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Got my own world to live through
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Comment 7 hours ago

Thanks for the post, excellent topic.

I'm finding new experiences as I listen/re-listen to music - I'll often have something going when I'm working at home. I'm probably way overdue to give Hemispheres and LVS a re-listen, I think you've scheduled my weekend programming.

Lifeson is underrated imho, there are players, guitarists, and artists - he seems to effortlessly blend all three descriptives.

Comment 7 hours ago

Tough questions...

Favorite album - have to go with Moving Pictures

Favorite song - "Freewill" (Lifeson's guitar solo is awesome)

Favorite member? I really can't choose - although I've always admired Neal Peart, not just for his proficiency at the kit but also in the fact he's the band's lyricist...always thought that was so cool, such a big part of the band dynamic.

Comment 7 hours ago

"My son had the privilege of being rocked to sleep to the Sugar Bowl and NC games."

That's a story to share when he gets older, he must've had the best of dreams.

Comment 8 hours ago

Love that song -I used to sing that to my son when rocking him at night - must've rewatched the movie around the time he was born (June 8)...it seemed to always get him to sleep.

"and we may ne'er see you fair ladies again..."

Comment 8 hours ago

The shark gets all the recognition, but Quint (played by Robert Shaw in a fantastic performance) stole the show.

Comment 17 hours ago
+1 for the outstanding use of the word 'elaborate' in a sentence. (Now if someone could help a brother out with the meaning I might have a shot at this thing)
Comment 18 hours ago
Missed it all earlier, glad I'm up late for a Thursday Trifecta - appreciation for the Buckeye decade that was, The Floyd, and Remy's fitting tribute. Also impressed by the PBR tall boys the grandmas are packin'... Fine work, sir.
Comment 18 hours ago
Miss you, buddy - hard to believe a year has passed. I see you sitting in the sun, little boy...until we meet again.