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Comment 19 Jul 2019
Guys, that game had without a doubt one of the most egregious missed calls in the history of the rivalry. One of those calls that made you think the refs had an interest in the outcome of the game. It was that bad. Two plays later was JT's Keeper. Second and five JT is sacked by his facemask, no flag. That necessitated Samuel's Heroics, which gave way to JT getting the first. If that call is made OSU has first and goal to go. For a group of fans that claims that game was rigged and for a coach to be so bitterly disappointed, I wonder if they remember that play. If the refs were in on it, they sure picked a bad time to forget.
Comment 19 Jul 2019
So....I'm stepping it back again. I am a glutton for punishment and headed over to MGo to get their obvious and expected take. 1) Valenti called it. 2) This is being embraced by most because this is how Michigan players and coaches endear themselves to fans. Talk and talk and talk then when you invariably lose, you call back to "oh they are dirty so it's ok that we lost again". And Harbaugh just feeds into it and is more lauded than criticized. 3) If you have any doubts about this program, look no further than this nonsense. Our team's biggest rival is so concerned with the previous regime, I think they just might be ignoring the fact that the architect of last year's destruction is now the CEO of the company. There is more pain coming. Not less. 4) they actually claim a win in the JT OT game. But for "bought refs".... 5) I am in sales at a very high performing software company. The type where arrogance can take root. My VP of sales has ingrained a culture into us. "When you lose, say little, when you win, say less". For all of the talk about how shitty of a program Meyer apparently runs, I don't recall his players being vocal. I guess when you get so used to winning games you 100 percent expect to win, there isn't much of a reason to talk. Like the sun coming up every morning, beating Michigan is just the expected result. Screw Harbaugh and Screw yesterday's BrewstersMillions for trying to be devil's advocate. This comment hasn't manufactured any rage but those sanctimonious pricks and their reaction sure has. A lot of teams have a rough two decades. Screw Michigan.
Comment 17 Jul 2019

(amazing game against Bama that went to OT they eventually lost)

Kirby Smart has to date not won the biggest game of his career.

They just happen to have one of the two superpowers in CFB right now in their conference in Bama

Exactly my point. And there are three-OSU being the third. They are fine. They are good. They have good seasons. They can not be looked at through the lense of elite until they prove it-which was my point. If UGA is content with this path, then Smart isn't going anywhere.  If they think they are more then they have to win more-and that means THAT game. Last year's SEC title game, the Tua NC game. Georgia-ing is the new Clemson-ing. 

If we had Alabama or Clemson in our conference we'd probably look just the same as UGA right now, and who knows how we'd play them comparatively.

Maybe. Or Maybe OSU smashes them. Sadly a loss in October or November matters more and we got denied at least three chances to find out.

We set the pace for our conference, but our conference has not been especially powerful up top other than us for a few years. If we don't perform well the Big Ten realistically has almost no shot at a notable post season.

The SEC at present is 1.5 teams worth a damn (UGA being the .5) while the ACC is a laughing stock. Only OSU, Bama, and Clemson are under that microscope. UGA isn't because UGA can't win the biggest one while OSU, Bama, and Clemson all have.

According to your own qualifications we aren't "anything special regardless" either.

OSU hasn't lost its biggest games. It's won all of them save for the playoff against Dabo. Their losses were the smaller ones that were allegedly damning enough to prevent grander aspirations.

Clemson, Bama, OSU-in order-are the only special programs in the nation. If UGA thinks its special, Kirby needs to win the biggest ones like Dabo, Nick, and Urban did.

Comment 17 Jul 2019

Ya, it comes down to expectation. If Georgia thinks its one of the three best programs in the nation (and its not, that is OSU, Clemson, and Bama) then you have to beat Bama. Otherwise you aren't anything special regardless.

Each team-Clemson, Bama, and OSU-sets the pace for their conference. You want serious contention you have to beat them with consistency and so far no one has done it. UGA should put Smart on the hotseat if they aren't ok with good enough.

Comment 17 Jul 2019

I don't know. I think the talent is there but they won't turn around to that level. They also don't need to. You don't have to shut teams out anymore, you need timely defense. Stops and turnovers at good times. Offenses will score points in this era.

Tackle in space, get some rush on the QB, take the ball away and let the offense continue to put you 14 points up at any given time.

Comment 15 Jul 2019

When I was in High School, my Freshman year I played up on Sophmores (School had a Freshman team, a Sophmore team, and a Varsity) and for playoffs, they'd call a handfull of kids of the SO. squad up for practices. Some dressed some didn't. (I didn't). I did run scout team. One week we were preparing against a team that was susceptible to screens. Our offense, not really used to running them, ran a ton that week. My job was to play middle linebacker and 'sniff the screen out' to see how the team would adjust.

I got cocky and jumped a few screens since I knew the play was coming. Made a pick, got some props, and was told in no uncertain terms (by our tight end) to NEVER 'pull that shit again'.

Next play-same thing, jumped the route, got a hand on the ball, got my props. 

Next play-same thing, jumped the route and blacked out for 4 seconds.

See what had happened was the offense ran a play away from my usual 'break up the screen' spot. Instead, they ran a middle screen and as I turned upfield to give chase, the lights went out. Same tight End that warned me of my transgressions reminded me, harshly, of my hubris. He peeled back and leveled me. I NEVER saw him coming and can still remember the sound of the collision.

He went on to Iowa where he was named the Big Ten Offensive Lineman of the year and had some really strong years with Cincinnati AND Cleveland. I was almost killed on impact by Eric Steinbach. 

Comment 15 Jul 2019

I ask this not because of the rankings but rather seeing his name made me realize it...

Has there ever been a Buckeye to have a better low key good career than Cam? I ask this as a potential out of town stupid-non Pitt fan as I'd imagine they love him. Former 1st team all pro, couple pro bowls. I have to remind myself sometimes that he was, in fact, a Buckeye (and a damned good one).

Am I crazy or he is one of the best under the radar Buckeyes in the league?

Comment 03 Jul 2019

I see excuses every year on Mgo and beyond where they just can't get their head around how OSU shows up in such force for that game. I've seen it floated that Michigan has too many rivals and not enough energy to get up for all of their big games. You know how OSU beats you 17 times in 19 tries since 2000? Here's how.

You never lose to those pricks. Ever. Ever. And you work it every day. And I don’t give a shit if you’re from California or Texas or whatever, as soon as you say you’re a Buckeye this is part of your life for the rest of your life - and you don’t lose to those pricks. You beat them every day. Every day.

Holy SH*T Urban. Holy Sh*t. There is a lot of crap thrown at that man, some of it true, some of it not. But no one can ever accuse him of not getting how this stuff works.

God damn I am going to miss that guy. Ryan Day gets it.

This era will never end. They won't ever beat OSU with any consistency.

Comment 01 Jul 2019

That's a fine analogy to you and your company's projects but let's not pretend all things are equal. 100K on a project isn't exactly much of a parallel to the BILLIONS of dollars College football generates. It's a massive discrepancy.

All of those things you mentioned are benefits, and while nice isn't the same thing as getting paid for your effort. Please name me a job you'd take that provided you room and board and health care but didn't give you more than a few bucks on the first and fifteenth. Urban Meyer's contract was LOADED with incentives and perks and oh, by the way, a 6-7 figure salary. somehow it's different because the kids get tuition covered by a school and program that couldn't care less if they graduated? And Meyer (and every other coach) isn't taking the same amount of risk a player is. A player's career can be over before it starts with no safety net and we're ok with it because why? 

I also get the vibe that you are drawing a line from "getting paid for your likeness" and a university cutting the player a check. I don't follow that line of thinking so I may very well be missing something.

Comment 28 Jun 2019

I guess my point is that they bucked trends. You play in that many tight games and let that many teams hang around, sometimes a bounce doesn't go your way and you lose. They didn't. Football is a weird game and weird stuff happens in tight contests but the Bucks always came out on top. Now that isn't to say they were just lucky, they weren't. That was a damn good team. But with so little offensive punch, banking on defense and special teams every week CAN result in a loss and it just never happened.

Comment 28 Jun 2019

It was probably the chaos of it all and truthfully, I'm probably taking the end result and looking backward to be fair. With that said, the chaos of the entire thing made for compelling TV. Plus, you got to watch Dwayne mature week over week and few things are more enjoyable to me than elite level QB play.

Comment 27 Jun 2019

2002. Every game was ripe with drama, it was a team that shouldn't have won 14 games but did and was the perfect combination of sheer force of will and talent.

2014-Early drama, late tragedy, but after that Va Tech loss that team was possessed. For my money, that was the most laser-focused football team I have ever seen. Frankly, the success in 2014 made a repeat run in 2015 impossible. 2014 was fueled by anger and hatred and embraced the role of hunter. Those same players (largely) couldn't play the role of hunted as well. 2014 was OSU's best team ever and I'm not sure its close.

2018. Weird season, dumb players, stupid mistakes, a bad fall loss, but a Big Ten and Rose Bowl? I'll take that in a down year.