Wrestling: Home Schedule Announced for 2014-15 Season

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May 28, 2014 at 4:30p

By Curt Heinrichs

Earlier this month, the 2014-15 home schedule was released for the Buckeye wrestling team, and the schedule is going to be an absolute treat for Buckeye fans as the top teams in the Big Ten all make a trip to Columbus at some point during the season.

St. John Arena will play host to marquee opponents Penn State, Iowa, and Minnesota at some point during the season.

 In addition to hosting matches on Ohio State’s campus, the Buckeyes are once again continuing the recent tradition of hosting a home dual match near the home high school of an upperclassman. This season, Logan Stieber will be honored with the match against Indiana taking place at Norwalk High School, which is near Stieber’s alma mater of Monroeville High School. In addition to an outstanding home schedule, the Buckeyes will also host the 2015 Big Ten Tournament in March.

The announced schedule is as follows:

November 13                    Kent State

December 14                     Missouri

January 4                             Iowa

January 11                           Penn State

January 23 **                    Indiana

Date TBA                             Purdue

February 8                          Minnesota

March 7-8                            Big Ten Championships


Dates in bold are Big Ten matches

** indicates the match will be held at Norwalk High School

Ticket information will be made available on OhioStateBuckeyes.com for single match tickets, as well as tickets for the Big Ten Tournament. 

At a glance, the Penn State, Iowa, and Minnesota matches are likely to be the toughest for the Buckeyes. 

Penn State has won four consecutive NCAA titles and are poised to make another run at a fifth. Though the Nittany Lions lost two and three time NCAA champions David Taylor and Ed Ruth, they return NCAA finalist (from 2013) Matt Brown, Morgan McIntosh, and two-time runner-up Nico Megaludis. Penn State defeated the Buckeyes last year by the score of 31-6. 

Iowa loses a pair of former NCAA champions in Tony Ramos and Derek St. John, but again are loaded for bear. Mike Evans and his mustache will lead an experienced group of Hawkeyes, who last defeated the Buckeyes in 2012 by the score of 22-9. 

Minnesota, who visits Columbus to close out the dual season, claimed the Big Ten regular season title last season and were crowned NWCA National Duals champs. Led by NCAA runner-up Dylan Ness, the Gophers return to Columbus after defeating the Buckeyes 25-10 in the NWCA National Duals semifinals. 

Be sure to check Eleven Warriors for more on the wrestling schedule as information becomes available. 



Scarlet_Lutefisk's picture

Great update as always Curt. (One small typo in the first paragraph - Columbus to Columbus).

Early season I'm really looking forward to watching Missouri step into the buzzsaw. There's been chirping from a few Mizzou fans I know.

Against Kent State the Demas - Miller match ought to be fun.


Curt Heinrichs's picture

Thanks for keeping me honest. Made the change. 

Miller beat Bo Jordan this weekend at University Nationals by tech fall in the semi finals. Maybe Bo will get his revenge in Folkstyle after losing in freestyle? 

+1 HS
Scarlet_Lutefisk's picture

Is Miller expected to bump up to 165 next year? I was assuming he'd return at 157.

Slightly of topic but as much as I want to see Buckeyes succeed it's hard to root against Nestor Taffur after the screw job the wrestling program received from Boston U.

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He'll probably go 157 again, but he wrestled at University Nationals at 74 kilos, which, thanks to watching Breaking Bad, I now know is 163 lbs. There's a chance he'll be able to drop down, but he looked pretty lean in the pictures that I saw. For what it's worth, I live less than an hour from Akron and I completely skipped watching some of the best wrestling in the country this weekend. Sounds like I missed out on some great action. 

Getting back to your point, Miller vs Demas or Miller vs Jordan should be exciting, but I think the Bucks will cruise in the dual. 

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I don't follow wrestling but we bring back a really strong team, don't we?  B10 and National Champ level good?

+1 HS
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The Buckeyes ought to be in the running. Stieber x2 should be in the running for a national championship (Logan could become the 4th to ever win 4 NCAA titles) and there are a number of other Buckeyes who could place as All-Americans. As strange as it sounds, the Buckeyes may have a better shot to win the NCAA title than to win the Big Ten title. 

+1 HS
Knarcisi's picture

Thanks.  I've not followed much before, but the Stieber feat is intriguing and I will this year.  Hoping BTN carries some matches.  I didn't know he was a redshirt junior until he won his 3rd this past year.  He dominated that match, start to finish.  What an accomplishment that would be.  Makes total sense on winning the National title vs. B10.  Duals vs. Penn St. and others in the B10 are much different than wrestling vs. several other schools in the NCAA, which is essentially an individual tourney that adds up team points for team championships.


Curt Heinrichs's picture

You hit it on the head as far as the Big Ten vs NCAA tournaments. 

The BTN does show a great deal of matches, but they're often not aired live. I just have my DVR set to record any NEW College wrestling on BTN so I don't miss anything. They do a nice job of airing some action from all of the schools, but they obviously showcase the Iowas and Penn States because that's what the casual fan likes. Expect to see more Buckeye coverage in the future as Logan's chase and the overall team depth should draw some more eyes.