Buckeye Charting - Buffalo Helmet Stickers

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September 7, 2013 at 9:31p

So while I am struggling to figure out the best way to put giant spreadsheets into this blogging software, I thought I would at least post the Helmet Stickers for the Buffalo game.

The full game charts can be found here:



I found the different notes the charters have taken very interesting. There should be a follow-up post that lets you read them without going to google docs, but for now it's there if you want to see it or try to do something with it.


On offense, Miller had a lot of good and a lot of bad. Jordan hall graded out fairly well, and the O-line was solid. Decker easily had the most negatives on the O-Line, but he had some positives as well. The wide receivers were solid but not spectacular. Guiton was incredibly consistent and shows us once again just how good of a backup we have.

Player Plus Minus Total
J. Hall 5 2 3
Miller 8 7 1
Smith 2 0 2
Guiton 4 0 4
Wilson 2 1 1
Spencer 1 2 -1
Norwell 8 2 6
Brown 2 2 0
Linsley 2 1 1
Decker 5 5 0
Mewhort 6 1 5
Boren 5 0 5
Heuerman 2 3 -1
M. Hall 5 4 1
Johnston 1 0 1
Vannett 2 1 1
Ball 1 0 1
ESPN 0 2 -2


Ryan Damn Shazier is a beast. I charted two of the quarters on defense, and he flies through traffic to the ball so much better than any of our other defenders. He almost never got caught in the wash, rarely failed to get off his blocks to make a play. Dude is impressive. Bennett also impressed - he pushed himself through double teams several times, and is a force in the middle. In general, although the competition was not too strong, the defensive line looked solid.

On the negative side... well, let's just hope Reeves can forget about this game and spend a lot of time working on his tackling. I really don't want to do the math on what percentage of their total yards were due to his assignment...

Player Plus Minus Total
Shazier 8 2 6
Bennett 7 3 4
C. Grant 2 3 -1
Brown 2 1 1
D. Grant 3 1 2
Bosa 4 1 3
Spence 3 1 2
Hale 3 2 1
Tanner 2 0 2
Reeves 1 8 -7
Powell 1 0 1
Hill 1 1 0
Washington 0 1 -1
Bryant 0 2 -2
Grant 0 1 -1
ESPN 0 2 -2
Spencer 0 1 -1
Perry 0 1 -1


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Good stuff!!
I love that ESPN got -4 total Buckeye Leaves lol.
They were a lot better today but man, they were bad last week. It's really annoying when they miss plays when trying to show a replay. I love replays as much as the next guy, but everyone in the world knows that OSU runs a hurry up offense. Just wait 1 minute until they score to show replays.

And when we win the game, we'll buy a keg of boooooooooze!! And we'll drink to old Ohio 'till we wobble in our shoes.

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Independent charters gave ESPN down votes. That says something. Wasn't even peer pressure or group think

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