Mike Heuerman commits to ND

By David Sokol on April 26, 2012 at 2:14p

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Good luck Mike, best wishes to a good career at ND. Never have and never will get them all. Blake Thomas and Marcus Baugh will do a fine job. Now, on to our other needs.

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Agreed and well said. 

Not all little brothers want to follow in their big brother's footsteps, however I hope the Jaylon follows Rod Smith.

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that means Rod needs to get some PT.

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He holds on to the ball and he will play.

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damn damn.

I know there's a game Saturday, and my ass will be there.

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Good luck, Mike! Was really hoping to see you in Scarlet and Gray, but you gotta go where you feel is best.

Alex, do you think we take another TE now or do we just stick with Baugh?

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I personally think the Bucks stay put with TEs and perhaps leave a spot open for any late bloomers.  Josh McNeil from NC is still in play, but the ship may have sailed on the front as interest from OSU seemed to drop off.

I know the staff was looking for 2 TEs, so we will see if they settle or perhaps leave the door open for another.

We'll see if Alex has any more insight (definitely will)..

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Hard to say right now...if things pick up with McNeil again, you know where the coaches stand....plain and simple....I personally would recruit other spots over another TE, but if what people say about McNeil is true, maybe you take him

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glad to see this up and down story is over with...Baugh=all american, mark it.

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Well this sucks, I feel like this is one of the first guys this staff went after hard and did not come away victorious.  Best of luck to Mike and let's please keep this post clean of "we didn't really want him" or "Josh McNeil is better anyway"

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I agree. Keep those comments outta here. 

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Eh. Woulda been nice. Seemed like a great player and a good fit for Meyer. With that said he'll be exactly that at ND too.

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Would've have been a solid pick up, but I think WR & OT, & even S are much more pressing needs at this point.

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i won't say we didn't want him...but that sure is a mistake choice on his part...

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At least it's not tsun.

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I still dont understand why people want to play for Brian Kelley.  That dude rubs me the wrong way

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"During the game, Brian Kelly's demeanor & temper are just out of control."

- signed,

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"You win with people." - Woody Hayes

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I think it came down to not wanting to compete with his brother for PT, which is different than the Jaylon/Rod Smith situation, since they don't play the same position.  Being very close to my brothers myself, I fully understand that concern.  If ND can ever get some consistent QB play, he will do well there.  

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Thanks goodness we got Baugh a few weeks ago! With Mike H off the board now, I wouldn't be opposed to using the extra scholly for a DB, OL, or WR.

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I trust Urbz and staff: if they want a player (e.g., Heuerman), then you hope they're able to land that player.

That said, time will tell on which TEs have the better careers: whether Vannett, Blake Thomas, Baugh, Heuerman, or maybe some other TE that commits to the Buckeyes 2013 class.

With this 2013 class being pretty constrained in numbers (19-20 max?), Heuerman going to ND might turn out to be a big loss, or it might turn out to be a blessing in disguise if the final addition to the class, at whatever position (in essence, the guy in lieu of Heuerman) turns out to be a star, etc. 


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If you want some laughs, you guys should check out the comments in the Heurrman thread on mgobullshit...


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^^^ Their comments are asinine. 95% of this thread is positive stating that we missed out and congrats to Mike. They are way off base on this one. I love us taking the high road on our misses instead of being hypocrites.



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Typical scUM fans, funny how we are being more civil about it.

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Heuerman would have been nice but look on the bright side, if we don't take another TE (and I don't think we should) its another scholly for OL depth.

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Over/under on him transfering after his freshman year?

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over/under on him flip flopping to ohio state? kelly might be fired after this year

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Notre Dame will have one of the most brutal schedules in the country. They might only win 4-6 games. USC, Stanford, Michigan, Michigan State, Oklahoma, and Miami are all games they can or should lose. I would'nt count out Navy in the opener overseas. Kelly will blow a fuse early and the rest of his players will realize how poor of a leader he is. Who screams at 18-22 year olds on national televsion until he's purple in the face? Seriously, If your coach cant stay composed, your players wont play focused. I thought Bo Pelini was bad. sheesh.

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