 08 Dec 2014

Video on the DM:

Comment 27 Nov 2013

The Baylor/Okie State gif from This Week in Schadenfreude is glorious

Comment 21 Nov 2013

Upvote for posting something that may be unpopular. I honestly can say I have mixed feelings about the BCS because I don't think it gets enough credit for the things it got right. Before the BCS every game certainly mattered, but on a regional scale. If the old system was in place, not nearly as many people would have watched Oregon-Stanford this year on television, or 2007 WVU-Pitt, or the past two Alabama-A&M games. The BCS helped college football become truly national, the only threat to the NFL beast.

I believe the BCS took the greatest regular season in any sport and made it even better, more intense. But it was also put in place to solve college football's biggest weakness: the postseason. Unfortunately, it failed to do that. 

Comment 13 Nov 2013

Is it just me, or are there a lot more injuries this year? The injuries are just happening to higher profile players, perhaps?

Edit: I know every player in college football is injured in some way, I mean injuries that cost the player significant playing time.

Comment 17 Oct 2013

I agree, so much BCS bullsh*t could have been avoided if we placed a conference champion stipulation on getting into the game. There is no real objective way to prove your team is the 1st or 2nd best in the nation, but a team can certainly prove it's the best in their own conference.

The LSU-Bama title game was complete bs. I don't care if they actually were the two best teams in the nation, Bama got LSU @ HOME in the regular season that year and blew it. This is hardly a 2004 Auburn situation, Bama had the luxury of facing the team they needed to beat and lost.

Comment 09 Oct 2013

sigh, once again: we did not replace Vandy with FAMU, we replaced Vandy with SDSU.

And don't let Vandy off the hook like that, it was actually something like 9 months notice. And in the world of college football scheduling, that is a douche move.