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Comment 09 Jan 2015

Mark May isn't as dumb as he looks. He's an average analyst if he plays things straight. He doesn't stand out among the other 15 college football guys on ESPN. But this role he plays -- antagonizing one of the nation's most popular programs continually, turning himself into a heel and getting fans all riled up -- makes him a lot more memorable. Jesse Palmer and David Pollack -- those guys play it straight. They're unbiased analysts. But nobody cares about those guys. May knows what he's doing. 

Comment 08 Jan 2015

I'm less concerned with Allen being out. They really spread the ball around this year and had success with a lot of different targets. They're not wanting at the offensive skill positions. 

Comment 30 Dec 2014

Not sure how I feel about the loose/joking around mindset vs. the alternative. I always preferred the "this is a business trip"/serious mindset that was more the team's attitude vs. Miami in '03. But there's an argument to be made for both and I suppose I should trust Urban, being the master of psychology that he is. 

Comment 16 Dec 2014

I'm not saying he's at the level of Urban as a college coach. He's not. But if you take what he did at San Diego and Stanford and add in that he rebuilt the 49ers and took them to the Super Bowl in 2 years, that's a pretty impressive resume in a relatively short period of time. He went 29-6 at San Diego. He took Stanford from 4-8 to 12-1, beat USC 3 of 4 times and won a BCS Bowl. And in four years as an NFL coach, this will be the first year he hasn't been 11-5 or better. 

My point is, if Michigan gets him, this isn't as if they hired Greg Schiano or Dan Mullen or Pat Fitzgerald. Harbaugh is a legit coach who has done nothing but win wherever he has gone. This isn't a "wait and see" hire. This would be a big-time get for Michigan.

(And to blow off his coaching experience at San Diego b/c it's an FCS school is a little hypocritical of us considering I seem to remember the Buckeyes recently having a coach who came directly from those ranks.)

Comment 16 Dec 2014

Couple things:

1) True, San Francisco might be better served to hold onto Harbaugh until February but pro teams aren't usually in the habit of treating head coaches like property rather than people (like they do their athletes). If Harbaugh expressed an interest in going to Michigan and it would make more sense for him to leave now to get there and build a recruiting class, there's a good chance the 49ers would allow the buyout and let him go. They're not looking to give Michigan or Harbaugh a hard time.

2) You guys blowing off this potential hire are either in denial or just crazy. Very similar to Urban, Harbaugh has built multiple college programs and taken them to high places. There's no question with his attitude and NFL background he's a guy that prep stars from all over the country are going to want to play for. It instantly puts Michigan in play for any blue chip recruit in the region. If Harbaugh comes to Michigan, we Ohio State fans are lucky we have probably one of only a few coaches in the nation that is even more dangerous.

Comment 14 Oct 2013

This list has a couple glaring omissions:

1) The TD throw to Philly Brown before halftime against Wisconsin was a) a great throw very similar to the one to Spencer on this list, b) changed that game completely due to when it happened. That has gotta be on here -- maybe even #1. 

2) The 4th and 1 stop by Josh Perry against Northwestern was arguably the team's biggest defensive play of the year. It iced the game.

Comment 27 Aug 2013

For the very little that was considered up in the air here, there are a few contradictions to what we've heard since camp started and I'm guessing it's a ploy to list upperclassmen as starters.

From everything Urban has said no way Chris Fields is your starter ahead of Dontre Wilson. Fields hasn't even been mentioned at that position as far as I've heard. That's respect to a senior if I've ever seen it.

Same goes with Jordan Hall as a RB. Why put Dunn or Ball as the starter there when you can say Hall is your starting RB, which leaves room for Fields at H-B? These depth charts are worthless for skill positions in offenses like Urban's.



Comment 22 Aug 2013

I posted this in the Forum after missing this, so I'll repost the rest of what I found:

Some quick research tells me that $1.2 million represents 21% of SDSU athletics' annual operating budget. In 3 hours, San Diego State will rope in 1/5 of the money they need for the entire year to fund 18 sports (6 men's & 12 women's) and the opportunity for more than 250 student-athletes to get an education and continue the pursuit of their sport.

For all the negativity surrounding the big money in college football, it's things like this that get completely overlooked. There's also so much crap given to big-name programs for their early-season scheduling, but it's a huge act of charity when these smaller schools come visit the big guys. Even if they get slaughtered by 30 points, they bring home a very meaningful sum of money at schools where the athletic department is often constantly trying to stay afloat without the big-money alumni base of an Ohio State.

It's a win/win, unless of course you're Michigan and you have to worry about losing to Appalachian State...