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Comment 5 hours ago

Webb starts - I just can't see bringing in four new faces in the secondary. I hope it all comes together for him this year, he's needed. 

Agree with the o-line, only swapping Prince and Pridgeon (I think the move to RG helps Prince with pass pro).

Comment 6 hours ago
Rare moment of poignancy...also respect Calipari's comments here.
Comment 6 hours ago
Only knew AC/DC with Johnson growing up, it wasn't until later I became aware of their early years with Bon Scott. One of rock's underrated frontmen, his was a sad loss. It's a long way to the top, if you want to rock and roll (love the bagpipes...)
Comment 6 hours ago
"...use of tempo on offense helps get more plays — read: opportunities — for his receivers to make plays on the outside..." I don't anticipate the Buckeyes to go full tilt for the duration, this offense can't be fast break throughout, but do expect them to dictate the game and distribute the ball (really this time). The numbers don't lie - Wilson can engineer results, and improvement in Columbus is expected. Nice read, Eric.
Comment 17 hours ago
It takes some true fortitude to stand by Matta and the team the past few weeks. Apologize on missing the exchange here. My comment will show as a reply to IronPastor, but hope everyone takes a sec to appreciate a real Buckeye fan. My hope is that all can show your fanaticism how you see fit, and I know I'm far from perfect (I couldn't participate in the live threads tonight...no f'n way). But won't stand for anyone taking their frustrations out on anyone else here, least of all someone who has spent considerable time and effort into making this hoops season at little more enjoyable here. Take that kind of shit elsewhere, it ain't Eleven Warriors.
Comment 18 hours ago
Sorry, Elks'...didn't realize you were talking to me. And after watching some of that game, I needed this.
Comment 23 hours ago

First I've heard that...that's a different take on a classic. 

I remember when Ace left/was leaving, not sure if Vinnie Vincent was in the band yet, but rumor was EVH approached Gene saying he was ready to ditch Van Halen and Roth and wanted to join KISS. 

Simmons apparently talked him back from the ledge, but that sure would have changed the rock scene in the early/mid 80's. 

Comment 23 hours ago

I know you used some words in your post, just can't seem to see 'em.

Comment 18 Feb 2017
I found my thrill, on Strawberry Hill... Or something like that. The Boone's Farm was a hit with the ladies back in the day.
Comment 18 Feb 2017
Subjected myself to a science experiment that consisted switch hitting between MD and a case of Mickey's Big Mouths. Minor miracle I'm still here.