Mini-Rant towards ESPN/Gene Smith

Why the hell is College Gameday going to Tuscaloosa? Seriously, Penn State is going to get whomped in all 3 quarters by 'Bama's first team. And then get whomped in the 4th by Bama's 2nd and 3rd team. What a waste of mascot head picking, when you could have at least been at com...
05 Sep 2010
by JakeBuckeye

Pryor on Thursday

Completely ripped off from MGoBrian.  He explains his terms here   Terrelle Pryor   Throwing   Dead On Catchable ...

The View From 14C (Marshall)

Wow!  The single biggest thing I was looking for was answered.  TP was stepping into his throws and coming over the top pretty consistently.  Even hurried throws looked pretty good, although I missed seeing his form on the first poor throw which hit Saine(?) in the foot.  ...

The Jim Tressel Cocktail

  The Jim Tressel Cocktail: 2 oz Dry Gin 1 oz lemon juice 1 tsp sugar SHAKE with ice ...POUR all into a glass Add Grenedine (sinks to bottom) Fill with Club Soda Add one marachino cherry.   Doesn't quite come across in the picture here, but the dr...
02 Sep 2010
by Bucksfan

Quick Hit from Cincy

Looking at the divisions again and they are really growing on me.  Basketball wise they give a huge break to Sparty", but for football they are surprisingly fair.  You take OSU/PSU/Wisc up against mich/Wisc/Neb and it's pretty solid.  I don't think there is o...
02 Sep 2010
by Cincy_Kid

GameDay, Divisions and Uni's

Finally Game Day is upon us.  Feels good to drive to work and see the kids at the bus stop sporting the Buckeye jerseys.  Cincy Kid junior sported the red #2 to his school today. OK let's get down to business.  First the divisions; I honestly am OK with them.  The game...
02 Sep 2010
by Cincy_Kid

Warren Ball is a HUGE Commit

Columbus St. Francis DeSales RB Warren Ball committed to OSU today. It was the first day juniors could receive offers in writing and Ball wasted no time telling Jim Tressel he wanted in. This is a huge get for the Bucks as Ball, at 6-1/200, is a big, physical runner who has a non-stop motor and h...

We'll get ' week??

At the risk of sounding like Debbie Downer...'s official. The Game is dead. Oh, it will still be played every year, and thanks to the eight gazillion emails and phone calls from angry sports fans, it will still be played the final week of the regular  Big Ten season, b...
01 Sep 2010
by painterlad

Buckeye Posters and Graphics

Over the past few years I have designed all kinds of web ads, headers, action buttons, banners and so forth for my various online endeavors.  So, I have become, in my opinion, fairly adequate with the Photoshops.  The blessed union of this particular skill set with my passion for Ohio S...
01 Sep 2010
by RunTellMatt

Big Ten Quarterbacks 2009

Terrelle Pryor gets a lot of hype, be it preseason favorite for offensive player of the year1, or most overrated player in the Big Ten as picked by a group of guys who haven’t had much success in their college careers2.  By the numbers, what did the Big Ten quarterbacks look like last ...

They are Marshall - A Preview

Ohio State - Marshall Season Opener Preview is up at Buckeye Commentary (Click here to continue) On Thursday night, the Ohio State Buckeyes will embark on the journey that is the 2010 season.  The Buckeyes take on Marshallout of Conference USA, a team most remembered for a plane crash, a...
01 Sep 2010
by Poe McKnoe

South Western Cooking

I honestly thought I would just provide some insight from the South West corner of the state.  Down here in Cincinnati we do not get the local coverage or festivities of most of the rest of the state.  I have lived all over Ohio and by far Cincinnati, while a great city, is not necessar...
31 Aug 2010
by Cincy_Kid

11W 3.1 Release

FIXES Basketball schedule link at the at the top of the page now correctly reads "Basketball" instead of "Football" Comments per page has been bumped up to 200. We'll be moving to an AJAX (no page refreshes for non-nerds) comment setup soon, but this should h...

Great hands, dumb moves

There is a well established track record of wealthy WASP scions rebelling against their comfortable lives of privilege.  These “Trustafarians” often end up as jet setting self-absorbed leftists living a life of sequestered luxury all the while thumbing their noses at the very soc...
30 Aug 2010
by BuckeyeSaab

View From 14C

Ok,  lets get something straight.  I am a crumudgeon.  I am also very old school.  New things I like are limited in number.  From a Buckeye perspective, they are things like: Stadium Refurbishment Throwing the ball more than 8 times a game (God Bless you Woo...