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Comment 26 Jun 2016

Respectfully disagree. Jent has not yet shown he would be a good head coach. He has only one full season as HC for the NBA D-league Northern Arizona Suns, who went 22-28 last season under him, and he coached the NBA's 2005 Orlando Magic to a 5-13 record as an interim HC in the NBA. Is he a good to great recruiter? Until he has been on the Buckeye staff for many more years, I doubt Ohio State would hire him to lead the program.

Moreover, Matta is one of the top coaches in the B1G, and Ohio State loves him.

Comment 25 Jun 2016

Let's jettison schools based on 1 sport alone, and dump schools that expanded the B1G area/fanbase and got us the huge new TV contracts. We'll be sending those extra tens of millions of dollars back, cutting sports and raising home football prices by a factor of 3. And eliminating local Buckeye TV or radio coverage unless you pay $100/month--all year. Tunnel-vision, schmunnel-vision!

Comment 23 Jun 2016

To me, the Karageorge story brought up the question of what it is "to be a man."

IMO, trying to be tough and independent is misguided--not that some practical measure of those qualities is undesirable. We are social, interdependent beings, and tying to tough it out by ourselves may not be in our best interests. Developing compassion and vulnerability both in ourselves and in children seems a better way to go. And seeing that as "coddling" can be very troubling.

Comment 22 Jun 2016

DJ, thanks for the link to Heffernan & Wallce blog on the NYTimes.  Buckeyes fans who were distraught that  OSU didn’t get (4-star point guard) Markell Johnson* (or any other recruit) might consider the viewpoints of other college coaches:

Audra Smith, head coach of women’s basketball at Clemson University:

There are kids I don’t recruit because I see their social media. When I see an inappropriate [post], like provocative pictures or inappropriate language, it’s a red flag. It not only tells me about the player, it also tells me that their parents are obviously not aware of what’s going on in their teen’s world, and I don’t feel like I’m going to have that backing from a parent if I have an issue with that child.

Tracey Bartholomew, head coach of women’s soccer at Columbia University:

In developing a team, I look for people who are not selfish. I honestly would take A- or B+ level talent but A+ characteristics because those people tend to rise when things get harder.

It's better to recruit kids who will work on their weaknesses and who will play together, than higher rated athletes who are reluctant to listen and improve. Or who may be more concerned about their minutes.

* I am not saying Markell has any of these traits, because we simply do not know what went on--on either side.

Comment 22 Jun 2016

Everyone is talking about this being a down year for the buckeyes because of the nfl exodus and our stupid tough schedule. I on the other hand am HYPED!

While the Buckeyes have good talent, I'm being cautious until I see how the line plays--on both sides of the ball. If OSU's inexperienced offensive line can keep opponents out of the backfield, and the inexperienced receivers can get open and catch the ball, and the inexperienced running backs can make someone miss AND hang on to the ball, then OSU might be pretty good. On the D, if OSU gets into the opponent backfield and the inexperienced d-backs can stop the pass, then the D might be pretty good.

If OSU can hold it together during their first 2 games, and keep getting better, then they may challenge the Sooners in Norman. We'll see.

Comment 20 Jun 2016

I suspect...

A. Thad & company may have realized this kid would not "fit in" for whatever reason, or

B. NC State appealed more to the kid, either due to coaches' promises, personality, or whatever. 

I'd prefer to have kids who really want to be at OSU and want to learn from our coaches than someone who takes up a schollie and then transfers after a season or less.

Comment 18 Jun 2016

It's great to see OSU recruiting Ohio kids––who are more likely to really want to be there (and open to working hard on their game, being team oriented, willing to hustle after the ball and play tough D, etc.)

And a Buckeye legacy to boot.

Comment 14 Jun 2016

Advice from Buddy Hield at Oklahoma:

Coaches might tell you this and tell you that ... but probably they're not going to play you right away. It's not going to happen. You have veteran guys in front of you, who have put in extra time, who know the system, and coaches trust guys ahead of you. If you don't come ready to play and be mature about handling your situation, waiting for your time to come, it will be really hard.

My freshman year, I wanted to start. I felt like I deserved to start, but I didn't. And then, you have a lot of people in your ear, telling you, "Oh you're better than this guy. He might be ahead of you, but you're better. You're way better." But [the coaches] are not playing you because you're not ready to play. That's the truth.   

Is Austin Grandstaff listening to the coaches or to his dad?