Skull Session: Dwayne Haskins Gets First-Round Projection, Malik Harrison to Return, and Jets Seeking Jim Harbaugh

By Kevin Harrish on December 24, 2018 at 4:59 am
Tony Alford and J.K. Dobbins are fairly happy to be here in today's Skull Session.

Merry Christmas Eve to all! I got you an early Christmas gift:

38 and a half minutes of sweet, sweet schadenfreude.


Word of the Day: Scion.

 DWAYNE LOOKING GOOD. Folks, I have breaking news: Dwayne Haskins is a first round talent.

Haskins hasn't officially announced his intentions, and probably won't until after the Rose Bowl, but it's a safe bet he's headed to the league, no matter how much hope you'd like to have.

 MALIK HARRISON RETURNING. A couple of draft decisions are looming, but it looks like Malik Harrison will be back.

My good pal Tony Gerdeman of The Ozone tucked this little insider nugget into the middle of the sixth graph of his piece:

Junior safety Jordan Fuller was another Buckeye who submitted his name to the advisory committee. Junior linebacker Malik Harrison has had conversations about leaving, but did not submit his name to the committee. A source close to the situation has told The Ozone that Harrison is expected to return for his senior season.

As disappointing as the linebackers have been at times the past two seasons, Harrison has been solid and consistent and got better and better all season. His return is certainly welcome.

 HARBAUGH JETTING TO THE NFL? Speaking of returns, Jim Harbaugh could be making one to the NFL, if the Jets have their way.

From Mike Florio of

Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh has said he’s staying put. That won’t keep at least one NFL team from trying to lure him back.

Per a league source, the Jets are the team that is planning to make a run at Harbaugh after the season ends.

The thinking is that the Jets plan to make Harbaugh a financial offer he can’t refuse, well in excess of the $7 million he earns at Ann Arbor.

I need this. Not because I'm afraid of Harbaugh – he's the paperiest of paper tigers – but because it would just be absolutely hilarious.

Imagine the Savior of Michigan Football ducking out of Ann Arbor after four years without a Big Ten title, a win against Ohio State one season before he has a chance to play the Buckeyes at home against a first-year head coach and a first-year starter at quarterback.

And to the Jets! Imagine Michigan losing their once-thought legendary head coach to the Jets!

And like, who the hell else are they going to get? They can't even turn to Les Miles. They put all their chips on Harbaugh. And if he bolts...

Now if he stays, that's more than fine also. 0-5 has a nice ring to it.

 REACHING HIGH. 2020 Michigan quarterback commit J.D. Johnson has big dreams.

Evan Petzold of

“My commitment to Michigan is 100 percent,” Johnson added. “There are always factors that will change, but that’s the place where I want to be.”

Johnson plans to get an education and play on the field to the best of his abilities under Harbaugh. His other goal is to take down Michigan’s archrival – Ohio State.

“I can tell you that I am a loyal, hard-working guy,” Johnson said. “My goal is to do everything in my power to beat Ohio State.”

I mean, my goal is to do everything in my power to earn a Pulitzer with my online words. That doesn't mean it's going to happen.

 IT'S CALLED A FREE THROW. It's not often I'm 1,000 percent positive I could do better at a sport than a professional athlete, but this is one of those rare exceptions.

I'm the first to admit that nobody is perfect at their job. I've made some heinous mistakes online – hell, there might even be one in this very Skully, y'all will have to tell me – but I also don't work on a $47 million contract.

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