WrestleBucks to host Minnesota, Iowa at The Schott

Following another incredible season in which the Ohio State University wrestling team finished as national runner-up to juggernaut Penn State, the Wrestlebucks will host two storied conference rivals at the Jerome Schottenstein Center. The Steelwood Radio podcast (h/t FloWrestling) released the team...
10 hours ago
by AndyV

Curtis Samuel Report

Nice article on Samuel. Curtis Samuel, WR It’s easy to say that Samuel is Percy Harvin v.2.0, but it’s easy to say because it’s true — and not just because both played for Urban Meyer in college....
29 Jul 2017
by ROHO73

NFL Draft: Thoughts on the Browns

(Originally written for my blog on Like most (read: all) Browns fans, I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve with the local team. And, as I've mentioned before, since the regular season hasn't exactly gone well for us in the last <mumbling an incoherent number under my breat...
28 Apr 2017
by AJBor41

An Easter, an Epic, and an Introduction to Hockey

This Easter weekend marks the 30th anniversary of game seven of the Patrick Division semifinal matchup between the New York Islanders and the Washington Capitals, more commonly referred to as the Easter Epic.  In essentially what was the equivalent of a little over two full games, the I...
16 Apr 2017
by Hovenaut

2017 OSU Football Predictions

(Originally written for With the NCAA Tournament ruining my wallet and ego (I lost the family pool…again… and wasn’t even close to winning the player pool), a disappointing Game 1 for the Jackets in the NHL playoffs, and the Cavs championship defense not y...
14 Apr 2017
by AJBor41

Enter a Player Pool for March Madness

An influential musician from my childhood once said, “Stop whatcha doin’, cause I’m about to ruin the image and the style that you’re used to.” Though a fitting verse for this blog entry, that may be where we part ways with Digital Underground and “The Humpty Dance....
06 Mar 2017
by AJBor41

Top 10 Basketball Movies

(Originally written on Now that we're a few days into March, a month that God specifically created for the sport of basketball, it's time for a new top ten list. You may ask, "what makes you qualified to create a list of t...
06 Mar 2017
by AJBor41

Top 10 Sports Movie Villains

(Originally posted on I recently made an interesting discovery with my daughter. As we watched a never-ending stream of Disney movies one weekend, it struck me that she really liked Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty) and Urs...
13 Feb 2017
by AJBor41

2016 Tailgate Fare Weeks 9-12 & Fiesta Bowl

3M's Crustless Quiche INGREDIENTS 18 Eggs 1 lb Spicy Sausage One Green Pepper One Medium Onion One bag shredded cheddar cheese (8 oz) Sour Cream Milk DIRECTIONS In a large stove top (or electric) skillet brown the sausage.  Be sure to use your spatula to make the smallest c...
07 Feb 2017

My Odd Intro to Football

With the biggest sporting event of the year just a day away, I figured it would be a good time to talk about how my love for football grew exponentially… by actually playing the game. (Please comment with your own football stories and/or any events that may have fueled your passion for th...
04 Feb 2017
by AJBor41

Spending NSD with Mark Pantoni

Wow. What a rush. Getting to spend an entire fictional work day following a Buckeye football coach, in itself, is amazing. But, getting to shadow Mark Pantoni from the time he wakes up until he goes to sleep on National Signing Day is simply without compare. For anyone unaware, which ...
02 Feb 2017
by AJBor41

CFB Three & Out: Bowl Season

First and 4: Recapping week 14 Top-10 Bold Prediction: Oklahoma State claims Big 12 title with win over Sooners Oklahoma won the Big 12 for the second year in a row, but this time they'll miss the playoffs due to early season losses to Houston and Ohio State.  The Sooners' win he...

Tom Herman's Legacy

I may be the only one thinking this, but I think Tom Herman took the easy way out and not staying @ The University of Houston and finishing what he started. He had the opportunity of being different. I get that he and and his wife both did their graduate school in Austin Texas. Yet I can't shake thi...
10 Dec 2016
by awlinBrutus

Buckeye offensive line is #1 in the nation in run blocking

Through all of the 2016 regular season games, according to the Football Outsiders Offensive Line rankings, the Buckeyes are #1 in the nation in run blocking, but #79 in pass blocking. Ohio State, according to the Football Outsider metrics (that seems to concentrate on sack rates to rate pass prot...
03 Dec 2016
by TomD

CFB Three & Out: Week 14

First and 2: Recapping week 13 Top-10 Bold Prediction: Tigers take down Tide The Tide rolled on and enters championship week a solid #1 and a near lock for the playoffs, even if they somehow lose to Florida in the SEC title game.  But they won't, so it doesn't matter.  Bama ...