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  • SPORTS MOMENT: I used to live in NYC and would watch games at the alumni gathering. After a lack luster win over YSU the bar flipped the TV's over to what would become Michigan's infamy, the App State game. After watching Michigan fail and wrapped in the ensuing warm glow I then made my way back to Grand Central, dressed in full regalia as always for the games. As I crossed 6th I saw, headed my direction, a utterly dejected Michigan fan, also in full tailgate dress, head down, oblivious to me as he trudged west on 46th. I stopped to watch his slow shuffle, a wide grin growing on my face. About 10 feet away looked up and our eyes met, my grin turned to laughter. I laughed, not a polite chuckle, but a deep cathartic howl that exercised all the Cooper demons from my soul. The look of anger, pain and confusion welling up on his face was a dish I had never tasted from a Michigan fan and I reveled in it. In a city of 9 million, our paths crossed at exactly, from my view, the right time. No words were exchanged. We passed, never to see each other again. But I feel safe in saying neither of us will forget those few seconds at 46th and 6th Ave in Midtown, and that is my best sports moment.
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  • NHL TEAM: Sharks
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Comment 05 Jun 2019


In both your comments you mention the loss to Purdue.  Why?  I never did.  Do you think my dislike of Delaney's leadership started on Dec 2nd 2019?  If so why?  I mentioned things I don't like that Delaney did that happened before the 2019 CFP selection so I really don't understand you are referencing the loss to Purdue.  Straw-man much?

PS: My dislike for Delaney dates back to the 90's

Comment 04 Jun 2019


You love Friday night games?

You love the scheduling that puts an emphasis TV favorable matchups ahead of any sort of balance?

You think MD and Rutgers have improved the play within the B1G?

You consider the Rose Bowl to be more important than a Championship?

That's fine if you love all the things that Delaney did, but just because he brought in cash doesn't mean I am required to like his governing vision.

Comment 04 Jun 2019

He seems like he is more that qualified to handle the operations side of being the commissioner.  So my only concern is what his leadership vision will be.  Is he going to fight for the B1G?  Is he going to set teams up for success?  Or, is he going to be a hands off chump like Delaney who cares about nothing beyond maximizing revenue, fans and championships be damned?  Only time will tell.

Comment 24 Apr 2019

It's only mind boggling if you are working under the assumption that the NCAA is actually looking out for the well-being of the student-athlete.  It's only mind boggling if you choose to believe the lies the NCAA tells to prop up their legitimacy.

If however you see the NCAA as a morally bankrupt group of money grubbing shitheads then it actually makes sense.  The NCAA, like a neighborhood bully, only goes after those it perceives are weak because they fear being exposed in a stand up fight with someone.  So if you self report you will get slammed, this is like walking up to a bully and letting them know you got a pocket full of lunch money.  However, if you refuse to cooperate they don't do a thing, this is like telling a bully that maybe you have a pocketful of money but they will need to beat you to get it.  So, if you are transferring for clearly questionable reasons but bring a lawyer they cave immediately, but if it's just you filling out a form - even if your case is textbook legit - they will pick on you to show how tough they are.

If you can see the NCAA for what they really are, then this dick move on their part totally fits their character.

Comment 27 Mar 2019

We don't actually know who would have been in the BCS title games if the playoffs never happened because the methodology is completely different.  Any year we had 1 loss or less and there was less than 2 undefeated Power5 teams you can make an argument that Ohio State would have squeaked into the title game had the BCS not been replaced.

You can't even extrapolate from the BCS formula last used in the 2012 season because they were always tweaking it.  What would the BCS formula have looked like in 2017 or 2018?  No one knows.

Comment 20 Mar 2019

You seem to be confident that the Martel version of events fed to the NCAA is a true and factual accounting of the events as they happened.  After watching QB1 and seeing his attitude and reactions over the last 2 years I find the Martel version of events to be less than compelling and I am not going to cast a negative judgement over Ohio State based on them  The Martel version is a narrative written to produce a result, immediate eligibility, and as such needed to make Ohio State look to be the villain.  That Ohio State did not counter with a competing narrative is NOT an admission of guilt.  This isn't a court of law.  Martel was requesting a waiver, Ohio State didn't contest it and the NCAA granted it.  That's all that happened.  So on this, we disagree.  But as you said, Go Bucks!!

Comment 20 Mar 2019

If someone thinks Holtmann is a bad coach for not winning the B1G the last two years you can go ahead and ignore anything they have to say about college basketball.  Because clearly, they are not paying attention.

Comment 20 Mar 2019

Treating Tate shitty?  How so?  Is asking a player to actually compete for a starting spot such a crime?  Or should they hand out starting spots based solely on tenure?

Treating him shitty would have been to try and block him from playing this year and Ohio State didn't do that. 

Go watch the first season of QB1.  Tate's diva attitude is what ultimately undermined him and that attitude predated his time at Ohio State.

Comment 15 Mar 2019


They have cornered the market?  Says who? What market?

I was googling them and I could find NOTHING to back up your claim.  Hell, their wiki page only has a few boilerplate paragraphs, not what one would expect from the revolutionary leader of sports media who has "cornered the market" with top demo.

They have given consumers an outlet to talk about sports the way we have been talking about sports amongst ourselves for decades. 

WUT?  What has Barstool given us?  Details please.

As far as I can tell Barstool is derivative and juvenile. I can find nothing online that backs up your position. Point in fact when I search for Barstool revolutionizing sports media the top, #1 link says...  "10000% f**k Barstool Sports".  When the top search returns are all about how terrible Barstool is then, baring any further evidence, I feel confident they are nothing special and in no way shape or form, leaders of sports media.

Comment 27 Feb 2019

Very true but the result is the same either way.  After all, what happens if that flag is tossed?  Is Ohio State going to push MD back a few yards and given them another shot at the 2 points?  I don't believe so.  I believe Urban declines the penalty and the result is the same.

Comment 27 Feb 2019

I put a lot of the dysfunction on Grinch and Schiano.  I think the Tennessee mess that kept Schiano here when Grinch was expecting to be the guy created something they weren't able to work through. 

Might not be enough to make the Defense a mess in a normal year, but this was no normal year with Urban being kept away for fall training and then losing the best defensive player in college football after 2 games.