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Comment 16 Oct 2020

This is a great question and I guess it depends when you became a fan. I was born in 83 but didn't find my love for the Buckeyes until the 96 Rose Bowl. (I was born in Illinois so it wasn't burned into my head at birth!). So while I 'suffered' through a few years-I graduated High School in 2001 and attended OSU.

I'd say its been pretty good then. For some of my born-into-it brothers and sisters, 83 isn't perfect if you were a fan from birth since you lived through the 90's but I'd say its been pretty good for me.

Comment 14 Oct 2020

Wait before you go...

The defenses are totally safe. No one is practicing more social distancing than SEC defenses. Badum Tiss.

I'll leave with you.

Comment 14 Oct 2020

This is interesting but I don't know that I follow the logic. It seems like your concern is ensuring games are played not stemming the tide of the spread. Do I have that right?

Comment 07 Oct 2020

Texas. I dont have any ill will towards Texas Tom and Spencer Rattler (Per QB1) is as big of a douchebag as he looks.

Ok Cool. Hook em.

Comment 07 Oct 2020

Dwayne makes sense for that reason.

Mitch is gone, so there is no need to pay him. Foles makes what he makes. Dwayne will be on his rookie deal. Now you don't have to draft next year at QB, you can address OL or WR to compliment ARob assuming you sign him.

The Bears have already been rumored to be in on Darnold or kicking the tires. Haskins is still young and everyone knew he was a project. If you can get him for cheap, do it. 

Comment 07 Oct 2020

Bear down. Chicago Bears. Let every play pave the way to victory.

Bear Down. Chicago Bears. Put up a fight with a might so fearlessly.

We'll never forget the way you thrilled the nation. With your T Formation.

Bear Down. Chicago Bears. And Let them know why youre wearing the crown.

You're the PRIDE AND JOY of ILL-I-NOIS So Chicago Bears. Bear down.


Comment 05 Oct 2020

Texas is a hellscape and the only reason they won anything of importance in the last decade is because an otherwordly talent in VY put it together for one year.

They have some history I guess but how Austin is not the capital of the college football world is beyond me. 

Comment 02 Oct 2020

Ya, I love OSU but if I'm a recruit I have a chance of going pro whether I go to Clemson or Bama or Oklahoma or wherever but SOMETHING helps a school stand out.

If it wasn't such a cartel, the NCAA could basically put bagmen out of business overnight if no no not today Brewster. That rant is for another day.

Comment 01 Oct 2020

That's wild. Of course, I still think it was only a year ago when we found out a defensive end from Maryland had chosen OSU....

Time flies with recruiting man.

Comment 01 Oct 2020

My take is that the playoffs in CFB try to objectively crown a champion by subjectively picking its participants. Because of that dichotomy, I have to take the approach that wherever you land-getting in is all that matters. 1,2, 3, or 4.

In your NFL example, the seedings are objective. The records dictate who get in and how. CFB doesn't have that luxury. Since humans pick it, you can only control what you can control-and that is winning the game you play. Regardless of who its against, OSU was SUBJECTIVELY determined to be the number 2 team in the nation and drew the subjective #3. You play who you play.

Comment 30 Sep 2020

This is some Michigan stuff though AZ-Why did this matter? Because you wanted to avoid Clemson? You play who you play. No need to whine over who it should have been.

If its an easier path you wanted, then you are cheering for the wrong team dude. OSU fans shouldn't concern themselves with the schedule and take solace in the fact that odds are, no matter who is in front of them, OSU has the team to win. Oklahoma, Clemson, LSU, didn't matter. Bring on whoever-Clemson just happened to win.

If you want an easy path to a title, be a Clemson fan. Personally, I dont care who they play.

Disclaimer-this is not intended to be harsh or personal but it may read that way, I am simply taking issue with the idea that we should have played the easier team. To me...they are all easier teams. One of them just won a game it shouldnt have. Sorry if it reads poorly or pointed at you

Comment 30 Sep 2020

Human beings make mistakes. And sometimes-most times- its not because they have some inherent bias. 

It is because they are human beings that make mistakes-like say slipping on a route, or dropping a wide open screen for a touchdown. We want to point to two calls-Wade (which was targetting) and the fumble-which was called wrong. But those two calls don't define a game, especially when easy touchdowns in the first half-long before those calls-could have very well decided the game and put Clemson out for good.

If Dobbins catches the screen he walks into the endzone. If Dobbins catches the second pass its another TD. That is an 8 point swing, but more importantly, has OSU firmly choking Clemson into submission with a defense that is now playing with what, a three score lead? If those two simple plays are made, the entire game changes. 

OSU was not robbed. They lost.

Comment 29 Sep 2020

I don't disagree that Ohio State had a case for #1. They did. But in the last game of the year, they also gave the committee enough to do so when they trailed to a team they dominated earlier in the year while LSU smashed an admittedly overhyped Georgia team in their last game. But a struggle win vs a blow out speak volumes. We saw OSU get INTO the playoffs because of how they played their last game in 2014. It cuts both ways.

It might be time for some hard truths guys. Ready?

Ohio State is a fair-haired child in college football. Bowls want them, ESPN wants them, anyone with a financial stake in CFB wants them. NO ONE, and I repeat NO ONE is out to get OSU.

We have it really good. Sometimes they lose. Its not because someone is angling or plotting against them.