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  • SPORTS MOMENT: comeback win against LSU...I will NEVER leave a game early again.
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Comment 14 Nov 2019

Nothing wrong with the Great State of Michigan, other than my dislike for the football team and the arrogance in Ann Arbor.  

  • I live within 2 blocks of a lake (most Michiganders live close to a lake),
  • it is an easy trip up north to a winter wonderland.  
  • Detroit is a food Mecca 

you haven’t made any enemies...and I may be wrong.   But I have really good intuition.  

Thou may protest too much.  

Comment 14 Nov 2019

When I post on MGOBlog, I talk about how 

  • i hate the cooler poppers in Ohio 
  • I always call it aOSU (as in “an Ohio State University”
  • I always talk about ho OSU must cheat because how could they be so good.  

I made a big effort in order to get my 100 points so I could post a topic.  
you seem to be trying too hard.  

favorite players are “Not Chris Webber, and not Desmond Howard”

Comment 28 Oct 2019


I think what the OP is saying is that Michigan fans are yapping again.  Now they think they could beat Wisconsin if they played again.   

3 hours before the game, Michigan fans were clamoring for a new coach, and wondering if they would beat a non Rutger opponent.  

I find you people comical.   I live up here and hear all the boasting and whining.