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  • SPORTS MOMENT: I used to live in NYC and would watch games at the alumni gathering. After a lack luster win over YSU the bar flipped the TV's over to what would become Michigan's infamy, the App State game. After watching Michigan fail and wrapped in the ensuing warm glow I then made my way back to Grand Central, dressed in full regalia as always for the games. As I crossed 6th I saw, headed my direction, a utterly dejected Michigan fan, also in full tailgate dress, head down, oblivious to me as he trudged west on 46th. I stopped to watch his slow shuffle, a wide grin growing on my face. About 10 feet away looked up and our eyes met, my grin turned to laughter. I laughed, not a polite chuckle, but a deep cathartic howl that exercised all the Cooper demons from my soul. The look of anger, pain and confusion welling up on his face was a dish I had never tasted from a Michigan fan and I reveled in it. In a city of 9 million, our paths crossed at exactly, from my view, the right time. No words were exchanged. We passed, never to see each other again. But I feel safe in saying neither of us will forget those few seconds at 46th and 6th Ave in Midtown, and that is my best sports moment.
  • NFL TEAM: Browns
  • NHL TEAM: Sharks
  • MLB TEAM: Tribe

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Comment 02 Dec 2019

That's the thing man, online classes are harder.  I must preferred in class.  Only went with online when there was a scheduling constraint.  These guys are choads 

Comment 24 Nov 2019

Did you see Jimbo yelling at the refs after and the ref just shrugged and walked away?  I mean he grabbed his shirt and then his arm.  Obvious pass interference at full speed.  Terrible non call.

Comment 17 Sep 2019


BuckeyeatTSUN says "Fields > Lawrence" and then OH-IO responds with "As much as it pains me to say, Lawrence has a ring." and you are AMAZED that people see the ring comment as a critique on idea that Fields is superior???  How?  What in the hell did OH-IO mean by "As much as it pains me to say, Lawrence has a ring." if it wasn't to say he thinks that it's actually Lawrence > Fields? 

And further more just because people, myself included, disagree with the idea that a ring make you the better athlete that doesn't mean we thing OH-IO is saying Fields sucks.  That's a strawman.

Comment 12 Sep 2019

Agreed.  Back before the Buck-ID requirement I am pretty sure every single ticket I bought was off an international grad student that had zero interest in ever attending a game.  

Ohio State, ever jealous of anyone making a cent but them, has been working hard over the years to kill the student to non-student ticket market.  By going fully digital and requiring an actual student account it would appear they have finally won.  And their reward is fewer sales.

Comment 11 Sep 2019

It's to stop , as much as possible, graft , money laundering , and organized crime being involved in college sports. It's to protect the ordinary student athlete, whose typically young and naïve , from being taken advantage of by those who would seek to use them to profit.

Ummm...  No.  Not it was not.  None of that is the reason the NCAA was created. 

The NCAA was created to protect the sport of college football from being cancelled due to the number of player deaths at the time.  Basically President Teddy Roosevelt threatened to put a stop to college football and the White House hosted a series of discussions dealing with how to keep college football viable and out of that the NCAA was born.

All the BS above about caring for those ever so innocent and naive youths is a post hoc fairy tale the NCAA built up after WWII. 

The NCAA was created by the university stake holders to protect their sport from Federal regulations and it continues to this day to work on behalf of the university and college football leadership.  Any assistance to student-athletes is purely accidental.

Comment 04 Sep 2019

3 TDs?   FAU got 2 FG, 2 TDs, a 2-pt conversion and a PAT.

And both TD's came in the 4th with FAU's 1s against OSU's 2s and 3s.

And one of the FG's was a gift from the offense.

In the 1st half, in simple base defense our 1's allowed -12 yards to their 1s.   I am not worried about the defense at this time.

Comment 04 Sep 2019

If Walt is making these up one week at a time and only just getting it in at the deadline then your point stands.  But you seem to be making the assumption that is the case.  The deciding factor is when are these made.  Is Walt one off them week by week or did he do them all over the summer and they are now "in the can" and could just as easily be released on a Monday vs a Wednesday?

I feel this request isn't a "Hey Walt make these on my time schedule!" but is rather a "hey if these are already made up could you release them earlier please" 

Comment 27 Aug 2019

And that reason has very little to do with all the stuff there is to do.  I constantly hear people here in the East Bay talking about how they will never leave this state because there's just so much to do even though they haven't been on the other side of the Caldecott in years.  California is a lot like a Jeep Wranger.  Sure it "can" go off road but almost none ever leave the pavement. 

Comment 05 Jun 2019


In both your comments you mention the loss to Purdue.  Why?  I never did.  Do you think my dislike of Delaney's leadership started on Dec 2nd 2019?  If so why?  I mentioned things I don't like that Delaney did that happened before the 2019 CFP selection so I really don't understand you are referencing the loss to Purdue.  Straw-man much?

PS: My dislike for Delaney dates back to the 90's