Eleven Dubcast: CJ Barnett Joins The Dubcast To Talk Transitions and Tackling

By Johnny Ginter on September 30, 2015 at 3:05 pm

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I like the tough guys. Brian Rolle, Craig Krenzel, and more recently, CJ Barnett.

Guys like Barnett become fan favorites at places like Ohio State because they embody a lot of what we want to see in ourselves; tough, smart leaders that work their asses off and inspire greatness in others. That's not a bad thing to aspire to, and in this week's Dubcast, former Ohio State great CJ Barnett talks about all things Buckeye, including what it was like to play for three head coaches in just four years.

And Matt Finkes joins us (as he is wont to do) for Finkes on Football! Matt has some pretty interesting insight into how the linebackers fared last Saturday, so check it out why not?

And we answer actual listener questions in our Ask Us Anything segment. Don't forget, you too can ask us anything via Twitter or by emailing us.

0:00- Oh, hello Western Michigan! Goodbye Western Michigan! Hello Good-ish Cardale! Goodbye silly hand-wringingaaahahaha I'm kidding.

10:47- Ask Us Anything requests that you venture back in time with us to mid-90's CBS, a time of Early Edition and Touched By An Angel.

21:55- Finkes on Football: Matt teaches us about linebacking, and how WMU was able to exploit some of the tendencies of Ohio State's wrecking crew.

36:11- CJ Barnett is the man, and I am going to go out on a limb and say that many Ohio State players have similar memories of their first time meeting Urban Meyer.


And that's it! A successful Dubcast. See you next week after we burn down Bloomington.

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