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Comment 19 hours ago

Wiltfong is definitely good (one of 4 or 5 guys I tend to listen to), but he's not infallible. I have noticed he tends to do a lot of flipping of his picks when a recruit is close to a decision, which is probably why he ends up around 85% correct (as opposed to the guys who make an early prediction and stick with it).

Comment 21 Mar 2015

I try not to be negative, and am fine with the way the season turned out.

That said: 3-4 games per season it seems like this zone defense gets picked apart. Doesn't really seem to matter much who the players in the Scarlet & Gray are. I don't know enough about basketball to know why that is, just seems like every year in the tournament, once they play a team that can consistently hit 3s and rebound offensively, they will be out. Unfortunate, but it's been happening for a decade now.

Comment 18 Mar 2015

People will be screaming bloody murder if it follows the comics (next big death wise), I will just say that hahah.

That's one of the good things about Daryl being a show-only character. If/when Daryl goes (my guess is that he will die eventually during a jump the shark episode after most have stopped watching, maybe 3 seasons from now), it will be a surprise.

Comment 18 Mar 2015

I shouldn't be surprised by that. Comics(manga for those who are into that), are almost always more violent than their tv counterparts. It annoys me.

As in you wish the show was equally as violent (for purposes of accuracy/accordance with the comic)?

I will say, for some reason last ep struck me as one of the more viscerally violent eps we've seen in awhile. Then again, most of my favorite moments in the show are less the violent moments than the threatened violent moments (ala Rick alone in that house with those raiders/the group Daryl aligned himself with for awhile last season).  

Comment 16 Mar 2015

I could take or leave their chili itself, but those coneys with the chili + cheese + onions + mustard are ridiculous.

Comment 15 Mar 2015

Yep. Not trying to be a pessimist, but I typically don't consider a Florida commitment a true commitment until NSD. I think Judson is more likely to sign with OSU than most, but outside of the Bosa Bros. I'm typically below 30% confidence on recruits out of that state.

Florida recruits in particular are known to be the head-scratchers of the recruiting world if you ask any Floridians who follow recruiting. There are many on 247's blue board who comment on it regularly. 

Comment 13 Mar 2015

Last few seasons of BB Walter White is the guy I would send in (alone) to an enemy camp for intimidation purposes.

He can also cook up a pretty tasty wildlife omelet with his chemistry skills I'd bet.
Comment 13 Mar 2015

Vikings: Lagertha; for bashing skulls and looking good while doing it
Luther: Luther; for justice-handling, any detective work needed
TWD: Daryl; has Rick's death-dealing, without Rick's control-freak tendencies
Sherlock: Sherlock; for analytics
Breaking Bad: Walter White; doing the dirty work
Firefly: Captain Malcolm Reynolds; to lead with common sense/even-handedness
Game of Thrones: Daenerys; because dragons
Farscape: Aeryn; super soldier with sex appeal
Battlestar Galactica: President Laura Roslin; handling politics, socialization
The Last Man on Earth: Carol; growing tomatoes, keeping things tidy

Finding 5 ladies was harder than one would think. Not enough female badasses out there in TV!

Comment 11 Mar 2015

While it definitely requires a different style, it's more than possible to do without being accused of sexual harassment. Or without being a general shitbag as is the case here.

No doubt. Let's hope the claims in the article are false, because getting liquored up and missing the team bus, or telling 18 year old girls to "get horny for the puck" are not smart moves for someone representing the university.  

Comment 08 Mar 2015

Why is Mariota's draft stock so high? Few mortal men have lived through a direct shot from a hell demon (i.e. Joey Bosa).

Comment 07 Mar 2015

I personally think re-watching those highlights what I've pretty much always felt: Braxton's future is at RB or H-Back. He is a fantastic QB, but his game really isn't about his arm, it's about his legs. They can make the best use of him -- and save him the most continued injury -- at the H-back spot IMO. Sure you take hits at those spots, but they aren't the kind of unsuspected hits you take at QB, especially as an option QB in OSU's style of offense. When you watch JT and King Cardale, I think they are different style QBs, but custom made for the QB position. Braxton I think is a freak athlete who could play just about any position on the field (outside of perhaps K, OL, DL, and LB obviously), and play it at an All-American level. He translates best as a skill position player though to my eyes. RB/WR hybrid.

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Comment 07 Mar 2015

Harry Potter reference + what appears to be a Euro Trip (most underrated comedy of all-time IMHO) avatar?

I am saddened that I have but one upvote to give, kind sir!

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Comment 06 Mar 2015

She scares me in a hot kind of way.

I'm on the same page there buddy.

Something really attractive to me about girls who can throw down if some bully steals my jujubes at the movie theatre.

Comment 03 Mar 2015

My favorite comment on this from the 247 blueboard (user named Gordo I believe):

...and the woman's son still didn't commit to UM.

Comment 28 Feb 2015

Jaylon Smith ND LB. What can I say? Kid deserves to play for a winner for a change.

In all seriousness, I'd love to see what CB Vernon Hargreaves from UF could do with Eli Apple on the other side of the field. Lockdown city. Maybe a rush end to compliment Bosa as mentioned in the OP, like MSU's Shilique Calhoun (from 2013; he was really average last year IMO).

How about Baylor's Shawn Oakman for pure Bosa + Oakman intimidation factor?

Comment 28 Feb 2015

I mentioned this in the thread he started: I personally have a rather large tolerance for trolling; I enjoyed 9Route for what he was worth. I don't dislike M Man, but I will say the fact that 95% of his posts from what I could tell as of the couple of months were either: 1) not-so-subtle jabs at OSU (as in posting a thread for the sole purpose of pointing out that a kid from Cass Tech doesn't like OSU, despite the fact that Birm already addressed it in his Hurry Up [which M Man acknowledged reading]), or 2) defensive posturing regarding the Michigan program in threads where it wasn't even relevant. 

I can understand that being in enemy territory might make you more defensive than you would otherwise be, but when you have as many years logged here as he does, at what point do you get over it? His posts didn't even bother me so much as the vast majority of them were lined with an unnecessarily holier-than-thou bite to them. I have a sibling that is a UM fan, and we haven't banished him from the family. Primarily because he is honest about the UM program, and isn't overly-defensive. That, I think, is important when it comes to getting along with a rivals' fanbase. Especially if you're on one of their biggest fan forums. I avoid downvoting M Man and other UM fans here so long as they don't troll, but at the same time, I do think they should consider what is relevant and what is not. Along with avoiding talking down to us lowly OSU fans on a website purposefully created for us haha.

Comment 27 Feb 2015

I didn't dislike this M Man guy previously, in fact he was once a pretty solid poster, but I swear his posting has become insufferable as of the last few months. Every post is either a not-so-subtle jab at OSU (as with this thread), or a tone-deaf defense of UM in a thread where it doesn't belong. I don't down vote him, and this is the first I've brought this up (people who know my posting history know that I have NEVER gone out of my way to bash a user here previously, even some of the worst trolls), but dear lord it gets grating after awhile.

If we wanted to read OSU-bashing and constant UM-defensive behavior we'd go to a Michigan fan forum.

Comment 27 Feb 2015

Went to google Emily Ratajkowski...just now making it back to this thread several hours later.

Anywho, underrated: a good cup of coffee right after a solid dinner.

Comment 27 Feb 2015

I feel like that show was doomed by the title. I didn't watch it myself, but I've heard good things from those they have, and I really think the majority of people that would have were probably turned off by the title before they ever gave the show a chance. Which is unfortunate considering both Karen Gillan and John Cho are awesome.

Comment 27 Feb 2015

That stuck out to me as well. Personally I do think it was more Devin than the system that relegated him to go routes. That's not to say I think he's anything but an excellent WR, but Mike Thomas played the same WR spot and destroyed people on short and intermediate routes all year. My personal feeling is that OSU saw Smith's strength and played to it. There's a reason they primarily gave Mike Thomas one set of plays/routes and Devin Smith another.