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Comment 23 May 2016

1.  Don't continually run the QB.  

Yep. With no proven backup, minimizing QB hits seems smart.

2. When they have a bad secondary, actually have the QB throw the ball. 

What a concept!  I'll add: have the receivers catch/keep the ball.

3. Don't be so predictable on offense.

Yep. IMO, offense is deceit AND execution.

Comment 21 May 2016

ESPN stats reveal that the 2015-16 NCAA champ Villanova shot 78.2% from the charity stripe. As a team.

I’d like to see Buckeyes shooting that well, including reserves who may have to finish a game if regulars foul out.

ESPN on Lebron James, who shot 73.1% on free throws in 2015-15 regular season:

After shooting just 69 percent from the line during the 2006-07 season, he started working regularly with then Cavs assistant coach Chris Jent. Now an assistant at Ohio State, Jent worked to get James into a routine that he trusted while making adjustments to improve his balance. Within two seasons, his average had shot up to 78 percent. 

Wouldn't you like to see a 10 percent or more improvement in Buckeye FT shooting?

Comment 21 May 2016

Ohio State loses 6,531 defensive snaps and 6,539 offensive snaps from their 2015 roster.

The loss of 13,070 snaps seems substantial!

I don’t know how they construct that metric, but maybe it’s like this:

899 Defensive plays x 11 players =  9,889 defensive snaps

892 Offensive plays x 11 players =  9,812 offensive snaps

These 2015 OSU play numbers are from NCAA stats and include the bowl game. I suspect these figures do not include kickoffs & returns, since the ball is not snapped on them. Then the math is: 9,889 + 9,812 = 19,701

And then: 13,070 / 19,701 = 66.3%

Comment 20 May 2016

Here are trey percentages for the season for the Warriors: Andre Iguodala (48.0%), Klay Thompson (45.2%), Steph Curry (42.9%), Draymond Green (39.3%).

For OSU, Kam Williams (at 43.7%) is the only one over 35% beyond the arc (which is 15 to 36 inches closer than the NBA).

Last season Villanova had four 3-point shooters over 38% and one over 35%, but no one over 40%. (And their defense was pretty good too.)

Comment 20 May 2016

 If you can shoot above average from 3 you will be a competitive team.

That's a big IF.  When you live and die by the trey, opponents will staunchly defend the arc so that you can hardly get good looks, much less good shots. And you–as a team–will often die. No one on the OSU squad is a sharpshooter like Steph Curry, or Klay Thompson or Draymond Green are. On treys, the Warriors are averaging 41% or better in their wins, and just under 37% in their losses. Nor do the Buckeyes have anyone who can pass or set a pick as well as the Warriors do). Or hit shots from 30 feet like Steph.

OSU scored 1314 points last season on made 2-pt FGs (shooting 43.9%), and exactly half those (657) points on made 3-pt FGs (shooting 33.4%).  So we're going to see the Buckeyes continue to shoot more deuces than treys, as they did last year (1340 deuce FGA vs 655 trey attempts), with close to double the points from deuces as from treys.

Comment 20 May 2016

Brutus B: we're definitely bandwagon basketball fans as a whole. 

Bucknutz18: Some OSU basketball "fans" are in reality not very close to the program and frankly don't watch much college basketball.

Sadly, these are very apt descriptions, IMO.  (UV for both.) Given this lukewarm fan support, I’d like to see OSU devise some strategies to improve attendance and enthusiasm. Perhaps discounts on the seats further back, more video screens and maybe even instructional hoops videos so that fans better understand the nuances of the game. And keeping fan enthusiasm high during timeouts.

Comment 19 May 2016

Jpfbucks01: One of my times being robbed was a home invasion. . . . We were tied up threatened with machette's and guns and had all the furnishings in the house stolen.

Zimmy07: Maybe some areas of Kingston might be like that but you could say the same about some areas in most large US cities.

What US cities have home invasions where you're tied up & threatened with weapons and all the house furnishings are stolen?

Comment 19 May 2016

With the assistant coaches, we probably can rule out Dickerson working with the guards and Paulus teaching the big men.

Some of us may anticipate/want Jent handling offense and Paulus on defense (and Dickerson with big guys), but Matta is pretty insistent on the Buckeyes playing good defense. So I wonder if defense coaching won't be a committee thing. If Matta is committed to teaching his assistants whole game coaching skills, Paulus will need to know to coach good defense––as will Jent & Dickerson too.

And offensive coaching may be by committee as well, with Jent teaching everyone shooting skills, Paulus teaching ball-handling and passing skills, etc. And somebody/anybody/everybody teaching proper pic-setting skills. 

Then there are poise and leadership skills, which should be taught by the upperclassmen as well as the coaches.

Comment 19 May 2016

IMO, the NCAA should give the kids and their sagging mailboxes a break by prohibiting offers and limiting contact until the youngsters complete their sophomore year in HS.

Comment 15 May 2016

Hard to tell from just a couple of Js, but it looks like Cohill shoots from his waist. If so, that will get a blocked a lot in B1G play. But he's pretty young still.

If this youngster continues to gain strength and mature as he elevates his game, he could be a real asset at OSU. 

Comment 13 May 2016

Zach, thanks much for the great reporting and analysis. Looking forward to more posts here, and hoping you'll chime in on current OSU team and players. 

I'm curious: If there was an OSU home game on the same night as a big HS game, which would you attend?