Why You Shouldn't Freak Out About The 2014 Class

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April 16, 2013 at 1:00a

I've seen a few partial panic-mode posts the last few days regarding the shape of our 2014 recruiting class, so I thought this blog was worth making.

Here are your reasons why you shouldn't freak out about the 2014 class:
1) It's April 16th (as of midnight), that means there are around 10 more months until National Signing Day
2) OSU went undefeated last season, how many times in your life have you been able to say that?
3) Our coach is Urban Meyer
4) We might miss on Hand and Peppers -- but hey, we didn't have a single player in the Rivals Top 25 last year, and yet we still managed the #2 class overall. Who says you need to have the top few players to have an elite class?
5) This time last year: we had 8 commits.
Right now: we have 7 commits.
16 of our 24 commits from the consensus #2 overall 2013 class came after today's date last year. This year will be a smaller class -- with that in mind, we're actually right on schedule! The season will bring victories, and with those victories recruits; so fear not, Urban always gets his man!*

*Or a reasonable approximation of, or a better version (see Mike Mitchell vs Alex Italian-Name-Guy) of; the point being, even if Urban doesn't get his first target, the nature of HS football/the camp cycle, is that a whole lot of new targets will develop. Coaches will be fired and resign, causing recruits to decommit. And OSU will once again be a preeminent program, drawing in recruits who otherwise might have gone elsewhere. The night is young! Feel free to add your own reasons to my list!

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Thank you for this blog, LLJJGG, which I really appreciate. I am indeed quite down-trodden because so much of the top talent seems to lean towards us initially, only to spurn us ultimately. But you bring up a number of good points. Also, when thinking about it, the ranking system for recruits is dynamic. So recruits that may be ranked lower now and not yet taken could end up becoming more highly-ranked OSU recruits in the future. Also, if we have a successful 2013 season, which I fully expect, this may cause some recruits to reconsider.

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This is one of those titles I initially read and thought "huh? who is wigging out about recruiting in April?"
But good write up and pretty accurate.  We are going after top guys all across the country, ie out of our region.  Most of these guys didn't grow up envisioning playing for OSU.  They grew up with Urban at FLA, Pete Carrol's fun factory out west, etc...
So, yes, it's not ideal to miss out on big recruits we really need and/or want...but there are plenty of fish in the sea.  The dust never settles until after NSD (and even later at times).  I think conversely, the rate at which we are plucking guys out of other regions (south and west) is pretty phenomenal.  Within the midwest, we have both UM and ND recruiting at a high clip now.  I want to beat them at everything we compete with them at...but it's nice to have some partners to battle the programs south of the Mason Dixon line.
Both OSU and Urban have quite a solid track record.  Keep ye faith.

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I am not worried about recruiting. I think the average rating per player will be over 4.0.

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I would bet this doesn't happen. But I would also bet we are, at the very least, a top 10 class. There are usually only one or two teams, if at all, that have over 4.0 averages.

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Yea, its very tough to get an average over 4. That means you have to have more 5* guys than 3* guys and that's a hard feat to accomplish.

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I think you guys have nothing to worry about on the recruiting front and neither does my team (Michigan).  You can't get every last player you're targeting - misses happen.  I have no doubt that OSU will end up with another Top 5 class when all is said and done.  Also big picture, whether it's #2 vs say...#5 should make little difference for you guys.  The individual player rankings are so imprecise that often times there's little separation in actual talent among the Top 150 players in the country.  As long as you're getting a good chunk of recruits from that Top 150-200 talent pool, you'll have nothing to worry about from a talent perspective.

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It's April 16th (as of midnight)

This is all that needed to be said.
I'm a little disappointed about not getting Hurd or Todd, but it's nothing to freak out over.

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^ Amen

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When we lose recruits (Harris, Mustipher, Todd . . . ) that are high on our radar, or at least have high visibility to us in the fan base, it stings a bit.  I am not a very patient person, but I need to let it go and assume the best for us.  Go URBS and staff!

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Thank you.  Someone needed to say it....+1 for stating what should be obvious.  

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Guys, We'll lose more top recruits than we get. It's recruiting.. We've had 2 fantastic classes and this one is starting off quite well.

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I have found myself scratching my head with a lot of players I thought we'd have a great shot at committing early and elsewhere when there was so much interest in OSU across the board. That being said, I'm not really worried. Time is still on our side and another rampage through our regular season schedule should be the best recruiting tool of all this year. I think a lot of people may be looking at our depth charts and seeing a lot of young talent and maybe deciding to move on. That's not a terrible problem to have.

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We'll never get all the kids we want. This staff and the head honcho know how to make up for deficiencies when necessary.

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I'll add schools will get NCAA sanctions. Are you listening, Miami? Also don't forget Lyles provided services to other schools. 

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I'm not worried either, but I was a little disappointed about losing out on a few of our top guys, and I have confidence in the coaches, to put together another fine class.

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I was pretty excited about Jalen Hurd, but we have such a strong corps of RB talent that it won't hurt us in the least.
I do, however feel pretty confident we end up with Jabrill Peppers, who according to some is on par with Da'Shawn Hand's talent (or better).

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Not even slightly worried - and mainly for all the reasons you've listed. Also, like last year, the class shaped up with a bunch of unexpected recruits who, in most cases, were as good or better than the ones we had last year...I expect more of the same this year.

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This staff seems to adapt real quick and find new targets when someone commits elsewhere.  They do a great job of getting players who maybe weren't' on the board at first but then take advantage of coaching/program changes at other schools. 

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At Ohio State we are known for taking 2-3 star recruits and turning them into 4-5 stars. Player development is what is most important. 

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I don't get my hopes up. (Yet). I am just getting into this whole recruiting thing. I love to read about the ones who made their choice to play for us. I am glad to hear of so many kids getting into college. It wasn't important when I was a kid. Good luck to all. 

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Ohio State got commitments from Dontre Wilson, Vonn Bell, and Jalin Marshall the week of NSD in this years class. Still a long way to go and many fluid situations for recruits. Not in a panic here.

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Jalin Marshall was committed for a long time. I think you mean Corey Smith.

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Last years class makes up for any big time misses we may experience this year.  I think when Raekwon finally pulls the trigger, several dominoes will fall into place those final two months like they aways do

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I wrote this is a thread yesterday, and I think it goes well in this blog.

According to 247, we had 134 total offers out (I'm sure that number isn't 100% accurate) last year with 24 of them being commitments. That means 110 of them decided tOSU wasn't the best place for them. I think we can all come to a general consensus that we were/are pleased with last year's recruiting class. We will probably have north of 100 recruits once again decide not to take Urban up on his scholarship offer this year. There is no need to panic. This class will be good, we just don't know who will be in it to make it good.

Plus, to add on. If we are going to miss out on guys, I'd rather miss out on them earlier than later.

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No one should ever freak out about recruiting with Urban at the helm.  We won't get everyone we want, but no one ever does.  One thing is certain, when all is said and done he'll end up with a class loaded with talent. 

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Aside from the situation at O-line in 2014 (discussed elsewhere) my only concern about OSU recruiting overall is that the last couple of years our highest-ranked recruit has been in the high 20s (across all services, consensus, whatever). Our real competition, Bama, got roughly as many guys ranked 20-100, but also 2 or 3 top-20 guys. Over time this kind of disparity will add up, if it continues. Yes, recruits outside the top 20 will develop into superstars. But at Bama too.
Of course, keep winning every game, and recruiting will take care of itself, so nothing to worry about.

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We're spoiled as fans. The 2011, 2012 and 2013 classes were all top notch!


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I'm not as concerned about our class..it will be a good one.  Sure, I'd love to get some of those top-5 kind of guys (Hand, Peppers), but I think we'll have a real good class. 
I'm more concerned that scUM's recruiting is, if anything, gaining steam.  They landed that RB Green, and they are right in on some top guys for this year's class.  I do want scUM to stay good and competitive, but I just wonder what the heck is in the Kool-Aid up there.