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Comment 13 hours ago

All depends on how the individual final rankings are hashed out.  We are the leaders for a lot of kids in the top 50 we've been chasing.  This class has the possibility the top rated class, albeit smaller, Urban has brought in.

Comment 13 hours ago

I like to think is a good unbiased way to compare financial options.  Of course I still look at everything with a skeptical eye. 

Comment 14 hours ago

A).  Know your credit score.  +720 is going to get you more places than less than 720.    Obviously the higher this number the better the door to open for the balance transfer

B) Call the current card company.  It's in their best interest to get your balance paid down as it is a receivable on their books, they really like that interest though.  That said they may give you a month or two at a lower rate if you have been paying your bill which will hopefully get you a little relief before transferring it.

C) In your case I'd check with someone like Wright Patt Credit Union or other institution where you can leverage your veteran status.  They'll give you a better rate than most banks and should have a little more flexibility.  But still research for yourself here and

D) Best of luck. 

Comment 08 Feb 2016

6 mos?  That should put you on the other side of the summer season.  Best of luck on the recovery.  Are you left handed now (assuming right dominance before?)

Comment 06 Feb 2016

My uncle has one, he keeps saying the best thing he could do is call a concrete truck.

Comment 06 Feb 2016

Disagree, don't mind the original.  If you ever find yourself in Dublin, Ireland you owe it to yourself to stop at the Guinness factory and get a pint in their Observation Pint House.  I've never drank so much Guinness before that trip and it is really tasty.  Budweiser is really trying to make a push into the European markets.  I think the locals view it like we view coronas. 

Comment 05 Feb 2016

Damn things are $4.  That's almost two and a half gallons of gas.  Most worthless piece of 10 minutes to pick it out, 2 minutes to open and read it, only to have it thrown away or put in a shoebox until it is thrown away.