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Comment 21 May 2015

Watching this game dispassionately (Well, trying hard to be impartial), it's amazing all the mistakes Ohio State made...by offense, by defense, by the coaches. Fortunately Bama made some too, and OSU showed great resilience.

I believe the Buckeyes can play much better than they did, and that should be a goal the players and coaches can embrace for this coming season: play with passion and minimize the mistakes.

Comment 19 May 2015

dunking is worth the same as a 15 footer, and a higher percentage.

If you have a clean layup or dunk, yes. But shots near the hoop are usually very contested. Players keep going in there because they don't have a reliable midrange pull-up J. Even a lot of players in the NBA lack that skill.

Comment 18 May 2015

 If higher scoring is needed, officials need to call games how they used to be called. Basketball is way too physical today with players getting hacked and bodied left and right which makes them take ill-advised shots and consequently results in very low scoring.

Is this why women's college teams shoot higher percentages than the men? 

Comment 18 May 2015

they can elect to take the ball out of bounds with a new shot clock rather than the free throws.

Even if they just allowed this just 3 times per game, it would improve the game.

Comment 18 May 2015

the problem with scoring has little to do with the shot clock and much to do with the game being officiated too loosely with defense allowed to play with muscle and not by moving their feet.  Refs need to clean up the mugging defense.  The argument of too many foul calls messing up the flow of the game has led to fouling defense messing up the flow of the game.  If the refs take control and make players move their feet and play proper defense, then the game will be much better and more entertaining

Yep, this: ⬆︎⬆︎⬆︎  Hoops has become too much like football, and allows those who don't (or can't) move their feet to capitalize on their ineptitude, while penalizing those who can move. However, the refs didn't call enough charges on Duke in the 2nd half of the NCAA championship game, who were intentionally running into Badgers to draw fouls and free throws. (As Coach K said after 1st half). The refs gift-wrapped the win for Duke.

Comment 17 May 2015

I count only 10 players for 2015:  Tate, Loving, Giddens, Grandstaff, Bell, Harris, Williams, Thompson, Bates-Diop & Lyle.

Am I missing someone?

I assume some walk-ons (or managers) will fill out the roster and allow for 5-on-5 practices in case a scholarship player cannot participate for whatever reason.

Comment 17 May 2015

Awlin, I think you may be unclear on what I was trying to point out. I've been well aware of Thad's back and leg problems for many years. But his health is not the reason he doesn't like—and Ohio State doesn't play—games out west. 

Comment 16 May 2015

Matta has said the TEAM doesn't play well after west coast (and further) games. Haven't heard him complain that his back is the reason for not taking them.

It's an unsupported assumption by Shoemaker that Matta's health is the issue. Where is the evidence of this? 

Comment 16 May 2015

Not sure that saying player X needs to improve in a, b, and c is helpful. Sure, offensive improvement would be good, but setting expectations too high is almost asking to be disappointed. I would like to see good pull-up jumpers, but a lot of NBA players can't or won't.

Other than wanting good effort from players, particularly on D, I just try to appreciate what each one brings. 

Comment 14 May 2015

Maybe the B1G had to let the ACC control the match-ups because the ACC hasn't won the B1G-ACC Challenge in 6 years. And the B1G wants to keep them interested in the series. 

Otherwise, these match-ups look very skewed. Virginia tops the ACC, whether one uses last year's reg season record or next year's projections, and OSU is 6th and 7th in records/projections. Duke vs Indiana looks very one-sided too.

Comment 13 May 2015

I think Harris may start at PG, and that anyone else wanting to start there will have to match his desire and energy level.

I just hope he's really 5'9" (or taller!) by November.