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Comment 22 hours ago

But he would have only won 9 out of every 10 games he started as opposed to the 8 and half games out of 10 he wins now.

Come on cincy, go back to defending Herbie and ESPN!!!!!

Seriously, I love this argument. He'll ONLY be fifth at 91% and a national title (and probably Heisman if the other things happen). 

Comment 22 hours ago

Thank you. I will forgive your past transgressions against the great Pizza Empire of Chicago.

This time.

Comment 26 Jul 2017


I respect you more than most around here. I'm glad we can disagree with civility without being driven to a level of tribal warfare that costs millions of lives. 

Comment 26 Jul 2017

This is tough for me because the thread calls for an opinion, which is subjective. I'm troubled because everything I say is a by the very rules of the thread, I might be boned. I'll give it a go anyway.

Skyline Chilli is an abomination and an insult to both the words "Skyline" and "Chilli". It is the Malort of food, its cool because its where you are from and therefore its good and shows your civic pride! Screw Skyline Chilli. wanted my opinion....I went and presented a fact.

Sorry guys and girls.

Comment 18 Jul 2017

It has been 1 year since my last confession. 

1) I hate the use of the word "WE" when describing Ohio State. If you don't play for them, you aren't part of the team. 

2) I love Michigan being better. It means more to The Game, which for my money is the greatest tradition in American Sports. I don't ever want Michigan win one  but I love that Meyer has now beaten 2 solid squads as opposed to trouncing the incompetent teams he's beaten prior.

3) OH-IO is DU-MB.

4) Woody Hayes is the third best coach in Ohio State history. Jim Tressel is second.

5) Because of #2, I openly cheer for Michigan in every game of the season but 1.

6) Terrelle Pryor is the greatest QB in the history of Ohio State football and despite not winning a championship (largely because Bollman and Tressel chose to drive a Ferrari like a Corolla), his greatest accomplishment was bringing the end to the Tressel era and ushering in the Meyer era. The only thing that will cost him his spot as OSU QB1 forever is the eventual National Title JT Barrett will bring to Columbus this season.

Comment 17 Jul 2017

I'd have to wrack my brain to think of a player who made bigger plays at bigger times than Malik. He's an actual ball hawk-not a guy who is called a ball hawk but waits until the last game of his college career to get his first career INT....

7 picks, 3 TD's and a 4th that was called back. If that isn't the best DB in the Big Ten last year, I don't know what is. Heck, if that isn't the Big Ten DPOY, I don't know what is.

*Checks Google for 2016 Big Ten awards*

Hmmmmm that doesn't make sense. 

Comment 17 Jul 2017

I didn't find it ironic at all. My opinion on Zeke is made up from everything I've seen. If he wasn't a douchebag he wouldn't be in the news every few months for doing something douchey.

It's really not a hard concept to grasp. Where am I falling short here?

Comment 17 Jul 2017

Oh don't go there. There's a very dark, disturbing example of a guy in Pennsylvania who ran a charity for 30 something years that turned out to be the worst humanity has to offer. This clearly isn't that but simply being charitable doesn't mean you are any less of a moron.

My grandfather in law is keen on the saying "one oh sh*t undoes 1000 that-a-boys".

Zeke is well beyond one 'oh sh*t".

Comment 17 Jul 2017

Can the myth that we as fans think we know these players as people die yet? Is it at all possible that some of the players we love on Saturday's are actually HUGE douchebags?

Or are we going to stick to our guns and defend strangers despite evidence to the contrary?

Comment 17 Jul 2017

Wouldn't you be able to argue that "Zeke is at it again"?

EDIT-I believe I may have missed the sarcasm font, Bucknut. If so, my bad.

Comment 17 Jul 2017

It is a big deal. False accusations are a drain on the legal system and put people through unnecessary stress and turmoil. And they happen but they don't happen nearly as much as people want to say (last stat I saw showed 3% of all DV accusations are false). But victims of DV\SV already have a hard enough time coming forward. I have yet to hear it satisfactorily explained how an actual victim who comes forward and sees a guy beat a case is any less exposed to legal trouble than someone they have dead to rights caught in a lie. I don't see how that distinction gets made. Sure, in this case, there appears to be evidence indicating the woman is full of it. But again, what if an actual victim comes forward and a guy beats a case-at what point can they come back at the woman because hey, he beat the case-She must be lying! Dude wasn't found guilty!

Until its clearly explained how you differentiate two people-actual victim who 'loses' and liar looking to stir the pot, my stance will be the same. It's a slippery slope because I'd bet everything I have that at least one or two spiteful assholes who beat or assault women would go after an accuser if they beat their case and that risk I'm not willing to tolerate so sadly, millionaire, pro bowlers or future hall of famers like Ben, Kane, and Zeke will have to endure the black eye (by the way, how hurt is Ben and PK right now? not at all. Zeke too shall recover).

Comment 16 Jul 2017

The guy who's jersey sold more than any other player in the NFL last year clearly saw a hit to his image and brand huh? Sound logic.

Comment 16 Jul 2017

Yep! Because no innocent person has ever been convicted of a crime. 

We can not figure out how to prosecute DV\SA without putting the accuser on trial. The risk of an actual victim facing reprocussions because an actual attacker beat a case (hint-guilty people get away with SA and DV) is way worse than whatever damage someone may face (and usually always recovers from). Big Ben, Patrick Kane, Zeke Elliott to name a few-they all survived their accusations. 

Also, false accusations of DV and SA don't happen as much as unreported incidents do. Its hard enough to come forward. 

Comment 14 Jul 2017

Right. And then the ones who were really attacked better take possible repercussions into consideration before they have the audacity to come forward.....

Comment 14 Jul 2017

 It was the disrespect of the national anthem which caused the major drop in ratings in 2016.  People who wanted to escape a hyper-political climate and just watch some football had anti-American and anti-police politics shoved down their throats and they changed the channel or turned off the TV.

Ya I'm sure people didn't watch the Bears\Vikings because of what was going on in San Francisco and Denver....that must be it.

Somewhere in Dallas a dude was like "You know, the Boys are playing the Skins today...but damnit, I'm not watching because of CK!!!!!"

I can see it now. Small town Wisconsin. The family tradition of watching the Packers square off against those pesky Seattle Seahaks ends because a guy kneeling has made them so mad!!!!

Yep. Those SoCal bros in San Diego didn't want to watch a dynamic young rookie from Ohio State ply his trade against those hated Raiders! We aren't watching teams because of one guy!

All of these things happened. Probably. 

Regarding your QB argument and why Kaep isn't on a team right now....I would suggest to you Jay Cutler. Better QB, more talented and accomplished. Also couldn't get a job so he decided to retire. Why couldnt Jay get a job? Because of his 'inflamatory stance' or peaceful protests? Or maybe the market for back up QB's (which is what Kaep would have been signed as) just wasn't there......Noooooo I'm sure you are right.