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Jason founded the site in late summer of 2006 after his wife grew tired of his constant Buckeye chatter. With a fifth grade command of the English language, it's a minor miracle that people discovered this site, let alone frequent it.

He lives in Chicago, but misses the friendly scarlet and gray-clad people of his native Ohio.


  • NHL TEAM: Columbus Blue Jackets
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Comment 15 hours ago

The next time you get one of those, please pass it along to us because it should be impossible. In fact, Google is constantly sending us notifications to allow ads from sensitive categories like that and we don't do it.

We leave a lot of money on the table because we try not to be a trash site with sketchy and obtrusive ads.

Here's a recent notification we received from them:

Comment 23 hours ago

It can look like a confusing policy but here's really what's at play. If we, or commenters, post anything sexually suggestive or explicit, Google sends us a warning saying we have to remove it or they will kick us out of their ad network.

The stuff you are seeing is under article ads from another network and Google does not see those because they are rendered on the client, so it's hard for their crawler to see them. 

I don't love some of the more risqué ads, either, and when we become aware of them, we move to have them blocked so as not to promote a policy of double standards. 

It's really as simple as that. It's not like we are seeing those ads and saying, "Yeah, show these! They will really taunt the community!"

Comment 27 Jul 2016

The former. Let's go to Wikipedia for the call:

It is common in online conversation among some Internet users to use an XML closing tag: </sarcasm>. The tag is often written only after the sarcasm so as to momentarily trick the reader before admitting the joke. Over time, it has evolved to lose the angle brackets (/sarcasm) and has subsequently been shortened to /s.

Comment 27 Jul 2016

To be fair, it's so much easier to perceive IRL than written online sometimes.

Comment 27 Jul 2016

I generally agree. But if people are going to insist on marking up their sarcasm, let's at least use something that's in use across the web.

Comment 27 Jul 2016

I see your (and Kyle's) point, but man, college basketball is damn near unwatchable. Gino nailed it when he said the women's game was more fluid and fun to watch. There are just too many sets, too much over-coaching in college hoops. Wow, look at that, a 32-24 halftime score!

Let the kids run the court and play.

Comment 19 Jul 2016

Yeah, I mean if we ordered in bulk, we could get them down to $43 or so, but then when you add in markup, and shipping/handling it becomes a really expensive polo, which may appeal to some, but won't represent the broad appeal we'd typically want to have.

Comment 19 Jul 2016

They are gorgeous, but I don't think we can sell them b/c the price point would be too high. They're basically Nike's high-end golf shirts with our logo. Staff only for right now, I'm afraid.

Comment 14 Jul 2016

Ha. It most definitely isn't a seat in the press box. Only Eric and Tim sit there. The rest of us sit with the masses (if we even go to games).

Comment 14 Jul 2016

Yep, looking for speed within the network as a priority. Not webhosting from home, but prefer ethernet for various reasons.

Comment 14 Jul 2016

I'll happily trade a game ticket or two for wiring if you get the road trip urge.

For my case, I'm more concerned with device to device speed inside the network than what I will get going out (though I'd appreciate that being fast, too).

Comment 14 Jul 2016

Modern wireless is indeed very fast, and will only get faster. However, coverage areas are still a problem and ultimately, nothing beats hardwired internet.