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Jason founded the site in late summer of 2006 after his wife grew tired of his constant Buckeye chatter. With a fifth grade command of the English language, it's a minor miracle that people discovered this site, let alone frequent it.

He lives in Chicago, but misses the friendly scarlet and gray-clad people of his native Ohio.


  • NHL TEAM: Columbus Blue Jackets
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Comment 21 Jun 2016

I think there's a way to do it and a way to not do it. Beyond the obvious insult to all of the other talent we have on staff, a lot of this reads to me as “give me back the thing I got for free so I don't have to pay some other place $100.” If you really believe this site isn't worth visiting anymore, that's cool. You have a lot of options.

I will say, however, that we broke news well before Birm, both football, basketball and recruiting, and we will continue to break news after Birm. The notion that he's the only one we had with sources is preposterous.  In fact, the news of Jake Moretti injuring himself at camp Friday arrived after Birm, and we broke that.

Recruiting analysts are effective at 11W because of what both sides bring. Many of us have sources and our name is big enough to open doors to prospects, staff and sources, regardless of who is doing the reporting. That's not to take anything away from Birm because he was great, but that also doesn't mean we won't bring in someone else who's great. After all, last two guys we had in that role were ringers.

Comment 20 Jun 2016

Haha, all good. I can understand people are nervous but I tend to get frustrated pretty easily when people don't have faith in how we do things. We have a 10-year track record of working hard/smart and doing things the right way. It's like, jeez, people, have some faith in us.

Comment 20 Jun 2016

Yep, we're working on it. We said we'd replace him in the Premium Lounge and BIrm kind of said the same thing in his goodbye Hurry Up. Although it would have been nice to have someone step in immediately after Birm left, that wasn't possible, for various reasons. We always have a plan, though.

We realize there is competition out there and that competition charges $100 a year for what we deliver for free. Hopefully you'll all be patient and give us the benefit of the doubt as we replace him.

I'm not sure why anything was deleted because I haven't deleted posts, nor have the staff to my knowledge. The only thing I can think of is that mods may have deleted something that was a dupe in spirit to something already posted. Noticing the "Another One" comment in this thread, I'd say the mods were likely justified.

Comment 16 May 2016

I killed the interstitial ads for now, but I'll leave the ones at the bottom of the screen. We'll look into a way to disable them for 12W.

Comment 16 May 2016

Yeah, there are some new Google ad units for mobile. Let me get a feel for how they display and what they're like to see how annoying they are.

Comment 29 Apr 2016

I nuked it. If you want to retire from commenting, just do it. Don't create a drama boat thread announcing the fact that you're retiring from commenting at a site on the internet.