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Comment 2 hours ago

"Feaster said those were "lies" which made Harris look bad."

Not nearly as bad as his soundssomewhatbitter high school coach does. I get supporting your players, but Feaster could be nixing opportunities for his current/future athletes by airing this stuff public.

Comment 4 hours ago

Just never made it home - most of my family is out of Ohio, two of my last three trips back have been for funerals.

Had the opportunity while in undergrad school in PA to go to State College for the '97 Penn State game, but couldn't get out of work at the last minute.

I've been a Buckeye fan my entire life, but didn't really follow until Earle's last couple of seasons (huge Spielman fan). The military and undergrad school (and the misery of it all) during the 90's kept me away, and a career shift/grad school/marriage/fatherhood has kept me busy in the 21st century.

But the desire to get home and visit the 'Shoe remains - since joining 11W and sharing my fandom with the best group of internet friends one could ever hope that desire is quickly becoming a must. Something about the site that just has elevated my fanaticism...

I've made it to many Redskins and Caps games over the past decade living in the metro area - maybe I should've saved the money and just made one true mecca to Columbus - I know I would've gotten my money's worth there.

Comment 4 hours ago

Same here - my first OSU game (my parents ripped me away from the home state at a young age - the resentment lives).

'Kwon grew up a notch that day, and I was reminding (respectfully) the dedicated Terp fans who stayed until the end that Leaping Cardale was the third string QB, yet well capable of leading the offense - I LOVE IT WHEN I'M RIGHT.

It was a great day - great atmosphere, very much enjoyed it all at College Park.

Comment 5 hours ago

My first CO (when I hit the fleet) was a backup to Roger Staubach when he was at the Naval Academy.

Roger the Dodger (vaguely remember him knocking the Redskins out of the playoffs in '79 - his last season I believe) won the Heisman and I think the USNA finished second to Texas in '63.

Comment 13 hours ago
Any indication (lean, soft verbal, official visit) on some well deserved downtime after next Wednesday? Thanks for keeping us all in the know...you've raised the bar on being a Buckeye fan.
Comment 14 hours ago
Not in Maryland...folks here use Ohio State (I guess big wins in FB and hoops get the respect). When I lived in PA, I remember most Nit fans using "mf'ers" a good bit when referring to the Buckeyes...
Comment 15 hours ago
My apologies Kevin - I thought that it was, looks like I was way off (M &T holds about 72k) http://www.ohiostatebuckeyes.com/sports/m-footbl/stats/2014-2015/navy01.html In my defense, I was having a lengthy liquid lunch at a bar up at the Jersey shore during the game. Tough game...didn't start to show any emotion until Darron Lee's scoop and score.
Comment 16 hours ago
I think they do run the triple/flex option (missed the last couple Army-Navy contests). From a competitive standpoint, OSU will have the advantage, but I'd expect full respect to the USMA in what should be a hard played game if this materializes.