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Comment 12 Mar 2019

If i'm being honest, I gotta say I feel guilty that I pay 1500 to a tutor for ACT prep, in order to help my kid get scholarship money.  My kid isn't stupid, either...got a 33 on his ACT in his first pass without a tutor....But his friends all went through rigorous test prep and ended up with 34s and 35s....thus placing me in the middle of this arms race.

i cannot imagine how underpriviliged children can even get in to some of these colleges, as the test scores are a big portion...

Comment 07 Mar 2019

But equating his 40 time as a way to own Haskins is like saying Chrissy Teigen is better than Kate Upton because she has a higher IQ.

CT is hotter...and here's why.

after the looks fade (they always do unless you are Halle Barry), you are left with personality.  CT has it in droves.  

Kate Upton is great looking....but she doesn't compare in the least with CT.  

I can get past the face, because the body is hot...and she has an exotic look...but the personality?  Thats smoking.

Comment 01 Feb 2019

because he is ours.

I remember being a huge Bill Laimbeer fan in the 80s...he was an asshole...but he was our asshole (The Pistons)