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And I ain't gonna to copy you

Yeah that's good....champagne and Ripple. We'll mix them together, that's my favorite. I call it Champipple!

Southpaw, guess I'm not right in the head.


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Comment 10 hours ago
I think its quality over quantity (leave the star ratings at the door). UFM and staff are bringing in young men with high character. Since I've really followed recruiting (about the time I joined 11W), the staff has expanded OSU's national footprint and are bringing in solid kids from all over. I like where the program is, and where it is going.
Comment 15 hours ago
Quality commenting, quality gifs (kept within a shade under an 'R' rating), respect for others (there are actually cool M...igan fans here). Check the commenting policy for further details, and welcome to the site OSU.
Comment 15 hours ago
Nice call on the '02 Outback. Even with the late int that cost OSU the game, I actually thought that was a good effort on Bellisari's part. Or maybe I was drunk, and should've gone home. In any case, Tress got a pretty good bowl win the next year...
Comment 15 hours ago
Carlos Snow also gets a honorable mention on my list, often overlooked but was a good all around back. Fun fact - Snow was the season rushing yardage leader three out of the four years he was at OSU: http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ohio_State_Buckeyes_football_yearly_statistical_leaders
Comment 16 hours ago
Birm - many thanks to you and the rest of the staff for all the coverage. Does Alabi's commitment have any impact on Neville Gallimore's status?
Comment 23 hours ago

I didn't see the game, but remember some of my elders talking about the Minny comeback when I went home the next summer. Cooper needed the win, he was around the .500 mark overall at that point of the '89 season, believe they finished 9-4 with losses to M...igan (oh but the '90's would be better) and the bowl loss to Auburn.

I don't see the Rose Bowl as so much a comeback, but Ohio State and Arizona State just trading blows...and the Buckeyes left standing at the end. Has to be the best game of the Cooper years.

I like that '05 game very much. That was a comeback. Along with the '74 team, the '05 Buckeyes were one of the best two loss teams in program history.

One of my favorites (honorable mention, anyone?) would be 2012 Purdue - The Legend of Kenny  G.

Comment 26 Jul 2014
Novel concept. 'specially around these parts...
Comment 26 Jul 2014
C'mon...they do laundry Saturday afternoons. And someone stole all my pairs of jorts.