Why NW Players get a 6 figure salary... ALREADY!!!

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April 18, 2014 at 11:09p

Ask anybody who ever entered the real world... It sounds exhilarating, until the bills are due.  Life costs money, and Northwestern players want $$$.  Who can blame them?  They work very hard in a billion dollar industry and have zero income.

Here's a solution.  Stop the freebies, but pay them handsomely.  Pay them all $109,296 a year; this is twice the median household income of Illinois' Cook county.  Considering most households have two workers, one 18 year old earning twice the median household income amounts to a great job.

Uh oh, taxes are 33% (28% Feds, 5% Illinois)... We're down to $73,228

Taxes sound terrible, until...

Uh oh, Northwestern's Annual Tution is $45,527... We're down to $27,701
Yes, that Theatre 101, Math 110, & English 100 you took fall semester really cost you $22,763.50.  But, it's what all the non-football students fork out.  Wow! that's a lot.
(Granted, some players will get academic scholarships... you shouldn't qualify for a need based scholarship making 6 figures a year)

Let's take that $27,701 and round down to $27,000, you will spend a few hundred on textbooks.

Ok, now we're down to $2,250 a month of cold hard cash.

Monthly Expenses:

  • Rent: $600
  • Food: $650 (remember how much you ate at 20?  Multiply by 2 if you're a Division I LB)
  • Healthcare: $150 (I have no idea, just making a small guess here)
  • Cell Phone & Electronics: $100
  • Utilities: $100 (heating and A/C are expensive)
  • Tutoring: $150 (remember, not all students get private tutoring)

This leaves $500 a month for possible car payments, electronics, clothes, workout clothes, winter gear (for those from warm states), helping out parents, savings, and fun.  If you don't watch your spending, you'll be in debt before day 2.  You'll have to manage your money very well and think about what you buy.  $500 goes quick, quicker if you're an 18 year old with no financial acumen.

I say give them what they want... a 6 figure salary beyond their wildest imaginations; except simultaneously expose them to the real world.  Taxes are terrible, tuition is brutal, and credit card debt will eat them alive... But hey, at least they will make 6 figures a year.

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Don't you ever try to attack this board again with sound statistics and solid logic. People think the players need PAID and doggunit that's all that matters.

I speak the truth but I guess that's a foreign language to yall.~~Lil Wayne

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I would love to see NU do this and let it be on a trial basis so every other school AND players can watch.  If you want to unionize because of the "job", then you better be ready to deal with real life.  You can't have your cake and eat it too.  This is a good post.

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I actually hope Northwestern doesn't do it.  Half of the kids wouldn't be able to afford tuition for the spring.  It would be a disaster to leave them holding the rope.

I know it, you know it, and the NCAA knows it too.

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I think you missed the phrase "on a trial basis" in my post.  You are right about the Northwestern kids holding the rope, but it would give the NU players AND the whole college football world a lesson on what they already have.  Be thankful and appreciate the things you are already blessed with and lay the greed down.

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Great post man. Couldn't agree with you anymore

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I thought football players at Northwestern would be above average when it cam to an IQ. IF, as the court ruled, they are employees not students. Do they have any idea how much money they will owe in TAXES on that $100,000 annual "salary" they "earn" every year??? 

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The issue was never, should they be compensated... rather, should they be compensated more.

Considering the average NW football player would need close to $100k, I think that's fair.  Remember, this isn't the QB, or the future NFLers, but also the recruits that never take the field.  It's the backups of the backups.  It's 85 people, half of whom you'll never hear mentioned once.

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You forgot union dues

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Just don't go Tweeting any of this to Mark Emmert. He can figure it out for himself.

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Someone doesn't know how marginal tax rates work....  Also doesn't account for deductions or credits.  This would also allow them to apply for other types of grants and scholarships.  Not all of them would qualify, but at NW I'll bet many would.  The amount of grant/scholarship received on average at Northwestern was $27,986.

I don't think that anyone  claims that they aren't already compensated.  Just that they ought to at least have access to more.  The easiest step is letting them have rights to their image.  It costs the universities nothing and is fair to everyone.  The market can determine how much a player is worth.  Forcing income equality on all of them is tantamount to communism.

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Yeah, the kids could definitely get grants and scholarships. Also, it isn't like a player would have oto pay the 45,000 each year out of pocket, the athlete could get a loan and pay back the loan later. Also, if you are paying the players, the player should be able to make side money with endorsements and autograph signings to increase income.

Also, just like other university employees in certain field, I don't see why they would get reduced or free tuition, and insurance and paid vacations. I would imagine there are university employees who have these benefits and make, I don't see why the players could not get paid and still get tuition benefits, like some hospital employees and administrators do.

You could also split the difference, pay them 50,000 and cover tuition.

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I like your take on this. Real world will be what the larger percent of these kids will be exposed to anyhow....


I heard somewhere that they had estimated a college football players salary at about $24,000.