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I'm out of stories, more of a yarn man now.

What is this, that stands before me?

If the mountains fell in the sea
Let it be, it ain't me
Got my own world to live through
And I ain't gonna to copy you

Yeah that's good....champagne and Ripple. We'll mix them together, that's my favorite. I call it Champipple!

Southpaw, guess I'm not right in the head.


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Comment 17 hours ago

I initially thought Burrell was standing on a piece of furniture in that pic.

Then I thought "WOW".

And if Hoke is recruiting that other kid I think M...igan might have some struggles...

Comment 21 hours ago

Just getting allyourstickersbelongtous my 11W fix in before junior starts kindergarten (along with whatever unnecessary things children do these days) next year.

Then, by the time he reaches long division, I'll turn over the family business day to day duties and responsibilities to him while I move into the Premium Lounge (well, permanently anyway).

Comment 21 hours ago

Yep. That's my moment

That '95 Notre Dame game put OSU back on the national landscape in my eyes - for the first time since I was too young to remember/understand.

Was in central Pa surrounded by Penn State and Notre Dame fans - that was a test in patience. Fortunately I didn't have to wait very long before Eddie (and that entire '95 offense) went off.

No wrong answers anywhere on this thread.

Comment 17 Sep 2014

Plenty to look forward to.

Immediately reassured myself after that pick six in the VT game - OSU - this team - will bounce back. Very much believe this will be a team no one wants to play - whether it be by this season's end or coming seasons.

Once upon a time, there was a team led by "the Super Sophomores"...they did pretty well. The game of college football is cyclical...

Comment 17 Sep 2014
I'll never be father of the year, but my wife and I do not use physical means to discipline our son (four years old as well), though he tests the limits near daily. My wife was raised the same, I was not. I don't have the link (believe DJ had it in yesterday's Skully), but Cris Carter's words regarding the use of physical force on a child were very powerful. In my humble opinion, AP has lost the privilege to play, regardless of legal process/outcome. He also deserves the right to return to the game when said legal processes/obligations have been carried through/met.