Police: Ohio State Running Back Carlos Hyde Will Not Face Charges in Connection with Reported Assault

By 11W Staff on July 30, 2013 at 8:52 pm

According to a media release issued by the Columbus Police Department, Ohio State running back Carlos Hyde will not face charges for a reported assault that took place at Sugar Bar 2 nearly 10 days ago. The alleged victim in the case – who told us she planned to issue a statement Wednesday morning and minutes after the Hyde news hit today, did just that – did not wish to press charges. From the CPD's perspective, the case is officially closed.

This is a story that's taken multiple turns, from the revelation of a surveillance tape, to a report that Hyde did not strike the alleged victim, to reports indicating that Hyde, did in fact, strike the alleged victim, to the Columbus Police speaking up to say that much of the reporting on the situation had been "reckless up to this point."

In the video shown above (the action starts around the 3:10 mark), it's obvious the victim in the case intended to strike Hyde first, and Hyde attempted to strike the victim in return. Due to the quality of the video, it's impossible to ascertain whether either party made substantial contact.

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As for Hyde, It remains to be seen what punishment – if any, though we have to assume there will be something – Urban Meyer applies to him and whether his status with the team, currently registered as "suspended indefinitely" changes.

We'll have more as this story develops.

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