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Comment 06 Jul 2018
I'm probably fear mongering to be honest. And it's a tenuous balancing act to begin with. Balance the falsley accused man's right to justice against an actual assault victim getting sued for filing charges that were beaten by an actual abuser. I don't know how likely a guy who beats charges would be to sue his accuser but it's a gamble I don't want to take. Sexual assault is about power and control as much as anything else and the idea of a guilty attacker beating a charge and turning around and then suing his victim for bringing false charges makes my skin crawl. If that has the slightest chance of occurring then I have to stand on the side of not being able to sue accusers. Victims of SA already struggle to come forward and name their attackers. I would imagine that gets harder if there is a fear of return litigation on the part of the accused. Plus I believe false reports for sexual assault and domestic abuse, the truly fabricated ones, are a very very small minority. I'd have to source that (please whoever responds don't bring up anecdotal cases like Duke lacrosse because I believe the evidence indicates that is a harsh exception) but believe the numbers indicate suing false accusers is a solution without a serious problem.
Comment 05 Jul 2018
Pretty slippery slope here. I have a hard time rationalizing this because I've never been falsley accused of a crime as heinous as rape. I'd need to be pretty convinced of the damaged caused to a falsley accused person is greater than the damage caused to a rape victim whose attacker had the ability to sue because he wasn't charged. The idea of putting a weapon like that in the hand of a rapist makes me think I'd rather see 10 falsley accused guys than 1 actual victim get sued by her attacker that beat charges (as rich dudes tend to). I don't know how this can be balanced honestly. I think falsley accused men deserve justice, unequivocally. But Id be pretty scared of anything (like fear of legal action) that makes it harder for actual victims to come forward.
Comment 02 Jul 2018
Who is saying saved? Seems like you are arguing against something that isn't exactly being said but I could be wrong. Not sure about saved but Meyer ushered in an era of evolved football and recruiting Jim Tressel could not. I do think Meyer took over the best 'reeling' program in the country since his hill was never going to be that steep coming off of Tatgate but I aslo think he has elevated Ohio State to a level Jim Tressel never would have. Meyer is a superior manager of talent, program CEO, recruiter, and in game tactician. He's not without his warts in every aspect I just mentioned but he gets the edge in all of those categories over Jim.
Comment 28 Jun 2018
That or his increidble ability to be an incomprehensible bust.
Comment 28 Jun 2018
Wasn't a million. That L hangs firmly around the senators neck.
Comment 28 Jun 2018
I honestly don't know of a single play that has been blown up to mean so much more in the grand scheme of things in an otherwise great game between two loaded rosters. There was barely more game played than game left when this play occurred. That will always disqualify it for me as some sort of all time blunder, especially in light of the observations you made. oh ya and the stick Hamby took on the second attempt.... The touch thing is most telling. There is so much space between lb and safety that touch would have resulted in an all but guaranteed grab
Comment 27 Jun 2018
Ryan Hamby has been taking bullets for Jim Tressel for too damned long. That play was in the middle of the third quarter yet it gives JT all the forgiveness in the world for playing the worst game of QB roulette this side of Willie Beeman and Jack Rooney. Hamby could have caught that touchdown but unless it actually also drove a stake through Vince Young's heart, I am not sure OSU wins that game. There's nothing that can affirm the outcome either way so Hamby gets demonized. Tressel lost that game long before Hamby, and it was the first of several major cracks in the foundation of JTs legend. Forgive Ryan Hamby once and for all. It wasn't your fault dude.
Comment 22 Jun 2018
Sure glad these schools getting their 51 million dollar pay outs really come down hard on kids that have the audacity to sell their own stuff to willing buyers.
Comment 09 Jun 2018

Yes it was the biggest upset in Title game history.

Unless you lived in Ohio or were Rob Chudzinski (who I believe is on record talking about how terrified he was of the OSU DL vs. Miami OL matchup) :)

For me, game one of the 2005 World Series. The Sox had steam rolled up to that point and steam rolled through the series so it wasn't a climactic series so much as it was 4 high pressure climactic wins but that whole atmosphere was a site to behold.

With that said, sorry Tribe fans but the Cubs winning the series was also the last great American sports story and it played out in front of our eyes in such dramatic fashion. I am an unabashed Sox fan so I was torn. Going into game7 I think my hatred for Cubs fans slightly trumped my dislike for my team's biggest rival but as the game went on I reasoned with myself that as long as Aroldis Chapman didn't get the save, I would have been fine. Once Raji hit that bomb I didn't care who won at that point. With all that said, the Cubs winning was a pretty big deal.

Comment 30 May 2018

Very hard to find a better choice. I was a freshman when he was a junior and I remember when he came back thinking there was something worth staying for....boy was there. Doss is an all timer.

Comment 30 May 2018

I have a few obvious ones but I always loved Darrion Scott. That entire 02 Defensive line is probably the best ever and Will (RIP) went on to have the best career, KP  had a really good, splashy senior year, Tim Anderson was sort of a fan favorite because of the selfless things he did and Scott was a guy that simply ended you. If he got free on a QB, they were going down violently. I was in the stands when he almost killed Gesser in the WSU game and I swear to god the sound of that hit was something I'll remember forever. Also pretty sure he took 15 years off Gino Guidugli's life in Cincy as well. That entire defense had bigger stars and better players but when Scott got to the carrier, he never had nice things to say or do. 

Comment 25 May 2018

If its football player for football reasons, I'd be happy to do away with Steve Bellisari.

If it's because of how bad of a dude they are, Dahlmer and Nelloms are your club house leaders.

Comment 08 May 2018
I'm not comfortable with making that reach. This isn't a lightly recruited kid in Haskins so really what he did in Ann Arbor should be the expectation. I'd say a highly touted player playing well in a high pressure situation is a sign of things to come but that's just me.
Comment 08 May 2018
First and foremost, best of luck to the young man. He put in a lot of time and effort to better himself and this program. Once a Buckeye.... I haven't had the same level of confidence that this guy would be the answer at qb as some others here have. For me it just comes down to sample size. What we saw of Haskins came at the absolute most important time of the year and he shined. Hell even the "start Kenny Guiton" crowd had more to see from KG than the "Start JB" crowd had. I'm not trying to deuce on Joe Burrow here as I honestly hope he goes and wins 10 games somewhere and throws 40 touchdowns I just didn't see anything meaningfull in meaningful time that has me mourning his loss. It's onward and upward for OSU and onward for Joe. Go bucks.
Comment 03 May 2018
I think I've just made my peace with these guys. I have a long list of reasons that I love Ohio State football but if I am making a short list of top reasons, the fact that Ohio State is so universally detested is at the top of that list. I don't want to use the phrase Bad Boys because that would imply some sort of renegade program, which despite evidence to the contrary (a boatload actually) everyone is convinced Meyer is the worst thing since...well....Tressel. let's face it. Some people aren't enjoying college football unless Ohio State is struggling (how's that working out lately B T dubs?) With all that in mind, these guys add to that. People want to see Ohio State lose so guys like this are on camera with their sullen, sad, crying Jordan faces. When that doesn't happen, and that only happens about one in ten games the Bucks play, then they just have to swallow their tears for another Saturday. I've embraced being hated and actually sort of revel in it. These guys are part of that. OH
Comment 25 Apr 2018

Ok, first of all, don't put Jim and Urban in the same sentence until Harbaugh finds a way to beat Meyer. This isn't Urban AND Jim's conference right now. It's Urban's. And no one else. If you want to be the team to beat in the Big Ten, there is ONE team you are chasing and they sure as hell don't wear maize and blue.

We've heard this before too. I believe it was the great American philosopher Omar Little that said something to the effect of coming after the king and not missing?

Get in line Nebraksa, Ohio State has scored like 30 touchdowns against you in 4 games and one of them had something called a Joe Bauserman playing QB. Since Meyer has come to town, OSU has scored 50+ (60 + twice) on your famed blackshirts each time they've played. NO ONE is running scared, least of all Urban effing Meyer.

Comment 25 Apr 2018


The Bears shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to draft Nelson if they get it. The Bears need a guard, Nelson is arguably the safest bet to be a star at his position in the entire draft and his offensive line coach at Notre Dame, Harry Hiestand, is now the Bears’ offensive line coach.

YES YES YES YES YES. The only thing I'm ok with other than Nelson is Denzel Ward or Tremaine Edmunds.

Comment 25 Apr 2018

Hey man, I appreciate that. I like rattling some cages around here, sure, but its (ALMOST) always from a place of candid debate. Franklin is so many mirrors and so much smoke in so many ways-both on the field and off it. His BS parlor tricks don't fool me.

Comment 24 Apr 2018

Always the self-aggrandizer...

He probably should have checked in on his players a little closer at Vandy, or maybe didn't advise them to delete evidence that might have been (GASP) damning to his program. 

He makes a fine show of it otherwise, but James Franklin is a grade a douchebag. Get bent.