Skull Session: Wisconsin Player Upset With “Jump Around” at Ohio Stadium, Chase Young's Heisman Campaign, and Nick Bosa Could Be Defensive Player of the Year

By Kevin Harrish on October 28, 2019 at 4:59 am
Urban Meyer is having the time of his life in today's skull session.

Ohio State won 38-7, the Buckeyes have three Heisman contenders and the band is getting shoutouts from SpongeBob Squarepants.

Hell of a weekend.

So they'll repurpose the video for the #clicks but won't allow The Best Damn Band in the Land to play "Sweet Victory." Sounds about right.


Word of the Day: Sesquipedalian.

 MAYBE DON'T LOSE THEN? Ohio State pulled out the troll of the century on Saturday afternoon, blasting Wisconsin's unofficial anthem "Jump Around" as the Buckeyes blasted the Badgers 38-7 in the middle of the fourth quarter.

It was glorious, it was hilarious, and 

From Stephen Means of

“That’s something that we hold dear at Wisconsin,” tight end Jake Ferguson said. “It’s usually a time to get excited and get pumped up. Coming into somewhere else and having them play, it definitely stings a little bit.”

Wisconsin won’t get another shot at Illinois this season, but if it wins out could face the Buckeyes again in the Big Ten Championship. The Badgers will face Iowa, Nebraska, Purdue and Minnesota when it returns from its bye week.

“I think a lot of our guys are looking forward to playing these guys again,” Ferguson said.

I think a lot of our guys are looking forward to playing you again too, Jake. Especially the one who turnstyled your ass for one of his four sacks on the game. Maybe next time he can get *five*.

I saw some comments suggesting that Ohio State shouldn't have played the song because it would give Wisconsin some extra motivation ahead of a potential rematch, but there's not enough motivation in the world to close this gap.

Wisconsin's best player and "Heisman contender" got outrushed by two Buckeye running backs with J.K. Dobbins more than tripling his total, and I will go to my grave believing that their only touchdown was a complete accident.

Ohio State absolutely pasted Wisconsin this weekend. The only reason it wasn't even worse was because it was windy and rainy. And now you want a rematch in a dome? Best of luck!

 CHASE YOUNG FOR HEISMAN. If we're being honest, this entire Skull Session could be about Chase Young. But since I'm a fan of varying my looks, we're just going to cram as much into one section as possible.

Behold, the The Predator #Takes:

I've seen media members lobby for a defensive Heisman Trophy winner before – Tyrann Mathieu and Ndamukong Suh come to mind – but I've never seen anything quite like this where the national consensus seems to be that the defensive player deserves it and that it will be bullshit if he doesn't get it.

And you know what? Good. Chase Young does deserve it, and it will be bullshit if he doesn't get it.

His 13.5 sacks is absolutely insane, and it puts him not only half a sack shy of the singe-season Ohio State record, but within at least striking distance of Terrell Suggs' single season FBS record of 24.

But his impact on every single play can't really even be quantified. He wrecks entire offensive gameplans.

From Mike Renner of Pro Football Focus via ESPN:

Young is already a top-three prospect on every 2020 NFL draft board in the country, posting 13.5 sacks (most in the FBS and just a half-sack behind the all-time Ohio State record) and forcing five fumbles through eight games. He is arguably the biggest reason for the Buckeyes' defensive transformation this season, as witnessed by his four-sack performance and domination of Wisconsin on Saturday.


Look no further than Ohio State's 52-3 blowout of Northwestern. On the Wildcats' first pass play, Young demolished right tackle Gunnar Vogel for a sack that got home in around 2.0 seconds.

Following that 9-yard loss, Northwestern's next seven pass plays with Young on the field consisted of five rolls away from him, a screen and one instance of quarterback Aidan Smith breaking the pocket immediately.

Northwestern chose to only use half the field on its pass plays rather than let Young have any chance of getting to the quarterback. By the time the Wildcats actually tried a normal dropback pass again with Young on the field, it was midway through the second quarter, and the score was already 21-3. Young completely derailed any chance they had at running a competent offense solely by his presence on the football field. That's special.

He's probably not going to get it, but there's nobody who deserves the Heisman more. Maybe he, J.K. Dobbins and Justin Fields can saw it into thirds if one of them wins.

 NICK BOSA FOR DPOTY? While we're talking about absurd performances from Buckeye edge rushers, Nick Bosa is making a case that he's not just the defensive rookie of the year, he's Defensive Player of the Year.

He's played in seven games so far (and was extremely limited in one of them), and he already has 7 sacks, 11 tackles for loss, 13 quarterback hits, a forced fumble, a fumble recovery and an interception. That's ridiculous.

From Ann Killion of the San Francisco Chronicle:

“He’s an incredibly poised player,” cornerback Richard Sherman said. “He’s everything you can ask for. He’s probably one of the best picks in 10 years.

“He plays like a 10-year vet. He plays with such a savviness and such a poise and such an aggression. You can tell he was coached up great at a young age. He’s an incredible talent. And he’s so humble. A humble nice guy.”


“I don’t know what he does in his free time. I think he plays video games,” Sherman said. “But he comes to work, and he wreaks havoc. He deserves player of the week, rookie of the week, rookie of the year. If he just kept his stat line as it is right now, he could win rookie of the year.

“He should be in line for defensive MVP.”

"I don't know what he does in his free time. I think he plays video games." is an absolutely magnificent quote. Because, yeah – that's what he does when he isn't folding quarterbacks across his shoulder in NFL football games.

Or intercepting passes, hitting guys with jukes, and stiff arming folks into the ground.

It's hilarious that Joey Bosa probably isn't even the second-best defensive end to play at Ohio State in the past five years.

 FEELING FRISKY, AREN'T WE? It looks like the Michigan Men are back on their bullshit.

They win one game against a fraudulent-ass Notre Dame team (that lost to a team who lost to South Carolina who got smacked against Tennessee) and they're already bordering on unbearable again.

I know exactly what's going to happen.

After that "top-10 win," Michigan is going to cruise through the rest of its schedule, climb its way back into the top-10 and be absolutely filled with unmerited confidence as they head into The Game.

And it's going to be glorious.

 DAMON ARNETTE, NATIONAL TREASURE. Damon Arnette is the most entertaining player on this team and it's not even close. And I just need to make sure you all know that so he gets his proper props.

"So just give him the trophy, shoot," should be the motto of Ohio State's official Heisman campaign on Chase Young's behalf.

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