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Comment 03 Dec 2016

Much of the speculation is that this was a stand your ground shooting. While one witness claims that McKnight was standing outside the car trying to apologize when the shooter got out and started shooting, the police are saying that all rounds were fired from inside the car, implication being that McKnight got out and aggressively approached the driver before he shot. That the shooter was white only makes this more messy. This is going to get worse before it gets better unfortunately. Moral of the story: road rage is f-ing stupid. Just let it go or call the police if the situation is that bad. And never ever get out of the car.

Comment 02 Dec 2016
I'm currently at the P12 championship game. Two things: 1) this stadium is rather empty. Open seats all around and I'm sitting on the lower level at the 25. 2) Does UW look as bad on TV as they do live? Bama is going to beat them by 70.
Comment 01 Dec 2016

I can't get enough of this one so I'm going to break it down:

We have the offense that grooms kids for the NFL.

And OSU just had 14 players drafted, many of which were underclassmen.  But hey, they weren't all on offense, so maybe this guy has point.

We have the hardest working, most talented coach in the United States of America.

He just wanted to clarify that we're talking about the United States of America, not the United States of Canada. And in the United States of America, it is common knowledge that Harbaugh, despite never having won anything of substance at the college level, is clearly the hardest working and most talented coach. Obviously.

We have the most innovative defensive coordinator in the country.

Another good point. We only have a basic defense. The TTUN defense did shit I've never seen before in the history of football.  That's innovation.

Aaaand we are only 2 years into our journey, and already, just look at the results.

0-2 vs Ohio State.  3rd in the Big Ten East two years in a row. Look at the results indeed.

Comment 01 Dec 2016

This comment from MGo. So much crazy in this comment:

We have the offense that grooms kids for the NFL. We have the hardest working, most talented coach in the United States of America. We have the most innovative defensive coordinator in the country. Aaaand we are only 2 years into our journey, and already, just look at the results.

Let Ohio have their recruits. Who gives a shit, we'll get our own. The sky is not falling. Look at the big picture: the gap between Michigan and OSU, Bama, etc. is closing fast. Take no heed, keep calm, and Go Blue. Oh, and fuck ohio.

Comment 01 Dec 2016

But, but, but...he's been throwing stuff and carrying on like a child all season. It's not fair to call a penalty on him for that now.

Said a few TTUN fans on this site this week. I really don't get this argument. You're basically saying, yes, my coach is a whiny ass who constantly has a tantrums but it's not fair to suddenly start correcting his behavior during the biggest game of the season.  No personal accountability whatsoever.

Comment 01 Dec 2016

And yet, the TTUN faithful are proud that he's so passionate.  I don't care how much Meyer wins. If he was pulling that shit on the sideline, I'd bury my head in shame.

Comment 27 Nov 2016

You've been a good sport all season H_H. You're welcome here any time. You made some good arguments above, but it was always going to be a losing battle.  You are a reasonable UM fan in a sea of complete lunatics. I've spent more time than I should have on MGo today and you do not represent the majority.  The majority, or at least the majority of those that put themselves out there and comment on the internet, are f-ing insane about the spot and the refs and every other reason that kept them from winning the game. You should be embarrassed by these people just as I am embarrassed of my fellow Buckeyes when they start screaming to fire Meyer and bench JT just because we don't score 60 pts every game.

Comment 27 Nov 2016

I should probably stop this but I can't. MGo now has a dedicated thread to the above argument:

Best comment so far:

Anyone know people higher up in the media ranks? Let's get this thing out there with some national media attention. A game like this should never even approach this level of potential bias. Ridiculous. Will fit right in with Harbaugh's press conference rage.

Come to think of it, someone probably just needs to get this in front of Harbaugh's eyes. Hackett may do too.

A bunch of regular Woodward and Bernsteins running around up there.

Comment 27 Nov 2016

Same to you Ozzy. After the game yesterday, I went back and watched the five hours of the GameDay broadcast which I had missed. I saw the piece between Peppers and Desmond and walked away thinking kind of highly of him. This, after seeing him shove the fan in the face. I agree that this incident shouldn't define Peppers. Ohio State fans will always trash him, but that's what we do to the biggest names in this game. In a very twisted way, it's a sign of respect.

Comment 27 Nov 2016

Ozzy, you've been a good guy on these boards for a while now. You offer interesting perspective, give honest opinions, and give as good as you get when it comes to good natured ribbing about your favorite team. But you should really stop with this condescending "I thought you guys were better than that" routine. Your holier-than-thou attitude is starting to border on one of your predecessors who got a little too comfortable around these parts. Not sure what makes you think we are supposed to be "better than that". You're reading the comments section of a football blog. With all due respect to DJ, but this isn't the New York Times. This is the guy that thinks Marion, Ohio is the center of the universe and Four-Loko is god's elixir. Stop getting so worked up over what he, or any other Ohio State fan thinks in the wake of a very emotional win over our bitter rivals. Some people really believe the things they posted, some are just piling on. Whatever the case, it isn't your job to police the comments section.

Regarding your analogy, you use a bad example and you're wrong. When JT got pulled over for a DUI, the response on this site was fierce. Many said he made a mistake. Many called him a piece of shit. Many said much worse. The other big difference was that there were consequences to JT's actions, both from Meyer and the CPD. A better analogy would be when Marcus Hall gloriously gave the double bird as he exited the Big House. Many on this site hailed him a hero. Many said that it was a bad look and wished he would have handled it better. But let me ask, what were they saying over at MGo? Was anyone over there justifying his actions as a young kid just letting his emotions get the best of him? Or were they calling him a POS and thug and all the rest? Were you over there telling your fans that you guys are supposed to be better than that? Didn't think so.  And again, the big difference with Hall is that there were consequences. His Ohio State career ended that day because Meyer suspended him for the bowl game. Will Peppers face any consequences? Remains to be seen but given that Harbaugh seems to want to blame everyone else for the loss, I'm thinking he's going to make an excuse for this as well.

Finally, not that you or anyone else on this site cares about my opinion, but this is what I saw yesterday.  I saw a very cocky Peppers talking shit all game and taunting the fans and the opposition. He spit on the block O and led the O-H-N-O chant after making a good play. I have no problem with any of that. He did what  hundreds of OSU and UM players have done  before him in this game. No big deal. But he of all people should have expected to eat shit once the game was over. As for the incident in the video, I saw Coombs chase Peppers down and grab his arm to shake his hand. Peppers already looked agitated, maybe because he lost or maybe because a bunch of chicken little, drunk OSU fans had already given him an earful. Whatever the case, it looked to me like Peppers was damn near ready to punch whoever was grabbing at his arm. To me, the OSU fan honestly looks like he's just in the wrong place at the wrong time and passing between Peppers and Coombs. However, having been around drunk assholes before, I'll grant that this wasn't an accident and the OSU fan knew what he was doing. So then the question is, what could have he possibly said to warrant Peppers shoving him in the face? The answer is nothing. 

Peppers is not a POS. He doesn't deserve to go to jail or get charged or whatever. But he absolutely deserves every ounce of ridicule he's getting right now. Like Dino said, pride comes before the fall. Peppers learned the hard way. Tough shit. Please stop lecturing us and let's move one. Only 364 days until we do it again.

Comment 26 Nov 2016

This one is easy for me. I'm missing the game because I don't watch live for superstitious reasons. I also can't handle the stress of it. Ironically, I have a pretty dangerous job and I don't so much as blink when things get tense there. But put the Buckeyes on in a close game and my heart starts pounding. While you all are enjoying the best CFB match up of the season, I'll be putting up xmas lights in the cold rain.  Phones will be off and buried in my sock drawer (all a part of the routine). At around 1 pm (California time), I'll come inside and start watching. If I happen to be sitting in a certain position when things start to go well, I won't move....all game...seriously. Extremities start to get numb and my back hurts but I won't budge until the game is over. If things start to go badly, I will watch the game in fast forward all the way.  

Do I have issues? Yes. Am I crazy? Arguable. But the last game I watched live on TV was VT in 2014. I was at the MSU game last year so that one doesn't count. I employed the above tactic for PSU this year so that is the one outlier, however, everything about that game was an outlier. Also, at some point during the day I took my lucky t-shirt off to take a shower. I shouldn't have done that. But otherwise, I think I have a pretty good streak going so I'm not changing things now.