Lost a friend today

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May 26, 2014 at 11:15a

As a veteran, Memorial Day will always be a day of remembrance honoring those who served and gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country. 

I'll also think always of my buddy Stink, our 10 year old tabby who my wife and I just had to put down. He's had some health issues in the past, though I was completely unprepared to wake up to him in distress this morning. I always knew in the back of my mind that this day would come, and as hard as I tried it's still pretty damn tough emotionally right now.

Although I thought of myself a dog guy, and I "adopted" this sweet little boy by default after my wife and married (her rescue - though he rescued us it seems). Stink was the best lap cat, big brother (never jealous of his four year old human baby brother) and great sidekick for me during many a Buckeye game. It's going to be a little lonely at times in the mancave this fall. 

I'm not really a social media guy, and don't mean to bring down anyone's holiday, just wanted to share my feelings right now in a place I'm comfortable. Just a tough morning.

RIP Stink, find a warm place in sun up there until we cross paths again...



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My condolences, Hove. I used to be like you. Did not like cats at all. My little sister weaseled her way in to getting one and I fell in love with it. I still like dogs way more, but I have a soft spot for the right kitten. Enjoy your day, Hove.

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Pic isn't showing up, maybe it's my phone. Either way, RIP Stink. Sounds like you were very loved and will be sorely missed! 

Its a tough thing to go through brother, I know and I'm sure a lot of us do, pets are family members and huge parts of our lives. And knowing that death is inevitable with everyone, just makes every moment and memory that much more important. Sending love and positive vibes. 

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Sorry to hear about your loss, Hove. RIP Stink.

Losing a pet is always tough. I still think of my dad's dog, Finn, often. They become more than just a pet...they become a best friend and companion. 

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Sorry for your loss. Pets are not just pets, they are family.

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Hovenaut, I wish you the best during your time of loss. From your description Stink was a great cat.

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Sorry for your loss Hove.

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I been through, it sucks. I love animals.
They can be your best little friend, and are always there for you.
There are alot out there that need a good home.
Sorry Hove.

"The Past Builds the Future"

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that stinks


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I just lost one of mine a month ago.  Kidneys were shot.  Pretty typical in older cats.  All she wanted was a lap...

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Sorry for your loss Hov.

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Sorry to hear about this, Hovenaut. Peace and comfort to you in this difficult time.

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Very tough losing a family pet. They are simply another family member. Feel for you and family. Better days ahead.

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21 gun salute to our Fallen brother Stink.

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Amazing how pets become family

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Condolences Hove, and thanks for your service to our nation.

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I am feeling the moment, as I have a 20 year old Tabby myself ( 12 year a diabetic ) who is very near the end. I also, had always been a big dog man ( Husky, White Shepherd, and presently European Shepherd on profile pic ) until the wife brought this 16 lb ball of fur home.

He adopted me, absolutely forced the issue, while outliving my first two dogs, and his younger brother ( who he convinced me to allow to stay after my sister had left him ) put down last year. I told the wife, when I had the two dogs and cats " they are my boys " .

I am sorry for your loss of family, as I truly get it.

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Hang in there Hove, sorry for your loss.  Woody loves dogs.

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Sorry to hear this Hove.  I know the feeling of losing a good friend...we had to put our dog of 14 years down last Monday.  It almost seems silly how much I miss that dog. 

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Very sorry for your loss.  Words can seldom do justice to the loss of a friend, family member, or pet.  (Although Hodge or Earle will probably prove me wrong!)  People and pets come into our lives, sometimes intentionally ... others by chance ... in the end it was meant to be that Stink would be your man cave pal.  

"No matter where you go, there you are." B. Banzai

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My condolences good sir.  

Anyone who owns a pet knows that the bonds formed from going through this thing called life together make departures that much more difficult.  

That said, Stink was an affectionate (but unwelcomed) nickname my uncle had of my late aunt.  Something to do with farts that she would keep in as much as possible out of embarrassment... Oops, did I just share that...

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Take some time to grieve, and then get a kitten.  Nothing fills that loss like another playful, curious little one.

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Thanks all for the well wishes, I really appreciate it.

Had uploaded a pic of him, via Chrome, guess it didn't come across. He was just the best cat, no picture could do him justice.

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Miss you, buddy - hard to believe a year has passed.

I see you sitting in the sun, little boy...until we meet again.

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