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Comment 16 Jan 2017

So basically the new Devin Smith WR role?

Yup. In watching those MSU, Wisconsin, and Alabama games again recently, Devin Smith was a nightmare for defenses; seemed like he was good for two 40+ yard TDs a game. His 28.2 YDs per catch average in 2014 was just plain nasty, especially for a guy with just under 1000 yds/receiving and 12 TDs on the year. 

Comment 16 Jan 2017

I remember watching some highlights of all-star game practices. This kid looked like he had no idea how to run routes

Not trying to minimize the issue you bring up, but watching his highlight tape, given the kid's freakish size and athleticism combo, I'd just tell him to run streaks all game haha. No need to run a complex route tree, just "go get the ball" would suffice. Lord knows we could've used a downfield threat this season, and judging by his tape he was near unguardable as a downfield threat.  

Comment 16 Jan 2017

I'm really curious how different this offense will look from the current. Not in terms of efficiency (it will be statistically better than last year, it has to be), but in scheme. And not because I question Wilson at all, but because Meyer has had pretty much the same system his offenses work from for as long as I can remember; i.e. the run first (especially QB run first) pass second offense. Whereas I see Wilson's spread as a pass first run second offense, but I could be wrong on that. I mean, that's how I remember the Sam Bradford Oklahoma teams operating. At Indiana it seemed to be the same, although I remember Tevin Coleman and Jordan Howard getting a lot of carries there. It seems to me, though, that Urban and Wilson have slightly different offensive philosophies, so how much will Urban step away and say to Wilson: "the offense is yours." I think if Urban gives up control to Wilson (and Wilson only) the sky is the limit. However, if Wilson feels like he's looking over his shoulder for Urban's imput, he could be handcuffed the same way Herman seemed to be at times his first couple of years at OSU (for example that famous QB sweep play against MSU that got OSU eliminated, which Urban admitted later was his call). 

This makes me sound like I question the ability of Urban, which I don't. His system has been incredibly effective. But I do think OSU's offense (if we're to believe the announcers who claimed that Warinner, Beck, Meyer, and even Smith had some role in suggesting plays in game) this year definitely struggled from a too many cooks spoiling the broth scenario. One obvious place it effected them was the lack of tempo and the consistent snaps with 1-2 seconds left on the play clock (took way too long to get plays in, J.T. having to look at the sideline for adjustments, audible, etc.). Kevin Wilson is an offensive genius, and he deserves complete control. I hope Urban will give that to him. Speed up the offense, have a playcaller with an agenda/scheme that can be quickly communicated to the offense (or two playcallers with just Wilson + Meyer occasionally [ala Herman + Meyer during the championship season]), and let OSU's talent show on the field again. That's my hope, anyway.

Comment 14 Jan 2017

My Top 5 Home and Homes:
1) Alabama (S-E-C, S-E-C / Would feel like a regular season playoff game)
2) LSU (S-E-C, S-E-C + Death Valley)
3) USC (want revenge)
4) Georgia (S-E-C, S-E-C + If not Bama or LSU, would still be a quality SEC opponent and great atmosphere)
5) Florida State (regular season night game in Tallahassee would be a lot of fun)

Comment 14 Jan 2017

This may not be a popular opinion, but watching OSU's arsenal of 5'10"/5'11" RB/WR hybrids get bullied by 6'1" CBs was getting old. Really glad they're bringing in more kids like this.

Mike Williams was a low 4*, 6'4"/210, 4.53/40 WR coming out of high school. Not saying Jaylen Harris is the next Mike Williams; but I am quietly hoping for it haha. Regardless of his potential, Harris is going to be a nightmare for defenders. Along with Austin Mack, Ben Victor, and Trevon Grimes.

Comment 14 Jan 2017

He knew the depth chart situation at OSU when he committed in August.

I doubt he knew EGW and Brendon White would be switching over to offense, though. I don't think it's a coincidence that EGW and Brendon White announce they're moving to offense and TL decommits the next day. 

Comment 13 Jan 2017

It will be interesting to see where Oregon goes from here. One of the critiques you heard about the Kelly and Helfrich eras was that they weren't super committed to recruiting. I remember reading the Oregon boards around the time OSU played them in the CFP CG, and a lot of the fans mentioned Helfrich's system (which he learned from Kelly) of being very slow (but decisive) about who they offered. Which did cost them from time to time when they slowplayed recruits who could go elsewhere.

A lot of the Oregon hype of those days has died down though now that every team has 2+ alternate uniforms, Nike love, etc. But with a staff truly committed to recruiting early and often you might see them snag some players they might not have otherwise. It will be difficult for them with USC and Washington both surging again, though, as they are primarily competing for the same pool of players (California, Washington, and Utah [which is surprisingly talented some years]).

Comment 13 Jan 2017

Love this pickup. Great sign that OSU is turning back into a team that will find use for traditional WRs again IMO.

Comment 13 Jan 2017

Even though this thread seems like a minefield, I'll just say that I didn't really care for the whole, "I'm going to release what they did on NSD" comment. It seems kind of spiteful, and makes it seem like OSU committed some sort of unforgivable sin when my hunch is he didn't like EGW taking his presumed spot on offense. I don't blame him if he felt it was promised to him and has decided to decommit because it felt like a promise not kept by OSU, but I do think with age and wisdom behind me sometimes it's best just to let things go rather than to make a big deal of it on NSD, which that interview did sound like he was going to do. Obviously I'm just speculating, but it seems kind of obvious that one day he is 100% pro-OSU, that night EGW mentions on Twitter that he is flipping to the offense (to what is clearly the same position Lindsey would play, and McCall is already competition for), and the next day a 100% OSU commit is no longer one.

But I do wish him the best regardless, in a year no one will remember this ever happened. He'll have a great career at Nebraska (a lot like Stefon Diggs at Maryland, they'll build the playbook around him I'd wager), OSU will keep on being OSU, water under the bridge.

Comment 12 Jan 2017

I don't really understand the star gazing by a lot of OSU fans, it's like they've eliminated this kid because he's a 3*.

Ezekiel Elliott was a 3* at one point before his OSU commitment made recruiting services take a second look. Darron Lee was a 3*. Heck, Alabama's 2016 class had a 3* RB (Josh Jacobs) who ran for over 500 yards for them this year. If OSU thinks he's good enough, he's plenty good enough. 

Comment 09 Jan 2017

Go read the 247 Blue Board if you need a reason to root against Alabama. Alabama fans bash OSU 24/7, there aren't enough Clemson fans around to do so. Alabama and their fans need brought back down to earth, Clemson can do that. It's not good for college football to have one team win it 4 out of 6 years. If you think Alabama dominates recruiting now, wait till they add another championship this year. And arguably bring back a stronger team next year.

FSU and OSU started to break through the Alabama monopoly, but Clemson let them back into it last year. Clemson needs to win this one or we have another offseason of SEC > everyone else (despite a mediocre league in general), and more forward momentum by Alabama on the recruiting trail in 2018. Until Alabama stops being the favorites to win the title every year, no one else will own the recruiting titles either, and inevitably Alabama's roll will continue unabated.

Comment 07 Jan 2017

So, what should we expect for 2017?

What we should expect is different than what we want.
Personally, I want: 
QB - Haskins (i.e. QB that can spread the field w/accurate downfield passing)
RB - Weber (Minus fumbling)
WR - 1) Brown, 2) Hill, 3) Victor, 4) Grimes, 5) Lindsey, 6) McLaurin/Mack  Wild-card: Gibson or Dixon, depending on whether they stay
H-B - 1) Samuel (if he stays), 2) McCall, 3) Campbell (personally feel he should have been an H-Back all along, not a true WR)

But what I think will happen:
QB - Barrett
RB - Weber
WR - 1) Brown, 2) Campbell, 3) McLaurin, everyone else working in occasionally (Grimes and Lindsey RSing coming off an injury)
H-B - 2) McCall (with Samuel going pro)

I'm hoping Kevin Wilson changes things, but I'm not sure he will the 1st year. Usually takes more than one season to fully acclimate a roster to a new offensive scheme (assuming Urban allows Wilson to fully change his scheme, which is pretty much the same one Urban's teams have been running since BGSU). I've thought for awhile that 2018 will be the year OSU becomes a true title contender again. The talent that year will rival Alabama and everyone else.

Comment 07 Jan 2017

In interviews that Holmes has done, I recall him emphasizing his "brand."  You could see as much when he had Urbz pointing at his dad's company car.  The kid wants the publicity.  He wants everyone to be talking about him.  This increases his name recognition.

I get that that's just how it works these days, but the whole brand thing is kind of obnoxious. I say this whether Holmes picks OSU or not. I've felt the same way the last 3 years as Jabrill Peppers has been doing it. 

I guess it worked for Peppers though, his hype brought him Heisman consideration and people believing he was a top 10 pick for awhile.

Comment 06 Jan 2017

A 31-0 pasting in the play-off semi-final is certainly not going to help Ohio State's standing with the selection committee next season.  Of course it's not a deal killer all on it's own by any means - but it could easily have an adverse effect in the event of a close call.

If OSU goes undefeated: this loss will have no effect, they won't ever keep out an undefeated OSU
If OSU has 1 loss but is conference champion: they will not keep out a 1-loss OSU B1G Champ ever (IMO)
If OSU has 1 loss but is not conference champion (i.e. this year's scenario): OSU will not get a spot the way they did this year, unless those below them are considerably worse

I think that's how the loss effects OSU going forward. This year OSU got a pass because of the championship they won in 2014 + the Urban Meyer effect. I personally don't think OSU gets that pass again until they win another title.

Comment 06 Jan 2017

Not just because I'm an OSU fan, but going any place mostly because your mom, sister, and girlfriend want you to go there sounds like a huge mistake. What're they going to do when he goes to the NFL btw (and is in a different city every weeekend), which I'm sure is his dream? Moving away is part of growing up.

Comment 05 Jan 2017

HUGE if so. Liking a Lattimore + Ward front line at both CB spots with all of the DB talent OSU has coming in 2017.

Is there any chance they RS all of Okudah, Wade, and Holmes (assuming/hoping he commits)? You'd think they're too talented to RS, would be great on special teams if nothing else.

Comment 05 Jan 2017

IRT the smoke about Darnay Holmes and USC:
Is it just me or does it sound an awful lot like the Tony Brown to Ohio State smoke a couple of years ago? Or even the James Quick to OSU stuff? It seems like every year there are all of these misleading rumors floating around circa the All-American games. I wouldn't be shocked if there was absolutely nothing to it. Kind of like the "OMG, Marshon Lattimore and Erick Smith may actually pick Michigan!" that was also circulating before the Army All-American game.

And I don't mean to hate on Birm because I've enjoyed his recruiting know-how over the years, but it seems like his sources have not been perfect lately (ala the whole Donovan Peoples-Jones will choose OSU thing). I appreciate that Birm is honest about the fact that just because his sources are saying one thing doesn't mean it's so, however. I personally will wait for a Steve Wiltfong or Alex Gleitman away-from-OSU CB until I start to feel iffy on Holmes.

Comment 01 Jan 2017

Beck is QB.

I agree with everything you said, but what's our evidence that he can develop QBs? Nebraska fans were vocal about the fact that he couldn't develop QBs there (if anything Armstrong got better after he left), Cardale and J.T. have been worse since he was hired (Cardale in the past tense), and he wasn't even a QBs coach until 2011 (everywhere else he was a WRs or RBs coach). 

I guess that only evidence is that Meyer hired him so we should believe he's good at his job, but we haven't really seen any on the field evidence of it since 2011.

Comment 01 Jan 2017

It took Tom Herman almost 2 seasons to fully develop into the OC that he was in 2014.

It actually only took him one year to get adjusted going into his second season. OSU's team offense rankings by year during the Meyer era. 

2012 - 64th
2013 - 5th
2014 - 3rd
2015 - 40th
2016 - 31st

I'm not targeting you specifically Scarlatina, but I feel like the following needs to be said: they took a Corvette and turned it into Vega (and that's being generous). Warinner should be given the option of reducing his role (Co-OC in name only, work with Studrawa on bettering the OL going into next season [who BTW LSU fans were never in love with either; they said he was always paid tremendously despite continuously lackluster OL performances]). Beck should be thanked for his service but let know that he should look for work elsewhere next season. Two years worth of chances for diminishing one of the best offenses in college football two years in a row should not be rewarded with a third year.

I saw a lot of threads here over the last two years saying, "We need to give Beck a chance." But any Nebraska fan you asked two years ago knew what would happen before we did. Several of them were pretty blunt about the fact that he was terrible at developing QBs, and we've found that to be true at OSU. At this point I don't even recognize the J.T. they have playing, he looks so much like a shadow of himself in 2014 that it's scary. That is not his fault, it's on the coaches to develop. Beck never impressed at Nebraska, he wasn't going to suddenly start doing so at OSU just because he had better players to work with. In fact, if anything I'd say that's further evidence of his failures. You can't give him the benefit of a "lack of talent" to work with. His first year when OSU had the 40th ranked offense he had a QB, RB, OL, and several WRs coming off of a championship season.

Comment 31 Dec 2016

So frustrating to watch after 2014 OSU ran people in the dirt with runs between the tackles. They've completely abandoned that style since.

Comment 31 Dec 2016

The last two years you really wonder what the point in recruiting a RB is if they're not going to run them in big games. Elliott and Weber have not been used in big games since the new OC staff took over.

Comment 31 Dec 2016

I feel the same way. If they don't make a change in who's calling the plays (not saying fire people, just have Urban take over 100%), I really am going to have trouble sitting through the season. This is becoming infuriating to watch in these games against teams like MSU, UM, and Clemson. Even the ones OSU wins, they are hard to sit through when you see them calling QB sweeps and long-developing passes on 2nd and 3rd and short (resulting in sacks and big loss plays over and over again).