Skull Session: Sky High Expectations for Dwayne Haskins, Dayton Dunbar Lineman Lands Offer After 9 Months of Football, and Les Miles Tries Acting

By D.J. Byrnes on May 31, 2018 at 4:59 am
Demario McCall and Dwayne Haskins lead the way for the May 31 2018 Skull Session

Folks, it seems like Ohio State and Penn State may be good:

That's the local team with 7/10 and 13/20. It's going to be fun when Jim Harbaugh loses to Penn State and Ohio State this year. 


​Word of the Day: Mawkish.

 THE BURDEN OF EXPECTATIONS. The pressure was going to be on whomever walked out of #QBgeddon2. That ended up being the Dwayne Train, who had obscure bloggers calling for him to supplant J.T. Barrett in Week 3. And all he did was stroll into the Big House and jam a dagger into the shit-filled intestines of Wolverines worldwide.

With Joe Burrow in Baton Rouge, all Haskins has to do is throw for 300 yards and four touchdowns every week. It'd also help if the offense never went three and out or he threw a bad pass. Let's not even think of what some of the comments will look like if Haskins dares to throw an interception.

From Ryan Ginn of

Coming in as a highly regarded recruit is enough on its own to put pressure on a new quarterback, but there are several more factors that have ramped up interest even further. Haskins is following J.T. Barrett, the most accomplished quarterback in the history of the program by just about every measure. That’s a tough act to follow, made even more difficult by the fact that Barrett was at times polarizing and a significant faction of Ohio State fans believe that Haskins is better and should have been playing earlier.

And then there was the Michigan game last season, when Haskins came in for an injured Barrett and completed 6 of 7 passes and ran for a touchdown to help lead the Buckeyes to a come-from-behind victory on the road. It’s a small sample size, but Haskins has given Buckeyes fans a taste of what could be in store for the Ohio State offense this season.

The good news is, Haskins seems destined for this moment, which speaks to his grind between predicting he'd play QB at Ohio State over a decade ago to beating Burrito in spring ball. Pressure doesn't seem to affect him, as evidenced by his performance in The Game.

I know the expectations can't be higher, but I believe Haskins to be a national championship caliber QB. And I'll believe that until proved otherwise.

 DUNBAR BOSS PICKS UP FOOTBALL, EARNS OFFERS. I love anything to do with Dayton, the Gem City. I also love stories where guys under 6-7 decide to switch from basketball to football.

I understand why anyone would pick roundball over the gridiron, but most guys under 6-7 would be able to play at a higher level if they switched sports.

Enter 2019 three-star Dayton Dunbar offensive tackle Jonathan Allen, whom 247 lists at 6-6, 315. He has roughly 30 offers (including one Kevin Wilson handed out) and hasn't even played football for a full calendar year.


Last week it was Penn State and Michigan on the phone. Clemson is sniffing around too. Ohio State had already pulled the trigger. Offensive coordinator Kevin Wilson offered Allen, standing in that same office, on May 3. That was approximately 263 days after Allen played football for the first time in his life.

The offer list is now between 20 and 30. Hard to keep track of them all. It’s been a crazy nine months for one of the most intriguing prospects in Ohio, a basketball player who somewhat reluctantly took on football because he was worried about his family’s ability to pay for college.

“I thought maybe I could get a Division II offer and go to school for free,” Allen told last week. “Something, a college offer to play football somewhere. I never thought that I was about to get 30 offers. People told me that, but I didn’t know.”

To which I say, go ahead and hit I-70 East (make sure not to speed through Clark County; the highway patrol runs deep there) and come to Columbus, big fella. Prodigious Ohio lads should play for the best the state has to offer.

 LES MILES GIVING ACTING A TRY. Les Miles is the American dream in that he got publicly fired at his job for being bad, couldn't find an offer he liked, and said, "I think I'll give acting a try."

This is not a drill. The Warlock is as serious about this.

You can roast Miles for the green-screen stuff. That ain't easy to do, though. Part of acting is being on a set, surrounded by people who have also agreed things like the hope of living a meaningful life or dragons actually exist.

I'll cut him some slack. I would definitely audition him for the lead part in the Warren G. Harding biopic I will inevitably shoot before I die. 

 DREW BREES WOULD LIKE YOU TO KNOW HE'S RICH. Drew Brees recently dropped $264K on a dead guy's old, sweaty jersey.

But hey, at least the Purdue jersey of some guy named John Wooden will return to West Lafayette (like it didn't spend the last 100 years fleeing that blighted city???).


Via video presentation after the dinner and question-and-answer session at a John Purdue Club "Boilermakers on the Road" gathering in Jeffersonville, Drew Brees came forward as the previously anonymous auction winner.

Technically the Boilermaker alum and star New Orleans Saints quarterback is loaning the jersey to Purdue, though he said it "will reside in the halls of Mackey Arena forever."

The auction’s full sale price of $264,000 earlier this month — $220,000 for the high bid, $44,000 for the buyer’s premium — set a record for a college basketball jersey, according to Heritage Auctions.

Peanuts compared to the $15 million Brees spent on jewelry that turned out to be overvalued by $9 million. The lesson, as always, is never buy jewelry from a Marionaire.

 THE INFRASTRUCTURE BEHIND A FLUSH. One cool thing about America is you can defecate into a magic pot, flush, and never have to think about your disgusting waste ever again.

That's thanks to an army of geniuses who have simplified life for idiots like you and me. Here's what happens when you flush a toilet in Columbus.

Like I said—army of geniuses.

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