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Comment 11 hours ago

Nobody is trying to outlaw pain pills. Opioids aren't going back in the box. However,  they've "cut down on" prescribing them and still prescribed enough last year to give a two-week supply to everybody in Franklin County.

These companies and doctors have to be honest with people about the risks of these drugs. They weren't. They flooded the country with them, pushed them on doctors, and lied to their patients about the addictiveness.

Comment 12 hours ago

80% of heroin users started with prescription painkillers. And the pharmaceuticals unleashed a tidal wave of them while also telling people they weren't addictive, etc. 

The LA Times: ran a great series on it recently: http://www.latimes.com/projects/oxycontin-part1/

The bottom line is this problem is going to take billions of dollars to fix, and nobody wants their taxes to go up. So do you either go get money owed as a debt to society or just continue to let it fester? Personally, I'm tired of seeing people with banged up arms stealing shampoo at Kroger and wondering who's zonked out on heroin while driving 80 mph down I-75. I'm tired of watching my neighbors endure property crime while slum lords continue renting to anyone that can pay them.

Something has to change, and we need money for real rehab programs instead of letting shady ass rehabs profit off addiction (another problem entirely). Narcan is putting a big strain on budgets in small town Ohio but "just letting them die" isn't a tenable policy position.

And I see why people might naturally disagree with this position. I have yet to see a better alternative.

Comment 15 Aug 2017

I edited Curt's writing on a regular basis. His love of the sport evident in his writing transcended my original lack of interest in the sport. He was such a gregarious guy, always picking up books I recommended or giving me recommendations of his own. 

I never met the guy in real life, and yet when I heard the news last night I walked out of a Steak N Shake and cried in the parking lot. That's a testament to what kind of man he was.

Thanks for all the early-morning banter, my friend. I will always remember you and keep your family in my prayers.