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Comment 2 hours ago
The collateral damage...mourning the loss of your avatar already, BM. I'd love to see said individual make it back to Chicago and lead the Bears once again. I think it is a possibility...should he choose to continue with Sunday ball (and his current employers are game).
Comment 2 hours ago
He's considering, and who wouldn't with that offer? But I think he has an ax to grind on Sundays, versus a complete restoration project on Saturdays.
Comment 16 hours ago

Not really concerned about another 10 Year War (Harbaugh going home would be great for the rivalry, without question), insomuch as the conference needing another big name head coach...which Harbaugh would be. 

Comment 19 hours ago

That sucks, hate to hear/read injury news.

I still have Oregon beating FSU, but if the 'Noles advance I'd have no issue with the good guys taking them on.

Comment 20 hours ago

Easily the better remembrance of CK I've read yet (well above and beyond the family drama leading up to and beyond his passing - a real shame).

I re-read my sentence in his voice (sure sounds better).

Another consummate pro on-air...sometimes we forget they're only human off it after all.

Appreciate the share, AV.

Comment 21 hours ago

..."it means the Buckeyes are not going away no matter what happens..."

Wouldn't mind kicking off the year with a couple of very stout wins, but 2015 looks like it's going to be much fun, folks.

Go get 'em, Cardale.

Comment 21 hours ago

Shifting the focus to another conference, they have the SEC going 7-3 in their matchups.

3-0 against the B1G.

There's no shock value to this anymore...I also think the home conference is in for a tough haul, but there are opportunities for some solid wins there.

Comment 22 hours ago

Awesome, very much deserved.

Full disclosure - I think I would have felt "off" if the WWL would have been the, ahem, "governing body" that elevated Bosa to consensus AA.

Or in other words, f the 'network'.

Go Bosa, Go Buckeyes.