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Comment 30 Mar 2015

Well deserved, DR.  Great hoops IQ and willing to do all the coaches ask. Please stay another year to demonstrate that again.

Meanwhile, teams that don’t buy in to what their coaches tell them will continue to be beaten by teams (even less physically talented ones) who have bought in.

Comment 29 Mar 2015

Why put any stock in big media hoops guys*? They widely acknowledged the Big 12 as the best CBB conference: but Big 12 teams went 5-7  overall (with 4 losing to higher seeds) and sent just 2 teams in the Sweet 16, and both lost (one ugly).

* I suspect they thought Kansas was a whole lot better than it really was, and that assumption led to a lot of subsequent over-rating.

Comment 29 Mar 2015

Yeah—B1G basketball was down this year. Only 2 teams made the Final Four. 

The Big 12 was widely acknowledged as the best CBB conference: got 1 2 teams in the Sweet 16, and both lost (one ugly). Overall big 12 went 5-7. with 4 losing to higher seeds.

Edit: I momentarily forgot WVU was Big 12, so I edited above.  Big Ten conference record so far: 11-5

Comment 25 Mar 2015

As B1G revenues begin to fully flow to Rutgers, they will be able to upgrade their facilities, though I suspect stadium expansion may depend on team success / attendance.

Also, even Ohio State doesn't get ALL the good prospects in Ohio, and even if Rutgers starts to reach Greg Schiano levels of success, they still won't get all the prospects. Although they should get some of the best recruits. Sometimes 11W commenters forget that it's the prospect's decision, and their decision criteria are often different: some want a smaller school, others find personal relationships with coaches more important, some prefer the best academic schools for their particular interests. The kids do not BELONG to any specific school in their state, and it's not a fail if the B1G school doesn't sign a particular in-state athlete.

Comment 24 Mar 2015

It seems the Matta haters are absolutely clueless about basketball, recruiting, development, relationships or reputation. OSU LOVES Matta, based on media releases and comments. If they fire him, who would give up their current gig for a job where they fired the best coach they ever had? At a football schoool? That reputation would sink a lot of hiring efforts. 

Matta has had some of the best recruiting classes ever, including the last two, and all the recruits Rosenbuck named above. A lot of the great recruits left OSU early, as shown below. 

He also has developed great coaches who got HC jobs at other schools: John Groce, Archie and Sean Miller, Todd Lickliter, Brad Stevens of NBA Celtics. Can fair-weather fans not see the obvious development in the players, who can play both man, zone, and press defenses effectively, have improved their rebounding, and so on, that they did not do well at the beginning of the season?

Matta's players who left early:

  • 2007: Greg Oden (Fresh), taken No. 1; Mike Conley (Fresh), No. 4; Daequan Cook (Fresh), No. 21 
  • 2008: Kosta Koufos (Fresh), No. 23 
  • 2009: B.J. Mullens (Fresh), No. 24 
  • 2010: Evan Turner (Junior), No. 2 
  • 2012: Jared Sullinger (Soph.), No. 21 
  • 2013: Deshaun Thomas (Junior),  No. 58
  • 2014: Amedeo Della Valle (Soph.), Italy
  • 2014: LaQuinton Ross (Junior), Europe
  • 2015: D’Angelo Russell (Fresh) ??
Comment 24 Mar 2015

If the hoops team worked like this, then...oh, wait... Bob Baptist of the Dispatch reports:

"Matta said David Bell gained 25 pounds since enrolling and Trevor Thompson 30. Said Thompson is about 240.

Matta says its up to the players in offseason to do a lot of work on their game on their own. Coaches get 2 hrs/week with them. Matta: Some do. Some don't. Some do it right. Some don't.

Matta: you've got to be able to post the ball. It helps the offense.

Could that be a leadership issue among the players? Outgoing seniors, who were basically role players for 4 years, may not have felt able or comfortable taking on that leadership role.  My wish? That Thompson, Tate, Loving & KBD get together and lay some groundwork for leading next year's team. The OSU athletic department must have some leadership materials available.

Comment 23 Mar 2015

2015-16 Squad guestimates (if DAR returns):

  1. D'Angelo Russell    G    6-5    180    SO    Louisville (Montverde Acad) 5★  #1 SG McDAA
  2. Mickey Mitchell    F    6-7    210    FR    Plano (West), Texas  4★
  3. Jae'Sean Tate    F    6-4    190    SO    Pickerington, Ohio     4★
  4. Marc Loving    F    6-7    215    JR    Toledo, Ohio (St. John Jesuit)  4★
  5. Daniel Giddens    C    6-10    235    FR    Marietta (Wheeler), GA   4★
  6. Austin Grandstaff    SG    6-5    190    FR    Rockwall, Texas  4★
  7. David Bell    C    6-10    225    RS FR    Garfield Heights, Ohio   3★
  8. AJ Harris    PG    5-9    150    FR    Dayton (Dunbar), Ohio   3★
  9. Kameron Williams    G    6-2    175    RS SO    Baltimore, Md. (Mt St. Joseph's)  4★
  10. Trevor Thompson     C    6-11    230    SO    Indianapolis, Ind. (Virginia Tech xfer)  3★
  11. Keita Bates-Diop    F    6-7    190    SO    Normal, Ill. (University HS)   5★
  12. Jaquan Lyle *   SG    6-5    220    FR    Indiana / IMG Academy (Florida)  4★

* Committed to OSU on Jan 29, 2015, can’t send LOI until April.

Comment 23 Mar 2015

FYI, Dave Richardson, not Marotti, is the men’s basketball team’s strength and conditioning coach.  From the OSU website “Mickey Marotti is…the assistant athletic director for football sports performance at Ohio State.” I don’t know if Urban is willing to share him with other sports.

Love to see 11W do a story on how basketball conditioning is different than football.

Comment 23 Mar 2015

Evan was NPOY, not average. Russell will not be—at least not this year, and his play hasn't been as good as ET's final year at OSU. That may be due to the teammates around him.  But there may be more upside for D'Angelo. There are many questions to be considered, among them:

  1. Is he enjoying the college experience?
  2. What value do he and his family place on education? And how likely would he be to get his degree?
  3. Have other OSU players who departed early come back to get their degrees? How was that experience?
  4. Was he dissatisfied with NCAA finish? And want to do better next year?
  5. Would he develop more at OSU or in the NBA, possibly D-League?
  6. Would that NBA development be less enjoyable than another year in college?
  7. Would incoming OSU freshmen hoopsters take more of opponents' focus off Russell?
  8. Is insurance against career-harming injury available to him?
  9. Forget the pundits, who are often wrong. What do NBA executives* think about when he would be drafted?
  10. Would he be stuck at a bad NBA team? Or possibly a decent one, like Sullinger?

​Edited to add items 3 & 9, and to add..

* This info isn't easily acquired: if NBA execs comment on players who haven't declared for the draft, they get fined.

Comment 23 Mar 2015

Congrats on...

  1. pushing through the pain and stomach woes to finish
  2.  beating your time goal
  3. writing it up so that you can vividly remember your thoughts & feeling decades from now. (Print & Save it)
Comment 22 Mar 2015

If you were angry with Ohio State's performance, you…

should get some help, because unrealistic expectations are probably negatively affecting more than one area of your life. And you are swimming in denial.

These players have demonstrated for two years that they are not very good at putting the ball in the basket, except against overmatched opponents. They haven’t shown effective focus for over 30 minutes (much less 40), and they don’t hustle, block out, rebound, remember how to play defense or take care of the ball well enough. And too many are ok with letting someone else make a play—like taking an open shot or grab that rebound.

Nearly all of that is between the ears. Some of them have heart, but don’t get some key aspects of the game.

And yet, Matta & coaches have shepherded them to 49 wins. And the players are developing, just not as fast as fans would like. The younger players show definite promise. And as long as they listen to the coaches and not the negative attitudes of underperforming, older players—or ignorant fans, sportswriters or even entitled parents—they may well become good, solid players, and a good team. And I do agree that...

 the Buckeyes will never be bad as long as Thad Matta is around.

Comment 21 Mar 2015

I'm a big fan but I just can't figure out why he recruits kids to sit the bench.

You aren't saying if you can't defend that you should play anyway? I didn't think so.

If a player doesn't take coaching, doesn't defend decently, doesn't hustle, doesn't rebound, or doesn't play team ball, then he should be on the bench. Until he "gets his mind right."

Comment 21 Mar 2015

Russell 9 pts, rest of team 49 pts.  Even if Russell had scored his average (19-20 points) it probably would not have been enough vs Arizona's height and depth. The Wildcats crashed the boards and out-rebounded OSU by a big margin, especially offensive rebounds.  Part of that was height, part of it positioning / blocking out, part of it hustle.  Next year, OSU will have more height and depth, so they should be able to do better, if they block out and hustle more.

Box score will show a big Ariz advantage in 2nd chance points.