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Comment 17 hours ago

The Buckeyes came out in 2nd half playing well (on 16-2 run), then were outscored 28-21 the rest of the way. Pros: Some good individual performances AND they hung on to win.

Cons: Turnovers were again too high (but at least lower than assists) and FT shooting was poor at 12-21 (57%).

Why does progress with this team seem so...glacial? Flashes of brilliance and playing hard, then falling back into lackadaisical mediocrity—due more, IMO, to the players rather than to the coaches. 

C'mon, Buckeyes, step it up !

Comment 02 Dec 2016

As these Buckeyes experience success with Thad's system, their confidence is likely to grow.

And with experience and confidence, one learns not to make that risky pass, set the too-late screen, or make the charge—all of these are turnovers. Instead take the open, pull-up jump shot, whether it is from 5 feet or further out.

Comment 01 Dec 2016

“I think this game proved that we can compete with the top teams,” Tate said. “Everybody else look out because we’re coming.”

Yes, the Buckeyes can compete—as long as they keep getting better—because the top teams at season's end will have gotten better too.

Some bright spots, some errors, some work to do. Individually and as a team.

Keep plugging away, Buckeyes.

Comment 30 Nov 2016

 A victory could have been huge for a tournament resume

Doesn't the NCAA committee still credit teams with good losses, when appropriate?  Because this was surely one: on the road in a loud gym vs a Top 10 team, with the winning shot just clanging off the rim.

And Buckeyes can play better than this if they keep working, growing, and gaining experience. Let's go Buckeyes !

Comment 27 Nov 2016

JT can't pass for the life of him....he was throwing high much of the day.

It's unfair to blame OSU's passing just on JT when the OL is messing up and receivers are dropping passes that hit them in hands or chest. OTOH, Ross Fulton tweeted this during The Game:

Another high throw from Barrett. He will not step into throws and so he is not particularly accurate.

Comment 27 Nov 2016

We had an ugly early loss to a horrible VA tech team in '14, and It took a 59-0 championship game to get past TCU.
This year, we really don't have that game to push us past any conference champions. I just don't see it... would love to, but I don't.

I think OSU is good (and gritty) and would like to see them dismantle someone in a bowl game. If the Buckeyes get into the CFP, that would be gravy and good luck. And with OSU's OL and passing issues, I suspect they would need good luck to compete against top teams...unless Studrawa & Warinner can improve the OL vastly by the bowl game. And Beck can get JT to throw off his front foot (versus his back foot) and see open receivers better. 

Comment 27 Nov 2016

IMO, the Beatles' "Cry, Baby, Cry" is most apt since it goes...

Cry baby cry
Make your mother sigh
She's old enough to know better

Comment 27 Nov 2016

All Harbaugh and his disciples could focus on afterward was how the Wolverines got screwed by a spot on a 4th and 1 Barrett carry (they didn't) allowing Curtis Samuel to score the game-winning touchdown one play later...

A few of the more thoughtful UM posters on mgoblog.com are saying that Michigan—not the officials—lost the game due to poor 2nd half play, especially the 4th qtr where UM gained only about 50 yards. For example:

Take away the officiating and Michigan killed themselves. I really can't remember ever seeing a team lose composure like that. From the coach on down. Why is Cole grabbing a face mask that far down field? 1 pick 6, 1 fumble in their goal line, another pick that led to a TD, dropped passes, missed blocking assignments. It was frustrating to watch

It's not surprising Harbaugh got called for unsportsmanlike conduct after complaining and annoying the zebras for much of the game. Even fair-minded, objective officials—though they may claim to be unbothered by continuing dissing from a team—may subconsciously be affected. And we've all seen much, much worse spots by officials, some of which have gotten overturned on review. And the spot on Barrett's 4th and 1 run seemed spot on. Consider also the deliberateness of the official on Darboh's TD catch in the 1st OT. 

It is fascinating thing how the Buckeyes keep focused on playing hard even when things are breaking bad, and how Meyer keeps winning close games. Seems much more productive for both coaches and players to forget an unfavorable call and focus on what's happening now and next. Were UM's players focused on Samuel's run on the play following "the spot"? Contrast the play of OSU in the 4th qtr & OT vs that of UM.

Moving on...

Comment 25 Nov 2016

Nice win and impressive scoring by OSU—except for one thing...

Hard to believe the Buckeyes are serious basketball players with such abysmal free-throw shooting (11-23, 47.8%).

The only acceptable excuse is if it’s due to Chris Jent improving their shooting form, and it’s taking some time for the players to adjust.  A lot more practice is needed.

Comment 24 Nov 2016

If Joey can deliver treys and good defense, he'll play. 

It's a math thing too:

If your man is scoring 75+% of the time, and you're shooting less than 50% on treys, that increases the opponents score faster than OSU's.