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Comment 12 hours ago
I think it was taken at East Lansing...where I'm sure he's welcome.
Comment 13 hours ago

I think the football player is becoming more athletic overall. Quarterbacks are simply more versatile, perhaps out of necessity, as defenders are increasingly bigger, faster, stronger, etc.

Fullbacks are a near extinction, and the shelf lives of running backs are dwindling.

While I do believe dual threats bring more to the table, I don't think the value of pocket presence fades away - I think an effective quarterback must have that ability/skill, no matter the system.

Good topic.

Comment 16 hours ago

I wouldn't trade any of them...and I was behind enemy lines when Penn State joined up (1994 was tough). I think there's a much bigger picture when assessing the Nittany Lion community.

Comment 17 hours ago

I like Nuernberger's potential, and I think he raises his game this year (dozens and dozens of extra points!), but I saw the Craddock kid from Maryland boot a 57 yarder against the Buckeyes in their game last season - he's clearly the class of the conference at placekicker.

Comment 18 hours ago

I've lived in Maryland for about a decade now, work and live among their alumni. The move to the B1G has been overwhelmingly favored by most of the Terps I interact with - it's been beneficial for both sides. 

I lived in Pennsylvania 20 years ago when the Nittany Lions joined up. No comment on the fan reactions I witnessed at that time. 

Some things change, some things stay the same.

Comment 21 hours ago
Missed this earlier, glad I (finally) caught it. Always good to read about persevering...good to see Chase Farris primed for a big close to his Ohio State career.
Comment 21 hours ago
Vico with some fine chumpass yankee-ness there. Hi Hoss4107, how are you today?
Comment 28 Jun 2015
Nothing directly, but it does serve as a reminder to how fortunate we are to be Buckeye fans. There's another elite program, tradition rich, with an abundance of resources...and they are struggling. I'm reminded of Ohio State during the early Cooper years...
Comment 28 Jun 2015
Or the guy before the guy before him (LeChuck)...(EDIT - like Kramer says below) They do find some fine linemen in Columbus. Appreciate the work (and the night's watch), Remy.
Comment 28 Jun 2015
I won't dismiss offering help to someone who needs it, but it is difficult to be supportive when those efforts aren't received genuinely. This community has rallied around those in need before, Drew...I'm sure you are aware. I wish you well, I'm here to help...but your cooperation is needed.
Comment 28 Jun 2015
I'll bookmark that for next time, Bro...about to head back to MD. Dying for a hoagie right now (surrounded by bagels and lox, ugh).
Comment 28 Jun 2015
In Philly right now with my wife's relatives...laughing. Then laughing some more when I show this to them.