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Comment 26 Mar 2020

I get the idea but Peterson didn't exactly run behind great offensive lines his entire career either.

Comment 23 Mar 2020

I have likened him myself to Jordy Nelson who was criminally underappreciated in his prime with the Packers. Nelson didn't appear to do anything all that great, he just did everything well. This doesn't surprise me that Olave isn't getting the headlines. He sort of just operates in the shadows and guts your team for 4 quarters.

Comment 18 Mar 2020

One of the all time great names in OSU history.

They were only a few years apart but man could you imagine a Richard McNutt, Ashton Youboty CB tandem? 

Comment 18 Mar 2020

It was the Thursday smackdown show a mere 2 days after the attack. Good read about it here.

Comment 17 Mar 2020

There are a lot of really awesome big plays to enjoy over the last two seasons but those aren't what did them in. What did Michigan in more than anything else was the way Ohio State dominated them and broke their will upfront, especially against their DL, which I'm told is supposed to be a strength of Don Brown?

OF course what do we get? Chase and Gary were hurt in Columbus and the DL last year was undersized.

At no point in any game under Harbaugh has Michigan been the more physical team. We may be cheering for the prettier squad...we are also cheering for the nastier one.

They are all frauds until proven otherwise. 

Comment 17 Mar 2020

That's just it. Lost in all the points and hooplah and crossing routes and wide open receivers and easy points and Day and Meyer stopping the fight when it could have gotten worse was the fact that OSU physically dominated both sides of the ball. X's and O's go far. A desire to dominate your man combined with a better gameplan is basically unstoppable. Until Michigan shows it isn't terrified of Ohio State, no amount of tactic in the world will matter. 

They don't want to play OSU, simple as that. They are terrified and for good reason.

Comment 17 Mar 2020

Well, shoot, with Chase Winovich saying that something special was being built and now Gattis saying the blue print is laid, sounds like a regular old construction project is going on over there.

And we all know, construction projects go really smoothly. Especially when every time you build a floor a scarlet and grey wrecking ball hits it....

The blueprint is out there to beat OSU. What, precisely, do you think OSU has on you?

"We won't be so kind to beat ourselves".....Even if that were true-which it isn't he can't  honestly think that Michigan's best game can beat Ohio State's best game, can he? Its a matter of the engine in a car.

If Car 1 drives 150 MPH and Car 2 drives 200 MPH, which car wins? Even if Car 1 doesn't forget which pedal is the gas or which is the break or doesn't make other mistakes, it can only go so fast.

The arrogance never ceases to amaze me.

Comment 13 Mar 2020

I was referring to his assertion. Regardless of when we get through this, anyone that wants to bump their chests about being right had better acknowledge that we beat this because of precautions. Not because of some stupid sense of false bravado.

In the least shocking news of the day Clay Travis has been downplaying this as well and he'll be the first to rush to the pulpit to say SEE I WAS RIGHT.

Ignoring the fact that this problem won't have solved itself, but you know what they say about that Clay...."He's stupid"

Comment 13 Mar 2020

Guys, everyone let's relax.

Despite people in the know saying hey take this seriously, this is no joke, this is a problem, Buckskin007 is here to remind us that they are wrong and its all one big conspiracy by the corporations who are acting know..corporationy to make money like the corporation that they are....

Comment 12 Mar 2020

So I'll try again.


So yes, you'll be right. And you'll be right because people did things to make this thing go away. Its called social distance. It's not difficult.

Comment 12 Mar 2020

And if that were the issue you'd be right. It isn't and you aren't.

You can be a carrier. You can get infected. You can probably both fight it off and spread it to those who can't which makes it worse. Extrapolate that over how many ever 27-year-old edgelords like you that are out there and it that's how diseases get spread. 

It's not a hard concept.

Comment 12 Mar 2020

There is no agenda, there is nothing about anything being pushed other than stopping something that can pose a threat to humanity. You have the potential to actually be right. This has the potential to blow over.

Do you know why? Why it will just blow over? Because people sacrificed shit that in the long run doesn't matter as much as the stuff we are trying to protect.

Do you propose we keep on as normal until things get bad THEN try to react? That's not how pandemics work. Its one of the oldest sayings out there for a ounce of prevention beats a pound of cure.

But thank you for your opinion.

Comment 11 Mar 2020
Football is a dangerous game, players can get hurt at any time. This is a low value option that offers only risk. What purpose does it serve to the team?
Comment 11 Mar 2020
This isn't a bad thing. It might by uncomfortable and our short term enjoyment may be limited but the reality is we need to smash the curve on this thing. This virus probably burns itself out and if cases are managed and controlled, healthcare providers stay in top of it, everything works itself out. There is no agenda to this, none. Other than slowing the spread of a potentially scary disease. Why is precaution a bad thing?