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Comment 7 hours ago

So you favor screwing both the ACC and Pac12 to let an SEC also-ran into the playoff?

Comment 7 hours ago

While this is comparing apples with oranges, to me Matta has one leg up over Taylor. Fred was very frustrated over OSU's reputation as a football school, while Thad accepts it. From Cleveland.com:

"It's like people say Ohio State is a football school," Matta said of winning nine overall Big Ten titles (five regular season, four conference tournament) and I tell kids, 'If that's a football school, then so be it. We're happy with it." 

The Ohio State University is a great school, excelling at many things, both academic and athletic. Football is just one of 'em.

Comment 7 hours ago

After watching the Buckeyes play in bowl games over 4 decades, they frequently have not seem as spirited or motivated as they are in the Rose Bowl or NCG. Couple that with a stadium 3/4 filled (yes, that's way more than 1/2) with screaming fans of the southern team, and you can understand OSU's record in such bowls. (And sometimes the opponent is actually darn good.)

However, come game time, getting the team motivated, perhaps angry, is one of the responsibilities of coaches. And Saban must wear that.

Comment 22 hours ago

Ramzy, did this article crash the whole 11W website? I was going to post a reply and...crash. 

Comment 23 Jul 2014

Mitchell can score...but his forte is drawing the defense and dropping off a pass to a Davis for a dunk or to Hogg on the perimeter for three.

Hopefully, Thad will have guys who can score the trey as well as guys who can handle the ball for a dunk.

versatility and unselfishness is what...is most alluring about Mitchell's game.

After last season, that would be most welcome.

Comment 23 Jul 2014

Are we then faced with Congress passing a law requiring subpoena authority? Or could the NCAA file civil lawsuits against people and institutions and derive subpoena power that way? Of course, people could assert their 5th amendment rights and clam up. That's why I think agreeing to be subject to subpoenas as a requirement to participate is needed.

Comment 23 Jul 2014

There need to be disincentives for cheating.  Financial penalties need to affect the assistant coaches too, not just the head coaches. Show-cause penalties for egregious offenders would probably curb a lot, as would disassociation penalties for "bag-men" and their ilk. A five-year ban from the NC playoff, as well as the current penalties: post-season ineligibility, scholarship losses, invalidating wins and titles, would likely limit "lack of institutional control." As would ineligibility for conference post-season revenue. Penalizing athletes for accepting cash, even while in high school, by prohibition form post-season play (for at least 3 years), added to repayment penalties, would probably deter much of that.

Subpoena power is needed. Otherwise, schools subject to public records requests get treated differently than private schools or schools in states without such laws. Being subject to subpoenas should be a requirement to play in the NCAA, both for institutions and for people (athletes, coaches, administrators, possibly even media folks). 

Comment 23 Jul 2014

Remove the corporate logo 

Right! I don't want to see ads on jerseys (the big swoosh is bad enough) for football, and I don't want to see them on basketball or soccer jerseys either. Uniforms should be sponsored by the university's athletic dept, not some friggin' company. 

Are the athlete's expected to shill for the sponsors: do M*ch*lin players have to deliver pizzas before or after their match?

Comment 23 Jul 2014

DJ, thanks for the link to the article about male entitlement. When women say some men "just don't get it," this is part of what we don't get. I was confused for years, in part because men don't talk about enough about relationships for young men to understand how to do them. Stories like this help us to get a clue.

Comment 22 Jul 2014

CB's & S's all meeting in same room helps, but OSU's D needs better communication throughout. If responsibility for run D  and pass coverage flips back and forth between safeties and LB's depending on reading what the inside receiver does when the play starts, there's still margin for error. Hopefully communications are MUCH improved this season.

Comment 21 Jul 2014

For anyone thinking the SEC gets 2 teams in, which 2 of the other 4 conference champs are you shafting?

The playoff committee's job is to pick 4 of the 5 conference champs. Anyone on the committee that thinks otherwise will be jettisoned. The selection committee is advised to favor conference champions and strength of schedule.

BTW, for 2013, Alabama is last in the SEC (95th!) in opponents' winning percentage. Seven of the Tide's 12 opponents finished 2013 with losing records including FCS Western Carolina. 

Comment 21 Jul 2014

Are you sure you want to give Offensive scheme and depth at all positions checks? The scheme has been to run Braxton rather than pass or to trust on a reliable running back. As for depth, if Braxton is injured, what QB can pass the ball adequately? What if 2 OL go down?

Let's not get ahead of ourselves, this team has to a lot to show us before the post-season. That's not to say that being in the playoff is impossible. New offensive layers have to show efficiency and hang on to the ball. The D has to be a whole lot better.  And winning a playoff game (or 3) is a hurdle these Buckeyes haven't yet negotiated successfully.

So let's encourage them—loudly.

Comment 21 Jul 2014

RE: what's killing writing

The linked article and links within it to other articles didn't cover (from what I saw) who (or how) the biggest money-makers, ultimately, are for publishers and authors. Libraries? People who buy several books a month?  Stats for folks who read 1 book a year fail to move me.

The people who impress me as intelligent and well-informed seem invariably to be people who read a lot. And that means books. Not the internet, not newspapers or magazines, not email or texts. And these folks have longer attention spans, are capable of complex, nuanced, abstract critical thinking, and can hold up a conversation about ideas—rather than who did what. And they do so when with others, without bowing to a device.

If others read fewer books, due to short attention spans or time spent on internet reading, videos, email, texts, etc, that would seem to be more damaging to the financial prospects of authors and publishers. Amazon may be hastening this contraction.

Comment 20 Jul 2014

It was great seeing that game again—especially without commercials. 

Conley and Oden and Cook, sure. Butler and Lighty and Lewis, oh my! Othello too.

That was a very good Memphis team. Kudos to Matta for steadying the Bucks after being up by 8, and then down by 5. Who says he can't coach during the game !

Comment 19 Jul 2014

My post above was incorrect. Since autonomy was granted to the Power 5 conferences, CBSSports.com says changes for those power conferences are based on majority or super-majority of the 80 votes: "65 Power 5 schools (plus 15 voting athletes,  and four of the five conferences to enact legislation." 

Under the new proposal released Friday, there are two ways for the Power 5 to pass their own legislation regarding certain issues:

* Get 60 percent of all votes (48 votes) and a simple majority support from schools in three of the five Power 5 conferences; or

* Get a simple majority of all votes (at least 41) and simple majority support from the schools in four of the five Power 5 conferences

Comment 18 Jul 2014

It seems for decades, unaffiliated schools have worked hard to get their nose up over the bar to move from FCS to FBS, and reap all the cash they think will come in. Then those schools and the ones from the non-power conferences have been adding/changing NCAA rules to benefit the schools on the lower end on that spectrum. Trying to establish the "parity" that lets them in on more revenue. 

Yet only about 25 FBS schools' athletic departments run in the black. So they seem to oppose any increase in spending on scholarships that would increase the amount their institutions have to take from education side to fund the athletic side.

I'm not sure of the numbers, since I don't know if schools that are D1 in other sports, but not football, get to vote. Perhaps 11W staff can answer this. But if there are 120 schools in FBS who can vote and all 65 schools in the big 5 conferences vote for this, that's the simple majority (65-55) needed.

Comment 16 Jul 2014

Speed is good, but it's not everything. Meyer is always harping on making guys miss—in other words, not going down easily.

I recall Woody calling a Champ Henson run, where there were quite a few missed tackles, a string of pearls. Champ sometimes ran right through guys.

If a ball carrier goes down on first contact, foot-speed can be fairly well negated. 

Comment 15 Jul 2014

Would love to see an SEC team play on a snowy field. Or even a muddy field in the 30's. Or lower.

Of course, ESecPN would be apologizing 5 minutes after the match-up was announced.

Comment 15 Jul 2014

Nice [football] story, Patrick. I think you'll fit in well around here. 

We love numbers and stats here, and it would be great if we knew Dontre's weight and height now, after a year of being Marotti'd.  That info might not be available right now, but would you please see if you can add it in your future stories (like Dave Bell's height & weight)?  Thanks, and keep writing.

Comment 15 Jul 2014

That VaTech (french60wasp) analyst was correct (about last year) in this assessment:

If you get Ohio State in bad down and distance, their passing game becomes much less effective without the threat of play action.

This is the area the QB & receivers need to improve the most. Hopefully, practicing against a defense now playing press coverage, the receivers get better at getting open and the QB gets better at finding and hitting them with a catchable ball. And the receiver hangs on to it.

Comment 14 Jul 2014

Agreed, 1mech.  Patrick, keep growing, reading and writing, developing the heart and, who knows, you might actually grow to be better than Wright Thompson. And this statement is true:

Eleven Warriors is an amazing website and an amazing platform that keeps getting bigger and better.

We are rooting for you, and for better hoops coverage. Go Buckeyes! And Go 11W!

Comment 10 Jul 2014

Great picture of the 1922 basketbucks. How about a picture of the 1939 Basketbucks who played in the first NCAA Championship Game?