The Mighty Sun and Blue

By Jason Priestas on April 25, 2012 at 6:06p

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Funny, but not funny. A dick move by nike. As much I HATE scUM, this is a dick move.

"2014 National with it!!!"

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Dick move or not, I love it.

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Yep. Patent/copyright trolling is the absolute worst. Unless Michigan is on the receiving end.

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I think it's funny. Until someone tries to copyright "Scarlet."



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"It's 4th and 13 at the Sun and Blue's 25 yard line, and they will punt the ball." Just rolls off the tongue doesn't it?

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Nike be hardcore trollin'

"if irony were made of strawberries, we' d all be drinking a lot of smoothies right now."

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I love the follow-up tweets regarding the brilliant Michigan men (what we once thought was an oxymoron) keeping this from us for TWO years

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Nike is ridiculous.  Funny, but wrong at the same time.  Thought Phil Knight would have been satisfied with Oregon's 39-7 bashing of Meatchicken in Ann Arbor back in 2007.  Guess he wasn't.

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"Sun and blue". Didn't Michigan lose to a team from that conference during the RichRod era?

To err is human. Really sucking requires having yellow stripes on your helmet.

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Funny, Lad! Wish I had come up with it.

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I think "urine and blue" sounds about right.

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Oh, dear God. I think I just had a hernia laughing my ass off. This is just too, too sweet. Are we still "allowed" to use Scarlet & Gray? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA......

For the most part, I think your posts on 11W are thoughtful, but hey - Mman, Hail & Rational - any comments? What genius in your university gave away your birthright?

"Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend. Inside of a dog it's too dark to read."          - Groucho Marx

"The recipient of Oyster's ONLY down vote".

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This is awesome!!

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Suck it, Addidas!

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I'm all for a good joke, but that's completely foul. Go Bucks!!!

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It's not "news," it's not new, and I don't think it is even close to being accurate.  That's a two-year-old Michigan Daily 'diary' of some form, by two volleyball players.  They aren't Daily writers. 

When this arose long ago, one smart attorney/reader at MGoBlog casually offered this sensibly sound response:

They didn't copyright the term "Maize" being used to describe yellow. That's not possible, and a judge would throw that out in a second.

What they did do is copyright the usage of the term Maize to describe X color value when used on athletic gear sold by competing corporations for the University of Michigan. Rather than just create a different shade of yellow and also call it Maize, which would be somewhat confusing and possibly could be contested in court, Adidas decided it would be simpler to create a new shade and and give it a new name, and trademark THAT. So now, Michigan can have their stuff, call it Maize and everything is fine, but Adidas can't list the color as "Maize" in commercial documents. IE: Why does one paint brand call it "lavender sunset" and the other calls it "dusty rose"? This is why.'s picture

At 7:23 it's news to me .. and your team still sucks.

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Is that why your "Yellow" looks more flourescent green than actually yellow/maize/corn/sun/or whatever the fuk u want to call it?  I've noticed over the last few years the color of your uniforms have gotten away from the traditional yellow you used to use.  On HD it looks ridunkulous.

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Slice and dice any way you want, it appears your lawyer backs the claim of the article.  Adidas can't use maize.  They chose to use sun.  That is funny to us.  That is funny to everyone outside of A2.  I had a lawyer friend tell me that's why 11W posted it.

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Yeah, I realize it's a two year old article (and tweeted as much), but it's still fantastic. SUN AND BLUE, SUN AND BLUE!

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Actually, Jason I don't begrudge you posting it and having fun with it.  I was honestly more chapped with the M volleyball players than with you.  You're beyond my jursidictional reach.

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Thanks for reminding me, M Man, why I HATE loiyas!



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HAHA I can just picture Brady hoke and Stu Douglass skipping through a field of daisys on a warm sunny day hahahaha this is great.


@M MAN good thing you have a fancy UM lawyer posting on mgoblog.  We should all bown down and hail him as the hand of reason.

- Respect the Rivalry -

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M Man - makes sense, I thought that had to be the case. Question for you, did you prefer having Nike be the school's provider or do you like Adidas?

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It is an interesting question.  Not because I care so much, or that the University cares what I think.   Rather, what was interesting recently is that apparently when Brandon met with the team after Rodriguez was removed and before Hoke was hired, he let them sound off and one of the things they complained about was adidas.

Michigan's deal with adidas lasts until about 2016, I think.  And during the term of our contract with adidas, we are guaranteed to be the top-remunerated school.  (That means you too, ND.)  So it's always been a good deal for us on paper.

The deal predated Brandon; it predated Rodriguez.  There has been a rumor that the contract discussions were fueled by the fact that Lloyd Carr's son was an adidas rep.  I have never seen any hard facts to make anything out of that.  The issue seems almost irrelevant on its face, since our adidas deal was a step up financially, and since it had such a sweet "number one/preeminence" clause.

As for changes in "Maize," it has been gradual and it absolutely predates adidas and/or Nike contract deals.  The brighter incarnations of Michigan's Maize just photograph better; and before HD television, tv tended to flatten out colors.  So our Maize tends to flatten to more of a gold, and your Scarlet tends to flatten to more of a maroon.  On film, that is.

It is hard to prove by scrolling through internet photos since photo colors can so easily be distorted by recopying and republication, but it is true that in the early 70's Michigan's Maize was a lot more gold in hue, and by the end of the 90's it was closer to "highlighter."  There was never any abrupt change in connection with our Nike contract, or with the adidas contract.

I can tell you, having seen all of the changes with my own eyes it is a real change, but I don't mind it at all.  The new color does photograph better.

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I don't mind the football uniforms that Um wears, Nike or Adidas or whatever. They are classic and if there have been changes made, they've been subtle enough where I haven't really noticed.

But the 'maize' colored uniforms Um wears in basketball are God-awful. I'm pretty sure even if I was a Um fan I would dislike them. But its not just Um's that are hideous, its pretty much every Adidas wearing team with a yellow shade in their color schemes. For example, Baylor's "yellow" uniforms are hideous too. 

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Michigan's throwback jerseys during the ND and MSU games were                                   []D[][]V[][]D

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I agree with you about the color tweaks photographing better and being more appealing on TV. I also think it's interesting that the players had issue with Adidas being the provider. I know that I've read about a number of coaches saying having Nike helps with recruiting as kids grow up viewing Nike as the best. I've always liked that Nike is Ohio State's provider and remember thinking that it made us better when I was a kid. Do you know what any of the specific complaints were? Because I doubt that they're getting less gear or shoes than most other schools who use Nike are. And the uniforms for the football team really haven't changed in any dramatic way. Either way, if Adidas pays more, I'm sure Dave Brandon will resign with them after your contract is up.

Just to check with my fellow Buckeyes, would you be upset if OSU switched from Nike to Adidas or Under Armour? I can honestly say that I would be. Wearing Nike has sort of weaved itself into our tradition for me.

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I think OSU needs to stick with Nike. Adidas is making up ground across the country by picking up teams right and left, but I think OSU and Nike are a great match. I wouldn't want Under Armor. I haven't like any of the uniforms they've done thus far (Maryland, Texas Tech, Auburn).

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No Adidas team has ever won the national title.  I would be very upset if we lost Nike.  Adidas is a soccer company and represents the second tier of college football.  All of the biggest and best programs wear Nike (OSU, USC, Texas, Florida, Alabama, LSU, Penn State, Oregon).  It would be degrading to not be in this class of college football.

- Respect the Rivalry -

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Tennessee, 1998:

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I was gonna point Tennessee out as winning a NC, but I wasn't sure if UT was wearing Adidas at the time they won back in 98 (actaully Januray of 99). But as you can see from the pic, they were.

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Yeah; and there's a perfectly good reason for Nike to have about 10 times the apparent success of adidas, which is that Nike sponsors about ten times the number of schools.

On the adidas list besides Michigan is Notre Dame, Nebraska, Wisconsin, IU, Northwestern, Texas A&M and the aforementioned Tennessee.  Baylor's [see below] an interesting case.  Not many other big time programs. 

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Adidas has an illustrious history: Jesse Owens, Tee Martin, Wake Up the Echoes. The Adidas logo inspires sweet nostalgia, as we recall the glories of yesterday's legends. Perhaps Adidas-affiliated brands should be listed on a national register of Historic Landmarks, so that they can be protected against the cruel ravages of 21st century creative destruction.      

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@FIDO - Aren't you forgetting Adidas most famous customers?

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Hodge: that is awesome! No question, Adidas has a certain retro-chic style about it. If you were a bad mutha in the 1980s, you were wearing Adidas gear.

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And Korn taught us what A.D.I.D.A.S. REALLY means...

"Nom nom nom" - Brady Hoke

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Also, M Man, the Maize/Sun thing is the least of Michigan's chromatic concerns, IMO. At least the color Maize® looks like real maize (corn) and the color Sun® looks like the sun.

But what the f--- is up with the color y'all refer to as Blue®? The Sherwin-Williams version of your Blue® is probably called Indigo® or something.      

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Northwestern just flipped to Under Armour.

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Maybe because Northwestern is known for their unbelievable women's lacrosse team, which has been the top/top two team in the country for years now. Under Armour has a very strong lacrosse base, and has been making inroads into football and other athletics. Should be interesting to see if the Northwestern football uniforms have the, umm, uniqueness that the UMaryland football uniforms have.

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Agreed. I don't see Nike letting Adidas or Under Armour outbid them for OSU. The amount of sales that OSU generates is in the top 5 if I remember correctly.

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Interesting. I wasn't sure who all was currently wearing Adidas uniforms, but here is a list, from wikipedia, so take it FWIW:

And here is the list of Nike teams. Crazy that Baylor wears Adidas for b-ball but Nike for football.

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I had noticed that as well. And I'm pretty sure that the Baylor Women's team wears Nike, too. I wonder if Baylor negotiates for each individual team? Or possibly by coach?

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scUM's colors are Mustard and Blue, IMHO. That's the same yellow I see when I spread mustard on my bread.

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This is interesting.  As long as Michigan is sticking to the base uniform, I don't care who makes it.  I'm still waiting to see a legit Maize prototype football jersey.

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Any nike team that plays scUM already has a psychological advantage.

- Respect the Rivalry -

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I hope Michigan goes back to Nike when this contract expires. I am not a big fan of their apparel, even though the material they are made from seem better than the nike stuff I have, they also seem to last longer. I just think Nike came out with more creative stuff and nicer designs. As far as team uniform, the adidas jersey's are awful, they seem to always be hanging over the jersey. The Northwestern game was an embarassment, Denard's pads were over his jersey that whole game. I believe he had to switch to another jersey in that game, that did not have the pipes his other teammates did.

On another note: What do you guys think of Michigan helmets with the numbers and Grey face masks? I personally love them. Michigan fans keep crying about how the number takes away focus from the wings and how the Grey facemasks are buckeye colors. I am more of a vintage guy, so that is why I love the helmets. Everyone rocked the Grey facemask in the 70's and 80's. Michigan made the switch to the blue facemasks in 75' or 76' i believe.

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I loved the whole throwback jersey.  And the helmets are awesome, I'm a sucker for helmet numbers--though I wouldn't change OSU's helmet for the world.

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I think Um's uniforms are good as is, but the throwbacks with the numbers on the helmet and gray facemasks were pretty cool. 

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@Hodge: I do not consider it a change because it is part of the tradition. They used to have those numbers on the helmets. I believe it was in the 40's or 50's. There was even a maize uniform at one time.

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When was there ever a "maize uniform"?  Ever?  Do you have a game photo?

Helmet numbers at Michigan came in with the rest of college football (I think there was an NCAA rule, but I can't cite it), and remained 1957-'68.  OSU had helmet numbers around the same time.  At least '60-'65, per The Helmet Project.

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At least it was maize and not blue.  So Michigan is the Sun and Blow?  Haha :P

Class of 2010.

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SUN = School Up North

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@M Man: It was on a website, where a guy went through all the Jersey changes some professional and college teams have made. I just read it and he admits to making a mistake on the 1964 version of the jersey. So, I guess we never did before. FWIW, I hope we never do.

There is the link for fun

M Man's picture

Right; never happened.  Amazing how much misinformation that one illustration has caused.  The rest of that guy's work is quite attractive, and is pretty well documented.  I can only guess that he based the #75 Bill Yearby jersey illustration off a black and white photo, thinking that was what he was seeing was something other than white.
I can assure you beyond all doubt, such a jersey has not existed in the Michigan football program since the existence of color photography.
btw, all; I did contact one of the vollyeball players who authored the 'diary' column for the Daily.  She had gotten a couple of other inquiries, and could not understand why.  I filled her in.  She was mystified as to what the big deal was, and her research on the topic of color-copyrights had consisted of what somebody (she forgets who) told her.  She was not and is not a Daily news/sports reporter.

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Sure its funny to say 'sun' and blue and all, I guess, but I never got the big deal about all this anyway. 

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Not sure how I stumbled across this column...I forget where I was, may have been Ramzy's column...but this was clearly before the voting system was implemented. For as insightful as M Man is, it would've been like a 50:50 upvote to downvote ratio just because he's a Michigan man. That's a shame because, as I said, he's rather insightful. It was it is; I just found it to be rather humorous.

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