Merry Urbzmas and Coach of the Year

While it may no longer be Hate Week, the hate heaped toward our Buckeyes continues in the form of a metaphorical middle finger from the league's coaching fraternity. Even though seven members of the 2012 squad were named First-Team All-Big Ten, the coaches largely told the Bucks to "piss of...
28 Nov 2012
by AndyVance

Catching Up with Dravon Henry: The Game Visit

We caught up with 2014 Aliquippa (PA) ATH Dravon Henry, the cousin of Darrelle Revis, after he attended the Ohio State-Michigan game this past weekend with teammate, DT Jaleel Fields: If he enjoyed the game: "Yeah, I did. It was really loud and I didn't expect it to be like that. It...
27 Nov 2012
by Alex

13' LB Trey Johnson's Official Visit

I spoke to 2013 LB target Trey Johnson's coach, Todd Wofford once again a couple of hours ago to get the scoop on Trey's official visit to Ohio State this past weekend. Here's what I found out: Visit: "He's really excited about it. Trey and his dad both had a great time ...

Catching Up With Darius West: The Game Visit

2014 Lima (OH) DB Darius West was one of the top performers for Ohio State's Friday Nights Light Camp back in July. He was the fastest man in the secondary as well at the camp.  West has been to OSU a few times, and was in Columbus again for the Michigan game.  West on the exp...
26 Nov 2012
by Derek Young

Catching Up with Jaleel Fields: The Game Visit

2014 Aliquippa (PA) Senior High School DT Jaleel Fields is a prospect that the OSU staff has been in constant contact with. At 6-3/270 Fields has great size to play defensive tackle at the next level, but also has the great athleticism that Urban Meyer looks for in his offensive linemen. He took hi...
26 Nov 2012
by Alex

Catching Up with Dorian Hendrix: The Game Visit

Dorian Hendrix is a 6-1/215 linebacker in the class of 2014 from Huber Heights (OH) Wayne, the same high school as Braxton Miller. He is considered one of the best linebackers in the state for his class and has been in contact with the Buckeye coaching staff.  Hendrix was in town to see OSU be...
26 Nov 2012
by Alex

Catching Up with Tinashe Bere: The Game Visit

I had the chance to sit down with 2014 Cincinnati (OH) Sycamore LB Tinashe Bere following his weekend visit to Columbus to see Ohio State defeat Michigan: On the experience: "It was amazing and really fun. It was an exciting game." He didn't get to speak to the coaches ot...
26 Nov 2012
by Alex

Catching Up with Kyle Trout: The Game Visit

2014 Lancaster (OH) OL Kyle Trout has been a prospect that has been in constant contact with the Ohio State coaching staff. While he does not currently hold an offer, he is thought to be at the top of OSU's wish list for the in-state prospects at the position group, along with Jimmy Byrne and Ni...
26 Nov 2012
by Alex

Catching Up with Marcelys Jones: The Game Visit

Wanted to re-post as a blog. Here is the scoop on Glenville 2014 OL Marcelys Jones from my forum post the other day: I spoke to Marcelys Jones about his experience at The Game on Saturday. He was impressed by the atmosphere and was able to speak to Coach Meyer, Drayton, and Warinner. Ohio St...
26 Nov 2012
by Derek Young


don't do this, thanks. not only can 11W get into trouble, but it just isn't the kind of thing that we want on our site in general. how about this: maybe write a blog post where you find hidden gems in the 11W archives that everybody should read that they didn't before? or maybe make a pi...

Looking Ahead to 2013

Typically after polishing off a 12-0 regular season capped by taking some revenge out on your archrival, fans would be lining up for a conference title game with national championship hopes on the line.  Not this year.  Not for this team.  We're perhaps still a bit hungover from w...
25 Nov 2012
by RedStorm45

The Ballad of Bielema: His B1G Recap Adventure

i decided to compile my (with guest sarah) dumbass little stories about bret bielema in one place for the hell of it, let's see if this makes any kind of sense at all Bret Bielema woke up groggily, smacking his greasy, fishlike lips as he groped for his vomit-soaked Whitesnake t-shirt with the ...

12-OH: Thoughts on 'The Game'

Drama before the game Didn't like #26, Michigan FR Dennis Norfleet, getting in the face of Bradley Roby. Norfleet isn't even a starter (unless you count starting kick returner) and he's INITIATING butting heads with one of our star defensive players.  He was looking to cause...

The Dying Throes of BCS Chaos

I write this early Sunday morning, which is probably a bad time because about nine hours or so would allow greater certainty of what is to come.  However, I want to look at possibilities, so allow me the room that I might put on some rose-colored glasses.  We can all laugh at me later. At...
25 Nov 2012
by vidstudent


As I sit here thinking back over this season and I enjoy the success this 2012 Buckeye team has enjoyed, I have to think, "What is the historical significance of this team?"  I started thinking about schools and programs who had success while on probation, or had a beloved team that m...
24 Nov 2012
by btalbert25

Ranking the Buckeyes

Here's how I'd rank how each Buckeye did this season. WDYT? Rank Name Pos Class Skinny 1 Miller, Braxton QB SO Tapered off noticeably near the end of the year but excellent passing in the first half against Michigan kept OSU in the game. 2 Shazier, Ryan LB SO Started the season slow but...
24 Nov 2012
by shamgod

Is Post-Season Ban Beneficial to 2013 Buckeyes?

It's in the books. The 2012 Season for The Ohio State University is over; unblemished, unscathed. Our Buckeyes wont see live football action for 9 months. Go ahead, get your old lady pregnant now, by the time she is screaming out that puppy, the last time we saw the field will still be that wond...
24 Nov 2012
by Codeezy