Monday Skull Session

By Jason Priestas on April 23, 2012 at 6:00a

You went to bed assuming a commitment from Rivals' second-ranked strongside defensive end Joey Bosa was likely in the cards. Now, it's looking like a done deal.

The Fan's Anthony Rothman, citing a source close to the family, is saying the nephew of former Buckeye great Eric Kumerow will verbally commit to the Buckeyes. No timeline was given, but clearly a man can't go too long between Thurmanators, right?

Bosa's commitment is important, not just because he's one of the nation's most talented defensive ends (his offer list included Alabama, Florida State, Auburn, Florida, Texas and Michigan among others), but it also helps keep a pipeline of sorts open to Fort Lauderdale's St. Thomas Aquinas High, which has produced FBS talent at an unequaled pace the last four years.

Bosa would become the 12th commitment in the 2013 class and be stage two of the spring game triumvirate of linebacker Alex Anzalone, who committed Saturday night and tight end Mike Heuerman, who is also expected to go Scarlet at any moment.

In somewhat related news, Youngstown Cardinal Mooney's Courtney Love made his pledge to the Cornhuskers public yesterday. The commitment was not unexpected around these parts and Love and Nebraska are a good fit, with head coach Bo Pelini, offensive coordinator Tim Beck and graduate assistant Vince Marrow all Mooney alumni.

Also, Hole jokes.

DELLA VALLE CAN SHOOT, BUT HE NEEDS TO WORK ON HIS TIMING. Thad Matta received a much needed commitment from Findlay Prep (Henderson, NV) star Amedeo Della Valle over the weekend, shortly after the 6-4, 182-pound guard visited campus on Friday.

Della Valle, a native of Alba, Italy, announced his decision over Twitter an hour before Ohio State's spring game kicked off, which, if you're looking for maximum oomph, is probably not the best time to do something like that, but hey, the kid saw campus, slept on it and woke up excited to tell the world and who can blame him for that? Della Valle chose the Buckeyes over Texas A&M and Arizona and will bring his 53% from downtown and that fine, fine hair to Columbus.

While Della Valle must wait for his mother to arrive in the States before he can complete the signing of his letter of intent (is EchoSign not good enough for the NCAA?) becomes the crucial first member Matta's 2012 class, that could grow to three with the additions of South Carolina transfer Anthony Gill, a 6-8 power forward and 6-8 wing Rodney Hood, a Mississippi transfer. 

 #NEWSTAFFPROBLEMS. New offensive line coach and co-offensive coordinator Ed Warinner and new receivers coach Zach Smith showed up to gate 23 of Ohio Stadium on Saturday morning to take the elevator ride up to the coaches box, but ran into a bit of a problem when the student staffer manning the entrance informed the two coaches that they were not allowed to pass because they were not on the credentials list.

Luckily former Buckeye defensive end Matt Finkes was on hand and kindly explained to the student-staffer that Warinner and Smith might be faces that he should memorize going forward and the two coaches were soon on their way to the elevator.

Swag personifiedApropos of nothing (photo via @HawkeyNation)

YOU MAY HAVE TO WAIT A BIT LONGER TO SEE SEC TEAMS PLAY IN THE SNOW. Two days after the Rose Bowl said "Huh?" to the wacky "Four Team Plus" option floated in a published internal BCS document, the Tribune's Teddy Greenstein is reporting the most-sensible option (at least from my perspective) may be DOA as conference commissioners prepare to meet in Florida this week:

Aside from SEC teams not wanting to play in Ann Arbor or Columbus in late December, it's logistics. Many schools won't have the infrastructure then because they're on holiday break. Stadium size would be an issue with schools such as Cincinnati (35,100), TCU (50,000) and Oregon (53,800). If there's a playoff, officials will want to maximize revenue by selling hospitality and luxury suites. And, besides, most fans love going to bowl games in places like New Orleans and Glendale, Ariz.

I'm willing to buy the infrastructure argument (although the potential $360 million splashed around has a miraculous way of solving these kinds of problems), but the stadium size argument doesn't hold water. While it would be nice to play these games in larger stadiums, getting a home game in your own, small stadium should be your reward to earning an invitation.

Let's not pretend that stadium gate and concession receipts (even hospitality and luxury suites) will come anywhere near the money TV will deliver and besides, didn't the Pac-12 play its inaugural league championship game in Oregon's 53,800-seat Autzen Stadium?

JEREMY CASH FIRES A (LATE) PARTING SHOT. So, this is unfortunate:

Cash, a prep teammate of Ryan Shazier's at Plantation High in Florida, was part of the 2011 class but soon left after Urban Meyer took over at the end of last year. No explanation was ever really given for his departure beyond and I'm not sure his tweet really clears anything up.

Best of luck at Duke, Jeremy.

PLEASE WELCOME THE CLASS OF 2012. Six weeks ago, we made a call for new writers to help fill out Team 11W. We're always humbled by the responses we get when we do this, but this round really blew us away. In no time at all, we had over 60 quality applicants (including half of the staff of The Lantern -- we see you guys).

After internally scoring this group, subjecting them to phone interviews and requests for further writing samples, we are pleased to announce four (!!) new members of the team. All four come highly-rated by all of the major recruiting services (VHTs in Phil Steele parlance) and will kick off their 11W careers this week:

  • Jeff Beck (@JeffMBeck): Jeff is Ohio-born, but has a Masters degree in journalism from Northwestern, which immediately makes him the most qualified writer in Eleven Warriors' history. He currently lives in Chicago and works in social media. He'll give you Twitter tips if you ask nicely.
  • Kyle Lamb (@Kyle_Lamb): Kyle grew up in Cenral Ohio and received an education at the Ohio Center for Broadcasting in Cleveland. His career runs the gamut of interning at 610 WTVN, writing for Bucknuts, Scout and most recently the Ohio State blog Along the Olentangy.
  • Chad Peltier (@Chad11W): You may know Chad better as long-time commenter Buckeye in Athens. He was born in the heart of SEC country but has migrated north to Chicago in pursuit of his PhD. He's promised to make it rain with numbers and stats, and we're looking forward to his contributions.
  • Dave Sokol (@Dave11W): Dave was born in Cincinnati, but we promised not to hold that against him. He currently lives in New York and will be helping to bolster our recruiting efforts (including giving love to the basketball side of that house).

Congratulations, gents and thank you to everyone that applied.

Last, but not least, we worked with the Fisher College of Business to place a marketing intern and would like to welcome Andrew Urbanski (@PBR_POUNDER) to the best summer of his young life. Andrew will be working closely with Ramzy which means he'll be learning a lot about bourbon.

BANGIN'. As fun as watching Mike Thomas live up to his Twitter handle was on Saturday afternoon, Saturday night may have topped it. Between bear fights, getting to meet a ton of you and collecting a trunkload of food for the Mid-Ohio Foodbank, we had a blast.

These events keep getting bigger and bigger and we've learned that as long as we stay away from Patrón until later in the night, we'll have the capacity to remember most of what goes down, which in this case is important because the turnout and good times were off the charts.

If you did make it out, thank you. We hope you enjoyed yourself. If you weren't able to make it out, we'll do it again this fall with the 3rd annual Drink Too, Brutus and Eat Too, Brutus the Friday and Saturday of Nebraska weekend (10/5 and 10/6).

ETC: Stirring photo is stirring... Alabama's Jesse Williams got dressed up for his team's White House visit... Roscoe Smith becomes the fifth player to transfer out of UCONN this season... SEC spring game attendance numbers (damn, Kentucky)... WUB WUBBBB WUB WUBBBBB: Skrillex is coming to the South Oval for a free show... "World peace" does not mean what I thought it meant... And "free" doesn't mean what it once did, either... Rocky Potter... Well played, Mr. Gervais... Only in Indiana... The Anti-Prius... NAILED IT!


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703Buckeye's picture

A nice and early Skull Session!

I'm really hyped for Bosa. He is by far my favorite recruit of the 2013 class; maybe it's the linemen in me, but I love watching his highlights showing him shoving around opponents. He's a pretty entertaining Tweeter as well.

"Attack the Strong, Trample the Weak, Hurdle the Dead!"
-Former OSU S&C Coach Lichter

ih8rolltyde's picture

Ron Artest must be done for the season.  (including playoffs)

Most hilarious thing I have ever seen scroll across the bottom line of sportcenter:

James Harden left game in 2nd quarter (elbowed in head by World Peace)

Somebody had to type that for espn, and damn well better have been laughing.




****igan smells like old water that hot dogs were boiled in.  FACT

Run_Fido_Run's picture

On the bright side, Metta World Peace seems like he'd be a perfect fit as a secretary to the United Nations Human Rights Council.

Leanenaud's picture

Sucks that Courtney Love won't be suiting up for the Scarlet and Gray, but I'll live through this.

CaliforniaBuckeyeGirl's picture

I see what you did there. :-)

ytownnut's picture

We didn't get Courtney Love but 11W got Jeff Beck!  I'm good with that..

                     Those who stay wil be .......Diinner!!

                               Brady Joke

hodge's picture

Here's hoping he "Ain't Superstitous"

RBuck's picture

Or "Wired".

Long live the southend.

pcon258's picture

i'm pretty hyped to start reading some of the content from the new guys. its gona be awesome to have so many more writers. 

and i hate that cash is knocking urbz and co. I mean, i'm sure he didn't like what they did, and maybe they were at fault with him, but its still dissapointing to have a coach criticized like this. It would've been a little better (to me at least) if he had simply not tweeted anything at all, but why would anyone ever do that?


BucksShockTheWorld's picture

The Banger was a good time Sat night! It was really good to meet a lot of the writers and put a face with a name. I know I get to read stuff Alex puts on here, but it was a lot nicer getting to hear it first hand and ask a lot of questions! Can't wait for these next few to make it official!

Alex's picture

nice meeting you

BuckeyeVet's picture

It was great to meet the current staff Sat. night - Jason, Alex, Chris, Corey, Johnny, & Ramzy. Jason - we'll do more Irish Car Bombs at the next Banger! So, after meeting all you guys, where were you hiding the one good looking one (Sarah)? Had a lot of fun - it was great to put a name & face together! Welcome to all the new staff!

"Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend. Inside of a dog it's too dark to read."          - Groucho Marx

"The recipient of Oyster's ONLY down vote".

Luke's picture

Four 5-stars, eh? The rich get richer. Welcome, Jeff, Kyle, Chad, and Dave.

David Sokol's picture

Thanks Luke.  Rivals has me at a 4-star (6.0 on their 6.1 scale) but the ever-faithful Scout knows what's up (5-star).

DefendOhio's picture

The staff thinks Love is better than Kimbrough? Kimbrough's offers blow Love's away.

Chris Lauderback's picture

The Banger was defintely off the chain.

I want to personally thank everyone that attended and brought donations for the MidOhio Food Bank. I don't have a final tally but my trunk is completely packed with food.

It was great to meet so many of you that help make 11W what it is.

blazers34's picture

I didnt get to stay late, and apparently missed Ramzy 'fighting the bear,' but it was nice to meet Jason, Chris and Alex.  Almost felt like name tags with posters names or twitter handles would have helped! lol

flipbuckeye's picture

A big welcome to the new warriors.

11W is like a Star Wars movie. You know the storm troopers, the guys in the white helmets? 8 of em go down, 8 come back...

BTBuckeye's picture

The player that boosted his stock the most on saturday was Mike Thomas. He really does look the part. Hoping he can contribute this year. Liked how they threw the ball to him 3-4 times in a row at the end of the game.

Looking forward to the new writers. Thanks for all you do.

cplunk's picture

Mixed feelings about Thomas. He proved he can get open and catch the ball, but he also proved two other things:

1) He isn't a playmaker. When WRs catch the ball on short passes in Urb's offense, they need to make some people miss and gain yards after the catch. Thomas catches it and that's it. This is what Urbs has been talking about when he says the WRs just aren't up to snuff.

2) He doesn't understand the importance of blocking at the WR slot. There was a reverse to Chris Fields that would have been a TD with a good outside WR block. Thomas gave a half-hearted effort and it was maybe a 5 or 6 yard gain. Big outside plays come from WR blocks.

He's young so maybe he learns #2.


rjsmitty's picture

Agree with you CPLUNK, Saw the same things. Guy can deffinetely get open with strong route running and catch the ball but he didn't want to mix it up, at all, on the outside when it came to having to hold a downfield stalk block. He is a frosh though. This can be improved upon I can guarentee you Urban will make that happen or the kid wont be playing that much after this year.

"I don't wanna coach average! To hell with that!"  -UFM

Squirrel Master's picture

I disagree. There were a couple of passes that he caught downfield in pockets of the D. Gotta remember also, defense was looking for passes all game. He may not make great moves but he caught everything thrown near him. Most of them were short and out passes but he catches them! Let Devin smith and fields be the burners and Corey Brown be the next Harvin. Thomas will just be a great posession receiver, something that was lacking all last year (well there was Stoneburner but still). The biggest knock on Posey was he dropped the ball all the time on short and crossing patterns. This guy doesn't drop the ball!

He is young. I am sure he will learn the blocking game. Still has alot to learn but the promise is much higher than expected. I don't see him as another Taurian, spring gamer!

I saw a UFO told me to have a goodyear!

cplunk's picture

Got your point, but he averaged about 10 yards a catch. I'd ditch the burner/possession receiver distinction that you're making- in the spread there is no such differentiation. Of course you still need a guy to be the "third down guy".

The routes run in the Spring game were designed to give the WR a chance to create a big play from a short, safe pass. Short, quick passes- particularly crossing routes- are much harder to defend. If your WRs just catch the ball then ultimately you'll find the defense pressing up and shutting down those passes. Making people miss in space is crucial to the offense as a whole. 

I'd also ditch the "Percy Harvin" role talk. The Harvin role was created to offset a lack of great RB talent. When combined with Tebow, the RB issue wasn't a big issue. OSU does NOT have a lack of RB talent. Hence, not much of a need for a Percy Harvin role. If anything approximating a Harvin role is seen, it'll be from an RB branching out and not from a WR like with Harvin. You could already see this in the Spring game with some of the motions and spreads to Dunn. You'll see it more with Hall.

Getting open and not dropping the ball are valuable assets, but they're assets that belong to your third or fourth WR. Your top two need to be capable of beating people once they get the ball in their hands. 


Squirrel Master's picture

I am not sure what you are looking for then. Call Thomas a possession receiver, call him a 3rd down guy, call him whatever you want to call him. He catches balls! I much rather have a guy who will catch the ball and get at least 5 yards than a guy who drops the ball and gets none!

Labels, Labels, Labels. Why don't we stop calling them WR. We will just call them pass catchers if that is what your comment is about. I have no problem stopping the "Percy Harvin" role talk. What do you want to call it because that is supposedly what you are looking for right? A fast, quick WR who can do alot of things once the ball is in his hand. That is your argument about Thomas.

Call it whatever you want, Thomas can catch the ball. That to me is impressive and can be used on the team. I will take that with my #1 WR! Not to mention, 10 yards is a first down!

I saw a UFO told me to have a goodyear!

TMac's picture

I'll take what I saw from Thomas after 14 practices, and feel confident that UFM will have him blocking and understanding the importance of yards after the catch or he won't be seeing the field nearly so much in the fall.  To me he looked better than most of the WRs that have much more college experience.

ONE Not Done!

Alhan's picture

Really Jesse Williams?  Really?  You visit the white house and wear that?  The coaches should have never let him off the bus.

"Nom nom nom" - Brady Hoke

t-hane's picture

@PBR_POUNDER is the greatest twitter name I could have imagined for a College marketing intern.  I dont know who came up with it but I think its the reason I love this site.  If Andrew  chose it and you still let him work for you, I think thats incredible and shows you guys dont take yourselves to serious but at the same time are dedicated to provideing the best coverage possible.  If you chose it for him, then that is just downright hilarious

rdubs's picture

I assume he is a big bull riding fan..., right?

Squirrel Master's picture

or he likes Pabst Blue Ribbon!

I saw a UFO told me to have a goodyear!

bucknutz18's picture

I picked that winner of a twitter handle all by myself before I even knew what twitter was...Too good too change now!

Baroclinicity's picture

Welcome to all the new writers!

When you're holding a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

Squirrel Master's picture

It is amazing how people don't realize that Ricky Gervais owns the rights to "The Office". Go ahead and rip his british version, btw true fans of both shows say his version is better, the dude is making bank and laughing the whole way there! Love the guy. He basically flips the bird at the Emmy's and pisses off everyone, and they invite him back! That guy on twitter is an idiot!

I saw a UFO told me to have a goodyear!

cronimi's picture

Anyone watching this season of The (American) Office knows (1) the British version is better and (2) Ricky knew what he was doing when he ended it after a couple seasons and a special. Someone needs to put the American version out of its misery. Last week's episode was dreadful.

ARMYBUCK's picture

@ALHAN,  Yeah as if he doesnt look thug enough he goes to the White House like that!  I couldnt agree more about not letting him off the bus.  I would feel bad if I thought money was an issue but Im sure the Goodwill even has shirts with sleeves!

RedStorm45's picture

As has been said, a lot of quality people coming on staff. Welcome.

As much as Thad needed a commit like Della Valle, I don't see him playing a whole lot unless he absolutely lights it up from downtown.  He's a combo guard, but we're pretty set at point with Craft and Scott.  Smith, Thompson, and Ross will hold the 2-3 spots down.

I know everyone is excited for the D-Line THIS year, but just imagine Bosa, Spence, Schutt, Washington...or however they end up lining all of these guys.  Also, that backflip by Bosa at 6'6'' is ridiculous.

rdubs's picture

Della Valle should play if Matta knows what's good for him (maybe less so as a freshman).  Even if it is only 10 or so minutes per game, there is no excuse for our starting 5 to average 35+ minutes each.  Not subbing hurt us down the stretch in a lot of games last year.  Craft is in great shape, but even for him a 40 minute night is not easy.

RedStorm45's picture

2 FF's in 5 years and still complaining...can't win.

BuckeyeVet's picture

To PCON258 - I think the answer lies in the phrase "young and stupid". Ought to be one word, actually "youngandstupid".

"Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend. Inside of a dog it's too dark to read."          - Groucho Marx

"The recipient of Oyster's ONLY down vote".

Kyle Lamb's picture

I had to enroll on a scholarship agreement. The parents wouldn't sign the letter-of-intent since they were holding out for SEC money.


rosenbuck's picture

this is one of my favorite buckets, in spite of cashmoney.  and now i'm thinking it has been too long since i've had a thurmanator...