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Comment 22 Mar 2015

Should be at least 22

Comment 16 Mar 2015

If you don't mind the cold, Gilboa in Ohio is actually rather interesting. Paddlefish and trout galore.

Comment 24 Feb 2015

The thing is, I'd like to get Zeke, Dontre, Marshall, and Samuel all out there at the same time too.

Comment 05 Feb 2015

That would be my first choice--because he is also their recruiting coordinator. Second thought would be Tony Alford who is at YSU with Tressel and Pelini. He was Florida's RB coach under Meyer after Drayton.

Comment 03 Feb 2015

Where do I begin, man? I go to work for Gregory Illinivich, and all day long I work. Honestly doc, I don’t even know what I’m doing anymore. I don’t even know if Gregory Illinivich knows. He only knows that he has power over me, and that seems to bring him happiness. But I don’t know, I wake up in a malaise, and I walk here and there… at night I…I sometimes wake up and I turn to some old lady in my bed that’s on my arm. A lady that I once loved, doc. I don’t know where to turn to. My youngest, Alexendria, she fell in the…in the cold of last year. The cold took her down, as it did many of us. And my other boy, and this is the hardest pill to swallow, doc. My other boy, Gregarro Ivinalititavitch… I no longer love him. As much as it pains me to say, when I look in his eyes, all I see is the same cowardice that I… that I catch when I take a glimpse of my own face in the mirror. If only I wasn’t such a coward, then perhaps…perhaps I could bring myself to reach over to that cocked and loaded gun that lays on the bedside behind me and end this hellish facade once and for all…Doc, sometimes I feel like a spider, even though I’m a moth, just barely hanging on to my web with an everlasting fire underneath me. I’m not feeling good.

Comment 02 Feb 2015

Ugh. You're right. I guess that's what you tell the young talent. Don't worry about the depth because everyone will be in the NFL.

Comment 02 Feb 2015

We'll have 16 seniors (including Braxton) and I'd be surprised if Bosa, Cardale, EZE and maybe Bell don't leave early. That puts at 20 spots. Add in four or five in attrition and I think we'll have about 25 open spots again? The list below would get us to 300 on the "247 class calculator" and still leave room for five or six more kids.

  1. Kareem Walker
  2. Nick Bosa
  3. Josh King
  4. Demario McCall
  5. Jauan Williams
  6. George Hill
  7. Prince Sammons
  8. Brendan Ferns
  9. Jake Hausmann
  10. Liam Eichenberg
  11. Justin Layne
  12. Jarrett Guarantano
  13. Austin Mack
  14. Jonathon Cooper
  15. Tyler Gerald
  16. Michael Onwenu
  17. Kyree Campbell
  18. Luke Farrell
  19. Kierre Hawkins

If I were guessing--we need more Ohio kids so I'd say Tyrece Speaight, Ethan Tucky, Jango Glackin, Jake Saunders and one more big 5* surprise. I don't think we get Gary because of Michigan hiring his coach.

Comment 02 Feb 2015

I thought Weber was more like Carlos Hyde--a bruiser, but the kid is faster. Will be a star it looks like.