Cincinnati Fans, As Usual, Boisterous About Matchup vs. Ohio State

By David Wertheim on June 15, 2019 at 8:45 am
Cincinnati fan
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Legend has it that since Columbus arrived in 1492, Cincinnati fans have been talking about how Ohio State just isn't really that good.

I work at Kroger. Skyline Chili is great. The first thing I tell people when I meet them is where I went to high school (Sycamore class of 2017!) 

My whole life spent in the 513, I feel like I am the best person to break this news: the UC fans are back again, everyone. 

In fun fashion, start it off by saying that if UC beats OSU by 29, I'll print out this article and eat it.

Stats: Ohio State and Cincinnati have played 16 times, with the Buckeyes winning 14 of the games. The last time Cincinnati won was in 1897, with the Bearcats taking both of the first two games. 

So many times, Ohio State has been reluctant to schedule Cincinnati in years past. There have been a combination of reasons why: it doesn't make much sense for the Buckeyes. With the Bearcats not exactly being a powerhouse for most of their existence, a Buckeyes win wouldn't move the needle very much. In addition, if Ohio State loses the game, all the talk will be about how the Buckeyes aren't the dominant team in their own state anymore.

Yes, the talk hasn't stopped this year. After the conclusion of March Madness, which saw Cincinnati get upset once again in the first round and then have their coach leave for UCLA, the focus switched back to football.

Ohio State will enter the game with a new head coach, Ryan Day. Luke Fickell has certainly jumpstarted the UC program which was on a heavy downswing leading to the firing of Tommy Tuberville. Fickell went 10-2 last season, and returns a wealth of talent that should have Cincinnati right in the thick of things in the AAC.

Understandably, the last two times these two teams played. Cincinnati fans were somewhat confident. Ohio State had just come off a slim win over Navy and a loss to Virginia Tech.The Buckeyes then beat Kent State 66-0, but the Golden Flashes were terrible. They won one game all year. Cincinnati was flying high with former five-star Gunner Kiel. The Buckeyes won the by three touchdowns, scoring 50 points and continuing the run that led them to a championship.

I have heard the name Desmond Ridder a thousand times. I have friends who- every time I see them- remind me about Ridder and Michael Warren and all this talent. Every time, like clockwork. 

At a point, you just get used to it. I have pride in so many things just because I am from Cincinnati. I will never understand the hate that UC fans have for OSU, other than a possible "little brother" mentality, which shouldn't even exist (because they have a solid program of their own).


Upset possibility. 

Enough about the fans. The matchup this fall should feature two very good football teams. Ohio State enters with a new coach, quarterback, defensive staff, and offensive line but holds a glut of talent at all of those positions, in addition to everywhere else on its roster. Fickell and Marcus Freeman have turned UC into a program that is once again at the top of its conference, with a lot of quality talent up and down the lineup.

Back to the in-state matchup: these teams don't play very often. This is only the fourth meeting in the 2000's, which is not quite what some fans want. A lot of fans, especially down in Cincinnati, would like to see this matchup happen on a regular basis. The Buckeyes fans aren't as thrilled about the prospects of that idea. 

In Columbus at noon, a veteran Cincinnati team could be prepared to strike against a young Ohio State team that is experienced, albeit talented. And the fans will be out in full force.

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