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Comment 2 hours ago
Statistically speaking, agree Cooper was a little further down the list. Absolutely. I was speaking in terms of the player most ready to play football on Sundays. The better TEAM won, filled with players that appeared to have a much better mindset heading into the game. I'm not dissatisfied with the results, but somewhat surprised to hear this talk from Alabama...let alone from one of their better players.
Comment 3 hours ago
Still say Amari Cooper was the most physically talented player in the Sugar Bowl. Although his mental proficiency leaves much to be desired.
Comment 12 hours ago
Fun Dazed and Confused fact: Jodi Kramer (Mitch's older sister) was played by Michelle Burke...native of Defiance, OH: http://m.imdb.com/name/nm0121806/
Comment 12 hours ago
I agree with your statement, OB..the majority of it. Let me continue by stating I am not singling out Stravinsky, or anyone else, here. Countering opinions are welcome, as are negative viewpoints...when offered with respect and courteousness. When they are not, and I'm of the belief this is a fine line to walk, they become inflammatory. The end results of the discussions then speak for themselves. I'll readily admit I'm not as skilled in the art as I should be, but sometimes it's best just to walk away from the keyboard... it's just a fan site.
Comment 12 hours ago
I doubt Bo would last two decades in this day and age, especially with the bowl record. But he has my respect - he did revive a storied program back to prominence, even if he did fall short of a title.