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Comment 4 hours ago
Penn State scored 17 points in the fourth quarter. Sure, they may have taken advantage of what Ohio State did, or didn't do, but they earned the win. First loss on the year for a team that some pegged for as many as four losses. Snapped a 20 game road win streak. I read that was pretty good. Fifth loss in the last 61 games. We're all pissed, but we're all expressing it differently. There's worse out there in life. And maybe we just don't know how this team, if this team, can bounce back. But I'm staying true. Go to work fellas. Watch the damn film, and that's more than I couldn't stomach right now. Learn from last night, and use the experience gained yesterday today for a better tomorrow. I woke up a Buckeye, and last I checked that was always a good thing.
Comment 8 hours ago
RLR posted a social media reax thread 15 minutes after the game ended...because they had no prepared article to go with on a Penn State win. I offered the first comment, congratulating them on the big (deserved) win. Received a kind response from one of their staff, and that's it. Two comments. That site is just getting started, but they have a solid crew and a sound, if small, community so far. There's been some great highs and lows around here, and overall I wouldn't change anything. I'm still supporting this team, this community, no matter what. Go Buckeyes.
Comment 12 hours ago
It's a collective - we're also seeing the commentariat use their powers for good. I don't like to demand downvotes, but when they're needed, and used justfully, they're damn powerful.
Comment 12 hours ago
I just put my son to bed. My wife is stunned, and I'm trading texts with my father in-law (PSU alum) and brother in-law (fan). They won. They deserved it. Was it so long ago the predictions for this team were three, four losses? So a learning experience. There's an opportunity to move forward from this. Yeah it sucks, but here's a moment where I stand tallest as an Ohio State fan. Thanks to those who displayed some pride tonight, we learn and live. Go Buckeyes.
Comment 12 hours ago
I'm trying to use The Force, but that's a more accurate portrayal. Elk - appreciate the thread.