13' LB Trey Johnson's Official Visit

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November 26, 2012 at 8:42p

I spoke to 2013 LB target Trey Johnson's coach, Todd Wofford once again a couple of hours ago to get the scoop on Trey's official visit to Ohio State this past weekend. Here's what I found out:

  • Visit: "He's really excited about it. Trey and his dad both had a great time there. He really liked the atmosphere, the team, and how they got along. He liked the facilities and stadium a lot too."
  • Coaches: "He talked to Coach Fickell and Coach Meyer. They told him he could play as early as next year because fits what they need at linebacker with his athleticism and speed."
  • Chizik/Auburn: "It's pretty big because that's the staff he committed to and the staff that had recruited him for a long time. Plus not having a Coach puts them in a bad spot for them."
  • Visits: "He's taking visits to Florida and Penn State next month, then is going to visit USC in January."
  • Timetable: "He's not quite ready yet. I don't think he wants to rush anything, but he knows the clock is ticking and signing day is coming up. I think he wants to make it official a couple of weeks before signing day to help  the school he chooses recruit."
  • Looking for..."He's looking for stability, that's number one, how he fits into the scheme, and coaches."
  • Leader: "I wouldn't necessarily say Auburn is in the lead. He's most familiar with the school, but not the coaching staff. They have just as much of a chance as the other schools."
  • In-home visits: "Coach Fickell is coming Wednesday, USC tomorrow, and Florida later in the week."

I'll be keeping in touch with Coach Wofford for information on Johnson's recruitment.

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How close are we on this one

Capn, Make It So...

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Thanks for the scoop Miles! I like our chances, honestly. That said, I read somewhere recently that Ted Roof was the one Trey Johnson originally had contact with at Auburn and who he felt committed to (even moreso than Chizik perhaps), and the fact that Roof is currently at Penn State I'd think makes even Penn State a genuine player in this. 

I guess just wait and see how he enjoys his Florida and USC visits, eh?

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I think cautious optimism is the good word here. Ohio State has really put themselves in great position after the official visit. 

Et_Tu_OSU's picture

Come to Columbus, Trey, come to Columbus..

"The revolution will be televised."

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Getting Johnson w/ Mitchell will be HUGE. Then the chance of getting Worley to add some flexibility @ LB. I don't see us getting McMillian, or Moore. Hearns is most likely not, but Mitchell Johnson & Worley. Getting those 3 would make this LB class an A- in my book. 


Derek Young's picture

Watch out for Skai Moore when he takes official Dec 7 

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Would be nice to get this kid. Many stories out depicting the absolute mess that Chizik left at Auburn. 

Derek Young's picture

I said before the official visit happened that I think OSU coaches would shoot for a home run and to wrap Trey Johnson up, knowing that other official visits were expected afterwards, and the need at linebacker.

I think that's what happened. I think Trey is a Buckeye. 

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Derek - but what if Skai Moore wants to commit while on his official visit on Dec. 7?  Will the staff allow him to or see what happens with Johnson? 

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I think there is 8 spots left in this class, or so. 

I see it as 4 LB's, 2 WR's, an OL, and a DB.

But it's gotta be the right 8. 

I think the staff's 8 right now:

Worley, Mitchell, Johnson, Moore, Gibson, Quick, Dawson, and Vonn Bell.

Obviously, some of those may not happen. Only way they don't take Skai Moore is if they feel good about Daniel McMillan, and Alex is trying to catch up with McMillan. 

Brutus' Left Nut's picture

What about Conley?  Seems like he has to be on the list if he just decommitted from SCUM and doesn't have/won't be getting an Oregon offer.  Coaches are going there this week to visit him.  I would hope that they take one less LB (either leave out Worley or Moore) and shoot for Bell.

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@derick young: That's for sure the right 8! However I would sub mcmillian for worley or moore.

One day I will valiantly become a political prisoner of 11W jail.

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•Looking for..."He's looking for stability, that's number one, how he fits into the scheme, and coaches."

This is the statement that is most optimistic to me. By this criteria, I think Florida should be our only serious contender (Auburn's obvious, but I think O'Brien is likely to leave for the NFL and I don't think anybody will ever describe Kiffin as stable at USC).



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My guess is that we are the favorite.  Judging by his statements, its clear OSU is a match for him.  Now, it comes down to if he is willing to leave the South....
I think we land him

Alex's picture

He isn't going to PSU...if he even goes through with the visit, it is only as a favor to Ted Roof who recruited him at Auburn

tennbuckeye19's picture

Also think about PSU's bowl bans. As bad as it sucks for OSU to be sitting at home with the season over right now, that's gonna be PSU for 4 seasons (including this one). That's a tough sell for a kid. 

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Yeah he's visiting because he told Roof he would take a visit. Roof was his main recruiter at Auburn.

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If they do in fact end up with 4 LBs in this class, do you see them still taking 3-4 LBs in the 2014 class?  With guys like McMillan, Booker, Garrett, Berger, Morgan, etc. you can't pass on those guys. 

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I don't see how he's considering Florida, aren't they already kind of packed at linebacker?

When I walked in this morning and saw the flag was at half mast I thought, "Alright, another bureaucrat ate it." but then I saw it was Li'l Sebastian. Half mast is too high. Show some damn respect.

bhardy22132's picture

Auburn firing Chizik opened the door for Ohio st. and even Florida for some of these recruits. After I heard about them getting rid of Chizik I figured that helped boost us up with Johnson.

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Conley in. Wrote that before his decommitment. 

We'll know about Skai Moore if OSU still lets him go through with his official visit Dec 7.

If that gets canceled, you know they feel good about other options. 

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This would be huge for us. Come to Columbus!