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Comment 56 minutes ago

Saban leads, Meyer is a solid second. 

That said, not sure how many more years either have...but thinking Saban retires before UFM does. 

I'm not envious of Alabama, they had a tough time replacing their own legendary coach, and had some struggles along the way before Saban arrived. 

That also said, I'd love to get another crack at them...soon.

Comment 3 hours ago
Why is this in Ohio State Football Forum? or...Why is this even a post, and not a comment in an already existing thread? Nvm - closing this, deleting the next time.
Comment 18 hours ago

Closing this, link to recent post and active discussion here:

Comment 19 hours ago

If there's a problem, yo I'll solve it. 

Check out the Skully when the DJ uploads it...

(and I'll show up for my scheduled presser too)

Comment 19 hours ago

Ohio State is a brand, and a successful one, on the football field. 

Warts and all. 

The games haven't been pretty, but the wins all look the same in that W column. 

Overrated? Sounds like a far-reaching opinion, in my own humble. Are the Buckeyes dominant? Far from it. But they've found ways to win some tough games, against tough opponents, in tough environments. 

That doesn't happen by being overrated. 

This team is not 2014, no. Neither was the 2014 the 2002 team, and so on (and so forth). 

I could hardly endure last year, and sat helpless as that kicker from MSU nailed that game winner. It had to happen. The way Ohio State had played, struggled, up until that point...the loss had to happen. 

Then they went north, and then to Arizona, and waxed M...igan and Notre Dame. 

Ohio State may lose against Clemson, sure. But they might just win the damn thing too.