10 Reasons to Hate Miami (Ohio)

By JL Kirven on September 20, 2019 at 7:30 pm
Miami quarterback
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It's that time of the week. The eve of another game day and you need to get your blood boiling. Here's 10 reasons to hate the RedHawks.

10 ) It’s Week four, guys 

I know it’s not Miami’s fault that Ohio State wants to pay them a bunch of money to probably lose in Ohio Stadium but it’s week 4, you know what I mean? This game would be a perfect time for Ohio State to flex its muscles against a solid program. Not a 1-2 team coming off a blowout loss to Cincinnati — a team the Buckeyes steamrolled in week two. 

9) Ben Roethlisberger 

This one could go either way. Many Ohioans are Steelers fans, but many support the Browns and Bengals. If you’re the latter this Miami Ohio alum has caused you a ton of grief over his 15 seasons in the NFL. Whether it’d be having the most win by a quarterback at FirstEnergy Stadium despite never playing for the orange and brown, or the many times Big Ben rose to the occasion in important games against the Bengals. Either way, Roethlisberger has a love hate relationship with those in Ohio. 

8) I’m not changing

Scarlet and Gray is a Buckeye thing as has been always will be. So when others try to imitate, it’s a bad look. 

Miami color scheme is red and white, but they not so subtlety tried to incorporate silver/gray over time. They’ve never gotten it right and should just leave it to the pros.   

7)  Never beaten Ohio State 

Ohio State runs Ohio when it comes to playing Ohio schools and that includes Miami. 

Ohio State has never lost to the RedHawks since first playing in 1904, when Edwin Sweetland’s team beat Miami 80-0. 

6) MACtion 

I’ll keep it real. I attend a MAC school (Ohio University) so I love tuesday night college football on ESPN aptly known to the world as MACtion. But not everybody else does. They’d rather just watch the same rehashed highlights over and over on sports center. 

5) Harvard of the Midwest 

Many schools have tried to claim the moniker of Harvard of the Midwest over the years and Miami is one of them. 

Chill, bro. 

Miami is a fine institution, yes. But Harvard of the Midwest? Ya buggin. 

Miami ‘s acceptance rate is 13 times higher than the Ivy league school and frankly it’s not even the Harvard of its own state.  

4) You want how much?

Guess how much it cost to go to Harvard of the Midwest? 

Miami’s tuition is a whopping $14,736 in-state and out-of-state of state is  $32,555  much more expensive than Ohio State’s $10,037 in-state and $28,299 out-of-state tuition. 

You know what? They both lose points on that one. 

3) Not the best Miami 

If someone tells you they go to Miami, you’re first thought will be “wow, palm trees, sunny beaches and a great time.” But then they start talking about Oxford and now you’re confused.

I get that Miami University is more than a century older than the University of Miami, but still your brand is everything. 

2) Benjamin Harrison 

Our 23rd President was a good one, he stood up for civil rights and expanded west. Then again, he also married his late wife’s niece. 

Not cool, man. 

1) Bo Schembechler 

One thing you have to give credit to Miami for is it’s a cradle for great coaches. Woody Hayes, Ara Parseghian  and Weeb Ewbank all cut their teeth there. 

Unfortunately, Miami can never be forgiven for crafting the coach that would go on to torment the Buckeyes more than any coach ever could. 

Michigan’s Bo Scembechler. 

In his time at that school up North, Schembechler won the 10-year-war against Hayes and even gave Earle Bruce fits too. He’s a Michigan icon an Miami gave him his first head coaching gig in 1963.

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