Skull Session: Get Dumped Then, Miami (OH)

By Kevin Harrish on September 21, 2019 at 4:59 am
It's a bad day to be a Miami RedHawk.

Today's a big day for trust fund bros in nondescript red polos.

You see, it's convenient as hell that Miami and Ohio State share a color scheme damn near identically. It allows Chad and Chet to walk confidently into the 'Shoe repping the colors of the team they're actually rooting for while remaining prepared to be absolutely insufferable on behalf of the school they "chose" to go to instead, just in case Miami springs the impossible upset.

It's a win-win for them, really – until they realize they have to go back to Oxford after the game.

If you're looking to spot one of these rogue Miami fans, they're the ones with the swooshing haircuts wearing boat shoes and colored shorts with Croakies and mirrored Oakleys around their neck.

As for the game, it won't be. The only question is whether Ohio State's third string quarterback will have more passing yards than the RedHawks do total offense, and I might be riding with Gunnar Hoak on that front.

Miami will roll over and take its payday, and we'll all enjoy our stress-free weekend.

Today's slate: Good!

9/21 SLATE
12:00 #11 MICHIGAN @ #13 WISCONSIN WISC (-3.5) FOX
12:00 #4 LSU @VANDERBILT LSU (23.5) SECN
3:30 #15 UCF @ PITTSBURGH UCF (-12) ABC
3:30 #8 AUBURN @ #17 TEXAS A&M TAMU (-3.5) CBS
3:30 #22 WASHINGTON @ BYU WASH (-6.5) ESPN
7:00 #16 OREGON @ STANFORD ORE (-10.5) ESPN
8:00 #7 NOTRE DAME @ #3 GEORGIA UGA (-14) ABC

Word of the Day: Eradicate.

 THAT 11W PREGAME FIX. Get briefed on today's massacre.

 PUMPING THE BRAKES. Folks, it seems Trevor Lawrence may have been anointed the greatest quarterback prospect of all time just a biiiiiiiit prematurely.

I know we're just two games into the season, but the dude many said would have been the No. 1 overall pick after his freshman season if he were eligible has looked extremely human, throwing as many picks as touchdowns against three teams that ain't exactly world beaters.

From Matt Miller of Bleacher Report:

... The season started, and Lawrence struggled. And not against Alabama or Georgia, but against Georgia Tech, Texas A&M and Syracuse. Those aren't quite the directional schools many colleges schedule early in the season as warm-ups, but Lawrence's five touchdowns to five interceptions is scaring those who make a living predicting the success of quarterbacks.

"I tried to tell you guys ... Y'all got all over him way too fast and got caught up in the hype," said one longtime evaluator sitting out this season. "There were concerns last year, and his offense really just bailed his ass out—as did his defense."


Lawrence could still turn out to be the first pick in 2021 and a player some team (cough, cough, Miami Dolphins) will mortgage its future for, but the moral of the story is to let the process play out. By April, we could also be talking about Ohio State's Justin Fields or whomever Oklahoma head coach Lincoln Riley has turned into a top-tier pro prospect. But for the time being, Lawrence is still viewed as a prized prospect, no matter what his touchdown-to-interception ratio says after three games.

I remember just a week before the season, we had some Clemson fans in our mentions absolutely incredulous that we would even mention Justin Fields in the same sentence as Trevor Lawrence.

I get it, Lawrence has already proven himself by winning a title and carving up Notre Dame and Bama in the process. Fields hasn't done that yet. But that doesn't mean he won't. I'll roll those dice.

 FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS. It looks like Evanston will be rocking when the Buckeyes roll in on Friday night.

I know the Friday night kickoff makes it a bit harder for out of towners, but I might have to resign my post if this isn't game isn't still at least 40 percent Buckeye fans. We must protect Ohio State's home field advantage, at home and abroad.

 STAYING ALIVE. Alright, so last week I went a 4-5 (I accidentally left Florida State +7 off the board, but it was a push anyway so it doesn't matter!) and I've never been more happy about a losing record.

I was in the red again last week, which technically took me one win further from .500, but it also raised my winning percentage from .100 to .263, so we're celebrating the small victories!

Because I like being openly mocked online, here are this week's picks.

  • Wisconsin -3 against Michigan. Michigan is getting railed today. There's not a doubt in my mind. I'm not trying to overreact to two games, but the Wolverines are in the bottom 10 percent in the nation after playing Middle Tennessee State and Army. And their defense hasn't exactly controlled the trenches either. Now they're playing a run-heavy team that hasn't surrendered a single point this season.
  • Wisconsin/Michigan UNDER 45. I just don't see a lot of points in this game. At least one of these teams is offensively anemic and the other is a run-first offense that will likely be in ball-control mode in a big game. Plus, it will be quite windy and wind is not good for scoring.
  • Cal/Ole Miss UNDER 41.5. Neither of these teams play particularly fast or efficient offense and both seem totally content to win a game 17-14. That's exactly what I see happening today.
  • Syracuse -5 against Western Michigan. I just don't believe Syracuse is this bad. I think they looked fine in spurts against Clemson, especially on defense, and they're playing a team that gave up 51 points to Michigan State two weeks ago. This was a team that won 10 games last year. If they can't win this game comfortably, then wooooooooof.
  • Northwestern +9 against Michigan State. Michigan State hasn't even scored 9 points against a non-Rutgers Power Five team since game nine of last year, and they're supposed to cover that today? Nah. Northwestern's got its own offensive problems (which is why the total is set at 36), but the Wildcat defense ain't bad. This game's going to be like 12-10.
  • Ohio State -24 1ST HALF against Miami. I'm not touching a 39.5-point spread one way or another, cause this game is going to get weird one way or another in the second half. However, I'll take 24 points at the half all day.
  • Texas A&M -3.5 against Auburn. Texas A&M is just the better team and I think they win by at least two touchdowns, especially at home. I think the Aggies have the advantage almost everywhere, but especially at the quarterback position and in the trenches – where it matters most. 
  • Oregon -10 against Stanford. I'm out on Stanford and I can't believe this line is what it is. I think Oregon wins this game by about 20. This isn't the same Stanford team we've seen the past few years and the Ducks impressed me so far, outplaying Auburn in a loss. The Ducks are gonna quack.
  • Georgia -14 against Notre Dame. I'm not going to overthink this. Georgia is a far better team playing at home. I'm laying the points and taking the Dawgs in primetime.
  • Arizona State/Colorado UNDER 50.5. Herm Edwards hates points. It is known. The Sun Devils are going to lean on their defense and win this game 21-17.

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