Eleven Dubcast: The Ryan Day Era is Upon Us, and We Couldn't Be More Excited About the Suspense

By Johnny Ginter on August 27, 2019 at 2:50 pm
Ohio State head football coach Ryan Day

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One of the random, weird little things about college football fandom that I personally really enjoy is how the Wikipedia pages for most blue-blood football programs are so long that they're divided up into epochs, so that readers can really get an appreciation for the differences between what a Steve Spurrier-coached Florida team looked like and an Urban Meyer-coached Florida team looked like.

It's basically just a small reminder that we take all of this intensely seriously and as such, can kind of laugh at it.

Until said change is upon us. And then, folks, shit gets real. The Ryan Day Era is upon us, and Beau and I are a mixture of excited, apprehensive, optimistic, and grounded (in what proportions... well, you get to decide). In this week's Dubcast, we preview the season opener, talk to Dan about how he sees the season unfolding, and as always, answer some listener questions in Ask Us Anything (which you can do via e-mail or Twitter!).

It's go time.

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0:00 Giddyup! Beau and I talk about our expectations for the 2019 Ohio State football season, and if Ryan Day's first year will mirror that of previous OSU head coaches.

20:42 Dan gives us some insight into the differences between an Urban Meyer and Ryan Day fall camp, as well as what he's looking forward to in 2019.

34:45 Ask Us Anything wants to know what would make for a kickass Ohio State 30 for 30.

And that'll do it! Here's to football being back, thanks to you for listening and checking out our Dry Goods store, and of course thanks to Travis for the sweet logo. See you next time!

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