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I'm out of stories, more of a yarn man now.

What is this, that stands before me?

If the mountains fell in the sea
Let it be, it ain't me
Got my own world to live through
And I ain't gonna to copy you

Yeah that's good....champagne and Ripple. We'll mix them together, that's my favorite. I call it Champipple!

Southpaw, guess I'm not right in the head.


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Comment 2 hours ago
The deep-fried is the popular choice, and rightfully so. Giving the UV for stellar usage of custard-filled. Well played.
Comment 2 hours ago
So...Dave Brandon is completely fine then? Just want to be sure...there's no replacing his offensive production if he was to go down.
Comment 2 hours ago
I used to just think I drank a good deal in the mid to late 90's only because I was in college. I think there may have been other reasons in play...
Comment 14 hours ago

From being substandard (that's a nice way of saying they were terrible at parts) the past couple of years, to being that much more relied upon as the offense faces a crisis...

The gauntlet has been thrown down.

Your move, D.

Comment 15 hours ago

Monday will mark the 20th anniversary that I moved into my freshman dorm (not at OSU, sigh).

All by my lonesome.

Of course, I was 21 years old and fresh out of the water (just completed my enlistment in the Nav). I still remember being pissed about having to live on-campus (required for all incoming freshmen attending full-time)...and this stupid little dry campus initiative...

By Halloween I was considering an offer to be an RA. I was also helping my fellow freshmen find, uh, weekend "entertainment". One of those ventures was lucrative, the other offered free cable tv.

I moved off-campus at year's end.

Comment 16 hours ago

I appreciate the sentiment, very nearly took up an offer to go a couple weeks back. My work schedule has been pretty hectic as of late (I need a serious change here), and nearly shelved a family vacation to the Jersey Shore Labor Day week - thought about going to see the home team.

Story short, the vacation is back on. Would have thought about the Maryland game, but the Mrs. and I have a wedding (her friend, not mine) to attend.

I'm going to make up for the missed opportunity someday, on my terms. I'd love nothing better than to get home at see the good guys in the 'Shoe - along with meeting some cool people from this website I know of...

To answer your question, I'm in Frederick - working in Rockville (at the moment), the Mrs. in D.C. Love Baltimore - haven't made as many visits the past couple years, but as our toddler gets older we're finding our way back (took him to the aquarium last month).

My wife was almost apologetic when she heard about this opportunity - especially after serving in the Navy (four years, many moons ago), it would have been a great first game to get to.

That's why I initially didn't want to post on the thread. My time will come, and there are definitely others who've served/who are serving more worthy than me.

Comment 17 hours ago

There's no understating the pressure Barrett will have/feel, but the Buckeyes pass this test as a team.

MY expectations are lowered, but I remain hopeful that the other question marks (offensive line, rise in play at the skill spots and defensive back seven) are answered in confidence as the season goes on.

J.T. steps into a unique situation, and I think it was great for UFM and staff to immediately state they are not asking him to be #5, but the distributor. There's enough talent for this spread offense to click - without the onus being on just the quarterback. This doesn't have to be a similar scenario that Schichter, Pryor and Braxton stepped into.

Power of the units, success of the team.

Let's go Buckeyes (9 friggin' days!).

Comment 20 Aug 2014

Sad to read.

My condolences to the Bitsko family, as well as the Kent State community.

Comment 20 Aug 2014
There's ten days left. But what a whirlwind past 36 hours. I too like the positivity this morning, and I think we have plenty to be happy about. For the persistent naysayers across the college football landscape - I have a feeling that the Buckeyes, and Braxton Miller, are going to be proving you wrong down the line.
Comment 19 Aug 2014
He reinjures the shoulder before the season in a non contact drill. Would have played behind four new linemen. Decides to return in 2015, hopefully healed in full and behind an experienced line. Things are looking up.