Catching Up with JT Barrett: Committed

By Alex on April 24, 2012 at 4:00p
Barrett is a BuckeyeJT Barrett fits Meyer's offense like a glove

When Wichita Falls (TX) Rider QB JT Barrett took an unofficial visit to Ohio State back in March it was clear he was high on the Buckeyes and that it may not be long before he decided to be a part of what Urban Meyer is building in Columbus.

While it took him almost a month to pull the trigger, Barrett did make the decision to be a Buckeye, becoming the tenth member in the OSU recruiting class of 2013 late last week.

In Barrett, the Bucks get the number one quarterback on their recruiting board and bring in a player ranked as a four star and number one dual-threat quarterback by 247, a four star and number six quarterback according to Rivals, a four star and seventh ranked signal caller by Scout, and a four star and twelfth ranked quarterback by ESPN.

Cardale Jones is in Columbus, but the Buckeyes don't have anything else behind Braxton Miller, making this pick up even bigger for the future after the current Ohio State starter leaves Columbus. The Buckeyes are likely to take two quarterbacks in the class of 2013, but offensive coordinator Tom Herman can now sleep easy at night knowing that Barrett is in the fold and there is talent on it's way to campus.

We caught up with JT to hear more about his decision to become a Buckeye, when he plans enrolling, what he will study at OSU, and more. Join us after the jump to hear more about the possible next big time quarterback to come to Columbus, JT Barrett.

You decided to commit to Ohio State last week. What made you feel like it was the right time to be a Buckeye?

I just felt 100% about the school being where I belong. I love what Coach Meyer is doing there and wanted to be a part of it. If you talk about the elite programs in college football, Ohio State is always mentioned as one of them, if not the first one. My parents and coaches didn't really know I was going to make the decision, but I just spoke to God and make the call that this was the place I needed to go.

What did Coach Meyer say when you committed?

He told me he was already having a good day, but the news made it a great day. He also told me that I just made the Buckeyes a better team.

What did your parents think about your decision?

They weren't really shocked, but they were happy for me. It was funny because they were kind of indifferent to it, but both were pretty happy.

Have you spoken to any of the other OSU commits since you made the news public?

Yeah, I have been in touch with Ezekiel Elliott, Cam Burrows, and Jayme Thompson. I am trying to get in touch with Marcus Baugh as well.

Any plans to visit OSU again in the near future?

I want visit in the summer to workout there and get my mom up for a visit. It was just my dad and me who went in March to see the school, so I want her to see it.

Now that you're committed have the coaches talked to you about working on anything specific?

They haven't really spoken with me about that. I am just speaking to Coach Herman often about both football and life in general.

When do you plan to enroll at Ohio State?

I will be enrolling early, so I'll be up there in January of 2013 and go through winter workouts and spring practice, which will be beneficial.

Do you know what you will major in yet?

I was thinking finance, but now I am not sure. Either way it will be something in the Fisher College of Business, but I am just not sure which exact discipline it will be yet within the school.

Obviously when you get to Ohio State Braxton Miller will be a junior. What do you feel about the opportunity to learn behind a player like that and if you have to are you willing to redshirt?

Learning from Braxton would be a good experience. I'd love to get tips and learn from him both on and off the field on how to have success at the college level. I have been behind good players in high school like in my sophomore year, and know that those types of experiences only help you if you let them. I am going to let Braxton help me. As for redshirting, I am fine with it if that's what needs to happen. Doing that could even help me with school in the sense I can concentrate a bit more on taking more credits so that later in my career when I'm playing more I could take less credits or even graduate early and focus on football.

If you could say one thing to Buckeye Nation what would it be?

I would just say thank you for welcoming me and Go Bucks!



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DefendOhio's picture

I wouldn't say that OSU has nothing behind Miller. Guiton has really improved this spring and looked like a legit back up on Saturday. Meyer has done nothing but praise the guy.

Bj Mullens over Sully's picture

Alex is more refering to who will still be there by the time Barrett gets there, Guiton will be gone.

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tennbuckeye19's picture

I agree with you DefendOhio abotu Guiton and his improvement. I don't think Alex meant what he wrote as a shot @ Guiton. But Guiton will more than likely be only a back-up while he is a Buckeye. There's no shame in that. Having a good and serviceable back-up is necessary, especially with dual threat quarterbacks running a spread.  I feel pretty good about KG coming in should Braxton get tripped up this coming season. 

703Buckeye's picture

Guiton is older and will never get a chance to start because of Miller. We will need more young depth, players that can take over for Miller once he leaves, Jones and Barrett can do that.

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-Former OSU S&C Coach Lichter

Maestro's picture

Wow, already plans to be around for Jan 2013.  Incredible.  Have a great senior season and stay healthly young man.

vacuuming sucks

Woody4's picture

Welcome Aboard, JT! 

bukyze's picture

It's absolutely awesome to have him.  I agree, Maestro, nice to see him getting a head start.  I know Urban doesn't like redshirting, but barring any injuries, I think it would be a smart decision.  Kenny and Cardale would be more than capable backups.

hodge's picture

Really excited for this kid.  Even more so after reading this and finding 247's report on him (it's from the free part of the site, I'm just posting for convenience):

Thoughts on Barrett:


Body type and size: He is a legit 6-2 and 205-pounds. Quicker than fast. Moves with a powerful quickness about him. Showed some lateral ability in space on the move. Not great, but definitely good enough. Very strong lower body and body overall. The first tackle has very little chance to take him down unless it's a kill shot. Because he is strong and has reactionary quickness, he is tough to get a free shot on and also tough to take down on first contact. Will be 6-2/6-2.5, 215-220 in time IMO.
As a QB: A true dual-threat QB prospect. A program can design QB run game with him. He has very good, quick and reactive feet. He has "basketball" player feet and quickness. From people I spoke with, Barrett didn't stay "on top" of the ball as a sophomore, but has greatly improved here as a junior. Everything he did, from footwork, to weight transfer to arm motion was fluid and impressive. He has a fast arm too. He also has the foot quickness to see something and react with the body to make an accurate throw. He's especially impressive in the screen game, whether it be quick WR screen game or RB screen game. The ability to look one way and quickly come back the other and get the ball out quick is impressive. I like the way the ball comes out of his hand. He can change speeds and throws a catchable ball. His two best throws were a corner route and 3rd and 9 slant backed up inside the Rider 20 in the fourth quarter when ROHO had to have a first. It was a quick release throw on the money for a big 14-yard gain.

Intangibles: This is where I really love this kid. He's a tough, tough kid that is a leader with a good/strong personality and a guy others will respond to and play for. When you talk with him, he gets "it". Smart kid, understands the game and not what he needs to do to improve, but how to get there. Tough, leader and winner.
Barrett continued to be one of the top quarterbacks in Texas this season (2011). In 14 games as a junior (Rider finished 10-4 losing in the 4A Region I final), the two-sport North Texas star completed 102 of 171 passes (59.7%) for 1,605 yards and 14 touchdowns against seven interceptions, along with rushing for 1,521 yards and nine touchdowns on 218 carries.


corveyer's picture

Great pick up and I will be more than thrilled if this is the only QB they take in this class. I have been very impressed with how this staff is making it a point to bring in top notch talent who are also top notch people. JT certainly fits the mold, and really seems to have his priorities in order. Really excited to see him on Saturdays down the road. Good luck with your senior season, and enjoy it! Welcome to Buckeye Nation!

dubjayfootball90's picture

interesting about the redshirt comment. Team first mentality.... I like

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Nappy's picture

I'm pumped to finally have a QB with a couple years of practice reps under their belt before they start playing.  I know Braxton likely wouldn't have started last year had Tatgate not happened, but it'll be nice to not have to throw Frosh QB's right into the fire.

I never saw a football player make a tackle with a smile on his face

Squirrel Master's picture

Still the best highlight reel I have seen! 8.5 minutes of all good plays. Not one was even so-so. I love how he runs north/south and already knows the zone read very well.

I saw a UFO told me to have a goodyear!

rdubs's picture

watch this:

Exciting to see them both in the same backfield!

Squirrel Master's picture

Trust me, Jalin is something special. It is amazing he is not rated higher by all the recruiting sites. Jalin runs the ball so well.

But my point is that as crazy as those runs are in Marshall's tape, it is 2 or so minutes of running and the rest is pose pictures. Decent tape, but not what is above by JT Barrett. JT's tape is a solid 8.43 minutes of phenomenal passing and zone read, north/south running.

I wouldn't say either player is better than the other, I am just saying that tape of JT is some really good highlights. to see these 2 in a couple years is something special. Even Jalin coming in and playing with what could be Braxton's last year. Now that is something to be excited about for the offense.

I saw a UFO told me to have a goodyear!

jkrk's picture

Nice, I think he hit more receivers in stride on that tape than TP did the whole time he was here.

BrewstersMillions's picture

Oh get off it. Were you hard on Pryor when he was winning games by the truck load? Or when he won 2* BCS bowls and could have been the game winner in a third? Four* Big Ten Titles? The TP hate is really getting stale. In my humble opinion if someone gave me each and every player that ever played for OSU and said "Give me a two deep at each position" my QB chart has Smith at 1 and Pryor at 1A.

Arizona_Buckeye's picture

Totally agree!!!  I was and will be a big fan of Terrelle!  The entire tat thing was idiotic on his part but what happened afterwards was 10000% on Tressel.  He was poised to become one of the best QBs at OSU had he gotten his senior year.  Not trying to rehash the entire affair but to say he was a bad QB is patheticly short sighted.

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Jdadams01's picture

Brewster I agree with you that the TP hate is getting old. But I also know that its not necessarily undeserved. He won a lot and accomplished a lot on the field, but the damage he did off the field is just as important.

William's picture

You do realize Tressel did more damage than anyone else, right?

tennbuckeye19's picture

For sure. I put the blame on Tress. The players doing what they did was one thing, but had Tress come forward with the information he had, much of what we experienced the last year plus would've and could've been avoided. Its on Tress.

BrewstersMillions's picture

AJ Green's suspension set the bar. You were looking at 4-5 games for the Tat 5, if I had to venture a guess. Each and every kid screwed up by breaking rules, assuming they knew they were violations. Tressel screwed the pooch by lying. The Cover Up is ALWAYS worse than the crime. I will always love JT but Pryor's impact on OSU Football can't be understated. The guy is in just about every top 10 passing category and is close to, if not, OSU's all time win leader*.

What's worse? The things he's being hated for ultimatley lead OSU to hire Urban Meyer. I am of the opinion that Terelle Pryor literally did no wrong while at OSU. Won games? Check. Beat M senslessly? Check. Won Bowls? Check. Helped usher in a new era of Buckeye football that will be grander than even the JT days? Check.

Retire this man's jersey!

Squirrel Master's picture

I love Pryor and have his jersey. I will always appreciate his work for the buckeyes.

but don't sit there and tell me that you weren't screaming at the screen when he would throw up and arm punt or run out of bounds a yard short of the first down untouched. It was frustrating to see such a talented player make so many mistakes. Pryor did alot while he was at OSU, but he could have done so much better. My criticisim of him is not because I don't like him, my criticism is that he could have been so much more. He could have destroyed the record books and shattered the mold.

I agree with jkrk because Pryor did throw a bad ball many times. The tape shows it!

Although I will also give blam to Bollhog! He did not use pryor very well and totally screwed up that offense. Pryor under Urban and this crew, heisman guaranteed!

I saw a UFO told me to have a goodyear!

Jdadams01's picture

I don't remember saying Tressel wasn't at fault.

RedStorm45's picture

You like him based off of what "could have been..." I don't care much for hypothetical scenarios.

rdubs's picture

Wrong I like him for what was... 2 BCS wins (nearly 3) and plenty of wins.  He could single handedly carry our team because of his feet.  A bit of a bonehead, but a hell of a player.

tennbuckeye19's picture

I understand the displeasure everyone has with TP. And sure he's an easy target. He was a prima donna who came in feeling entitled, but lets not act like Tress didn't coddle him. He's the kid that brought us the memorable sound bytes like when announcing he will play college ball at "the univerisity of ohio state' and his tribute to Michael Vick 'everyone steals everyone kills'. He's a big time knuckehead for sure, and the guy was not the most graceful when throwing the ball, but come on. Take a look at the kid's record as a starter at OSU. The kid won games. We all saw last year what things were like without him and his experience leading the offense. The kid accounted for over 80% of our total offense his last year @ OSU. Say what you will about him, but lets not act like he wasn't a good player at OSU.

OSU westcoast's picture

any chance OSU is looking at any west coast QB's to add to the 2013 class? This kid has already got the nickname Johnny Tebow.  3:30 running over top safety prospect Max Redfield


danavh4's picture

Love picking up a Texas QB!  This kid is the real deal and will only get better!


Michigan Fan: "We lose a long snapper and the whole team goes to shit!"

BuckinBama's picture

Most people that talk bad about Pryor know nothing of football ... The guy won plain and simple w/the same terrible coaching that we watched this past season. Some of the stuff he did/said was just bone headed errors in judgement, but he was giving his own stuff away to get things ... Wasn't like he was stealing it, and then selling it ....

Irricoir's picture

Pryor was a phenomenal athlete but had really low character. Tressel made his mistakes and he deserves the criticism directed at him just like Pryor does. The above conversation is comparing players to players not coaches to players. Pryor accomplished a lot of great things here and was a winner on the field but we are paying the price for his off field issues and his character. I posted several things about his character and how I wish he left early for the NFL for fear of something happening to our team as a result of his foolishness. This was done while he was winning. The old saying it takes 1 screw up to undo 10 attaboys. I saw enough evidence over two years to know something was going to happen. I agree what he did was not a criminal offense but compounded with all of the other sh!t he did, he made us pay a different price for winning. I don't think those that are unhappy with him should be mocked or deemed unknowledgeable about football. (I know you said MOST.) The only folks that deserve that tag are those that state he sucked or the he was a horrible player.

I don't always take names when I kick ass but when I do, they most often belong to a Wolverine.

William's picture

None of Pryor's offenses were that bad. Tressel's cover up is what dealt the damage. Quick question: Have you ever participated in a yard sale/sold something on ebay or craigslist? If so there is nothing you can say about Pryor selling items that he OWNED.

tennbuckeye19's picture

I don't think anyone is gonna argue with the fact that the NCAA rule about a player selling his own stuff is a dumb rule. Of course it is. Giving a kid a ring with his own name on it, a gold pants charm or a jersey with their name on the back and telling them, you can have this, but don't sell it or anything until you're no longer a player. BUT it is a rule, and Pryor and the other guys knew they were breaking it. That part of it is on them. 

All that being said, if Tress comes forward, who knows what would have happened or not happened. 

Irricoir's picture

No one could have known. If you believe Tressel and if he came out with that information and the federal investigation was dismantled due to his lose lips then what then? Nobody knows what could have been. Does the forest fire start before the match is lit? If Pryor and the others followed the rules that were laid out before them, Tressel isn't in that situation. Tressel was wrong for his part but I have more understanding for his actions than Pryor's.

 I don't deny that that was a stupid rule at all. I think all of the other shit he did was stupid as hell, not necessarily infraction type (Unless the accusations are true) but brought a lot of negative attention to a University that has more haters than any other.

I don't always take names when I kick ass but when I do, they most often belong to a Wolverine.

William's picture

Wait, you have more understanding for a guy that explicitly lied than a college kid who sold some of his own belongings for some extra cash?

Irricoir's picture

Yes. I am not looking for a debate. I just spoke my peace. Again, I don't condone the actions of either. I understand why Tressel did it. From his version of things it was for an honorable reason. He thought he was doing what was best for all involved in that situation. That is his story at least. Choose to believe him or don't. Pryor's were anything but honorable. No one really knows why Tressel did it. There is no mystery surrounding Pryor. Consider my words instead of attempting to make me sound incredulous.

I don't always take names when I kick ass but when I do, they most often belong to a Wolverine.

BrewstersMillions's picture

This can get particularly tricky because for those of us who still like Pryor, we can kick of a "Whats wrong with the NCAA debate". For those of us that still support JT, we can kick off a "Whats wrong with these kids" debate and both would get us further away from the point than need be. My initial comment was geared towards the person (specifically) and the people (generally on this board) who harbor so much resentment for Pryor and act as if he's the worst thing that's ever happened to Ohio State Football. I'd be interested to rewind and be a fly on the wall  in some Pryor haters' houses during the Wisconsin game his Freshman year or the Iowa game his sophomore year. Or the Rose Bowl. Or the Sugar even after the news broke and he stuck his foot up Arkansas' collective keisters for 3.9 quarters. Its easy to look back on him as a jerk but at the time, he was a complicated dude who won more games than almost any other OSU QB in history. I hope all of you guys that hated on the dude didn't enjoy those wins when he was piling them up. I hope you said "I hate Pryor, this Ohio State win means less to me".

Arizona_Buckeye's picture

Tressel didn't have to come out about anything!  All he had to do was drop this in the Complaince Dept's lap and let them deal with.  He made an amazingly bad decision, and he and the Buckeye Nation paid a huge price for it.  The Compliance Dept would have worked with the NCAA and the Feds to understand exactly how the situation should have been handled.  Spin it anyway you want - Tressel made a horrid choice, regardless of how he justified it or tried to reshape it afterwards.

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pcon258's picture

i really like this guy. i love that that he's willing to redshirt. thats the attitude i like to see in a recruit

GlueFingers Lavelli's picture

Pryor was a double edged sword. Tressel has to recruit him. If he doesn't, he goes to scUM, or PSU and might have beat us a few times. If he goes to Michigan, they win more games, and Richrod might still be there.  

Pryor was a punk kid. He tried to act like he had it rough growing up. Jeanette is no Richmond, VA. He was an attention whore, but an amazing athlete. His throwing motion was bad. He made his own bed, and will be out of the NFL in a few years and will have a tattoo to remind him of how immature he was for the rest of his life.

Tressel screwed up by putting this selfish kid ahead of all the other kids that did things right. That was his downfall. He will always be a legend, and I hope Meyer can come close or surprass  his record against meatchicken.

Dustin Fox was our leading tackler as a corner.... because his guy always caught the ball.

Buckeyejason's picture

Right on glue finger!

I really like this Barrett kid..skills, size, character you name it.


Poison nuts's picture

Another argument ...weird. JT Barrett, welcome aboard! If you're reading this don't worry - us Buckeye fans aren't always arguing - it's just that we have no games to talk about and are waiting for football season to finally return so we can fully wash 2011 out of our you may have heard, it was kind of a tough year.

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Irricoir's picture

Apologies if that was considered an argument. I was only sharing my thoughts on the matter. Im asking your perception, did I respond with sarcasm or cynicism? I want to avoid being one of those guys.

I don't always take names when I kick ass but when I do, they most often belong to a Wolverine.

BrewstersMillions's picture

I didn't take any of it that way. Just because you and I disagree on a point doesn't even mean it has to be an argument and I don't think it was. My original point was aimed more at the constant hatred towards Terelle Pryor by people who are a little more than 2 calendars removed from loving the guy. I always believe that it only takes one "oh sh*t" to undo a 100 "Thata boy!'s" but in my world TP's "Oh Sh*t" wasn't big enough.

Yes I said his sh*t wasn't big enough. What of it?

bassplayer7770's picture

Welcome to Buckeye Nation, JT!

wigbug5's picture

Extremely excited about JT Barrett. One of the top Qb in Texas,the top Qb producing state by far. ok maybe California comes kinda close but DAMN! Urban Meyer is taking this recruiting thing nationwide. We represent well in Fla, TX, CA, NC, NJ-Mass, PA, Midwest, and of course O-H-I-O! The SEC will no longer corner the market on Big-time college FB.


Cleats8's picture

Welcome to buckeye Nation

EastSide's picture

JT Barrett + Tom Herman = Nasty


Watching him on his highlight tape, I couldn't help but think that this kid could be the perfect match for Coach Herman's master plan. Excited about this kid.