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Comment 15 Jan 2018

No. There isn't really a case study for an active blow up in the NFL, is there? You can get good, fast. The Jaguars got to the AFC title game (Don't sleep on them either-more on that later) after a few good drafts. The Steelers have a lot of what teams are trying to get so they are still in the mode to upgrade pieces one piece at a time. Their biggest issue, however, is that they have not addressed life after Ben. They'll do that in this draft if I had to guess. Its a shock to some he's coming back so its only a matter of time before he isn't there. 

As for Jacksonville. I would not be the least bit shocked if they pull the upset in Foxboro. I know on the surface that means Blake Bortles bests Tom Brady in the AFC title game-a laughable notion at first blush-but if they can run the ball, New England will struggle to defend the team. Bortles can find yards with his legs and they are a really good screen team. Defensively, this is a really damned good unit. New England needs a shoot out-that is a game Jacksonville can not win again. When New England struggles, its because the team they are playing brought them down into the muck and is having a bar fight. Jacksonville not only CAN but WILL win that game if it starts to get nasty. Jacksonville hits, covers, and gets after you with your front 4, which is really the only viable way to beat Brady, especially at home. He will eat your lunch if you sell out to blitz but New England struggles with man to man coverage schemes that drop LB's into coverage. Jacksonville has the two best man cover corner tandem in the NFL and they have very disciplined and honest safeties. That spells trouble for the Pats on paper. If Jacksonville isn't sending 5 and 6 after Brady, they can keep their offense i the game and Brady is going to have to think long and hard about going anywhere near Jalen Ramsey right now.

Comment 12 Jan 2018

OSU, like most teams playing football today, spends most of its time in sub packages so their base front allignment isn't that important.

Comment 10 Jan 2018

Let's please not get behind Skip Bayless. I don't care if he says nice things about Ohio State or not. He's a crazy person. He also uses this 'us against the world' thing like a magic bullet that Saban needed to beat big bad Clemson. Its the Alabama friggin Tide. Do you know how they beat Clemson? Like Alabama beats most people-with superior talent, great coaching, and often times mistake-free football. 

I mean sure, maybe Saban and his rag tag band of misfts needed some motivation to beat the superiorly talented bully....but this isn't a Disney movie, Saban is a hell of a coach and those rag tag band of misfits are actually like an army of 4 and 5 star players. 

Seriously, Skip. Just go away.

Comment 09 Jan 2018

Maybe pump the pedal on the left. The new QB may (should) be great. The shoes he has to fill are gigantic. To say, out of hand, its an upgrade is a tick short-sighted.

Comment 09 Jan 2018

Under Penn State's key losses, I'm surprised they didn't include the OC and DC's who basically saved JF's job. I'm REALLY interested to see how he rebuilds his staff.

Comment 05 Jan 2018

Harbaugh has been good. He's raised the profile of Michigan football. They matter again.

But he hasn't caught Urban. He isn't gaining on him either. I used the analogy after year 1 of the "Jimmy's here! LOOK OUT!" nonsense. If the Big Ten Coaches are driving on a race track, and all of them are driving 120MPH, Harbaugh is driving 140MPH and Urban is driving 160MPH, Harbaugh will get ahead of everyone, but never catch Meyer. He's doing some great things and Michigan fans will point to the ALMOST wins over OSU and the SHOULD HAVE BEEN wins over MSU, but that's just a fancy way of saying losses.

He's the right guy for the job and he's doing it well and he might even beat Meyer once or twice but he won't overtake Ohio matter how many sleepovers he has. Nothing wrong with silver, Jimmy.

Comment 04 Jan 2018

In order, for my money.

Terrelle Pryor-The single most gifted human that ever put on the SG

Maurice Clarrett-I was at the Texas Tech game and can remember every snap of the Washington State coming out party (post knee surgery for good measure). Dude did more at 19 than some guys could do in 4 years of a collegiate SC program.

Ted Ginn-Sure, Ted, we'll give you a3 yard cushion...aaaaannnnnnd you're in the endzone.

Chris Gamble-Hard to say he wasn't both the best offensive and defensive player each year he played real snaps. That's saying something.

Zeke-Big, strong, fast, physical, blocked, caught, ran, and killed Purdue special teamers for poops and giggs.

Brax barely misses the list. Which isn't a knock on him.

Comment 03 Jan 2018

Doesn't have to be the rival, honestly. VT made shirts commemorating their win over the national champs. A loss doesn't cheapen anything if you sit on the throne at the end.

Let's play this out, if a 3 loss Michigan team beats an unbeaten OSU team but said OSU team goes on to win the whole thing, Mike Weber said it best when it comes to dealing with criticism about beating a team that STILL won a title. "Shit happens bum juice".

The rivalry matters. It always does. It always will. But nothing trumps heat more than the belt.

Comment 28 Dec 2017


"Any truth to these rumors"

Two posters put up proof that there is no truth to these rumors.

"No, I know that but are there any truth to these rumors?"

Not sure if trolling...or....

Comment 28 Dec 2017

Oklahoma. Baker Mayfield planted a flag at the 50 in the middle of the Shoe. Do you know why he did that? Because he could. Because he earned the right to. Because he beat a good team senseless on the road. That takes swagger and a lot of stones. I hope OU wins the thing running away.

Comment 21 Dec 2017

That's perfectly acceptable because if any of these guys' teams see Ohio State, there is a legit reason to cheer for them to fail in that moment. I get that completely.

Comment 21 Dec 2017

So I think this is revisionist history to fit your narrative. Kwon was a junior and landed in the second round of the NFL draft and was dominant at times. Bell changed games by setting foot on the field and altered them more than he didn't. Diesel was part of a dominating line and was an absolute force in the playoffs. I'm not sure what Bell, Kwon, and Washington you were watching but they absolutely lived up the hype.

I don't recall Jaylin Marshall Heisman hype either. I thought he had a fine career at OSU and was another integral part of the title run that forced a lot of honesty from secondaries who had to choose between him shredding them underneath (10 catches for 100 yards vs. Bama and Oregon combined) or letting Smith go over the top or single covering Mike Thomas and taking their chances in 1 on 1 matchups. I'll admit my bias here but I always felt Marshall was sort of the straw that stirred the drink in that offense because he presented an element you had to actively engage which freed up Zeke, Devin, Mike, etc.

Also none of this is predictive at all about the high ranking players Ohio State missed out on. It honestly sounds like you want to see them fail because they aren't in S&G and don't back up your claim that they won't live up to their hype and frankly that seems to be a common thread-People subjectively saying "oh well I thought they'd suck anyway, glad OSU missed".