11W Digest: April 21-27

By Corey Carpenter on April 27, 2012 at 4:00p

Your Friday 11W Digest catches you up on the content you might have missed or need to read again for your own good.

This Week in Skull Sessions

  • Monday's Skull Session on the Spring Game, Thad's newest recruit, new OSU coaching staff issues and the 11W Class of 2012 (Jason).
  • Tuesday's Skull Session on the Buckeyes' NFL draft prospects, the Florida perspective on Urban Meyer and Tony Parker's recruiting saga (Danny).
  • Wednesday's Skull Session on Ohio State's prime time slate, John Simon, recruiting against Michigan and E. Gordon Gee (Sarah).
  • Thursday's Skull Session on beer sales for the Gophers, resale of game worn Oregon jerseys, the Schott's facelift and FIU pulling a Bo Ryan (Chris).
  • Friday's Skull Session on the falling Mike Adams, the death of the BCS, Penn State's PR tab and new hate for Northwestern (Johnny).
Braxton Miller has a bright future under Meyer.Miller looked better, but still must improve before fall.

This Week in Editorials

This Week in Recruiting

Best of the Rest

The people's champ for the week of April 21-27, 2012: Michigan fans on Joey Bosa, by JOHNBLAIRGOBUCKS. Michigan fans take on the recruiting personality of their coach after Ohio State lands Bosa.



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Great New Feature Staff!

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i like it, nice recap for the weekend. Great Idea!

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This is awesome, great addition.

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Likey likey.

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Cool new feature guys ...and Sarah

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bueno! both thumbs up, errrrrrybody

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i love it. my only complaint is that i've already read all of these, and i have nothing new to read...i need to be on this site less

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Ok, that was seriously helpful - thanks!

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Total waste of space! We don't need a recap because we're all addicts and can't lay off the site! We've already snorted every bit of buck-aine you've lined up for us!

Kidding of course! Well done!

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Awesome feature, I love it!

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Fantastic.  For those of us who are super busy but are addicted...