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Comment 2 hours ago

Despite the uniforms, this isn't the military, where a screw up or loose lips can cost lives. It's entertainment. 

Military behavior is generally not acceptable in civil society. My dad was a military lifer, buried now in Arlington. On multiple occasions, I've seen guys fresh out of the service being corrected for their behavior—by former military people.

Comment 8 hours ago

You don't get it. The fabric of the band is ROTTEN. It is entrenched and resistant to change, and ILLEGAL, not momentary lapses of judgment. They knew they were wrong and needed a vow of secrecy. Any lawyer will tell you that's conspiracy when illegal activities are done. Behavior must change, and you are resisting when you call it PC, or Title IX or pussification, or saying they didn't need to fire Waters. The world has changed, and those resisting this are at least a decade behind the times. 

From Cleveland.com:

Ohio State University, once it determined the marching band's culture led to sexual harassment, had to fire band director Jon Waters or potentially face lawsuits and federal sanctions

Comment 8 hours ago

If Waters was only a band leader for 2 years, you might have a point. But he was there for much longer as an assistant. The illegal behavior stretches back much further, and the OSU brass may have seen him as part of the problem culture, or that his changes were proceeding at too glacial a pace. OSU wants this fixed a decade ago. And the fact that many of you are bemoaning his firing indicates how much resistance there is to the big changes needed. And you are not in the band. Not only was Waters' firing necessary, but more decisive actions are coming.

Comment 9 hours ago

C'mon, this isn't a pattern unique to OSU. It happens throughout the world, from politicians to business leaders to sports figures, even to spiritual leaders.

Comment 9 hours ago

IMO, "snitched" is not a word, or a concept, that someone over 12 uses. "Sworn to secrecy" is at the heart of the problem. Any band members who want to continue such practices, even the secrecy part, should be dismissed from the band. Just firing the director won't change the culture: it's going to take some dismissals. And the alumni will be forewarned about trying to continue that illegal, sexualized culture. This isn't a molehill, as some seem to think it is.

Comment 9 hours ago

There's a new sheriff president in town, and this stuff won't fly anymore. It should have ended decades ago. 

Comment 9 hours ago

I'm never going TO Alabama.

Or Mississippi, or . . .

Comment 20 hours ago

My idea is that SEC teams don't advance unless they win. Conference championships are the first round of the playoff. A team that loses goes home, or to a bowl game outside the playoff.  As set up now, the committee, with instructions to favor conference champions and strength of schedule, has to snub ONE of the 5 conference champions. Not two.

Comment 21 hours ago

I doubt that firing the director will change the culture, but it's a start. The most egregious harassers in the band will probably need to be disciplined (e.g., suspension, dismissal) before the culture begins to change. 

Imagine what Urban would do if football players harassed females like this.

Comment 23 hours ago

By my interpretation, M-Man, it seems you think the reason this happened is because the current administration is enforcing the law that most Americans want. The behavior uncovered by OSU's investigation are actions that are unlawful, and, at the very least, disrespectful to the people involved, regardless of their gender. And that behavior has to stop—not be toned down—but eliminated completely. People unwilling to change untenable behavior often blame the enforcers rather than the society that wants the change. To me, calling it Political Correctness is symptomatic of resistance to change. 

I won't be surprised if individual band members are also disciplined, including dismissal from the band, or even the university. This bs has to stop—everywhere.

Comment 24 Jul 2014

So you favor screwing both the ACC and Pac12 to let an SEC also-ran into the playoff?

Comment 24 Jul 2014

While this is comparing apples with oranges, to me Matta has one leg up over Taylor. Fred was very frustrated over OSU's reputation as a football school, while Thad accepts it. From Cleveland.com:

"It's like people say Ohio State is a football school," Matta said of winning nine overall Big Ten titles (five regular season, four conference tournament) and I tell kids, 'If that's a football school, then so be it. We're happy with it." 

The Ohio State University is a great school, excelling at many things, both academic and athletic. Football is just one of 'em.

Comment 24 Jul 2014

After watching the Buckeyes play in bowl games over 4 decades, they frequently have not seem as spirited or motivated as they are in the Rose Bowl or NCG. Couple that with a stadium 3/4 filled (yes, that's way more than 1/2) with screaming fans of the southern team, and you can understand OSU's record in such bowls. (And sometimes the opponent is actually darn good.)

However, come game time, getting the team motivated, perhaps angry, is one of the responsibilities of coaches. And Saban must wear that.

Comment 23 Jul 2014

Ramzy, did this article crash the whole 11W website? I was going to post a reply and...crash. 

Comment 23 Jul 2014

Mitchell can score...but his forte is drawing the defense and dropping off a pass to a Davis for a dunk or to Hogg on the perimeter for three.

Hopefully, Thad will have guys who can score the trey as well as guys who can handle the ball for a dunk.

versatility and unselfishness is what...is most alluring about Mitchell's game.

After last season, that would be most welcome.

Comment 23 Jul 2014

Are we then faced with Congress passing a law requiring subpoena authority? Or could the NCAA file civil lawsuits against people and institutions and derive subpoena power that way? Of course, people could assert their 5th amendment rights and clam up. That's why I think agreeing to be subject to subpoenas as a requirement to participate is needed.

Comment 23 Jul 2014

There need to be disincentives for cheating.  Financial penalties need to affect the assistant coaches too, not just the head coaches. Show-cause penalties for egregious offenders would probably curb a lot, as would disassociation penalties for "bag-men" and their ilk. A five-year ban from the NC playoff, as well as the current penalties: post-season ineligibility, scholarship losses, invalidating wins and titles, would likely limit "lack of institutional control." As would ineligibility for conference post-season revenue. Penalizing athletes for accepting cash, even while in high school, by prohibition form post-season play (for at least 3 years), added to repayment penalties, would probably deter much of that.

Subpoena power is needed. Otherwise, schools subject to public records requests get treated differently than private schools or schools in states without such laws. Being subject to subpoenas should be a requirement to play in the NCAA, both for institutions and for people (athletes, coaches, administrators, possibly even media folks). 

Comment 23 Jul 2014

Remove the corporate logo 

Right! I don't want to see ads on jerseys (the big swoosh is bad enough) for football, and I don't want to see them on basketball or soccer jerseys either. Uniforms should be sponsored by the university's athletic dept, not some friggin' company. 

Are the athlete's expected to shill for the sponsors: do M*ch*lin players have to deliver pizzas before or after their match?

Comment 23 Jul 2014

DJ, thanks for the link to the article about male entitlement. When women say some men "just don't get it," this is part of what we don't get. I was confused for years, in part because men don't talk about enough about relationships for young men to understand how to do them. Stories like this help us to get a clue.

Comment 22 Jul 2014

CB's & S's all meeting in same room helps, but OSU's D needs better communication throughout. If responsibility for run D  and pass coverage flips back and forth between safeties and LB's depending on reading what the inside receiver does when the play starts, there's still margin for error. Hopefully communications are MUCH improved this season.

Comment 21 Jul 2014

For anyone thinking the SEC gets 2 teams in, which 2 of the other 4 conference champs are you shafting?

The playoff committee's job is to pick 4 of the 5 conference champs. Anyone on the committee that thinks otherwise will be jettisoned. The selection committee is advised to favor conference champions and strength of schedule.

BTW, for 2013, Alabama is last in the SEC (95th!) in opponents' winning percentage. Seven of the Tide's 12 opponents finished 2013 with losing records including FCS Western Carolina.