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Comment 15 hours ago

I have had several retorts you choose not to believe. You have this notion that there is some sort of quitting going on-Do you get mad when guys leave early for the draft after a season? If not, why  now? If so, get over that shit too.

You are upset a guy that plays for your team is leaving because it means OSU isn't as good, you like OSU and want them to win, they are now less likely to win some games because Bosa isn't there. It is that. Only that. Anything else you say is at best half true.

There is my retort.

Plantation mentality is a thing sports fans do when a player leaves their team. The idea is that a guy can go somewhere probably better than your team so you hate him for it-think The Decision and the reactions it elicited. If you took it as a jab at some sort of potential accusation of racism, it wasn't that.

Comment 17 Oct 2018

Ya I've had enough. I'm generally all for differing opinions. That's the beauty of opinions, everyone can have them.

But I am so tired of anyone upset by this decision unless they come clean and admit what it really is-Nick Bosa leaving upsets your enjoyment of OSU football and the possibility that Michigan might beat OSU is now greater today than it was if Bosa were to be on the field. If you come clean and admit thats what it is, good. If you say anything else-brotherhood, commitment, etc, you are full of crap. His own team mates-the guys that make up the 'brotherhood' are ok with it. So if they are, you should be.

Get over it and spare me the nonsense about anything other than your enjoyment being lessened. Of course, this is why people burn jerseys. They feel like these players owe THEM something and get their butts all hurt as a result of their decisions.

but to the heart of the queston-Nick has a great chance of being #1 overall. He's a well rounded, technically sound defensive lineman who can play inside and out and in the era of multiple fronts, there are teams that will spring to the podium to get him. First overall is nothing more than a possibility as other injuries, players getting hot, teams with different needs getting the pick, etc dictate it. Nick won't make it past #5.

Comment 16 Oct 2018

I was there when Mike D signed and he was supposed to be the next great LB.

I had it on semi-good authority that he was artificially good if you get my drift. Injuries also derailed his career but a few people I knew at OSU were not even a little bit shocked a 5 star can't miss prospect actually missed. "Eh don't get too excited" was the refrain from a few of my buddies.

Comment 16 Oct 2018

Please point to the bomb Pryor dropped. As I understood the situation he said he wasn't going to say anything, and thus possibly spared OSU further punishment.

Comment 16 Oct 2018

The line is where they want it to be. Players have little to no control over their fate, this decision gives some to them. I'm all for any of them sitting out if they think it protects their chances at doing what they are going to college to do.

If an OSU computer programming student got a job offer from Google, he'd jump and no one would bat an eye. But that kid doesn't add to our enjoyment of Saturdays and that is what drives these questions.

Comment 16 Oct 2018

Anyone upset by this is being selfish. A quick reading of these comments doesn't worry me but man this is blowing up on Facebook.

Nick Bosa is holding a winning lotto ticket he can not cash until April. Said ticket is now soaked in Kerosine and coming back is the equivalent of walking by an open flame. Instead, lock that ticket up and cash out in April. I get it Nick.

I know football is dangerous and anyone is at risk to be hurt at any time, but few are slotted as high as Nick and less are already facing an injury. I 100% understand and suppor this move. Thank you to the entire Bosa dynasty for what you added to my enjoyment of OSU football.

Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday's little bear.

Comment 12 Oct 2018

At the time it was. They were a good team coming into the game. Perhaps OSU put out the blue print to beat them, by beating them?

These things happen. When you beat a team on the road and they are ranked, its a QW. What happens next is out of OSU's hands.

Comment 11 Oct 2018

I like the time slot where it is. Some things need not change, The Game is usually one of them.

Comment 01 Oct 2018

Very cool. I'll give credit where its due. Penn State puts on a show for these things. It blows away a lot of other college traditions.

Doesn't usually work against OSU, but hey it looks cool though.

Comment 01 Oct 2018

I'm curious to see if anything changes in the way teams approach Ohio State after seeing the success Penn State was able to have in altering his launch point, affecting his timing, and ultimately neutralizing what, to that point, had been a nearly flawless season.

I'm just not sure anyone OSU plays will have the same home field advantage Penn State had. Sell out crowd cheering on its best team in a long while with a QB hell bent on making every single play himself to will his team to victory over a hated, one-sided- rival.

Penn State did almost everything right and Dwayne still lead the Bucks to victory. The offense adjusted to take advantage of what PSU was doing and now the film is out there-OSU will crush you on screens if you let them, so the idea of blitzing Haskins has to be taken with a grain of salt because JK and KJ are going to be there ready to make those blitzes hurt.

This game will help Haskins and OSU in the long run because they put yet another way they can beat you out there and its just another thing for defenses to worry about. We've seen what happens when teams don't blitz, now we've seen what (eventually) happens when they do.

Comment 30 Sep 2018
Boy this one sticks with you. Both sides remember this forever. 8 minutes is an eternity when the team that has it doesn't believe it's dead.
Comment 30 Sep 2018
He has. My larger point was that he's had five years to return a stable program (Bill OBrien worked wonders) to their past dominance. And in actuality he probably has. This is probably Penn States ceiling. Taking solace in tight losses and hoping for better next year. Meyer on the other hand.... What can you say. The guy isn't making millions because he has teams that can hang big points on bad and average squads. He almost always seems to come out on top in these gut wrench games. There is a difference between what Franklin wants and what it is. It's Ben Victor making that play, Terry McLaurin wrecking three guys, and Chase Young always seemingly making the play at the right time.
Comment 30 Sep 2018
Eh. I think Franklin is a bum but I'll never judge a guy how he reacts minutes after an emotional game. That's pretty raw. With that said, James was probably in a hurry to change his pants since he pissed down his leg again. With THAT said, you're a grown ass man, don't paint your face. With all of that said, screw Penn State. I revel in your misery.
Comment 30 Sep 2018
No, you're right. I meant that this was a street fight. Talent eventually won the day but it was a battle
Comment 30 Sep 2018

James Franklin is a fraud. F.R.A.U.D. When the game is on the line, he folds. Badly, hard, and aggressively. But hey, you do the walk, and get people fired up, and sell them snake oil. Oh and show up to kids classes and make sure people see you do it. You're the guy! 

Second class coach for a second-class program. 

Urban Meyer is not a perfect human. That man knows how to win gur wrenchers. Its a slightly prettier version of  Tresselball but damnit the guy just wins.