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Comment 11 hours ago

Ok, first of all, don't put Jim and Urban in the same sentence until Harbaugh finds a way to beat Meyer. This isn't Urban AND Jim's conference right now. It's Urban's. And no one else. If you want to be the team to beat in the Big Ten, there is ONE team you are chasing and they sure as hell don't wear maize and blue.

We've heard this before too. I believe it was the great American philosopher Omar Little that said something to the effect of coming after the king and not missing?

Get in line Nebraksa, Ohio State has scored like 30 touchdowns against you in 4 games and one of them had something called a Joe Bauserman playing QB. Since Meyer has come to town, OSU has scored 50+ (60 + twice) on your famed blackshirts each time they've played. NO ONE is running scared, least of all Urban effing Meyer.

Comment 12 hours ago


The Bears shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to draft Nelson if they get it. The Bears need a guard, Nelson is arguably the safest bet to be a star at his position in the entire draft and his offensive line coach at Notre Dame, Harry Hiestand, is now the Bears’ offensive line coach.

YES YES YES YES YES. The only thing I'm ok with other than Nelson is Denzel Ward or Tremaine Edmunds.

Comment 13 hours ago

Hey man, I appreciate that. I like rattling some cages around here, sure, but its (ALMOST) always from a place of candid debate. Franklin is so many mirrors and so much smoke in so many ways-both on the field and off it. His BS parlor tricks don't fool me.

Comment 24 Apr 2018

Always the self-aggrandizer...

He probably should have checked in on his players a little closer at Vandy, or maybe didn't advise them to delete evidence that might have been (GASP) damning to his program. 

He makes a fine show of it otherwise, but James Franklin is a grade a douchebag. Get bent.

Comment 24 Apr 2018

Love this. Saban did something similar when he sent recruiting letters on stationary that showed printed copies of that year's first-round picks' signing bonuses. It's accepting what you are. This program is a football factory. The value of an education is all fine and good but if you come to Ohio State, you are an elite player. If you are an elite player, you should have a shot at the NFL. Ohio State gets you ready for that.

Comment 24 Apr 2018

Stop the ones you should, and a few of the ones you shouldn't. Bob, in my limited Jackets watching, seems to be a guy that isn't often times beat by a bad goal. 

Goal 1 was probably a shot Bob should have had. Shooter got a clean look in the slot however because of a miss by the winger. If an NHL player has time and space to wind up a rocket THAT close to the tender, maybe you need to look at how he got there first.

Goal 2 was a blind back hand rebound off of the stick of the greatest scorer of our generation. (Maybe don't let Ovi camp in front of the tender who made the first stop through traffic)

Goal 3 was on a powerplay on a wide open backside look off the stick of the greatest scorer of our generation (maybe cover him)

Goal 4 was on a break away on a nearly unstoppable shot-stick side to high glove side across the body. If you get a guy who can put that puck there, I don't know anyone that makes that stop. I'd say at best that is a 20\80 puck (and that's probably selling the shooter short)

Goal 5 was a breakaway. A great move. Breakaways by their very essence are 50\50 plays, so MAYBE Bob should have bailed the D out there but again, why should he always have to?

Goal 6 was 100% Bob's fault. I have no idea where he was on the ice or what he was doing. It was almost as if he was pulled.

Comment 23 Apr 2018

Hard Pass. EA gets its fair and (sometimes) unfair criticism but as it pertains to the NCAA series, they made a nearly flawless game and weren't able to stretch their legs on the latest generation of consoles. I won't be trusting this experience to anyone but the pros.

Comment 23 Apr 2018

This is all solid stuff here. Hubbard I find to be really intriguing. The knock on him is that he is a tweener, probably lacks the athleticism to play an edge rusher and bulk to line up with his hand in the ground but I really can not stand those criticisms because teams are running sub packages 60 percent of the time anyway. I'm not sure what they will be doing because they are in the midst of a bit of a rebuild (still with a franchise QB) but the Seahawks have used guys like Hubbard with really great success. I'd bet he's on their radar.

Comment 20 Apr 2018

Just a tick before my time as a Buckeye fan, I came in during the start of the Cooper era. Had the privilege of meeting him on several occasions during my time at OSU. He was a grade A, first-class gentleman. RIP Coach.

Comment 20 Apr 2018

There is a picture literally in 2 posts above mine showing a dejected Alabama player on the bench after guessed it. Sugar Bowl.

Also, from the original post.

Maybe he's right. But Alabama also thought that way when it met Ohio State in the 2015 Sugar Bowl and look how that turned out.

Go back under your bridge fam.

Comment 19 Apr 2018

Good luck buddy. Part of the reason I don't get too geeked about recruiting classes either. He was part of a pretty  nice OL haul if I remember correctly and he just couldn't crack the code. Best of luck wherever you land big guy!

Comment 18 Apr 2018

Here's where a little trusty Brewster Arrogance comes into play. Whenever I see things like "So and So is the team to beat" I just assume they mean after Ohio State as we live in a world right now where OSU should be the odds-on favorite to win the conference every year, and anyone else is actually being positioned to challenge the Buckeyes, not the other way around. 

It's a grand time to be a Buckeye. Beating Michigan, winning the B1G and the playoffs should all be assumed.

Sorry Jim, but WE have it better than you. By a lot.

Comment 17 Apr 2018

I'll openly admit I know nothing about Penn State so stating they will smash them is more of a hope than an actual informed opinion. I am curious to see how life after Saquon treats them as every offense is better when a guy like that is there.

I know talent isn't all that it takes but right now it's all we have to go off of, and by that standard, no one will put out more talent in the B1G than the Bucks (I know, I know. Something Something Iowa). So its an insult that people are saying anyone but OSU is the team to beat. But PSU has its QB coming back while OSU is starting a new one one way or the other.   

Comment 13 Apr 2018


And what the actual bleep does color have to do with this? Yes I'm crass, but the debacle in Iowa City was what happens when 11 guys line up and play 11 other guys with a ball that isn't entirely round. Weird shit happens.

I will be the first to admit I can come across as brash, arrogant, and opinionated (I've been here since 2012 guys, this isn't news) but I've not implied a single thing about CJ Saunder's being untalented because of the color of his skin and frankly I don't appreciate the insinuation or any that has anything to do with race or skin color being part of my argument at all, in any way shape or form. Check that weak garbage at the door next time.

As it pertains to Andrew Dakich, I have quite literally never said anything about him so those comparisons really need to drop. Its not a good point, it was fabricated and now its being thrown in my face? Does not compute.