Skull Session: Justin Fields off the Field, Gee Scott Jr. Impresses Richard Sherman, and the Ohio State Job Fair Comes Full Circle

By Kevin Harrish on June 17, 2019 at 4:59 am
Garrett Wilson pets the turtle in today's Skull Session.

You know you've made it when you're confidently picking yourself over your childhood idol.

To be fair, I also would ride with the best passer in Ohio State history without much second guessing.


Word of the Day: Axiomatic.

 OFF THE FIELD(S). In football, the entire offensive side of the ball runs through one player, so it's probably beneficial for the other players on the offense to be comfortable with that one player, on and off the field.

The good news is, Justin Fields is – at least according to Ryan Day and Austin Mack – a pleasant and likable human being.

From Tim Bielik of

“He’s a likable guy. Guys on the team really like who he is as a person,” Day said. “He’s shown some leadership. He’s got to continue that leadership. But I think the more experience he gets, the more he’ll feel that confidence.”


“He’s a goofy guy,” Mack said. “It’s funny. Quarterbacks, they have funny sides. But you don’t really see it much because they’re always so tense and uptight. Receivers, we’ve got a lot of character. But he’s a fun guy.”

This is a different experience for Mack, though. He is one of the veterans of the offense. So he wanted to do his part to help ease Fields’ transition into the team.

“The biggest thing was just getting him comfortable,” Mack said. “It’s his offense, really. Whenever he’s in the huddle, whatever quarterback is in the huddle, it’s their offense. For us as the receivers, it’s just trying to get him comfortable to be able to be more vocal and to be able to know that we’re going to be in the right spot at the right time.”

It seems weird that the guy with the keys to the offense is going to be probably the least experienced on the field this fall, but that's the way you want it when you're breaking in a new quarterback.

I mean, the alternative is a completely inexperienced team, so I'll take what we've got.

 FIVE-STAR IN OUR HEARTS. Buckeye fans are (reasonably) stoked about the Garrett Wilson/Julian Fleming duo of the future, but don't sleep on the receiver that's out here Mossing kids and making absurd one-handed grabs on the camp circuit.

With my common blogger's eye, I've seen nothing about his game that doesn't scream "five-star receiver." And it ain't just me, because an All-Pro corner is right there too.

I honestly cannot fathom how good this receivers room is going to be in two or three seasons. Hell, it's already looking better than it has in years, and now it's adding five top-100 prospects including the two highest-rated receivers since recruiting rankings existed.

Justin Fields is about to have a field day.

 FULL-CIRCLE. Ohio State sends like half a starting lineup to NFL rosters every year, but not everyone who leaves the program heads to The League. But the Buckeyes have them covered, too, with the annual job fair.

It ain't just a glorious photo ops with various reptiles – though, this blogger is quite thankful for the reptiles' service on that front – the job fair connects many Buckeyes with prospective employers for their careers after football.

For former walk-on running back Ke’Von Huguely, it went full circle. Last year, he was at the career fair as an attendee. This year, he was part of it.

From Caroline Rice of The Ozone:

Huguely’s new job as an officer came as a result of the connections he made at one of the job fairs he attended as a player under Meyer.

“I’m just happy that I’m here and I took the opportunity that Ohio State gave me,” Huguely said. “I wouldn’t be here without them right now.”

It was when Ohio State brought the highway patrol officers to the job fair and he made those connections that he learned what he needed to do to start the process of becoming a state trooper.

Now, Huguely got to spend his evening on the other side of the table, talking to many former teammates and young Buckeyes about the importance of finding a career outside of football. He said many of the guys were interested in hearing his story and hearing about his new career path.

“I just feel like it’s important to let the younger guys know that the career fair is important,” he said, “Just let them know that there are different opportunities you can go and take, just take all opportunities you can get and run away with it just like I did. It’s a fun process.”

Personally, I was never very good at career fairs. I landed more jobs by saying dumb shit online (1) than I did in four years of career fairs at Ohio State (0). So shoutout to those guys for being better than me by making those connections and beginning careers. 

 SHOWCASING FOR THE XFL. A few former Buckeyes could be coming to a football field near you – just after traditional football season.

Jalin Marshall and Bri'Onte Dunn each participated in an XFL Summer Showcase this weekend, hoping to land spots on a team's roster when the league begins (again) next spring.

Marshall dominated the AAF during the league's short life. He caught 26 passes for 364 yards and three touchdowns, putting him in the top 10 in the league in all three categories. He signed with the Raiders shortly after the league dissolved, but that stint was somehow far shorter than the AAF's existence, as he was waived two days later.

Dunn, meanwhile, has been out of football since he was dismissed from the team in 2016.

 OFFER HIM. NOW. Hey, LeCharles Bentley's son is a natural-born offensive lineman. Who would have thought?

He needs an offer immediately. I've never been more sold on a prospect I know pretty much nothing about based on one highlight from a drill without pads.

I know he's got LeCharles Bentley's blood in his veins and also that he just stuffed a kid noticeably bigger than him. That's all I need.

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