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Jason founded the site in late summer of 2006 after his wife grew tired of his constant Buckeye chatter. With a fifth grade command of the English language, it's a minor miracle that people discovered this site, let alone frequent it.

He lives in Chicago, but misses the friendly scarlet and gray-clad people of his native Ohio.


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Comment 19 Jul 2017

I think those are two different chants. OH–IO is bad. O–H–I–O in a stadium is good.

Comment 30 Jun 2017

Sorry, just seeing this. Did you ever get your code? They're sent from a batch program that runs automatically at set intervals.

Comment 22 Jun 2017

This is blatantly untrue. The staff made it clear where their feelings lay on this issue, beyond Tyreke's 1st Amendment rights.......there was talk of the site selling the shirt.....

That's ridiculous. If you're going to say something is blatantly untrue, you should probably marshal some facts. We never did and never would discuss selling the shirt.

Comment 22 Jun 2017

The net neutrality thing was a forum topic that didn't hit the front page. And I stand by that. We're going to advocate for our own interests as an independent business on the internet. It's also an issue that has wide support from both sides of the political aisle. If you want to ride with Team Comcast and Team Verizon, that's fine.

Notice how we didn't say anything about the most divisive election of our lifetime last fall? Or the two elections before that? Or any state and local elections?

Comment 22 Jun 2017

I realize 11W feels that since said recruit has been photographed and reported in other media has having not only worn said political statement , but has been celebrated and showered with attention for wearing such message, the site needed to report on it. However, I , like others, are confused as to why the commenting policy on this article concerning political, or "hot button issues" has been suspended and permitted to continue in not just one , but now a second thread placed by the staff?

No doubt this is a challenge for us, too. My hope is that people can see a couple of things: 1) this isn't something we make a habit of, 2) it's newsworthy and 3) we haven't editorialized the issue – we're not passing judgment on whether it was good/bad or right/wrong of him to wear the shirt.

With regards to the commenting policy, we understand it's a tough field to navigate when things like this do get posted, so we've been way more lenient with the comments left on these stories. It's not perfect, but we're doing our best.

Comment 22 Jun 2017

There's no question that it's tough for people to avoid commenting on issues like this. I get that. But I disagree with your contention that the article was just meant to stir things up. The article and the one before it, was meant to report on something. (You can't really believe we enjoy dealing with these comment shitshows, do you?)

All I can say is that if an elite prospect shows up to an OSU camp in a “Blue Lives Matter” t-shirt, we're going to cover that the same way. 

Comment 22 Jun 2017

D.J. touched on it a few comments up, but it's a "Commenting Policy," not a "Publishing Policy."

Much like when we post things that involve John Kasich, we expect the comments to focus on the topic, not whether he's a good or bad governor or anything like that. You'd have more of a point if we editorialized these things, but we're just presenting the news without offering comment (and no, a link to a kid's Twitter account isn't endorsing the sale of a t-shirt).