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August 30, 2010 at 9:41 am

Ok,  lets get something straight.  I am a crumudgeon.  I am also very old school.  New things I like are limited in number.  From a Buckeye perspective, they are things like:

  1. Stadium Refurbishment
  2. Throwing the ball more than 8 times a game (God Bless you Woody)
  3. Moving the Band to the endzone so the entire stadium can hear it.  (see the debates on the Hippie's site about a band that isn't heard in their own stadium.  As a closet band geek, I get a big charge any time the popsicle stick up their ass marchers get dissed)

There are other things that really hack me off.  For one, opening day on a freakin Thursday Night!!!!!!  As a 33 year season ticket holder, I have always referred to opening day as new years day.  It drives my patient wife nuts because for about two weeks out of the year she gets confused (plus amazed that I might actually be doing some form of long term planning). 

Thursday Night football is for the wannabees like our little sister in the Queen City.  Its for up and coming conferences that can't get enough attention on Saturdays when the Big Boys play.  Because God created Saturdays for college football.  When he rested on the sabbath, it was because he was the last one to leave the tailgate after the Lions beat the Unicorns 21-0 and then promptly ate them all.  (now you know why you never see any unicorns....apologies to the New Barleycorn)  When Gene Smith agreed to play a shit team like Marshall on a Thursday Night, he lost me for good, so I'm not surprised that he's ready to destroy the greatest rivalry in College Football.   

Ohio State Football IS NOT A WANNABEE program.  They should've told the B10 network, you want to televise the Marshall game?  See ya at noon on Saturday.  See, even I'm willing to compromise!  But there is no excuse for this monstrosity of a schedule.  Somehow, I believe that Andy Geiger wouldn't have allowed this to happen.

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