Oden, Opinions & ESPN

Shandel Richardson of the Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel is right on the mark: There was a time Greg Oden could not wait to watch sports highlights on television.   He recalls flipping the channel to ESPN just so he could catch up on the previous night's NBA or NHL clips. And the...
26 Jan 2014
by ibuck

Glass Half Full

The last 50 days or so has not been the best of times for Buckeye fans, but I am convinced it will get better quickly.  I will explain why I am optimistic for both the Football and Basketball programs.   Football - UFM and the rest of the Coaching staff is putting the finishing touches o...
26 Jan 2014
by NashBuckeye

Carlos Hyde: Where does he rank?

To me this is a tricky question. Where does Carlos Hyde rank among the long list of the greatest Ohio State RB's of all time? Like I need to give anyone on here a history lesson, but for the sake of arguments I am going to post some stats below anyway for comparison. Forgive me if I ...
23 Jan 2014
by wilkins0802

Defining Oversigning - Part 2

Yesterday, I wrote this blog describing one of the problems with Oversigning complaints:  many of them are using different definitions.  Below, I give a little more detail about each of those definitions and where they came from / some examples of their use.  I also discuss why the de...
23 Jan 2014
by Catch 5

Wrestling: Know Your Enemy- Nebraska

  Preview by Curt Heinrichs “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of 100 battles.” – The Art of War- Sun Tzu On Friday, the Buckeyes will play host to #7 Nebraska (* all rankings in this preview refer to those updated on Intermat on Jan...

So, How do you define Oversigning?

Here we are in late January with National Signing Day just around the corner.  One of the topics that usually rears its ugly head this time of year is Oversigning.  Many of you know I will often dive into these conversations when it surfaces – and being an Alabama fan, I rarely share...
22 Jan 2014
by Catch 5

Rod Johnson possible commit?

The decision from Roderick Johnson should be coming any time now, they are saying it's down to Ohio State and Florida State. With us picking up Brady Taylor, what are the chances Johnson commit's to tOSU? I think even with picking up Taylor, he would be a great add, as he is in the ESPN 300....
22 Jan 2014
by wilkins0802

Wrestling: Know Your Enemy: Northwestern

Preview by Curt Heinrichs “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of 100 battles.” – The Art of War- Sun Tzu On Friday, the Buckeyes will hit the road for a 3rd time in a week to take on a Big Ten foe, but this time, they’ll be staying in...

Big Ten Basketball Efficiency Margin

I really miss John Gasaway.  ESPN hired him and put all of his stuff behind a paywall and now I never get my Tuesday Truths.  Tuesday Truths was when Gasaway would look at every team’s points per possession offensively and defensively during conference play and rank them by margin.&n...

Possible Lies and Soap Opera-like Dialogue

“It occupies a lot of my time. It's a big hire. We have to hit a home run with this next hire.” -Urban Meyer I've been back and forth on Ash.  He hasn't really done much in terms of producing an elite defense but he has produced very good ones.  I was bummed t...
15 Jan 2014
by Aesculus.

Chris Ash Bio

Ash is only 40 years old this past December. He started out at Iowa State under Dan McCarney from 2000-2006 as a GA. He also learned some of his defensive strategies from Barry Alvarez. McCarney learned his defensive strategies from Barry Alvarezs while being a D-cord, which is an attaching 4-3 sche...
14 Jan 2014
by gm3jones

New Hires

So here is my thought after waking up this morning and hearing the good news. With all the discussion about National Signing Day and so many guys still on the wire, how are these new hires going to affect that? No only will players be giving a second glance at our new and improved defensive sta...
14 Jan 2014
by mtgerken