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    Witnessing Hank Aaron's 3,000 hit (a scorer's gift) and 3,001 (a HR) in Crosley Field.
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Comment 25 Jun 2017

Trevor Thompson, one of the team's few bright spots during the 2016-17 season, declared for the NBA Draft.

Can't help but think that Trevor Thompson declaring for the NBA Draft, where no team chose him, was a big mistake. Whoever he is listening to has done hime a big disservice. Hope he got his degree, and has an aptitude for foreign languages.

JaQuan Lyle, one of the team's lone remaining ball-handlers, left the team in April.

Something strange happening with JaQuan. His hoops future seems iffy.

I'd like to know what happens to all of these players that left OSU: did their hoops career thereafter ever amount to anything?

Comment 25 Jun 2017

 Hard-nosed, scrappy, unselfish are all good, but talent is the difference maker.

Unless the more talented players feel "entitled", as Bazely appears to be, and unwilling to learn, work hard, or be unselfish. And if that's the program's culture, it may be hard to turn it around. It may require suspending players, or kicking guys off the team. Or playing with four: "My team is on the floor."

Many commenters here seem to think that recruit ratings are crucial. I'd rather see who works hard, competes constantly and learns from his college coaches, excluding other voices for the most part.

Comment 21 Jun 2017

Apparently Dave Richardson (strength), David Eglehoff (Dir Ops), Vince O'Brien (trainer) remain from the Matta era.

Don't know about Alan Major (Director of recruiting & player development), Kyle Davis (video), or Greg Oden (Student Mgr).

Comment 20 Jun 2017

 If they do away with the 1-and-Done rule and make college kids do at least 2 years before jumping ship to the NBA you might begin to see more continuity

Thanks for your post. I agree that the NBA is screwing both the NBA and college hoops with 1-and-Done's. And it's harming the athletes as well if they don't study/get educated from grade school onward because they fantasize about big bucks and associated life-style in the NBA and don't develop needed skills for fall-back and after-hoops careers.

Would it be so terrible if the NBA required all athletes be 21 when they sign pro contracts?  I'm thinking about all the great years of NBA hoops when that was the case (IIRC).

Comment 19 Jun 2017


A lot of OSU hoops fans were hoping this would happen. Sooo good....

...but it's wise to temper one's enthusiasm and remember, this is the B1G, where any other conf team can sucker punch you. And freshmen usually need a period of adjustment. And strength/conditioning.

Comment 12 Jun 2017

Both Holtmann and Smith deserve the support of Buckeye nation. I for one am sick of the downers on this site who criticized Smith without knowing the facts. And, as it turned out, all the speculation about Smith and what happened was totally wrong. 

You are not alone: there are quite a few Buckeye fans who feel the same way. OTOH...

Not knowing the facts, but being absolutely certain of their convictions are a hallmark of many on this site.