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Comment 11 Jan 2019

Is it at all possible that these guys coming back speaks to something bigger? I get the Haskins departure, a little confused by Weber but KJ, Fuller, and now Arnette? Maybe these guys-all Meyer guys-see something happening in Columbus and want to be a part of it?

I'm on the 'always go pro' side of the argument. I also get the 'trying to improve draft stock' thing to a point but unless you play yourself into the first or second round, I don't think a ton of money is to be made moving up a round or two. My point here-maybe these guys see something fun.

I see you Ryan have my attention sir.

Comment 11 Jan 2019

1) Dantonio's run at MSU throws direct shade onto this point. He has never had a recruiting class better than 17th in the nation and holds a 67% winning percentage in EL. Players do matter but you tell me the difference between Bama and Clemson last week talent wise and I'll listen. Dabo pantsed Saban. In fairness both points are possible-Dabo and staff may have won the game or Saban and Staff may have lost it but both of those squads are LOADED. Clemson isn't 4 TD's more talented than Bama. Something separated those two teams, just like something typically separates good MSU teams from bad ones.

2) This is hard to say. I'd also offer that Dantonio has 0 ambition to try and find the next something to fill his staff. 

3) PR moves don't win football games. Loyalty is great-and MSU will be as loyal to him as long as he produces results. This may end up with Mark Dantonio getting a cake that says "Was it worth it" as a reward for his showing loyalty to an objectively under performing staff.

4) Eh. This isn't the military. This is the production based business of CFB.

Comment 11 Jan 2019

I'm sure it's been discussed but am I missing something here?

Mattison is co-DC with Hafley

Larry Johnson is the DL coach and Assistant Head coach?

Is Mattison Johnson's boss or is Johnson's Mattison's? I feel like there is some assistant to the regional manager stuff going on. Lots of Co stuff...not in love with that. With that said, I love everything else Day has done.

Comment 11 Jan 2019

Haskins had an awesome year but Murray and Tua were both very deserving candidates. I was a little annoyed Haskins was an afterthought but he wasn't a snub either.

Comment 10 Jan 2019

That's a rock solid point Triv. While a little older than the Nagy's, McVay's, and Kliff's of the world, offensive innovation is the new hotness in the NFL and the thoughts of college only-offensive guys being ignored is being challenged. McVay and Nagy's early success will certainly make teams stuck in their ways think.

Comment 10 Jan 2019

Not sure who goes where and why and Tate is probably above it, but the thought of Jeff Brohn-the future biggest threat to the Day empire-getting his hands on Tate scares the hell out of me.

Purdue has its limitations even with a coach as good as Brohm can be (63 to Auburn) but I'm more saying offensive minded guy getting his hands on a jack of all trades QB is enough to give me pause for concern-especially combined with Purdue shockingly good recruiting class.

Comment 10 Jan 2019

That explains so much. It probably had nothing to do with the quarterback who is heading to New York or Jacksonville (Sorry Simba) saying he had the defense cracked by Wednesday of prep week and his only job was to indeinfty coverages because he knew where everything else was coming from.

Maybe it's this...maybe Dr. Blitz just isn't good against anything but bums?

Comment 10 Jan 2019

I was a fan of the 'They are so obsessed with us they bring these guys in just for information on how to beat us".

A few respond as you'd expect the conquered to reply, however. "Ya I bet that's why they couldn't beat us 15 out of 16 years" or something to that effect.

I'll give them credit, they stay (mostly) consistent.

Ohhh and the guy that said Harbaugh should go up and laugh at OSU for being so desperate. To which someone said something about him being 0-4 and not having a leg to stand on. There are some that do get where they are right now. There are more that don't, sadly.

Comment 09 Jan 2019

I like Ryan Day. I am a Ryan Day fan. I support the man's entire (limited) collection.

He's going to mess some fools up.

Comment 09 Jan 2019

Bears just lost Fangio. Come on to Chicago Gregg, our kicker blows but there are a few guys on that defense that can play a little football.

Comment 09 Jan 2019

Maybe Ryan Day just wanted to upgrade his coaching staff and hired two better options than his inherited DC and LB coach. They just happened to be at Michigan last season.

I like that he weakened them while strengthening himself, but I just want the LB's and D as a whole to play better, and I think they are in a position to do that now that Matteson has replaced Schiano and Washington has supplanted the Groomsman.

The Michigan part of these moves is an afterthought to me. Ryan Day is putting the nation on notice-he's not Urban's guy, this is his G-damned program, and you need to follow Ludacris and move b*tch get out of his way.

Comment 09 Jan 2019

Kliff Kingsbury went from College Head Coach-to College Coordinator-then signing day happened-then he bounced to the NFL before a single play of his was run at USC by guys that commited to the program he was a part of.

Manny Diaz was a college DC, then a college coach, then another college coach at another program in a span of three weeks. In those three weeks, players committed to him and his new program-again a single play was not run by the guys that comitted to him-that he undoubtedly had to convince to commit as a new head coach.

Todd Graham tells his team on a jet via text from Pit to ASU that he is leaving them.

Justin Fields choses to go to a school where can compete for a starting job, decides that place is not the best one for him to succeed at and will have to beg the NCAA to allow him to play and not sit at a place he can see immediate success.

Shea Patterson goes to a program that takes the NCAA rule book for little more than a drink coaster, and has to jump through hoops to go to a program not facing sanctions.

Mike Williams was allowed to declare for the NFL because a rule was changed, the rule was changed back and he wasn't allowed back to college because he did what a previous rule said he could.

Remind me again, who isn't getting exploited? Do the kids see some benefit from rides to football factories? For sure. But I personally won't hold the value of X University's education when the program itself generally doesn't care if they get one. If a kid is a star student and star athlete its used as recruiting fuel for the program he's starring in.

Comment 06 Jan 2019

He deserves all the credit that he has received but credit also needs to go to the scheme

Gives him all of the credit. Then says some isn't for him. Bold move Cotton, let's see how this pays out.

Ryan Day is a QB coach at heart, he has an offense designed to take advantage of Dwayne's skill set but do you know what has to happen? Dwayne has to take advantage of it. The system matters, the scheme matters, the coaching matters, but above all else the player matters. Everything else is all vapor or theory until a guy puts his hand on a ball and propels said ball with said hand forward. NFL Arm. NFL arm. NFL arm. If a QB is out there who can't make EVERY.SINGLE.THROW in the bag like Dwayne can, Day has to change what he does schematically.

Getting a little tired of the 'ya but' nonsense I'm seeing around these parts about Dwayne....

Say it with me again, NFL ARM.

Comment 04 Jan 2019

I get it but he was put into a position where he wouldn't succeed relative to his skill set. He was asked to do things he couldn't do well and wasn't asked to play his game that much. I'm sure there are reasons for it and he may have been a part of it, but why Pryor wasn't running more power\zone read\RPO type stuff is beyond me and the biggest crime committed to an OSU player in recent memory. 

I'm biased but OSU in my unabashed love for TP, but he was a Ferrari that was driven like an Altima. 

Comment 04 Jan 2019

Incomplete. Highly touted, incredible prospect, coming into a situation with loaded skill positions and a coach that already took a guy from unknown to first day NFL player.

Fields, Dobbins, the GOAT, Victor, Olave...Possible KJ....Ruckert...

There are going to be a lot of Jim Ross "STOP THE DAMN MATCH" tweets coming from this guy next year.

Comment 04 Jan 2019

There aren't a lot of good college QB's and few capable of not forcing throws. I wonder if there is a market inequity somewhere in there-if you play zone well, you increase your chances of forcing average (at best) QB's into bad decisions. I'm probably getting too far outside of the box, but stuff like this happens. As SEC defenses were getting faster, Saban's offenses were getting bigger and teams couldn't handle the physicality. Seems like there might be a place for evolution.