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Comment 18 hours ago

You still keep your hands at 10 and 2 on the wheel just like Brian the Drivers Ed Guy told you

Are they still teaching 10 and 2 hand positions in Ohio? Things have changed here in California due to steering wheel airbags, broken wrists and noses. In corporate training, we are taught 9 and 3—and our thumbs never enter the inside of the wheel where they could get caught by a deploying (exploding) airbag, causing broken wrists, etc. Similarly, turning hand over hand atop the wheel is dangerous too, as a deploying airbag forces that arm to your face, breaking your nose.

It's dangerous out in there, so keep your eyes on the road and keep your hands to yourself.

BTW, when driving, my car doesn't move until everyone is buckled in. Sometimes cargo on the seat gets strapped in too. My car, my rules.

Comment 22 Jul 2016

From bizjournals.com:

Construction is targeted to begin in December and is being funded by donations and revenue from concerts held at Ohio Stadium. Both projects will anchor big plans the university has for an athletics village between Route 315 and Olentangy River Road north of Lane Avenue.

To me "village" connotes residences. Will OSU have athletic dorms or apartments in that area? With bus service to main campus?

If so, will that housing be limited to athletes on scholarship?

Comment 17 Jul 2016

And second, it's easy to be hoodwinked in an interview, and recruiting is basically an extended job interview. 

Thad didn't single-handedly recruit all these youngsters. His assistant coaches were key actors in these recruitments. As a boss,the buck stops on your desk, but sometimes you need to encourage your reports to manage and mentor them, and take a chance on a guy your assistant is really high on.  And...

Four times in one recruiting cycle is a lot, but I can understand what could have happened.

Sometimes one bad apple can spoil a bunch. I can think of several players over the years Matta's been at OSU who seemed reluctant to buy-in to all the coaches taught them, and they may have offered less than stellar examples to younger players. And there's a LOT to learn. Even star players like Aaron Craft—who wouldn't change his shooting motion—don't do all a coach teaches. (One wonders if Craft would be on an NBA roster now if he had.) Plus, one should remember that college players have additional goals besides honing their game, as there is the whole education thing, and growing up, etc. They are not pros who can focus more on improving their skills (and yet, even some of those fortunate enough to win a pro roster spot don't focus enough).

Comment 15 Jul 2016

Interesting to see so many people jumping back on the Thad train...glad I didn't give up my seat!  

Not all the posters here are buying in, and IMO, many are like the departed recruits. I am a big (and consistent) Matta supporter, and have tried to reason with the Debbie Downers found here. Wasting my time?

Having never recruited, I don't know if kids tell the recruiters one thing (on work ethic, coachability, academics, being team oriented, etc) and then do another once enrolled. But I suspect it happens quite a bit, as we see it in both football and hoops. For many reasons, Matta cannot just tell us what happened with this or that player. And saying nothing can leave the impression that the program may be collapsing. And that probably hurts recruiting. So I'm glad Matta said something to set the record straight, and it seems he did so in the right setting. 

I'm stoked for hoops season. Just wish the games started sooner.

Comment 15 Jul 2016

Matta's a great coach and deserves our backing. When kids buy in, OSU soars.

One wonders if "fans" backbiting on Thad leads to recruits and players not buying in.


Comment 14 Jul 2016

I'd love to see Thompson go for dunks instead of layups, and on his first attempt, rather than follow-up shots. Since he shoots 75% (60 of 80 last season) from the charity stripe, such a tactic would really help the Buckeye offense, attracting more attention from opponents' defenses, which could free up other OSU shooters. Plus he would be drawing fouls from the opponents, affecting minutes played by their defenders (big men), and increase (by hitting the bonus sooner) free throws by OSU as a team.

But to do this, he has to stay out of foul trouble himself.

Comment 14 Jul 2016

Makes one wonder if Joe Montana, John Elway or Bart Starr would have succeeded in Cleveland.

Comment 10 Jul 2016

It's curious that TUN was upset that OSU went for a two-point conversion at game's end, when TTUN went for two after every one of their TD's.

When TUN finally converted one, OSU went right down the field and scored an answering 8 points to restore the 30 point lead.

When you go looking to be offended, you will be sure to take offense at something. 

Comment 09 Jul 2016

The modern rules era began with 1912 season, when teams were given 4 downs (vs 3) to make 10 yards for 1st down, TDs went from 5 pts to 6, PATs from 2 to 1 point, field size from 110 yds to 100yds (not including two 10-yard deep end zones), and kickoff came from 40 yd line (vs midfield).

TUN won in 1912 and 1918, OSU won in 1919, 1920 and 1921. Starting in 1912, OSU's record vs TUN is 47-47-4, if my math is correct. This doesn't include OSU's vacated win in 2010.

Comment 06 Jul 2016

To me, a bandwagon fan is someone who shows up when the team is successful, but was nowhere to be found when they struggled. You are especially a bandwagon fan if you root for a winning team where you did not go to school, and they are not close to you. Like NY Yankee fans in the midwest who have never lived in the NYC area--unless you became a fan because a close relative is a fan and did live there.

Bandwagon fans glom on to teams that are successful, and only for that reason. And they jump from the bandwagon when the team struggles.

If you have a favorite player, and follow him, no matter what team that player is on, I don't consider that being a bandwagon fan.

Comment 01 Jul 2016

I'm amazed that even backups are raking it in: Timofey Mozgov reportedly reached a verbal agreement with the Lakers on a 4-year deal worth $64 million.

Especially in a league where the zebras selectively enforce the rule book. If the fans lose faith in the league, these are big bagels hanging out there.