Skull Session: Jeffrey Okudah is Lockdown, Mike Weber a Steal, and Michael Thomas' Draft Day Slip

By Kevin Harrish on May 9, 2019 at 4:59 am
Jeffrey Okudah bows to everyone in today's Skull Session.
Ohio State Athletics

In case there were any doubts about which college football head coach would be most likely to build his team out of the literal undead as long as it gave him a competitive advantage:

Good luck getting a horde of murder zombies academically qualified.


Word of the Day: Mellifluous.

 DON'T THROW ON OKUDAH. Ohio State's streak of cornerbacks going in the first round hit a bit of a snag this year, but there's a solid chance Jeffrey Okudah gets BIA back on track in the very near future.

Folks, he's absolutely lockdown in coverage.

Kind of wild that the Buckeyes had two cornerbacks making NFL Draft decisions following last season and their best coverage corner was neither of them. But to be fair, that's probably just because he was a sophomore.

 NO INVITE FOR KALEB. Kaleb Wesson entered the NBA Draft to go through the process, but that process isn't going to involve the NBA Combine.

The NBA invited 66 players to participate, and Wesson was not one of them.

Wesson, as I'm sure you maybe have heard, can still return to Ohio State if he so chooses. You might be wondering when, and the legendary Jon Rothstein has your answer, which he Tweets out literally every morning.

More meticulous than a forensics officer.

 STEAL OF THE DRAFT? The Dallas Cowboys selected Mike Weber in the seventh round of the NFL Draft, and former NFL personnel man and current team writer Bryan Broaddus thinks that's an absolute steal.

See, the Cowboys gave Weber a third or fourth round grade. And the seventh round is decidedly lower than that.

From Shan & RJ show on 105.3 The Fan, transcribed by SportsDay:

"I think this draft is really going to hinge in the middle of this draft because when they took Mike Weber at the end, Mike Weber's got a third or fourth round grade on their board.


"The pick of Mike Weber at the end is just too good to happen. You're talking about third or fourth round grades on a guy and you're sitting there at the seventh round and you're looking for traits. You are just praying that somebody is up there that's got a shot. And if you have a third or fourth round grade on a guys, that's just a no-brainer right there."

I was a little sad Weber's going to a team where he has no real shot to work his way to the top of the debt chart, but on the other hand, now we get to see the Zeke/Weber combo Mike's meniscus injury took from us in 2015.

 FIVE HUGE MISTAKES. Speaking of draft steals, how 'bout Michael Thomas slipping to the second round?

Five receivers were taken before him, and all five are hilarious in hindsight.

It's crazy that Ohio State had five players drafted in the top 20 of the 2016 NFL Draft, and the second-rounder has had undeniably the most success so far. He's legitimately on a Hall of Fame pace.

 GIDDENS GOES TO VERMONT. Daniel Giddens' prodigal return to Ohio State never materialized, but he's still getting the hell out of Alabama, so good for him.

Vermont as a state is essentially the opposite of Alabama in most imaginable ways, so he's got that rolling for him. But also, that's a damn good program. The Catamounts have made the NCAA Tournament two of the last three years.

Also, they're the Catamounts, which is easily a top-5 nickname in college basketball.

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