13' WR Shelton Gibson Update

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November 30, 2012 at 3:05p

2013 Cleveland Heights (OH) High School WR Shelton Gibson is one of the biggest remaining targets on the Buckeyes' recruiting board. The 5-10/175 pound wideout would fill a big need for the Buckeyes (an offensive play-maker). I chatted with Cleveland Heights Coach, Jeff Rotsky about Shelton's recruitment last night. Here's the latest:

  • Ohio State: "He likes Coach Meyer quite a bit, he also like Coach Zach Smith, the receivers Coach. He was there this summer and performed really well at the football camp. He has really liked his game visits too."
  • Visits: "He'll visit West Virginia (this weekend) and Ohio State (in January). For the rest of the visits, we have some decisions to make. Whether he wants to go as far as Oregon or to see what happens with some of the Florida schools. He might even visit Nebraska. The key is to find a good coaching staff, that will treat him well and use him in multiple ways, whether it be at receiver, kick returner, or punt returner."
  • Army Ceremony: "Today (Thursday) was a great day for him. The army bowl came in and gave him a great ceremony. The ceremony was unbelievable. There were a two-three reps from the Army there, got his jersey, and gave a great speech."
  • OSU Leader: "I would say so, yes. He has built a really strong relationship with Coach Meyer and so I have I. I was proud to sent Kyle Dodson to Ohio State last year and he really likes it in Columbus, he had the redshirt this year because of his shoulder, but he'll be ready to go next year. Coach Meyer also treats him like a son."
  • Timetable: "I'm not sure, it's whenever it feels right in his heart and soul. It could be in a few weeks or in February."
  • Factors: "Who's going to look out for him, if something bad happens back home, who's going to take him in? Football wise, the offense, he fits great in the spread. He's a Percy Harvin., Tavon Austin type of player."
  • Strengths: Fast, competitive, shifty. 
  • Wants to compete for early playing time.

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What no questions about Meg??  This guy must have the inside scoop on her too!

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Haha, ahhh Meg. Hope her career is going well at Stanford.

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Aw sweet memories. That was by far The Best. College. Announcement. Ever. 

rdubs's picture

No doubt, not only the hour long Meg special when 90% of the people watching only cared about Dodson, but the way he announced was pretty sweet too.  Only thing missing was a puppy (although that didn't turn out so well for Isaiah, so maybe it is better without one).

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I couldn't agree more

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lol...i didn't get any work done that day because of Meg. Out of Hound

To give anything less than your best, is to sacrifice the gift - Steve Prefontaine

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Who Meg?

One day I will valiantly become a political prisoner of 11W jail.

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Meg was Cleveland Heights senior who decided at National Signing Day press conference last year right before Kyle Dodson. Everyone who watched saw Meg commit to Stanford right before Dodson came to OSU. Throw in that she was a cute girl and she basically swept the nation. 

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Uhh you forgot to mention the main reason, which was that her "announcement" took FOREVER. Hundreds of fans across the country were streaming an announcement of a top OL, and instead had to sit through getting trolled by a 40 minute announcement by a lacrosse player no one has heard of/cares about.

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Lol to be fair it wasn't just her

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There was that dude that went to BC and everybody made Walrus jokes. Ahh, the good ol' days.