Wisconsin Debriefing: Ohio State Smacks the Badgers, Even Rain Can't Slow Down the Buckeyes

By David Wertheim on October 27, 2019 at 8:25 am
Rashod Berry

My oh my, the train keeps rolling.

Against heavy rain and a stout Wisconsin team, Ohio State put up 431 total yards against the nation's top defense (coming into the game) on a rainy Saturday in Columbus. The defense allowed just seven points en route to a 38-7 victory. It was a perfect storm, literally.

Yearning for a playoff spot, the Buckeyes go into the bye week looking like one of the nation's top two teams, and will go on the stretch run just a few games away from the promised land.

Best-looking team in the country. #VARSITY does it again. Let's debrief.

Quick Breakdowns


Even with the defense playing lights out, It was the J.K. Dobbins show today. As the ol' ball coach Urban Meyer always said "When I needed you the most, you gave me your very best," and that was certainly true about the electric Dobbins today.

Simply, he couldn't be tackled. J.K. rushed for 163 yards and two touchdowns on just 20 carries. In a rainy, wet game like this one, establishing the run is huge, and Dobbins plus the Ohio State offensive line were able to do that. 

Ohio State also had significant contributions from Chris Olave again, who was the leading receiver with two touchdowns and 93 yards on seven catches.

Master Teague also did well in his normal complimentary role, racking up 76 yards on 13 carries.


Even though the Heisman traditionally is awarded to an offensive player, it is officially time to take a long, hard look at Chase Young's candidacy. 

Defense-wise for sure, he is the undisputed best player in the country, and he showed it again yesterday, racking up an incredible four sacks and two forced fumbles. How do you guard him? It just seems absolutely impossible. Wisconsin certainly couldn't figure it out.

Against anyone on Saturday—offensive linemen, tight ends, running backs—Young looked bigger and stronger and more athletic than anyone else on the field. I hope you all are enjoying what you're seeing. It's incredible.

Yesterday was the first time that Ohio State played in a one-score game in the second half, after the defense allowed their lone touchdown (thanks to a botched punt). It has been a dominant display.

Who Earned A Buckeye Leaf?

Offense: J.K. Dobbins, Chris Olave, Josh Myers, Justin Fields

Myers was a little rough on that play early in the first quarter where he snapped it before anyone else was expecting him to, but other than that the third-year center looked pretty darn good on some of Dobbins' long runs.

Fields was more of a game-manager in this one, doing what he needed to do to ensure the victory but not exactly racking up the highlights in a game that was sluggish at the beginning, likely in part at least due to the weather conditions. 

Olave continued his hot stretch this season, and is now up to six touchdowns on the year.

Dobbins was the best offensive player on the field for the Buckeyes, and looked miles better than Jonathan Taylor, who couldn't really get anything going all day. 

Defense: Chase Young, Justin Hilliard, Damon Arnette

Young, as mentioned, is far and away the best defensive player in the country. He should be the number one overall pick.

If the Bengals were smart, which they are not, they will draft Young #1 overall, be bad again, and then draft Fields after next year and be good after that. It's foolproof, which is why they won't do it. 

Arnette led the team in tackles, as he is looking healthier now after his hand seems to have healed a little bit.

It is also really nice to see Justin Hilliard back out there. As a Cincinnati guy myself, it always brings a smile to my face to see the 513 guys producing. 

Jim Tressel's Least Favorite Moment

Well, this one was pretty obvious.

Jim likes the noon games. It gives him the opportunity to wake up and get some chores done and have a nice breakfast (oatmeal with cinnamon and banana slices to go with a nice refreshing glass of orange juice) before settling in to watch the Buckeyes.

It was going well early. Blake Haubeil made another long field goal and was pretty fired up about it, as was Jim, who fist pumped and cheered audibly from the couch. 

Early in the third quarter, however, Ohio State was forced to punt. Drue Chrisman, who did not have his best performance, held the ball for too long and it was partially deflected by Wisconsin.

Jim was obviously fuming, but held it in as he noted that Ohio State's defense was playing a good game and would likely stop the Badgers anyway.

This was not the case, however, as Jack Coan threw a pass to A.J. Taylor for the touchdown, Wisconsin's lone score of the game. Jim was down in the dumps for a few minutes before the local team pulled away.

Underrated Things

I had a few from this one:

1) Ohio State's tackling has been so, so, so much better and it just looks cleaner to watch. It seems like every player is wrapping up their man without much issue, and there certainly haven't been the waves of missed tackles like we saw last year.

2) Thayer Munford obviously wasn't 100% healthy, but he gutted it out in a respectable fashion against a tough defense. The bye week comes at a good time for the big fella.

3) This.

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