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Comment 16 hours ago

But someone (several someones) thought Jabrill Peppers was the better defensive player...because he occasionally lined up on offense. 

If they don't accept the 2016 loss to OSU, I don't accept Peppers winning DPOY over Malik.

Fuck Michigan. 

Also, BTN had a tough job. They should have put 4 OSU players on this list-Ward, Lattimore, Hooker, and Fuller but had to spread the wealth.

Comment 24 hours ago

Possibly the quirkiest tradition in American Sports, right?

Comment 01 Jul 2020

But he wasn't. Pryor was my guy for a long time but he is also the starting QB for the all time wasted potential team in OSU history. Some of it isn't fault but it doesn't change that he wasn't what we were promised.

Comment 01 Jul 2020

Only name I'm good discussing. Brax will be like Zeke for me-a guy that whenever you talk about the all timers will somehow get overlooked. Then you say their names and its like Oh God how did I forget them?

Comment 01 Jul 2020

Yes. Stats win.

Like Touchdowns-the things he's been more responsible for than any player in Big Ten History

Wins-Things that I think measure success...he was at the helm for more of those than anyone else.

Heismans? Got me there. A broken leg in 14 probably cost him there.

Leadership? Name me a better OSU leader.

So I'll take those things and compare JT across any other OSU QB and while some guys (Haskins) don't have the advantage of longevity and some have vast amounts of wasted talent (Pryor), It's not Barrets' fault he was good enough to start as a Freshman. Fields is the only name I'll allow at this point in the conversation and IF we get a season, Fields probably takes over. The only name I'm comfortable discussing is Braxton. As for Troy? Took him a few years to break in, acted in a manner that didn't exactly make the university proud and then before the biggest game of the school's history (at that time) decided doinking his WR's girlfriend was a good idea-as was packing on 20 lbs during his Heisman world tour.

If I need to win a game, I want JT. He gets punished for Iowa and Clemson, and in some cases rightfully so. He wasn't great.  He's also probably responsible for the greatest single performance in OSU history-a week before Iowa in the shoe vs. the Nits.

We're talking resumes. Give me a better one top to bottom, factoring in longevity, impact on the team (DUI didn't fracture a locker room) wins, TDs, impact on a season. 2014 doesn't happen without JT. That season was better than Troy's Heisman or anything Pryor put together.

Its JT.

Its Brax

Its Fields (with potential to be #1)

And then its everyone else.

Comment 30 Jun 2020

Oklahoma has an inside track at the 4th spot given that they have little to no challenge in the Big 12. They also aren't anywhere near OSU, Clemson, or Bama.

Expanding the field is probably only leading lambs to slaughter given that one of the best teams in the nation is Oklahoma and they don't belong on the same field as a lot of the teams ahead of it. Does anyone really want to see PSU or ND eek in? I don't.

4 is probably right.

Comment 26 Jun 2020

No arguments at all. They are trending upward. And they are getting Midwest or Southern Tough when they spent DECADES being a west coast....well....west coast team. But OSU is what Oregon is striving for. Its sort of a 'you might be coming but we're already here' team. But if Autzen isn't at capacity, a thing they need won't be there. OSU is going to machine like this season and I'll catch some heat for this but the offense will be better with Sermon than with JK....which is terrifying.

Comment 25 Jun 2020

The only game that matters this year is Ohio State and Clemson. I can not remember a time when the top 2 players in the nation were QB's and lead the undisputed best teams in the nation. Lawerence and Fields are on a crash course and SO HELP ME GOD if the committee doesn't seed them 1 and 2 should both teams take care of business. The National Championship the world deserves is OSU and Clemson.

Comment 25 Jun 2020

Very good team, best LT in the nation. Not your grandpa's Oregon team. Cristobal is instilling some toughness they haven't exactly been known for. 

Zack or Tyreke or whoever LJ's next prodigy will be has their work cut out for them.

With that said, OSU has Justin Fields and Oregon does not and because of COVID, the Zoo might be more like the Exhibit. I expect OSU to win pretty handily and send a message to the nation that "You better bring something more than that".

Comment 23 Jun 2020

Fields is a better passer than Dwayne Haskins, change my mind.

Justin Fields is also not a dual threat QB-change my mind.

Justin Fields is a pass-first QB who uses his athleticism to make plays down the field with his arm and will take the run if it is there but does not look for it first-sometimes to his own peril.

I am very interested to see who he is compared to when he goes pro. I have a theory that scouts only compare players to other players that look like him so I'm guessing we'll hear Lamar Jackson comparisons, but Fields at his best is doing what Aaron Rodgers does. Incredible athlete, incredible arm, will sacrifice a sack for the chance to uncork a long pass. He is the closes thing to Rodgers I have ever seen at the collegiate level with his combination of athleticism and a once in a lifetime arm.

Comment 23 Jun 2020

Sort of a case of bad luck but I missed three holes in one in one round.

1) Straight 150-yard par three, dialed back a seven iron and bumped off the rough, rolled dead at it, watched the ball make a sharp 90-degree turn at the hole. Only one way that happens....(I two putted)

2) 210 yard Par 3, hit a low screamer with an escape club I love. Hit about 50 yards short of the hole and rolled up a long green to within 2 feet of the cup (I two putted)

3) Off the cart path, up the rough, rolled to within 2 inches of the cup on the flukiest shot I have ever hit. It was, however, my first ever birdie.

To be clear I am not a good golfer. 

As far as my best ever accomplishment, I played a lot of 12 inch softball and most leagues were double headers. I hit walk off bombs in both games. 

Comment 23 Jun 2020

I'm not convinced of Penn State. Maybe I'll eat these words later, I don't know but they seem to be an awful lot of sizzle. Also if its a big game, the odds are higher that JF screws something up than they are he does something right.

I'll believe PSU when I believe PSU. VT will give them a game.

Comment 22 Jun 2020
I'll take the easy answer. Give me Zach Harrison or Garrett Wilson. Those are elite level talents and it's their time to shine. Also just a little curious what a Trey Sermon does against spread out defenses. But gimme Sack Harrison and gimme Garret Wilson.
Comment 19 Jun 2020

Dude, come on. THE RAFFLES WERE RIGGED. OSU got what it deserved...

Jeez...remember when Pete Carrol and Jim Tressel were the worst of it when it came to college coaches and 'renegade programs'.....

Comment 17 Jun 2020

I worry about Proctor's ability to make the routing and boring play. He looks every bit the athlete Malik Hooker was and I think he's capable of making game altering plays. The problem is that we aren't clear on what side he alters it for, I worry he will be a feast or famine type.

If he can dial in the over aggression and take the easy tackle or the PBU instead of trying to murder everyone every play, then selectively use his ability for murder, I think OSU has a real difference maker on its hands. Jordan Fuller was as sound and boring of a safety there has ever been at OSU but he made every single play he needed to. I think Proctor can be more like Hooker in the way he changes games but I worry he'll hurt sometimes more than he helps.

Man if he reigns it in though....look out.

Comment 17 Jun 2020

You know it is interesting. In my comment, I said OSU didn't get the throat like they did in basically every game and the Wade Sack combined with OSU getting the ball back and potentially scoring could have been exactly that-the punch Clemson does not get back up from. Higgins was roughed up, Ross was in an out, it was clear Clemson couldn't handle OSU upfront.  I hate the Wade call for so many reasons. He broke the letter of the law but it was obvious his intent was to make a play, not target. You know targetting when you see it but you really know intent. And I get it, they can't factor that in but they absolutely have to find a way to.

In that moment, Shaun Wade made the play of his career and because the rule is poorly enforced, until he gets a crack at it this season (fingers crossed) he will be remembered by that play, not the dozens of other big one's he's made.