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Comment 21 hours ago

I moved out here in 1998 to attend grad school at Stanford. I remember on my first day of orientation, I was driving down El Camino Real and stopped right in front of the Old Pro. There was a huge Ohio State flag flying out front and I knew right away that would end up being where I spent most of my Saturdays that season. Back then, Ohio State was on TV quite a bit but they didn't have the national coverage they do now so I would have missed a lot of the games without the Old Pro.  

The Old Pro has since moved and I've never been to the downtown PA location, but you can rest assured that it will be open bright and early for all the 9 am kickoffs. As long as you like eggs with your beer, you'll be fine.  Enjoy.

Comment 20 Aug 2016

Shit, forgot about Jake Ruddock. Good catch. That kind of balances everything out then. I mean, he sucked at Iowa and then suddenly came to a Harbaugh coached team and sucked less so....

Comment 20 Aug 2016

There's a dude in a M...igan hat walking by, without a clue to the world.

This statement is the opposite of an oxymoron, or for you English majors, a tautology.

Comment 16 Aug 2016
So good to hear from you Baro. I'm with you. Read all the time, comment sparingly. For me it's not a toddler but three school age kids that have us running sideways. Don't blink my man. You'll be in this same boat before you know it. Looking forward to seeing you around these parts a lot more in the next few weeks. It's easy to get distracted from 11W by life, but all that goes out the window once football starts. 11W is like a mistress for four months out of the year.
Comment 01 Aug 2016

Not enough upvotes in the world. The internet never forgets and she never forgives.

Comment 30 Jul 2016

So many questions, both about Four Loko and this video. First, what the hell is Four Loko? I've read DJ reference this mysterious drink for a few years now and everytime i pretend to get the joke, but I don't. It's like when someone writes IIRC before a post. No clue what that means either. Second, is Four Loko an alcoholic beverage? I thought not because it's colored like soda, but the dude in this video appears seriously f-ed up by the end of it. If it's just a caffeinated beverage, then caffeine, like cocaine, is a hell of a drug. Third, where the hell are the guys in this video from? I cannot place the accent. Sounds east coast but almost like a Canadian who grew up in New York. They talk ugly. Last, when the hell was this video made? That dude is still using a Blackberry. I'm ok with that because frankly I miss my Blackberry but I'm just surprised because either he's about seven generations behind in cell phone technology or Four Loko has been around a long time, thus making me feel even more lame for not knowing what it is.

Comment 30 Jul 2016

Ummm, perhaps you haven't heard but Harbaugh transformed Andrew Luck from a blue chip prospect that was probably always going to be a top pick in the NFL draft into the top pick in the NFL draft. That's all the proof I and the entire TTUN fan base need that Harbaugh is a QB whisperer. Who he actually has on the roster is just details.