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  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: John Havlicek (was lucky enough to meet him)
  • NFL TEAM: 49ers: Also met Joe Montana, R Lott, S. Young.
  • NBA TEAM: Muscleball? Nope.
  • MLB TEAM: Go Giants!
  • SOCCER TEAM: Offside rule, as enforced, is lame.

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Comment 4 hours ago

Having Esa for several years would be better than Bragg for only one season. Buckeye Nation seems to love players more when they stick around.

Comment 10 hours ago

the Buckeyes must not be overly predictable in their play calling...

Period. OSU coaches need to be aware of their own formations &  tendencies and run something different out of them just to keep the defense honest. Otherwise they might as well just tell the D what's coming, like "we're faking to Dontre on this play."

Comment 11 hours ago

Your point about discipline is well taken, and wish we would see it more with the Buckeyes. While Navy's athletes may be largely average, a few, like Keenan Reynolds, were quite good. 

Comment 16 hours ago

 OB: defense...[wasn't] completely disciplined on the field. 

AB: i'd rather have more consistent tackling.

Lee's QB plant was good, solid tackling. I 'd like to see consistently solid, wrap tackles, not highlight big hits. IMO, big hits that aren't offset by other wrap tackles deserve lap-running. 

Comment 01 Sep 2014

I thought losing the stripe was about becoming "a football player," as Urban says.  Not relying on your natural ability or body type, but working hard toward being "a grown-ass man." For JJ, it's possible that means losing weight and becoming fit, as well as building muscle and endurance. For Campbell, it may be about gaining weight and becoming fit, as well as building muscle and endurance. And/or it could have to do with picking up the game mentally. Or heart, or tenacity. 

Comment 01 Sep 2014

Is it optimism or false confidence I hear in these comments? I have real concerns about whether OSU can beat VT with all this inexperience.

OSU's stuttering offense against VT's strength, their D. And the Buckeyes uncertain D vs what? Last year VT's rushing attack was sub-par and their QB graduated. VT's 2014 QB battle dragged into the last weeks of fall camp, so their QB talent may be as questionable as OSU's. I suspect VT's special teams will be equal or better than OSU's. It may come down to whether the Buckeyes have some big plays, because long scoring drives may be infrequent.

Comment 01 Sep 2014

Navy's DE's weighed 246 and 251, but their NG was 303, and his backup 305.  Their starters were all 6-1, 6-2. So they may be a little bit smaller, but not like Navy was years ago.

Comment 01 Sep 2014

Outstanding to have all these former Buckeyes* in the NFL. I hope those just cut catch on somewhere, or have successful careers in whatever they choose next.

As I look at the above O-H-I-O photo, it just occurs to me that each is a signal: the H is a touchdown, the I is a safety, and the O's (all around) are successful free-throws (in basketball). Total 10 points. Go Buckeyes! 

* Once a Buckeye, always a Buckeye.

Comment 31 Aug 2014

You know the coaches are on JT to toss the ball to the RB, just as they were on BM. "Toss the ball ! Toss the ball ! Toss the ball !" they chant. That sweep option only works consistently when the QB tosses the ball sometimes. Otherwise the D converges on the QB. Crunch!  Didn't want that for Brax and don't want it for JT. And you saw what Navy did when they pitched it.

Comment 31 Aug 2014

I didn't see the game, just radio. After hearing Urban so often talk about "making someone [defender] miss," I am concerned. Especially after hearing Doug Lesmerises, cleveland.com, say:

Obviously, the Buckeyes have speed. But I wonder how much wiggle they have.

For you folks who saw the game, do you agree with that?