South Western Cooking

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August 31, 2010 at 1:20 pm

I honestly thought I would just provide some insight from the South West corner of the state.  Down here in Cincinnati we do not get the local coverage or festivities of most of the rest of the state.  I have lived all over Ohio and by far Cincinnati, while a great city, is not necessarily Buckeye country. 

Perhaps it is the whole tri-state area thing (KY and IN are lesst then 10 & 30 minutes respectively from downtown Cincy).  UK, Louiseville, IU, UC, XU, Miami (OH) and even UDayton, Wright State are representated in this area.  All of that said we have plenty of Buckeyes fans here in the greater Cincinnati area.  Go anywhere on Saturday afternoon and you see the pride. 

High school football in Cincy (as it is almost everywhere in Ohio) is huge!  We luckily have the Skyline showcase, which is one of the biggest and best high school previews/games in the country.  o the point here is this.  hile the Cincinnati Enquire treats Ohio State like they are a million miles away, there are plenty of us strong Buckeyes supporters down here in South West Ohio

So as this 2010-2011 begins...Go Bucks!

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