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Comment 2 hours ago
Should've added the spoiler alert - video in the link of the final product...my gawd. Another reason why I love fall - busting out that slow cooker.
Comment 3 hours ago

Back in with some slow cooker Salisbury Steak (via the Mrs/FB friend/SpendwithPennies.com): The ingredients: 6 oz sliced mushrooms ½ onion sliced 1½ cups beef broth (low sodium) 1oz package brown gravy mix (dry) 2 tablespoons ketchup 1 teaspoon dijon 2tablespoons fresh parsley 2 tablespoons corn starch 4 tablespoons water Beef Patties: 1½ lbs lean ground beef 1 egg yolk ¼ cup minced onion ⅓ cup Panko bread crumbs 3 tablespoons milk 1 clove garlic salt & pepper to taste The instructions: Place mushrooms & onions in the bottom of your slow cooker. Combine beef patty ingredients and form 6 patties. Brown over medium high heat (about 3 minutes per side). Layer beef patties over mushrooms. Combine remaining ingredients except water and cornstarch. Pour over beef and cook on low 5 hours. Once cooked, remove patties and set aside. Turn slow cooker onto high. Combine cold water and cornstarch. Stir into the broth and let cook a few minutes until thickened. Add beef back into the sauce to coat. Serve over mashed potatoes or rice. The indulgence: Chow down, eat hearty.

Comment 9 hours ago

Separation Saturday - opening up well tomorrow night with Stanford - U Dub.

Back in the mix, this is going to be a fun weekend.

Comment 10 hours ago

Yeah - AiC Dirt, all day.

Got through some long nights at sea in the Nav listening to that CD.

It seems like Nirvana was not built to last - and I don't mean I thought Cobain would end his life, rather they just hit it too big, too fast. Soundgarden also ran their course, Pearl Jam (respectfully) stiff-arms the commercialization of the industry.

Just lament the fact that AiC didn't make it further/Layne was too sick to carry on.

The music lives...thanks again, 'wig.

Comment 10 hours ago

Think she pulled/one of her friends shared from FB, she shows me a video of the prep last night...it looks money.

Over the mashed taters...hot damn. I'll post up this evening.

We were a half hour away from Salisbury this past weekend, and I hadn't even thought of Salisbury steaks...this recipe looks meant to be.

Comment 10 hours ago

I love everything about this bean recipe.

Going overload with the crockpot this weekend, giving this a try Saturday, then the Mrs has a new Salisbury steak recipe she's trying out Sunday. I'll circle back with the recipe to share.

Feasting in the fall is fun.

Look at the time...lunch.

Comment 10 hours ago

Let's ride that wave of an offensive player emerging/breaking out - Marcus Baugh, come on down (the Red Zone slayer - two touchdowns Saturday).

On defense, it's time for a defensive lineman to bust out - Sam Hubbard is in the Rutgers backfield....early, often.

Comment 12 hours ago

So nice it'll be posted twice - I love that song, even if I were just a babe at the time of it's release.

It's held up very well over time, as much of GFR's music has.

"Everybody, listen to me..."