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Comment 11 hours ago

Seems  a lot of angst–and a bit too much personal pride–are illustrated with these comments. There are a lot of factors involved with who gets scheduled: money, recruiting, game location, building team confidence, academics, etc that are not being considered.

Comment 12 hours ago

Really- look at who Izzo at MSU almost every year.  It's a murders row, and they are always better for it at the end...

Sounds mythical to me. This season, MSU scheduled Texas Southern (1-8) at game time, and lost in OT 71-64. 

Comment 20 Dec 2014

So to your thinking, “Prove me wrong!” eliminates the negativity of your pre-game comments? Sorry. Just like saying  “I’m only being honest” doesn’t excuse being rude, which is nearly always what the "only being honest” comment follows. So you can use an excerpt of my post, but when I do it, I’m a red-journalist? 

But there’s some common ground here: we’re both cheering on the Buckeyes. 

When I pull for them, I’m exhorting them, “You can DO IT!”   Like the song says, “Accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative. Don’t mess with Mr. In-Between. Wanna join me?

Comment 20 Dec 2014

No thanks, XROX. Usually there are some good observations and comments by hoops savvy 11w fans. But the little balls of crap that comes from frustrated negativity, aren't worth anyone's time. 

I do root for my team and hope they do well, unlike people who air their poison before the game even begins:


We'll get down big, come back, and yet still find a way to lose. It's how these big non-conference games go with the Basketbucks.

Comment 20 Dec 2014

What a bunch of negative NEGATIVE NEGATIVE comments. I think a lot of those posting have expectations that are unbelievably high, and perhaps hoops knowledge that is fairly low. And some of sharing tendencies that are pretty unfiltered. If you posted something negative here, please consider not posting. Stop whining and root for your team. [/rant]

Comment 13 Dec 2014

E -ichigan is 8-1, Incarnate Word is 6-1, so opponents should be wary of them. Morehead State is only 4-7, but NJIT is 4-6 and they pulled off the big upset. Morehead has been in every game and has not lost by more than 10 points. 

 OSU needs to play hard and work on the things the coaches tell them need to improve, regardless of the opponent. And 

Comment 13 Dec 2014

Those cities should be ashamed for cheaping out and not rewarding they're fan bases. Those stadiums could then be bidding in this new modern world of college football to host some of these games, as well.  As it is, they'd get laughed at without retractable roofs, major highways and interstates that are flawless and large, improved and multiple inlarged international airports in host city.

Seriously? A bowl game isn't the Olympics. Cities don't have money just lying around to spend on bowl games, as they are making painful choices as to which essential programs they have to cut, often including infrastructure like roads, schools, and so on. Highways are paid for by the feds, the state and with local money, including some paid by motorists in gas taxes. And they are often not "flawless" because of the dearth of funds for making them so.  Should stadiums be paid for by all taxpayers, most of whom don't care about college football? Or should they be paid for by the team, corporations and other donors? 

Comment 13 Dec 2014

But most bowls have been struggling with attendance the last few years...

Not surprising when it's a 6-6 team vs a 7-5 one. Often schools participating in such bowls have to eat unpurchased tickets and end up losing money on them. If bowls can't guarantee to pay for transportation and lodging for 2 members of a player's family and insure the school doesn't lose money, then perhaps they shouldn't exist—as there isn't a market for them. The 6-win threshold for bowl eligibility was questionable when teams played 11 games, but it's ludicrous now. IMO, 7 wins vs FBS opponents should be the new threshold. Then going to a bowl would mean something again.

Comment 11 Dec 2014

Vegas has been very wrong before...

Dan Wezel: It appears 1997 UCLA [plus-10] beat Texas 66-3. So 73 pt cover. Then 1990 Northern Illinois [plus 14] beat Fresno State 73-18, 69 pt cover.

Plus 14 with 69 point cover is pretty embarrassing. And probably pretty costly.

Comment 07 Dec 2014

I like 4 because every team has to win a conference championship to get in, and that makes the conference championship games like the quarterfinals, where 8 (or 10) teams vie for slots in the semifinals. And because, unlike an 8-team bracket, the teams are re-seeded for the final four. 

And it's frequently that last—questionable, poorly thought of—one that surprises everyone, like the #2 team (or now the #4) upsetting the clearly unbeatable number 1.  Or Troy Smith, as an "athlete," being the last member of a recruiting class, and then...

Comment 07 Dec 2014

ESPN has the Buckeyes in at #4, and loves Cardell:

Cardale Jones for Heisman! Or, how about just starting quarterback? The Buckeyes' third-string QB got it done to the tune of a 59-0 rout of Wisconsin.

As does CBSSports 

4. Ohio State   The Buckeyes proved that it doesn't matter who the quarterback is, this is still a very good football team. Even I could have played behind center today, and it wouldn't have mattered. They edge out Baylor for the last playoff spot by virtue of having picked up their best wins away from home.