Skull Session: Chase Young Compared to the Bosas, Dwayne Haskins Will Keep Sitting, and Ohio State's Dominance Visualized

By Kevin Harrish on September 25, 2019 at 4:59 am
The stripe is strong in today's skull session.

It's a day that ends in Y, so I assume you'd like to start your day with some Michigan ineptitude injected into your veins.

I might just have to start a kickstarter to keep Jim Harbaugh employed at Michigan. If we pay his salary, do you think they'd let him stay?


Word of the Day: Tergiversate.

 PREDATOR VS. BIG BEARS. Ohio State's had two edge rushers drafted in the top-three since 2016, and there's a chance neither will turn out to be the best Buckeye pass rusher of the past five years, thanks to Chase Young and his mutant physique.

It's extremely early, and Young hasn't even played a quarter of his final season (granted, neither did Nick Bosa) but Jordan Reid of The Draft Network took a stab at comparing the three (as college prospects) in a few key areas:

Physical Traits:
  1. Joey Bosa
  2. Nick Bosa
  3. Chase Young
Career Production:
  1. Joey Bosa (38 games) - 148 total tackles, 51.0 tackles for loss, 26.0 sacks
  2. Chase Young (26 games) - 65 total tackles, 27.0 tackles for loss, 19.0 sacks
  3. Nick Bosa (29 games) - 77 total tackles, 29.0 tackles for loss, 17.5 sacks
  1. Chase Young
  2. Nick Bosa
  3. Joey Bosa
  1. Chase Young
  2. Joey Bosa
  3. Nick Bosa

As early as a week and a half ago, I probably would have taken either Bosa over the Young Predator, and even though it's probably stupid to allow a game against Miami University to sway my opinion on anything, two strip sacks from either side of the line in a single quarter has me sold.

If only his hands were better...

 NO DWAYNE. For portion of Monday night's game, Case Keenum gave his best Nathan Peterman impression, finishing the game with three picks and two fumbles for a grand total of five turnovers.

But apparently it's going to take even more than that for Dwayne Haskins to see the field.

I have mixed feelings about this.

On one hand, the biggest concern seems to be his lack of experience. That's valid, but how exactly do they expect him to get experience, playing Madden? Your season's over anyway, you might as well use it as a chance to get him some much-needed reps.

But on the other hand, I watched that offensive line and I've watched Dwayne Haskins run. I'm not sure it's in the best interest of his long-term well being to allow him to stand behind that offensive line for even a quarter.

 BOX SCORES, BUT BETTER. You probably don't need an advanced box score to tell you that Ohio State committed a cold-blooded murder against Miami on Saturday, but I'm going to give you one anyway because it is just gruesome.

Here's the body:

If you're having trouble, just know that red is bad, green is good. And Miami's numbers are... bloody.

But hilariously, they're not *that* much worse than Michigan's from this week:

Zero percent rushing success rate is... something. I guess the tight ends needed more carries. It's the only explanation.

 FICK UP NORTH? I have a sneaky suspicion Michigan's going to be head coach hunting in the very near future, which is kind of problematic because they're damn near out of Michigan Men™ at this point *looks longingly towards Les Miles*.

Maybe it's time they take a look at someone with ties to the program that's kicked their ass for almost two decades. Luke Fickell, perhaps?

My pal Ari Wasserman of The Athletic ($) gave this hypothetical some attention.

I think in four years, Fickell would have a heck of a team. And given the course of history, it would make sense for Michigan to consider him in this hypothetical scenario, given that the most successful coach in Michigan history was first an Ohio State guy.

The harder part of the question is whether he’d consider it. I really don’t think he would. If Michigan came to his house and put $5 million a year on the table, you never know what a person would do. Rivalry or not, Fickell is trying to provide for his family. All that said, I really, really don’t think he would do it because he spent so much time at Ohio State and is conditioned to hate that program.

It's a fair and fun hypothetical, but Darron Lee is shut it down with the quickness in true "saved-you-a-click" fashion.

Yeah, if there are actually Michigan fans hoping to hire Urban Meyer or Fickell (there are), I think it's best you adjust your expectations because one of those guys won't even say your school's name on television and the other has been on the other side of the rivalry for over two decades spent about two weeks publicly slamming your athletic department for the way it treated one of his players.

But if you're really set on bringing in someone with ties to Meyer and Ohio State, I hear Chris Ash might be looking for a new gig.

 THEY'RE GIVING AWAY MONEY! Folks, if you've ever wanted to see five grand light on fire, this Tweet might be as close as you'll ever get.

Wait, just 10/1 odds? That's the line they got? They watched Saturday's game and thought that 10/1 odds was a value play? This bettor should have hit me up before donating his money to the casino. I would have given them 50/1 odds without blinking.

I wonder if they'd be willing to take the Cincinnati Bengals to win the Super Bowl at 15/1 odds, cause I'll host that bet as well.

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