Catching Up with Da'Shawn Hand: The Game Visit

By Miles Joseph on November 25, 2012 at 5:02p

This weekend brought a long list of the nation's top talent in both the recruiting classes of 2013 and 2014 to Columbus as the Ohio State staff wanted prospects to see the best rivalry in college sports up close and personal.

Perhaps the biggest target on campus over the weekend was Woodbridge (VA) DL Da'Shawn Hand, the consensus number one overall prospect in the 2014 class, and a player many consider the best in the country regardless of class.

Hand holds offers from almost every Division I college football power across the nation, but right before arriving in Ohio's capital for The Game, cut his list of schools to ten. The schools that made the cut included Alabama, Florida State, LSU, Michigan, UNC, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Virginia Tech, and of course, the Buckeyes.

Hand, 6-5/250, was originally going to be in Columbus for the Friday Night Lights event back on July 27, but decided to reschedule the visit for the Michigan game yesterday, driving in from Virginia late Friday night with teammate 2014 ATH Marcus Boone, as well as high school coach, John Harris.

Hand, Boone, and Harris all had a great time watching the Buckeyes come out with a 26-21 win over their hated rivals to the north, and the two prospects even got to hang out with current Buckeye and fellow Virginian Curtis Grant. 

We caught up with Hand to get the scoop on his visit to Ohio State, when he may visit again, and much more. Keep reading to learn more about the nation's top overall player in the class of 2014, Da'Shawn Hand.

You were at the Ohio State-Michigan game yesterday. What did you do on your visit?

I got to meet the coaches and all of the people were nice. I got to see the campus and it was really cool. The game atmosphere was great, the fans were loud, the student section was really good, and it was a good game.

Which coaches did you talk to?

I got to meet the whole staff. The ones I talked to the most were Coach Zach Smith, who is my recruiter, Coach Vrabel, and Coach Meyer, for a brief conversation. It was just a good conversation. He wasn't pressuring me or anything.

What did you think of the game?

That game was really exciting and it was only my second game ever. You can see why it's a great rivalry.

Do you have any upcoming visits planned?

I plan on visiting every school in my top 10 by or during the summer. I am planning to cut my list to five schools before the start of my senior year.

Will you visit Ohio State again?

Yeah, I will. It will probably be sometime over the summer, but nothing is set yet.

Who's in your top 10?

[in alphabetical order] Alabama, Florida State, LSU, Michigan, North Carolina, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Oklahoma, South Carolina, and Virginia Tech.

When would you like to make a college decision?

I'm probably going to decide sometime close to National Signing Day 2014.

What will be the biggest factors in your decision?

Academics will be first as I want to major in engineering or sports marketing, depending on the workload. The football program is also important, as well as how I get along with the people, and I will also look at the campus environment.

What goals do you have for your senior season?

I just to keep improving as a player and win a state championship.


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Johnny Ginter's picture

that is a classy looking dude

703Buckeye's picture

He writes as well as he dresses! 5-star dude overall.

"Attack the Strong, Trample the Weak, Hurdle the Dead!"
-Former OSU S&C Coach Lichter

BuckeyeAsylum's picture

Had the exact same thought and so did GF. That is one recruit that makes me very happy to see in the mix. (Add on that top level athlete and that just makes it a huge winner)

buck-I.8's picture

Find me another recruit that will show up in a damn pea coat, that's class.

Arizona_Buckeye's picture

I'm guessing that memory will hang in his mind for quite some time!!!

The best thing about Pastafarianism? It is not only acceptable, but advisable, to be heavily sauced

buckeyemondo's picture

Academics will be first as I want to major in engineering or sports marketing, depending on the workload.

who was the last engineering major on scholarship?

Johnny Ginter's picture

yao smith is the only one i can remember, but im definitely not an expert on that. unbelievable that anyone could juggle that workload

poop's picture

Might want to go with sports marketing, unless he doesn't want a social life.

buckeyenut10's picture

As an Engineer, I can tell you that the workload would be borderline unbearable with what Urban demands in practice. 

javalen's picture depends on what kind of engineering. As a mechanical, the work load wasn't that bad until junior year (under quarters at least, no clue about now) and even then I feel like it would be doable if you had pretty good time management skills.
He probably wouldn't be able to have a social life though, no.

jestertcf's picture

I remember watching the National Championship game and the game showed a question off of Craig Krenzel's final. (molecular biology or something crazy like that) The question was a paragraph long and lost me four words in.

~Because we couldn't go for three~

buckeyedude's picture

Definitely looks to smart to be a D Lineman.



KillerNut's picture

No complaints here

Knarcisi's picture

I saw him coming out of the gate outside tOSU tunnel. Told him, "Dashawn, you need to come here. This is all you!". He couldn't help but laugh. 

kr66osu's picture

With how much the engineering majors I know complain, I will be ridiculously impressed if this guy is able to pull off engineering and playing football regardless of what school he decides to go to

osubuckeye4life's picture

Seems like a very bright young man, not to mention an exceptional athlete.
I hope we end up landing him. 

William's picture

If academics (engineering) is the most important factor in his decision, then in regards to his Top 10, Virginia Tech and Michigan will be our two biggest competitors for Hand. 

KillerNut's picture

I think he crosses tsun off that list quickly

buckeyedude's picture

Well, it's just a damn good thing Rutgers isn't in the league yet.



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Aesculus.'s picture

Da'Shawn Hand talks Ohio State visit
November, 25, 2012
NOV 25
By Dave Hooker |

Da' Shawn Hand couldn't help but be taken aback by the chilly temperatures during his visit to Ohio State.
"It was very cold!!!" the junior defensive end from Woodbridge (Va.) stated via text message Sunday after watching the Buckeyes beat Michigan 26-21. "Lol but the stadium was nice."
Ohio State seemingly has an advantage. The Buckeyes will lose several of their top defensive ends after this season. Still, Ohio State's coaches didn't promise early playing time to Hand.
"Well they told me whatever you want you gotta earn it," Hand said.

sir rickithda3rd's picture

" whatever you want you gotta earn it"... thats so awesome, i think he knows wherever he goes hes gonna get snaps.

mark may wins douchebag of the year... again

cinserious's picture

He might be 'promised snaps' somewhere else, but here you can be a once-in-a-generation type d-lineman, like Dashawn Hand likely is and this badass coaching staff still makes him beat out a walk-on for the spot. I respect that and when its time to sign on the dotted line come NSD '14 Mr. Hand will respect that too!

One day I will valiantly become a political prisoner of 11W jail.

BuckeyeCrew's picture

I am not so sure that he wouldn't be able to do EE, ME, or whatever specialty of engineering he wants. After all, keep in mind that these kids have fantastic resources (not available to the regular student) to compensate for the demands of playing football.

RBuck's picture

He looks like a "grown-ass man" already.

Long live the southend.

Larryp713's picture

What I would not have given to be 1/10th as mature and athletic as a high school junior?!? Sounds like a great kid with a good head on his shoulders. I heard he is a slight lean to Va
Tech, but really likes the Buckeyes. He would be great in S&G!



AtlGABuckeye's picture

Buckeye Swag right there.

"Oh, uh, there won't be any money, but when you die, on your deathbed, you will receive total consciousness." So I got that goin' for me, which is nice.

otrain2416's picture

This kid reminds me of Woodard just an overall classy guy

We were born to love Ohio State and hate that team up north.