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If the mountains fell in the sea
Let it be, it ain't me
Got my own world to live through
And I ain't gonna to copy you


  • SPORTS MOMENT: 1/3/2003, 1/12/2015
  • NFL TEAM: Washington Redskins
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  • NBA TEAM: Washington Wizards
  • MLB TEAM: Washington Nationals/Baltimore Orioles
  • SOCCER TEAM: Absolutely not

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Comment 4 hours ago
Nice read. You pack in good details, and it's clear your Buckeye pride shines through. Echo the sentiments from the others offering input here, and I think your time and effort spent on your essay is well reflected. Thanks for sharing, and good luck!
Comment 02 May 2016
To safegaurd against anything detrimental happening this summer in Columbus, I hereby abstain from dumping on the SEC.
Comment 01 May 2016
There it is. We've celebrated the players, but their families have been unwavering in their support of their sons...and the program. I don't know what life has in store for my son, but he's always going to be loved and respected by his involved parents.
Comment 01 May 2016
Congratulations on the new addition, Jumar! Glad the Mrs and LJ2 are fine.
Comment 01 May 2016
This is true. With the exception of being fluent in Latin (despite the best efforts of my 7th and 8th grade Latin teacher), I make a better Doc Holliday anyway.
Comment 01 May 2016
Somehow, Buck-I-Guy content rule number one: The less written of, the better the read. No need to get too descriptive, the man writes his own story (with the same message every time). In any case, for more reasons than one, this might be the best 11W thread ever.
Comment 30 Apr 2016
Oy vey. No question the pro game has changed, and that the running back position isn't a one man focal point of the offense. Sure Dallas had defensive needs, but Zeke puts that offense over the top - fact.