Skull Session: Dwayne Haskins Could Be the Draft's Top QB, Rob Sims' Impact on Gee Scott Jr., and Joey Velazquez Talks Smack

By Kevin Harrish on December 27, 2018 at 4:59 am
Johnnie Dixon is excited to be in today's skull session.

The Bucks got to go to Disneyland yesterday, but it sounds like Jordan Fuller would have been fine chilling at home.


Word of the Day: Adroit.

 DWAYNE HASKINS – QB1. If Dwayne Haskins chooses to head to the NFL Draft, he'll be alone at the top of the quarterback board as Oregon's Justin Herbert – the near consensus top-rated quarterback in this year's draft – is returning to school.

Haskins was already getting high first-round projections, but without Herbert in the mix Haskins would be by far the most desirable quarterback in the draft and could find himself as a top-10 or top-5 pick, depending on how the draft order shakes out.

I know there's been a lot of teasing and hoping that he would return, but this makes for an extremely favorable situation for him this year, especially with how quarterback-heavy next year's draft will be.

I'd be downright shocked if he was back for Ohio State next season.

 ROB SIMS SAVED A LIFE. Gee Scott Jr., the Buckeyes' most recent commit, doesn't have any direct Ohio State connections, but there is one event that helped plant the seeds early in his childhood.

A former Buckeye saved his father's life.

From Brandon Huffman of Bucknuts:

When Scott Sr. was at his lowest point, in 2009, Sims gave him a place to stay when Scott Sr. was living out of his car.

At that point, his boys were living with their mom.

But when it was time for them to visit dad, they had a place to go.

Every other weekend, when Scott Sr., had his two sons, they would stay in the room with their dad, in Sims' house.

Almost a decade ago, a former Buckeye star helped the Scott family, in ways the younger Scott didn't fully realize or understand, and the first seeds for Ohio State were planted.


"Rob Sims saved my life," Gee Scott Sr. said. "Rob gave me a place to stay when I was living out of my car for a little bit. He saved my life. He gave me a room in his house and allowed my boys to come stay when I would get them every other weekend. I was battling depression and had given up on life."

That's why this commitment to the Buckeyes means more than just a chance to play in the Big Ten.

"This commitment is more than football," said Scott Sr.

Scott said he never thought his son, from the pacific northwest, would ever be recruited by Ohio State. I don't think any party is upset that he was wrong.

 “DONE TAKING BACKSEATS.” About a year ago, Joey Velazquez was committed to play baseball at Ohio State. Now, he's plotting the demise of Ohio State's football program as a Michigan football signee.

From Sam Webb of the Michigan Insider:

“Growing up with that rivalry you get to know both sides,” Velazquez told The Michigan Insider. “It’s every day. It’s like an everyday thing. Like Bo Schembechler said, ’the objective is to beat Ohio State.’ And that’s what we’re coming to do. It’s kind of like bringing it back to Desmond Howard and Charles Woodson and David Boston days.”

Velazquez’s appreciation for “the game” is probably even more pronounced than that of his Ohio born classmates. Not only is he from Columbus, he was also committed to play baseball for the Buckeyes for almost two years before flipping to the Wolverines to play both sports. So, he really has viewed the rivalry from both sides.

“Growing up in Columbus, obviously you root for the Buckeyes,” said Velazquez. “I have always been a great fan of the rivalry. And growing up in Columbus, you know what that rivalry’s about. You go to school with it. It’s kind of like a national holiday around here. People think it’s Thanksgiving Weekend, but it’s more like ‘The Game’ weekend.”


... "we’re done taking backseats to teams. I’m just coming in ready to work. There’s one game on my calendar that I have circled already because that game, to me, is kind of personal.”

“I don’t think anybody is going to get any gold pants any time soon.”

I can't really hate too much because what's he really supposed to say?

"Yeah, I'm actually still a huge Ohio State fan who's only going to Michigan because they offered me for football and I fully expect to get rolled like a cheap rug every year. Go Bucks."

He's saying what he has to, and getting folks all riled up, but forgive me if I don't take the Buckeye hater schtick too seriously when it's coming from a guy who grew up in Columbus, was planning to go to Ohio State for two years, has a family member currently at Ohio State, and still follows @11W on Twitter.

He's more Buckeye than some actual Ohio State fans.

 WHO ISN'T SKIPPING THE BOWL GAME? We've been debating whether to root for Michigan in bowl games.

But honestly, that whole conversation might be moot, cause if things keep trending this way, the Wolverines might not even be able to field a team.

In the spirit of the announcements, I'd like to announce that I will not be watching the Peach Bowl, as I have decided to skip the game to focus on my writing about other, more meaningful games.

 THE GREATEST GAME EVER PLAYED. If you didn't tune in to the 2018 Cheez-Its Bowl last night, I regret to inform you that you missed the game of the year.

Highlights included:

  • Nine combined interceptions
  • TCU's starting quarterback finishing regulation with a negative quarterback rating and the Horned Frogs ended up giving snaps to a fellow with nerve damage in his foot instead.
  • Fewer points scored in regulation (14) than varieties of Cheez-Its (16).
  • TCU switching kickers in the middle of a timeout to kick the would-be game-winning field goal at the end of regulation, which they missed
  • A 300-lb Cal offensive lineman running down a defensive back after an overtime interception to save the game.
  • TCU's SID falling onto the field, forcing the Horned Frogs to start an overtime possession at the 40-yard line

It's kinda bullshit that this game got to go to overtime when another perfectly fine game didn't even make it out of the first quarter before it got cancelled, but I wasn't going to tell my kids about the First Responder Bowl.

But this glorious game will live in Harrish lore for generations.

I mean:

Honestly, this might have been the greatest game ever played.

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