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Comment 3 hours ago

I'm sure he's bound by contract there.

Which works in your favor if he does win - DRINKS ON HIM.

Comment 3 hours ago

This better than what I had in mind (bumping a troll protocol thread for the umpteenth time).

Since we asked, since it's game day, and I know better to test the waters here than over at 1OB...


Comment 3 hours ago

"It could change and new linebackers coach Billy Davis expects Worley to be ready to play all three linebacker spots. Ohio State requires that of all players at the position."

Don't recall reading/hearing this before, but all for it. Can only make the unit stronger.

While I don't think Worley will have as many 'wow' moments as Baker/Booker, I do think he'll be solid in the middle (and bringing that whole experience/leadership thing to the table).

Comment 5 hours ago


Appreciate the follow up, BP (excellent lax reference as well).

Comment 6 hours ago

I don't think Jester Weah is hyped enough - with a name like that?

Throw it way down Jester Weah...

Comment 6 hours ago

It's just where one may get tired of the mob mentality - the knee jerk response can catch on quickly and then wear out it's welcome.

Herman did good things in Columbus, and he was in the right place at the right time (also with the right players).

That said, his time at Ohio State has passed (for now...?).

Comment 6 hours ago

No Penn State?

Sure they deserve respect, but I really think they could take a step back this season. They lost talent on defense and at wide receiver.

An injury (and not mentioning this because I wish this to happen) at QB or RB would be crippling to the Nits.

Applaud the attention given to Tom Herman here.

Comment 8 hours ago
Urban vid was about a receiver's comment(s) between the style of play between Tebow and John Brantley (preferring more passing), iirc.
Comment 9 hours ago
Right here...a decade in Maryland has turned me the same, JK. Up in Pennsylvania late January for my parent's 45th, very nice steak and seafood joint, and stuck to turf. It's even where I'm aligned with the season, I'm usually jonesing mid to late summer.