Skull Session: Michael Thomas a Bit Salty, Urban Meyer Chills With Snoop Dogg, and Terrelle Pryor Wants the Bucks to Bring Back Jim Tressel

By Kevin Harrish on February 4, 2019 at 4:59 am
Next year's running backs stable is ready for today's Skull Session.

So that game wasn't even endearingly bad and had the worst possible outcome, but at least someone enjoyed it.

I know Jim Tressel was pumped to watch his former players play, but his eyes were glued to the TV when it turned into a legit punter's paradise. I bet he damn near fell out of his oak glider when Johnny Hekker made Super Bowl history. And it all started with a snap from Buckeye legend Jake McQuaide!

I'm genuinely upset with myself for not walking away from that game at half-time, but we all have different tastes.


Word of the Day: Senescence.

 MICHAEL THOMAS FEELING SALTY. See, I thought I was angry watching that game, I can't imagine being the dude who should have been playing in it.

Michael Thomas was a blown call away from a Super Bowl appearance against the Pats, and he was lightly salted about how it played out without him.

Look, I don't know if the Saints win that game, but I'm fairly confident they would have scored more than three points. Maybe the Saints defense wouldn't have been as stingy as LA's, but I'm not gonna complain about that.

We could have had a Drew Brees and Tom Brady duel featuring Ohio State's secondary against Michigan's GOAT. Instead, we got a game that would have been improved if both teams ran the triple option with their rosters as-is.

 SNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP. This weekend, I learned that Urban Meyer and Snoop Dogg are pals.

Wow, indeed, coach. 

I instantly wondered how the hell this friendship formed, but as is custom, Twitter was right there to provide us all with the answer.

There are a lot of ways I saw Meyer's retirement going, but I can't say hanging out with Snoop Dawg in Atlanta was high on my list.

 BRING BACK THE VEST. Speaking of Meyer's retirement, Terrelle Pryor has Ohio State's future figured out: bring back Jim Tressel.

I'm a Tressel lover through and through, but I don't think this move is really gonna interest either party, but I'm not going to stop a man from dreaming!

Pryor also guaranteed a 1,000-yard receiving season, regardless of where he signs next year. But in a separate interview, he admitted he never left Cleveland.

The dude got/gets a lot of hate from the Buckeye faithful, but I have nothing but love for TP and think he was done dirty much more than the other way around.

 FUTURE BASKETBUCKS BALLING. Neither Ohio State hoops team is having anything close to a spectacular season, but I keep reminding myself that pain is temporary and that help is on the way.

Videos like these help me keep the faith.

EJ Liddell put his team on his back against perennial Chicago power Chicago Simeon, which has produced dudes like Jabari Parker and Derrick Rose.

And he's the lowest-rated player of the men's trio that's coming in, which makes me smile inside.

The women's squad is getting better, too, after signing the nation's No. 3 class that includes four five-star players. One of them happens to be probably the most impressive high school girls basketball prospects I've ever seen, Kierstan Bell, who is aptly nicknamed "She-Bron."

Here she is, ruining a team on a fast break.

Both teams are set up for the future, it's just as shame the present has to be so damn tough.

 GOOD DRAWER DOES GOOD DRAWINGS. When I was little I was convinced I was going to be a professional artist. Unfortunately, my drawing ability peaked around age 8, so here I am, the sports blogger.

For that reason, I respect the hell out of anybody who can make a better picture than my $1,000 pocket computer just by scraping crystalized carbon on a tree carcass.

This fellow is one of the good ones:

I would like to save up some dollars to purchase a print, frame it, and hang it on my wall, because that's the most aesthetically pleasing collection of lines my eyes have seen in some months.

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