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  • SPORTS MOMENT: The day the Cleveland Browns win the Super Bowl.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: The Iron King, Cardale Jones, First of His Name, Poacher of Badgers, Controller of Tides, Slayer of
  • NFL TEAM: the Almighty Cleveland Browns
  • NHL TEAM: Columbus Blue Jackets
  • NBA TEAM: Los Angeles Lakers
  • MLB TEAM: Dodgers (Only in World Series)
  • SOCCER TEAM: Aston Villa

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Comment 29 Mar 2019
Uhhh did you miss the part where he started a podcast to avenge the system that conspired to destroy his career despite doing nothing wrong? I don't need to figure anything out. You can be a politician and an activist and a journalist. You don't get to pigeonhole me into a single role. But for the record I wouldn't call myself any of those things.
Comment 29 Mar 2019
He's a public figure still trying to maintain his place in the public eye. I'm not bashing a private citizen. He took his shots, I took mine. I'm not clutching my pearls about it. Also not saying he's wrong in every situation. Just this one. In all seriousness he needs professional help to deal with his myriad of issues that cost him his family and career. He's embarrassing the brand and will only further soil Urban, the guy who gave him 100,000 chances to get his shit together. I understand why my style irks some people. All I ask is you be factual when dragging me online. My posting neurosis offers plenty of opportunities.
Comment 29 Mar 2019
Yes but a story like that could have tanked Urban's career. Fans would not have reacted kindly to an OSU site toppling their coach. That's the dirty secret about all CFB media. Nobody wants to kill their golden goose. That's why the black market thrives in CFB and most big-time players are selling memorabilia on the side.
Comment 29 Mar 2019
Zach Smith is unrepentant. Seriously, go watch that video again. It's comical how people are caping for a guy whose vindictive and hell-bent on destroying everyone but so far has only tried to trash a 32-year-old blogger who posted an opinion about him on Twitter. Secondly, please don't bring my friend Touchdown Tim Beck into this. He was unfairly maligned and I love him.
Comment 29 Mar 2019
I do my own newsletter now and paid subscriptions are my lifeblood. It might surprise some people to learn that I still have a cadre of followers who enjoy my work and pay for my opinions, but it's true. In this case, though, it was a tweet, which is something you have to follow my account to see.
Comment 29 Mar 2019
Cheers, Hove! I just got back from vacation and I'm getting married this fall, so I'm better than ever. I'll be around more when the season starts. I still read the site every day just don't post a lot because *gestures at the rest of the thread*
Comment 29 Mar 2019
Same guy that did QB1 with Tate Martell and others. It's going to be an absolute banger despite me getting my ass kicked. I accepted the challenge on a shortened timeline and put everything I had in a district that proved impossible to win. Will feature other people from the County GOP boss who lost to my opponent in the primary all the way down to diner owners. State politics is vastly undercovered and this documentary will shine a light on all that. Can't wait to share it with the world.
Comment 29 Mar 2019
Buddy, I said Urban's lawyer disappeared Zach's felony charges for assaulting his pregnant wife and that he made a sextape in his football office with a woman who wasnt his wife and showed his players. He won't sue me for libel because it's all true. McMurphy is a hack but hey, I won't stop you from defending a guy like Smith. It's no skin off my back.
Comment 29 Mar 2019
I'm sorry my actions made you feel that way, NY. I understand your logic, but in my lifetime of dealing with bullies I've found the high road doesn't work on them. The most effective way in dealing with a bully is punching them in the face. My name is my name, and I'm not going to suffer ZS and his troll army thinking he dunked on me. You'll notice he stopped chirping as soon as I came back on him. I understand these tactics aren't for everybody but that's how I'm wired. As for commenting on him, I still get paid to have opinions on these kinds of things. And you'll notice he only contended with the part where I called him a professional alcoholic.
Comment 29 Mar 2019
The R had the information and did use it against me. Just not in official channels because the district is ruby red and ultimately all charges against me were dismissed. The whole saga will be covered in "Touch the Boulder," the documentary about my campaign coming late this year. This was something posted on the front page of my website nearly a year ago. Never not once did I hide from any mistake I made and certainly never played the victim card like the unemployed podcaster. I repented and changed my ways; he hasn't. As I said, I will gladly go on his show and embarrass him further if he is dumb enough to give me the platform to do so.
Comment 20 Aug 2018

I will put a poster of Alex Hornibrook on the wall of my room if the Badgers finish higher than the Buckeyes. I will also be betting my life savings on that contest if it should come to fruition in Indianapolis.