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Comment 03 May 2016
Full disclosure, I'm typing this whilst sitting on a commode in downtown Oakland, where I've worked for the last 15+ years (the city not the shitter). AT&T park is beautiful and all, but it pales in comparison to the fan experience you get at the Coliseum. A's fans are loyal and passionate and not violent towards other fan bases. You don't get nearly the same experience at a Giants game. That said, if you are coming as an impartial observer and just want to see a gorgeous stadium, then yes, AT&T park is the way to go.
Comment 30 Apr 2016

I was there as well. It was my son's first home game, which is big considering we live in California. Everything about that day was fantastic, save for the outcome of the game. I just try to selectively remember the good parts, like my kid getting high fives from Meyer and pretty much the entire team on their way from the hotel to St. John's. Years from now, that's what he'll remember most about his first game at the Shoe. Me, I'll probably still dwell on that kicker dancing across the field, but I'm a miserable a-hole so it's to be expected.

Comment 30 Apr 2016

But he also guided GS through the best start in NBA history this season while Kerr was sidelined. You could argue that he didn't need to do much coaching since he had the best team with the best player.  He just let them play. But coming off an NBA championship with everyone already gunning for you and then starting the season 24-0, I'm thinking there had to be some leadership involved on his part.  Whatever the case, remaining an assistant after all that wasn't an option so he struck while the iron was hot. Good on him.

Comment 26 Mar 2016

Somewhere, Mark Twain is rolling in his grave.

Comment 28 Feb 2016

I live in the bay area and work in Oakland so it's all Warriors all the time here. I lived in Chicago during the Bulls heyday and became a Knicks fan out of spite for Jordan's greatness mostly so I'm no stranger to hating for hating's sake. No such thing with Curry. Unless he leads a seedy double life that no one knows about, there just isn't anything to not like about him in my opinion.

Comment 18 Feb 2016
I logged in just to express my sincere dismay that anyone would call The Three Amigos "not a good movie". If I were half a man and I didn't think the mods would throw me in jail, I'd DV the OP. Blasphemy. Blasphemy I say.