2018's Best Tweets from Ohio State Players and Coaches

By David Wertheim on December 22, 2018 at 12:01 pm

Hello, my name is David. I used to do the weekly "Tweets from Around Campus" post, but was shifted off that role. Now, I'm back as a guest. Aren't you lucky?

2018 has been another great year in the Buckeye Twitterverse. We saw some exceptional trash talk, fantastic use of photoshop, and near perfect gif work.

Miss any gems this year or simply want a recap? We've got you covered. We've scoured the internet to give you the year's best Tweets of 2018 from Ohio State players and coaches.

Dwayne Haskins with a great take here:

Parris Campbell was disappointed with his McDonald's order... 

... and Jordan Fuller had a good response.

This photo is just amazing. Not only does Tate look like he clearly would rather be a model than a football player, but Ohio State assistant AD Mike Basford's face in the background is incredible.

Good take here by Joshua Perry...

but the Bossman disagrees:

Another really solid tweet here:

This has, uh, not worked out so far.

#MYHITTA is Ohio State's next great linebacker: 

Kyle Synder had this iconic take:

I agree with this. Sweet potato fries are terrible.

I'm taking Marc "The Shark" Smith next semester and I'm looking forward to this now:

This was one of the tweets of the year:

I can only imagine the look on the dude's face when he saw a 300 pound offensive lineman just waltz into his car.

And the tweet of the YEAR goes to Dwayne Haskins:

Michael Thomas' Cryptic Tweets from 2018


Have a good 2019, everyone!

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