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    Attending many OSU victories over TTUN, including in AA.
    Witnessing Hank Aaron's 3,000 hit (a scorer's gift) and 3,001 (a HR) in Crosley Field.
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Comment 23 Apr 2017

After winning their conference (MIVA) tourney, I believe OSU now gets the #1 seed in the 6-team NCAA men's volleyball tourney, with a first round bye.

On May 4th, it appears the Buckeyes will face the winner of the Apr 28 match between Hawai'i and Penn State—who also won their conference (EIVA) tourney. 

Hawai'i lost their conference tourney to Long Beach State. Looks like LBSU gets the #2 NCAA seed and a 1st-round bye.

Comment 05 Apr 2017

“It’s that ‘15, that group of players in there that haven’t performed,” 

Meyer said it, but Matta could have said it as well. Guys have to listen hard, learn well, and work hard.

“That class, that was a misfit class, is starting to buy in and they better.”  — Urban Meyer

Remains to be seen if the lone remaining member (Lyle) of the ’15 hoops class is buying in.

Edit: Joey Lane is in that class as well.

Comment 03 Apr 2017

Maybe have some Friday night games after the high school season is done...

You mean after the weather is downright frigid, and even colder at night?

The B1G should apologize and withdraw the idea completely, reschedule games for Saturday—and no other day of the week, ever.

Well, except bowl games.

Comment 30 Mar 2017

Unless their rates are wayyy higher than a competitors, that sounds like a slam dunk for OSU.

One would hope that the length of the contract would cause OSU to assess the risk of the contract versus the possibility that energy costs could plummet over the course of 50 years. Like if/when the cost of say, solar panels decreases & their efficiency increases by an order of magnitude over the next couple decades. Will OSU be paying enormous amounts for energy costs while more circumspect schools are paying a huge amount less?

Comment 30 Mar 2017

 ...the quarterback misses the open man.  Execution first. 

Offensive success in football has always seemed to be about deceit AND execution. If the other team knows what's coming, it becomes harder to execute—unless there's a big talent gap. OSU's formations have too often revealed the play to come.

Second, if the QB misses the open man, it is failed execution, but of a play that was not expected. Even if it was just the receiver making an unexpected move. (And furthermore it wasn't a run—whether up the middle or elsewhere.)

Comment 27 Mar 2017

we were an incredibly inexperienced team last year, only had 3 guards on the entire roster (2 were frosh)...

Yep. At times OSU's guards were pretty inefficient at putting the ball through the hoop. Improved guard play next season would really help, but not as much as team defense and rebounding. But Tate (a forward in a guard's body) was leading scorer at 14.6

...played most of the season with a 3 forward lineup (none being good ball handlers)...

Yep. Two of those forwards (JT & ML) amassed 161 total turnovers !

 ...and had 2 offensively challenged bigs

 TT averaged 10.6 PPG (4th on the team) but couldn't resist foolish fouls—often 50 or more feet from the hoop—so he could play more, and score more.  Although, big play could have been better...at blocking out, rebounding, and preventing scores in the paint. And some put-back jams could have lifted the team's confidence.

Comment 16 Mar 2017

Entitled players? Probably, but definitely entitled "fans."

Entitlement, whether by athletes or fans, starts with unrealistic expectations, with a refusal to acknowledge reality, even when it is sitting on your face. With all the adulation OSU gives football, it will not match that in men's hoops, which is a semi-welcomed step-son program to many fans. So entitled athletes won't get at OSU the adulation they would get at Duke, N Carolina, Kansas, etc. Instead they will get B1G rules and more stringent requirements about classes / academics.

It's realistic for fans to hope to be competitive with schools "built for hoops" (so to speak), but fans expecting OSU to be final four every year are baying at the moon.

Comment 16 Mar 2017

In regard to coaches, I'm hoping Groce—a great recruiter—returns, and I suspect Paulus may/should go as he coached offense in '15-16 and it wasn't good, and defense in '16-17 and that wasn't good. It also does not seem as if point guard play has been that good, something you'd think a former star PG like Paulus could help.

Comment 16 Mar 2017

Prioritizing defense has to happen, and with that there has to be a stronger level of effort (interest?) on the floor.

Dont defend? Plant your rear-end !

If somebody isn't getting the job done, there's no reason they should be playing 30-plus minutes.

Other than Tate, it seemed no one was consistent enough on offense to justify many minutes of matador defense. To say nothing of blocking out or rebounding.

My one criticism of Matta is that he doesn't go deep enough on his bench, which leads to tired legs—which impairs jump shooting—at game's end, and to "cruising" (versus playing hard, with energy) for parts on the game. So failing to defend is a good reason to give a starter, or  a sub, a nice long rest on the bench. That may motivate more energetic play.

Comment 12 Mar 2017

How about Groce replacing Paulus on OSU staff?

BTW, I don't know if Paulus is a good coach/recruiter, etc. It's just that last season he coached OSU's offense in a lackluster scoring year, and this season he coached defense, which was pretty awful. It may help Paulus' career to broaden his experience at another program.

Comment 12 Mar 2017

Trevor made some strides this year, but he still needs improvement. He needs to get smarter on defense, where he had a number of foolish fouls, sometimes 70 or more feet from the opponent's basket. He needs to play more to get better, and racking up fouls will limit his minutes at any level.