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Comment 18 hours ago

Man, can you imagine what it would be like if UGA had a guy to run an offense like this? You don't get many elite QB's at your program so when you do, you really should probably find a way to get the ball in their hands.

But, like, hey. Jake Fromm was a guy that played QB.

Comment 18 hours ago

I think there is something brewing in the NFL. That's why some of these guys are opting to stay. The Young's and Okudah's of the world make sense-guaranteed high picks. But Wade is anywhere from a first rounder to a who knows, same with Etienne, Moses, Smith, even Nico.

I think there is something going on but I can't be sure. This is odd to see as many seemingly big names stay put. And I don't think its "oh he isn't a first rounder so he's staying" because I'd bet while they want to all be picked high, guys are happy just getting in the league. There is a lot of firepower opting to play for free next year.

Comment 17 Jan 2020

I'm just glad the Browns did me a solid and made themselves the biggest disappointment of the year, stealing the crown from my beloved Bears.

Comment 16 Jan 2020

I'd have to rewatch it and expose myself to the pain but that is a cover two beater, that was a walk-in touchdown. The safety, at best, arrives after the catch and his only hope would have been to jar a ball loose and get a 'did not complete the action of the catch' call, which they probably would have gotten. The play had Venebles beat and until the second to last step he took in that game, Olave had them beat.  If Olave continues his route, he remains in between the defender and football the entire time. 

There is a bit of imagination required here but if Olave continues on the path to where the usually accurate Fields is throwing, the Clemson safety can not undercut the route and make a play on the ball. He is breaking as the ball is thrown but would have to either to close the distance between him and Olave to make a play on the man at the exact moment the otherwise sure-handed Olave gets his mits on the ball or the distance between Olave and the football to make a play on the ball. That play is designed to put the safety in a tough spot as it happens in real time-make a play on something, and often times they hesitate just enough for the defender to say open. Either break on the man or the route. It looks as though he did, but the ball was in the air with no man in site.

Inside breaking route against two deep safety look where the shallow LB help comes up is a classic cover two beater. It is one of the best ways to attack that coverage and the ball was thrown perfectly. It puts speed (Olave) against not as much speed (Clemson S) in the middle of the field. I will step back on 100% because stuff happens but that is a 80% ball minimum for Olave. Clemson remained lucky to walk out of there alive.

Comment 16 Jan 2020

I don't know how anyone is holding anything against this guy who appeared to be hurt, and we got confirmation that he absolutely wasn't himself for parts of this season. If that doesn't terrify the rest of the nation, well it should.

He played hurt a lot and was a broken route from a National title and ended up in New York. A healthy Fields is going to feast next year.

Comment 16 Jan 2020

Two things.

1) Rutgers (!!!) has a similar marquee win over a premier program that's way out of its league. This might be the best low key burn I have read on this site in a while.

2) JT WAS SHORT is probably the best statement to describe how a Michigan fan would feel about this last decade. You mentioned JT and Curtis making magic and that was absolutely true but what every single Michigan man seems to forget about the final act is that there absolutely was a terrible call that was a blatant miss and the fans and team affected should be absolutely enraged. Oh and there was JT's first down. In the above video, kindly fast forward to 38:11. JT Barrett is sacked by his faceman and nothing was called. That set up Samuel. That set up JT, that set up the dagger. If that flag is thrown, OSU has first and ten from the five, does anyone think OSU isn't punching it in for the win at that point? Me neither. If the refs were in OSU's pocket, as the loser program mentality has dictated, they picked a HELL of a time to forget it.

Comment 15 Jan 2020

"We gave  it back it was for show"-Problem solved.

My bigger issue is that OBJ had to make that night about himself. He couldn't help but get in front of a camera. Enjoy that nonsense until he forces his way out of Cleveland.

Comment 15 Jan 2020

Six-time all-pro not in the Hall? 

For context, EVERY player (per football reference dot com) that has 7 All Pro nods or more is in the hall save for one-and that's Peyton Manning who's bust is certainly already being made. A lot of six-time All-Pros are in too, most in fact.

That seems odd that six times in his career he was among the best at his position and yet he isn't in.

Comment 15 Jan 2020

I like what I see enough to be excited. You don't get experience until you have it and thankfully, OSU is rich at very key spots-OL, LB, and most of all QB. I also feel drastically better about the worst case option of Fields going down with the talent coming in (I won't speak that voodoo into existence but injuries happen).

LB play is going to be crucial for the defense but I think this DL can be better than the sum of its parts (even though it has some really sweet parts). The secondary worries me right now, at present, as I think Wade will be a lock down but a second and third CB need to emerge. I'm both over the moon and terrified of Josh Proctor at safety. I think he can be a star but I think he'll have some aggravating moments mixed in there, where as Fuller was just solid and steady as they came. I think Proctor has the ability to make and miss plays that change games. Let's hope for more of the former and less of the latter.

As for WR....Oh man. The thought of a pissed off Olave and budding Wilson is awesome to think about while the insane crop of young guns gets their legs underneath them. 

I like the idea of OSU's best run blockers returning, Davis may be a first round pick before its all said and done. Really excited to see who emerges at the other tackle spot, assuming they don't slide Mumford inside?

Unit wise, I feel like the offense has its stars-Fields and Olave are established and I think Wilson is the next big thing. Defensively they need impact players. Wade is the likely option but a corner can sometimes affect games by just not allowing things to happen (meaning he can't make plays if he isn't thrown at). We have been spoiled by elite DE after elite DE after elite DE so I think that guy has to emerge too-we are all looking at Zach for this as he has the pedigree and did flash.

A lot of words here to say that I'm thrilled about some spots, excited about some spots, nervous about some spots, and terrified of a few. 

I still trust Day and company to keep this machine moving.

Comment 14 Jan 2020

Typical OBJ move. These kids just won the biggest game of their careers and he has to find a way to keep himself front and center. Such a self-aggrandizing bufoon.

Comment 12 Jan 2020
You don't know until you know. Mike McCarthy was hired by Green Bay after running an offense near the bottom of the league. Browns fans, you ok with McCarthy level success in Berea? Not to say this will be that but guys don't become good head coaches until they are hired as head coaches.
Comment 10 Jan 2020

Then Brian Hartline has done precisely one thing wrong in his otherwise stellar career. 

I get it, Zach Smith just bought a boatload of shame to this university and continues to do so each and every time he opens his mouth. You don't ever wash that stink away, especially when he's still out there actively stinking.

Comment 09 Jan 2020
Lol Fowler flexing on Michigan when him and his ilk are the ones responsible for propagating the myth that Michigan isn't a fake ass program and Harbaugh isn't a fake ass coach. Ok Chris. Cool. Go Bucks.