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Comment 2 minutes ago

Absolutely. That's one reason why I like to see other B1G teams do well (except against OSU). When you have good UM, PSU, UW, MSU, NEB teams, you have more excitement for recruits to join the B1G (and by extension OSU). Many top recruits want to be able to say they've played -- and succeeded against -- the best. One unfortunate element of OSU's scheduling the last couple of years (which will thankfully change as of the OOC games against Oklahoma, Oregon, etc.) is that given the B1G's being down and lack of quality OOC opponents, OSU has only really been able to claim they play elite teams 2-3 times a year (MSU or UM depending on whether they're up/down + the bowl game). I've actually read quite a few recruits over the last couple of years who were huge on OSU, but honestly stated they wished OSU played a more competitive schedule.

Comment 1 hour ago

Outside of the pipeline effect Woodshed mentioned (which I've read a few places as well), I'm not actually super surprised when recruits go to places like Ole Miss, Tennessee, PSU. If you have a team with at least decent history (Tennessee and PSU are great historical football teams) and a relatively passionate coach, it's very easy to sell recruits on a few things the first few years you're there:
1) We have no depth yet, you would start right away
2) We have a fanbase that really wants to support a winner, you can get us there
3) We're a "program on the rise" (if you've hit bottom there's nowhere to go BUT up...or stay at the bottom, in which case the coach will be out of there in a few years anyway)

Almost every interview I hear from an elite recruit goes, "I want a good education, I want good relationships with the coaching staff, and I want to start right away." Unless the recruit's definition of "good education" is Stanford, Northwestern, etc., they don't really care whether the school is Notre Dame or Alabama, so the coach honestly just has to sell them on the last two -- which are easy to do at a program that is bad (most programs that are losing a lot of games are lacking quality depth).

Comment 19 hours ago

Yeah, I think Campbell will be a star once he has a couple of years in OSU's strength & conditioning program (given that he's only 17 now iirc). Even though he's pegged as a future RB, would love to see a kid with his length (6'+ and potentially still growing at his age + 4.4ish speed) at the WR position eventually.

Comment 23 hours ago

Just a heads up for anyone here with Time Warner Cable, I'm getting this message when I try to do the WatchESPN option:
"The SEC Network on WatchESPN is currently not available to Time Warner Cable customers"

Was planning to watch it on my android tablet as well. Weird considering I do actually get the SEC Network via my cable (i.e. on my actual TV), I just didn't originally plan to watch it there.

EDIT (also for TWC subscribers): Didn't work through the Watch ESPN option for me, but it was one of the channels (SEC Network) available for me via the Time Warner Cable app on my tablet.

Comment 23 hours ago

I've actually long suspected Mark May to be THE biggest OSU fan.

1) Uses any opportunity he has to give OSU a national spotlight on ESPN
2) Tries to motivate the team by constantly doubting them
3) *Owns a Brutus the Buckeye body pillow

*Unsubstantiated rumor

Comment 27 Aug 2014

I don't know if he is right this moment, but I personally think Damon Webb will end up being one of the best CBs OSU has had since Malcolm Jenkins. Watching a lot of video of him last year, I think he has everything needed (intelligence, athleticism, competitive spirit, technique, the list goes on) to be an All-American DB one day. He has the skill-set to be an absolute shutdown cover CB.

Comment 27 Aug 2014

I don't think either of those are the case. I think it is a reward for players who have put in the time and effort to be rewarded but have an All-American in front of them.

Yeahhh. I think we're taking the "OR"s a bit too literally. For example, I would be shocked if Cam Burrows starts ahead of a healthy Vonn Bell (Bell may still be a bit dinged up for all I know), or Tommy Schutt takes any playing time away from Michael Bennett. That said, I do think from the articles I've read here and elsewhere this off-season, the Buckeyes are going to do even more hockey-style line-changing in-game than they did last year.

Comment 26 Aug 2014

I imagine you got your downvote for being honest haha. I think the B1G can thrive, even stand up to the SEC here and there, but I don't think you see the B1G really challenging the SEC anytime soon outside of OSU, MSU, and UM/PSU (UM & PSU if they find a way to bounce back from a decade or so of mediocrity). The recruiting is too good down south at the moment. Ohio and Pennsylvania are two of the only states in B1G country that can stand up to most SEC-based states in terms of producing talent year in and year out. OSU is a national name, PSU is perfectly located to thrive on recruiting in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York. MSU is a bit flukey in the sense that they'd done it the old-fashioned way (fantastic coaching maximizing the talent they get). UM is also a national name, and they have historically never had an issue managing top-10 classes annually.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not an SEC fan. But sadly I don't see the SEC crumbling anytime soon. With Texas A&M now in the fold, they dominate recruiting in the talent-rich states of Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee, and South Carolina. I was very resistant to the "SEC is the best" rhetoric for the first 3-4 years, but when you look at recruiting over the last decade, it's hard to argue that they don't out-recruit every other conference regularly. OSU, UM, UTexas, USC, FSU, ND, and (arguably) PSU are some of the only teams outside of the SEC that recruit on par or better than the top half of the SEC aside from Alabama. I don't need the SEC to crumble though, I just need OSU to keep recruiting well in Ohio + a few of those states, and to smack these SEC teams in the mouth when they get the chance.

Comment 26 Aug 2014

We will get him.I can feel it in my gut!!

I thought so as well a few days ago. Turned out to be a bad hotpocket. 

Comment 24 Aug 2014

Nice catch.

Just adding to your FWIW: checked a couple of minutes ago, and he's now following Coach Meyer, Coach Smith, Coach Herman, OSU Recruiting Coordinator Mark Pantoni. Maybe we're in for a shock tomorrow?

Not going to get my hopes up though, typically when you see all of these CBs the day before an announcement, it's because word leaked from the coaching staff that got the call from the recruit IRT where he's going. In this case, Georgia. But CB trends have been wrong many, many times before so you really never know.

Comment 24 Aug 2014

He's now thrown a screen for a TD, a 10-15 yard intermediate pass for a TD, and a 50+ yard bomb for a TD. No offense, but what more are you looking for from the kid?

Edit: Didn't downvote you, just wanted to voice my opinion on it.

Comment 22 Aug 2014

With the expanded seating, does anyone know/has anyone heard what the new projected capacity is? Is it a significant growth? The big games last year averaged around 105k according to wiki.

Comment 22 Aug 2014

Tom Herman was interviewed on BTN the other day (might have even been yesterday), and he said that he didn't think two years ago that Baldwin would ever start on OL at OSU, but that he now can rest his head easy at night with the confidence that Baldwin is now (based on his improvement over the last two years) the starting RT they've been looking for.

Also kind of an interesting statement by Herman: he feels the current OSU line may actually be more athletic/dynamic than last year's OL, the only thing they're missing is the experience (and he does admit that experience is huge). Looks like the future is bright for OSU's OL over the next few years. I'm especially interested to see how it develops over the next few years when they start adding in some extremely talented youngsters like Jamarco Jones, Big Meech Knox, and even Kevin Feder (now a top100 OL on Rivals) to what looks like a fantastically-solid core.

Comment 21 Aug 2014

Legitimately heard Jason Sehorn say on CFL on ESPNU today:

"If OSU wins every game on their schedule this year without Braxton Miller, it will just show how weak the B1G is that they were able to accomplish it. If the other B1G teams beat OSU this year, it will hurt the perception of the B1G as OSU is considered one of the elite teams in the conference." In other words, it doesn't matter whether OSU wins or loses every game this year, they're going to take a dump on the B1G and OSU like they always do regardless of the outcome haha.

I don't know how you can watch any amount of ESPN and not see that 90% of their analysts tread the company line (that being: the B1G and OSU as part of the B1G are 2nd-rate). Luckily, I don't feel the playoff committee will follow suit; most of their committee has no connection to ESPN or the SEC. I don't think the ESPN-OSU hate is a conspiracy, they just don't care for OSU or the B1G. I don't feel there's any malicious intent in mind, they're just voicing their opinion, and their opinion is that they feel that OSU/B1G is annually overrated, and they will attempt to point that out at any opportunity. It's incredibly obvious if you've been watching ESPN for any amount of time.

Comment 19 Aug 2014

I was a Tottenham fan for a few years there whilst cheering on my favorite player (Gareth Bale). He's with Real Madrid now, though. Arsenal has some really interesting pieces right now. Liverpool was poised to really make a run the next couple of years before losing Luis Suarez to FC Barcelona.

That's the thing about the BPL as of the last few years: they have tremendous talent, until Real Madrid and FC Barcelona come calling. Man U, Man City and Chelsea almost always field a really (expensive) talented team, however. They are pretty consistently talented. The next level teams (Liverpool, Arsenal, Tottenham) ebb and flow a bit in regards to the level of talent on their rosters at any one time. I will say, this year's Man U team looks to be one of the least talented they've had (still incredibly talented by anyone else's standards) in the last several years.

Comment 19 Aug 2014

I want that inside of me

Things my girlfriend's never said to me for $500, Alex. 


Comment 18 Aug 2014

To be honest, I think a lot of B1G Network guys say things like this less because they believe it, and more because they feel like it's part of their job to laud the rest of the B1G / make the conversation interesting. If they wanted to, they really could spend every show talking entirely about how talented OSU is (and MSU to an extent) and no one else. Sometimes I'll hear them say something like this and my ears perk up, in which case I think they're doing what they set out to do: make the B1G seem like a diverse, interesting, talented conference.

Comment 14 Aug 2014

Hey Jeremy, thanks for answering questions as always!

Any recruit that's not getting a lot of buzz in OSU recruiting/fan circles that you think could be a dark horse to end up with OSU come NSD? (ex. I heard that 4* RB Jordan Cronkite is taking an OSU official visit; I know he's one of three RB recruits currently committed to MIami, have to think one of them bails eventuall).