Catching Up With Clifton Garrett: The Game Visit

By Derek Young on November 30, 2012 at 4:00p

In his postseason presser on Monday, Urban Meyer recapped the Buckeyes' undefeated season and also looked ahead to next season, expressing that his biggest area of concern was at the linebacker position. The Buckeyes have embodied that sentiment on the recruiting trail, chasing linebackers late in the 2013 recruiting cycle in Trey Johnson, Mike Mitchell, Christopher Worley, Skai Moore, Daniel McMillan, and James Hearns.

Garrett: Man amongst boysGarrett is a top target for the Buckeyes in 2014

The 2014 class has no shortage of elite prospects at the linebacker position either, most specifically the "Big Three", in Raekwon McMillan, Dante Booker, and Clifton Garrett.  

Two-thirds of the "Big Three" were on campus for Ohio State's victory over Michigan. Dante Booker was the lone star of the group not in attendance as he was busy leading Akron St. Vincent-St. Mary to a state title berth.

Plainfield (IL) South linebacker Clifton Garrett, who was on hand for The Game, had been to Ohio State before, including a trip to Columbus for the Buckeyes' inaugural Friday Night Lights camp at the end of July. He did not participate in the camp but took in the experience, getting to know other recruits in his class and strengthening the relationship he has with the Buckeye coaching staff.

Garrett has had a busy visiting schedule since then. He has seen the campuses of Illinois, Michigan State, Wisconsin, Notre Dame, and Purdue. The four-star prospect is a recruit that many teams covet and hope to gain the signature of on National Signing Day 2014.

Will that team be Ohio State? Garrett was a big Ohio State fan growing up, and has said Mike Vrabel, the OSU staff member recruiting him, was one of his favorite players throughout his childhood. But will it be enough?  

Keep reading to find out what other schools are in the mix, what the Ohio State coaching staff is telling him, and when a verbal commit could likely happen.

What did you think about your first Ohio State-Michigan game?

It was a crazy atmosphere. My dad came with me and we hadn't ever seen anything like it. To the way we were treated, the fans, the stadium, the game, the atmosphere, it was just a tremendous visit. My dad enjoyed the visit a lot.

Were you able to talk to any of the OSU coaching staff?

I was able to talk to Coach Meyer for a bit and he informed me of how much they wanted me to be a Buckeye. It was real cool to have the head coach take me aside like that for a game of this magnitude.

What schools have your parents been to and what do they think about the recruiting process thus far?

My dad came with me to the Ohio State game, but they have both been to Michigan State, Notre Dame, Wisconsin, and Illinois. My dad really seems to like Michigan State and my mom likes Notre Dame at the moment.

What other schools have you been talking to that are also in the mix?

Michigan State was at the school Wednesday, and they want me to come visit for a bowl practice. I talk to them, Arizona State, Alabama, Notre Dame, Ole Miss, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Ohio State quite a bit.

Did you get a chance to talk to any of the other recruits on the visit?

I talked a lot with Raekwon McMillan and Drew Barker, and we spoke about playing together in college. As of now, that still seems to be the plan.

When do you hope to make your college choice final?

I want to announce at the 2014 U.S. Army Bowl, and when the time comes I will sit down with my parents and make the best decision for myself.


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tennbuckeye19's picture

I talked a lot with Raekwon McMillan and Drew Barker, and we spoke about playing together in college. As of now, that still seems to be the plan.

Yes please. Of course only if it's OSU.

btalbert25's picture

They need to just go ahead and offer Barker now.  Get that first domino to fall!

buckeyedude's picture

I agree. It sounds like Barker is OSU's #1 choice. And Barker would be a good recruiter himself, once he's on board for sure.



ODEEZ330's picture

Of the schools he listed is osu the only one in on all 3 oris bama too

stark county football

tennbuckeye19's picture

OSU, Bama, Notre Dame, Michigan State - supposedly each have some level of interest in all 3 

ODEEZ330's picture

Yes the schools want all 3 but do all 3 like the same school other than osu or bama. Haven't heard msu or nd ever mentioned by raekwon n barker

stark county football

KillerNut's picture

He is a Buckeye. Get him an offer he's a Buckeye. Maybe the other two come too but this man is a Buckeye
*Edit* just looked at McMillan's recruiting piece again. We can lock up two of the three tomorrow if we wanted. Il take it

Kaceybrown's picture

When r the gray boxes telling us who just committed going to start coming in? All I want for Xmas...

FROMTHE18's picture

Need to offer Barker, get him on board and the rest will follow.

Buckeye_in_SEC_country's picture

I agree... Barker has great leadership skills and I believe if he commits to OSU the others will follow. I can't believe the staff hasn't offered Barker yet. 

EvanstonBuckeye's picture

Love their enthusiasm to play together (and that that enthusiasm extends to OSU). I'd like to see the giant Venn Diagram where all of their school interests lie, 'cause if this playing together thing is going to work, it could get complicated. Agree with BTALBERT25, though, that we should just offer Barker for the purpose of this triple crown, if nothing else.

tennbuckeye19's picture

Can you imagine a LB class in 2014 of Garrett, McMillan, and Booker? Would be most EXCELLENT!

sir rickithda3rd's picture

thats what im having trouble understanding i know they may like a few others a little more but its not like he isnt elite... i have full confidence in the staff though and i would love to be a fly on the wall in that recruiting room to see what they are thinking

mark may wins douchebag of the year... again

zbd's picture

He can come in and start from the first snap. Looks like he hits like a train too.

Hayze's picture

I love that McMillain and Garrett are talking up OSU a lot and about playing together. Just sucks that we have to wait over a year to find out if they will be playing at OSU.

hcazualcc's picture

i love that we have our choice of the litter w/ QBs, they see how much attention meyer's qbs get and how important they are to the offense.

Buckeye06's picture

If we don't offer Barker...does that screw us with the other guys?  I think we offer Barker and he seems to be a quality player in his own right so it shouldn't be a problem.
Something I've always wondered, why do prospects who know where they are going to go wait so long to announce?  I know you want to "be sure" but these kids have been on the OSU bandwagon for months/years

EvanstonBuckeye's picture

Nick Washington. Keanu Neal. Kenny Bigelow. Really talented guys (Bigelow especially) who committed a long, long time ago to Florida (first two) and USC, respectively. Nobody talks about them anymore. The tradeoff between the security and peace of mind of committing early versus relative anonymity when it comes close to signing day is tough for some kids. It may be the only time people talk about them on a national level. I get it. I don't always like it, especially when it becomes a game of stringing along fans with tweets and posts, but I get it.

zjhousley's picture

i dont get kids not committing until the all american games.  id like to think they would want to commit early and recruit other great players to join them!!